Title: Reunion AC 197 -- part 17
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13x5, 13x6, etc.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, non-consensual sex, violence, angst
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

It was certainly convenient that the party was being held on Quatre's estate; it meant that they weren't very far from the luxurious wing that housed his personal rooms. Slipping out of the room as unobtrusively as possible, the two boys ventured through the hallways hand in hand.

Occasionally, Trowa would stop and draw the blond boy close for another kiss; it seemed neither boy could stand to not touch each other for more than a minute. Sometimes, they had to behave themselves when they met other people in the hallways; Quatre would giggle with the effort, making Trowa smile.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they reached their destination. Arousal aching, Quatre fumbled with the security code, finally getting it right. He threw the door wide, and smiled at Trowa. "Home sweet home," he giggled, waiting for Trowa to walk in.

But Trowa paused, looking at Quatre seriously. "My love," he began seriously. "Will you allow me a silly tradition?"

Quatre looked up at Trowa, eyes shining. "Anything," he said, absolutely trusting.

Trowa smiled, then, and bent over to scoop the smaller boy up in his arms, picking him up gracefully and holding him in his arms, tight against his chest. And carried him across the threshold.

Trowa looked down at the angel in his arms; Quatre gazed back at him, eyes shining. It on the was a perfect moment, one that both boys would remember forever. Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck and gently nibbled on the other boy's neck. Trowa moaned softly, and carried the smaller boy into the bedroom.

Quatre's bed was huge, draped with sheer curtains and silk sheets. Trowa gently placed the blond boy on the bed, kneeling beside him and leaning down to capture his sweet lips in a searing kiss. Quatre kept his arms around Trowa, and pulled the other boy down with him.

For a few moments they just savored the kiss, clinging to one another. Then Quatre's hands began to wander, running down Trowa's muscular arms and back. Trowa buried a hand in Quatre's silken hair, reveling in the texture.

Quatre's hands became more demanding, pulling at Trowa's shirt, trying to get underneath it. Happy to let his angel set the pace, Trowa let go just long enough to pull the green t-shirt off. Smiling happily, Quatre resumed his explorations, wanting to touch Trowa's incredible body everywhere.

When Quatre started playing with Trowa's nipples, the green-eyed boy was panting. He broke the kiss and pulled back slightly. "May I?" he asked, indicating Quatre's shirt.

Quatre nodded, understanding Trowa's need to ask for permission. He lay back and let the other boy undress him, urging him to continue with the pants after the shirt was gone.

"Please, Trowa," moaned Quatre as the other boy's hands hesitated near the zipper. "Touch me."

Trowa could never resist his angel, so he carefully unzipped the white pants and eased them off, leaving the blond boy in just his white silk boxers. Trowa could clearly see Quatre's stiff arousal through the soft material, and he ached with need to touch it, caress it. Quatre raised his hips entreatingly, and Trowa eased off his last garment, and the blond angel lay revealed before him. Pure alabaster skin, lean muscles, straining erection; Quatre was truly a vision.

Trowa gazed hungrily at the beauty before him, entranced, until Quatre ran a hand down Trowa's washboard stomach, tugging meaningfully at the button of his jeans, which were bulging with his need for the blond boy.

Slowly, Trowa stood up, unbuttoning his tight jeans, and wriggled out of them. Then he stood before Quatre uncertainly. Until he saw how his angel reacted to his nakedness.

Quatre gazed at Trowa's chiseled body, muscular yet perfectly in proportion, hard all over, erection rising straight up with his passion. Quatre moaned, running his hands over his own chest, and lower.

Trowa bit his lip with desire as he watched his angel stroke himself; when Quatre took his own arousal in his hand, Trowa crawled back on the bed, straddling his thighs. "Allow me," Trowa whispered, removing Quatre's hand and replacing it with his own.

Quatre lay back on the bed willingly, craving the feeling of the green-eyed boy's hands all over him. Then he felt the hot wetness of Trowa's mouth on his arousal. The blond boy gasped and arched up off the bed, deeper into Trowa's waiting mouth.

Trowa willingly took Quatre's stiff erection deeper in his mouth; nothing tasted better to him than his love's excitement. Quatre's moans increased as Trowa lavished attention on the hard flesh.

Trowa sucked hungrily, loving the feel of the silken hardness in his mouth. The sounds Quatre made drove him wild; the idea of the ecstasy he was giving the other boy made him even more aroused.

"Oh, Trowa, I'm going to..." Quatre gasped, and Trowa sped up his pace, reaching up to gently stroke the blond boy's sac. With a cry, Quatre climaxed, filling Trowa's mouth, pulsing again and again.

Licking his love clean, Trowa then crawled up to kiss him. Quatre devoured Trowa's mouth, pulling the taller boy down on top of him. Trowa moaned at his angel's passion, and rocked his aching erection against Quatre's returning hardness.

"Trowa," breathed Quatre. "Take me. Please?"

"Are you sure, little one?" Trowa wanted to be absolutely certain.

"More than anything," Quatre reassured him. "And I want to be sure you remember every single wonderful moment this time."

"Oh, I will, my love," answered Trowa, trembling with anticipation.

Somewhat sheepishly, Quatre produced a tube of cherry lube. "From Duo," he said by way of explanation. Trowa just raised an eyebrow and took the tube.

Kneeling between Quatre's silky thighs, he prepared him as quickly as possible. Trowa could barely think with the heat from his arousal urging him to hurry, but he would not hurt the blond boy this time.

Quatre was getting impatient himself, rock hard, spreading his legs wider and writhing enticingly in an effort to make Trowa hurry. But Trowa just bit his lip and continued at his own pace.

"Just take me, Trowa," whimpered Quatre.

Trowa shook his head, and added a third finger. Then the blond boy arched up off the bed, and Trowa smirked.

"Oh, Trowa! Do that again!" Quatre moaned, and Trowa complied.

A few more minutes, and Trowa decided the other boy was ready. He applied a generous amount of the cherry gel to his own arousal. He started to position himself, when Quatre stopped him.

"Trowa?" he sounded tentative.

"Yes, love?" Trowa answered, concerned that the blond boy had changed his mind.

Quatre lowered his eyes. "Can we... um, I've always wanted to try something..."

"Anything," Trowa replied instantly.

Quatre smiled demurely, then got up on his hands and knees, turned around and presented his ass to Trowa. "Take me like this. Please?"

Trowa nearly groaned at the sight before him: sweet Quatre, wiggling his lovely ass enticingly in front of him, legs spread, and looking back over his shoulder at him entreatingly, offering himself on hands and knees.

By way of answer, Trowa moved closer to Quatre, rubbing his erection against the offered ass slowly. Then he positioned himself, slowly pulling his cock down along the cleft of Quatre's ass, teasingly, until he reached his goal. Quatre was panting as he felt Trowa's hardness against him, so close.

"Oh, yes, Trowa, please, do it, take me," begged Quatre as he felt the tip of the other boy's hot erection press into him slightly.

Trowa pushed, groaning at the tightness of the blond's body. His muscles barely admitted the huge erection, but Quatre felt no pain, just an incredible feeling of being possessed by his love.

"Oh, Quatre," was all Trowa could say as he sank deeper into the other boy's body. He felt like he was home again, so perfectly did Quatre's body grip him. It had to be right, it felt so right, nothing could ever be wrong again. Trowa wanted, no, needed, to spend the rest of his life burying himself in Quatre.

Trowa gripped Quatre's hips as he filled Quatre completely, buried to the hilt. Quatre pushed back, wanting the green-eyed boy even deeper inside him. Trowa threw back his head with the effort of waiting for the smaller boy to adjust to his invasion. But Quatre didn't want to wait.

"Please, Trowa," he cried plaintively, "I want more. Fuck me."

The crude words coming out of the angelic mouth only raised Trowa's passion. He moaned and started to thrust shallowly in and out of the blond boy's writhing body. In response, Quatre lowered his head to the bed, raising his rear higher, symbolically submitting to Trowa.

Quatre's position deepened Trowa's penetration and made the green-eyed boy nearly lose his control. He gripped Quatre's hips more tightly, driving in deeper with each thrust. Looking down at his angelic lover, who was clutching at the sheets, face pressed to the bed, mouth open, moaning with each thrust, Trowa was overwhelmed with need to ram into him even harder.

Slowly, Trowa built up speed and force, desire warring with concern for his fragile-looking lover. But Quatre took every thrust, pushing back to meet Trowa every time and begging for more, harder, faster. Soon, Trowa lost himself in the rhythm of their joining, lost in the bliss of Quatre's willing body.

All too soon, Trowa knew he was fast approaching completion. As much as he wanted to be inside Quatre forever, his long-denied body wasn't capable of holding out much longer. Leaning forward while thrusting, he reached down to grasp the blond boy's dripping erection and quickly stroked.

Quatre was in a fog of pleasure; never had he imagined that anything could feel as good as having Trowa pound into him like this. Every time Trowa rammed himself into Quatre, the blond screamed louder; up and up, every thrust took him higher, filling him with ecstasy beyond his wildest dreams. Then, another sensation was added as he felt Trowa pump his cock, and it got even better. Hot pleasure pooled in his groin and exploded outward; Quatre sobbed with the intensity as he climaxed all over Trowa's hand and his own stomach, screaming his lover's name.

Trowa was quieter but no less overwhelmed. As he felt and heard the blond boy's completion, Quatre's muscles gripped him like a vise and sent him over the edge as well. The pressure became unbearable, then he couldn't think any more. Pure, blinding pleasure flooded through him and pumped into his lover, pulsing on and on until Trowa was truly drained. Whispering Quatre's name, Trowa carefully withdrew and collapsed next to the other boy. Quatre snuggled close to his lover, trying to catch his breath.

With the last of his strength, Trowa pulled the silken covers over the two of them, before blissful slumber overtook them both. Whispering their undying love, the lovers slipped into sleep, and dreamed of their future together.

Continued in part 18