Title: Reunion AC 197 -- part 3
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13x5, 13x6, etc.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, non-consensual sex, violence, angst
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After Duo nearly cracked his head open and Heero had carried him off, Trowa and Quatre kissed some more. Quatre shifted on Trowa's lap, eliciting a strangled moan from the tall boy. Quatre, quite drunk at this point, giggled and tried that again. Trowa moaned louder, and said, "Stop."

Quatre giggled again and said, "No!" And wiggled again.

Trowa buried his hands in Quatre's soft blond silk. He kissed him forcefully, and pushed him down to the floor. Trowa ended up on top of Quatre, still kissing him deeply. Trowa broke the kiss, and Quatre was left gasping. Quatre tried to capture Trowa's mouth again, but Trowa pulled away and sat up.

Quatre sat up hurriedly. "What's the matter, Trowa?" Quatre asked breathlessly.

Trowa looked as angry as Quatre has ever seen him. "You don't know what you're doing. You're drunk," snarled the brown-haired boy.

Quatre giggled, not believing Trowa could be angry at him. "Of course I am, silly! It's ok! I'm having fun! I thought you were, too." With this, Quatre crawled back onto Trowa's lap.

Quatre kissed Trowa again, deep and hard, and this time Trowa didn't pull away. In fact, Trowa deepened the kiss, until he was bruising Quatre's soft lips.

Then, Trowa pushed Quatre to the floor and pressed his body against the blond boy. They were pressed together from chest to knees and Quatre gasped as he felt a very large, hard bulge press against him. Trowa smirked and started rubbing his arousal against Quatre in a steady motion. Quatre moaned and arched up so his hardness came in contact with Trowa's. The rhythm continued until both boys were panting with need.

Trowa lifted himself up on one arm and fumbled with the buttons on Quatre's shirt. He couldn't manage it one-handed and drunk, however, and before the blond boy could offer to help, Trowa lost patience and, with a growl, ripped the offending garment away. It tore nearly in half. Quatre gasped as Trowa proceeded to rip off his pants as well. Quatre had never imagined Trowa would be this forceful, but he loved it.

After ridding Quatre of his clothes, Trowa proceeded to devour the smaller boy with his hands and mouth. Quatre moaned as he felt Trowa all over him. "Oh, Trowa," gasped Quatre.

"Quatre," groaned Trowa, "I want you... so much."

Quatre reached up to turn down the light, which was shining right in his eyes. In his haste, he knocked it over instead. It hit him right on the temple, then broke, strewing ceramic pieces all over the floor.

"Oh no!" Quatre gasped.

"Are you hurt?" Trowa was instantly solicitous.

"No, I can't feel much right now," Quatre giggled. "Except for this," he continued, squeezing Trowa's erection through his jeans.

Trowa moaned in answer and pressed himself against Quatre once again. Dimly, he felt a piece of the lamp bite into his palm, but ignored it. He decided to roll Quatre away from the sharp pieces, and the small blond ended up on top of Trowa. Since Quatre was naked, he had to hold him by his sides. Then he remembered how ticklish Quatre was. Too late.

"Trowa! Stop!" Quatre nearly screamed as Trowa hit his most ticklish spot. The blond boy giggled and writhed as Trowa moved him.

When Trowa felt Quatre was safe, he resumed kissing him. He felt Quatre fumble with his jeans, trying to unzip them. He pulled back to help, and as soon as the jeans were unzipped Quatre's hand darted inside to find Trowa's erection.

"Trowa!" giggled Quatre. "You don't wear underwear!"

Trowa could only moan in answer as Quatre squeezed his length gently.

Quatre purred, "Oh, Trowa, you're so big!"

Trowa grinned. "All the better to ravish you with, my pretty."

Quatre pounced on Trowa, knocking him back on the floor. Quatre proceeded to straddle Trowa's hips and rock back and forth in a manner that drove Trowa wild. The sight of his beautiful angel, naked and riding him, tore away Trowa's last shred of reason.

Not even bothering to remove his clothes, he flipped Quatre onto his back and kneeled between his legs, kissing him passionately. Quatre moaned and spread his legs apart further, offering himself completely to his love. Trowa moaned at the sight, and began kissing his way down Quatre's smooth stomach.

Quatre began to pant as Trowa neared his untouched erection. Trowa smiled as the blond boy began to writhe in an attempt to make Trowa go faster. Finally, Trowa reached his goal, and gazed upon Quatre's alabaster arousal. Slowly, almost reverentially, Trowa licked his way up the hard flesh. Quatre moaned in protest at this careful treatment; he wanted more!

Finally, Trowa took Quatre's arousal fully into his mouth. Quatre gasped as the wet heat surrounded his most sensitive flesh. He had never felt such pleasure before. Nothing else but his own hand had ever touched Quatre's arousal.

"Trowa! Oh, it's so good..." Quatre lost the power of speech as Trowa's talented mouth worked on him. He buried his hands in brown hair as he thrust helplessly into the green-eyed boy's mouth. With a cry, he climaxed violently, filling Trowa's willing mouth with his passion.

Quatre looked down to see Trowa licking up every drop. "You taste wonderful, little one." Trowa crawled up to Quatre's mouth and kissed the blond boy, letting him taste himself.

"Oh, Trowa, I want to taste you too!" exclaimed Quatre.

Trowa shook his head. "As much as I would like that, I'd like something else even more."

"Anything," breathed Quatre.

"Do you have any... um, lotion or something similar?" Trowa asked.

Quatre frowned. "Just a minute," he said, and then Trowa was treated to the sight of the blond angel padding across the room to the bathroom, completely naked. The beautiful vision came back moments later, with a small bottle. "Will this do?"

Trowa looked at the bottle. "I think so."

Quatre sank to his knees beside his love. "What do I do?"

Trowa gazed at the beautiful boy. "Just lay back and enjoy, angel. And tell me if I'm hurting you."

Quatre looked at Trowa with a gaze of absolute trust. "I know you would never hurt me, Trowa." With that, he pulled the brown haired boy close and kissed him, fanning the flames of passion within them both once again.

Trowa gently pushed Quatre down to the floor, kissing him all the way. Automatically, Quatre spread his legs and Trowa kneeled between them. Trowa carefully began to prepare his virgin angel. One, two, three carefully lubricated fingers were inserted into Quatre with no adverse effect. In fact, Quatre pushed back against Trowa's fingers and moaned for more. Quatre's arousal stood straight up against his stomach, his legs were spread as wide as possible and his aqua eyes were fixed on Trowa. "Please?" Quatre moaned.

Trowa was torn between worship of his beautiful angel and the need to take him. Desire won out as Quatre begged sweetly. Placing one hand beside Quatre to support himself, he used the other to slowly guide his lubricated arousal to Quatre's opening. Quatre gasped as he felt Trowa's hot length against him. "Are you ready?" Trowa asked.

"Yes! Please! Trowa, now!" Quatre nearly screamed. He wanted to be filled by Trowa's hardness, to be one with the tall boy. He wanted it so badly he didn't want to wait. So when Trowa began to slowly push inside him, Quatre pushed himself quickly forward onto Trowa's length, impaling himself on Trowa. He moved so quickly that Trowa didn't have time to react, to pull back and avoid hurting Quatre. Suddenly, he was deep inside Quatre, and the sensation nearly made him climax immediately.

Quatre gasped as there was a sharp pain, which quickly subsided into a mind-numbing feeling of being filled, taken, completely and utterly, filled. He never wanted the feeling to end, it felt so good, so right. Quatre looked up at Trowa, who looked surprised and worried.

"It's ok, Trowa, I'm fine. You feel so good in me, I wanted more," the blond boy panted. "Please, please don't stop."

Trowa was trying hard to control his body as his angel begged him for more. He started to pull back, then when Quatre began to protest, he pushed back in. A few more small strokes, pulling out farther each time, and Quatre was moaning. Trowa smiled, and deliberately changed the angle of his next thrust. He was rewarded by a sharp gasp from Quatre; the blond boy looked up at him with wide eyes as each of Trowa's strokes stimulated his most sensitive spot.

"Oh, Trowa..." Quatre was nearly mindless with pleasure, and when Trowa started to stroke the blond boy's arousal in time with his thrusts, Quatre lost control completely. With a loud scream, Quatre climaxed violently, his hands and muscles clamping down on his tall lover. "TROWA! I love you!"

Only then did Trowa relax his control and allow himself to fill his lover with his aching passion. Trowa nearly blacked out from the intensity of his climax within his tight, writhing angel. The two of them fell asleep in each other's arms, unmindful of the hard floor, nor of the fact that Quatre was bleeding slightly.

(end flashback)

Quatre looked at Duo miserably. "I told him I loved him. I got drunk and threw myself at him. I scared him off and made him feel trapped all at the same time. No wonder he didn't want to see me again."

"I still don't get it," Duo said sympathetically. "It sounds like you both wanted it to happen. Why would Trowa run away?"

"I guess he hates me," sniffed Quatre. "I'm really surprised he agreed to come to the party. Although it was through my secretary. I never actually spoke to him."

Duo tried to cheer Quatre up. "Maybe you'll get the chance to find out."

Continued in part 4