Title: Reunion AC 197 -- part 5
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13x5, 13x6, etc.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, non-consensual sex, violence, angst
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Wufei had felt adrift after the war. This was a feeling the focused boy was not familiar with, and did not like at all. He accepted Sally's invitation to join the Preventers full-time, so as to give himself a physical if not mental focus. There was certainly plenty to do in the form of mop-up operations; there was always some discontent, and for a while the newness of relative peace kept his mind off the past. Off of Treize, and their ill-fated relationship. As painful as it had been, deep in his heart Wufei knew that he wouldn't have traded the few brief months of pleasure for anything. Even if Treize hadn't died, by his own hand no less, Wufei knew that their affair was doomed. How could you love the leader of the force you opposed with all your soul? Wufei didn't know, had never known. All he knew was, from the first time he had seen Treize, that their destinies were irretrievably linked.


Wufei smashed his Gundam into the ship, and vaulted himself into the OZ commander's office, challenging him to a duel. As he announced himself, his eyes met Treize's, and the world outside seemed to stop. He was mesmerized by the tall man, who looked at once commanding and resigned. They fought, but Wufei found it nearly impossible to keep his mind on the duel. He was confused by the way he felt; it was almost as if he wanted to lose, to surrender to this magnificent man with the incredible voice.

Wufei never knew if it was his inattention or Treize's superior skill that caused him to lose; but all of a sudden, he was kneeling, disarmed in every way. When the killing blow didn't come, he looked up into those blue eyes, and felt his body react for the first time, and identified the feelings within him. Surrendering to Treize Khushrenada turned him on.

Fleeing from the failed challenge, his mind and body were in turmoil. Regaining his Gundam, he sank in shame and confusion to the bottom of the sea, completely confused.

Vowing to return to complete the mission he had failed, Wufei waited for another chance. Trying to ignore the attraction he felt for the OZ commander, Wufei planned out how he would infiltrate Treize's personal quarters. This time he would not fail.

The night before his planned mission, Wufei woke up aroused and sweaty, the dream of being captive beneath Treize's strong body still fresh and vivid in his mind. Face burning with shame, he tried to ignore the erection caused by the thought of Treize, naked above him. Wufei swore to exorcise this demon once and for all.

The next day, he insinuated himself, unseen, into Khushrenada's closet, and awaited him.

Wufei didn't have long to wait; soon, he heard Treize enter the apartment. The Chinese boy waited until he was sure the general was alone; then he stepped out of his hiding place.

To his credit, Treize didn't even blink when Wufei appeared in his bedroom. The man was just in the process of removing his jacket when he saw the boy.

"Well, my little dragon, we meet again," Treize said with that sensuous voice of his. Wufei tried not to stare as the older man continued to unbutton his shirt until it hung open, framing his muscled chest.

Shaking off his wandering thoughts, Wufei stood tall and said, "I, Chang Wufei, challenge you, Treize Khushrenada, to a duel!"

Languidly, Treize let his eyes wander all over Wufei in a way that made the boy feel undressed. "Is that really why you're here, dragon?"

Wufei felt himself blush. "Why do you call me that?" he demanded. "And, yes, I wish a duel. Why else would I be here?"

"I think the name suits you, Chang Wufei. And was not the noble dragon the symbol of your clan in years past?" Treize allowed himself a smirk. "As to what else you might desire, your body betrays you."

Wufei glanced down, and realized his arousal was clearly visible, stretching the front of his white pants. Blushing furiously, Wufei tried to think of a plausible excuse, but failed utterly.

Treize slowly approached the embarrassed boy. "Please, don't feel ashamed, dragon. You flatter me. That I could have such an effect on a beautiful boy such as yourself... well, as you can see, you affect me similarly." Wufei couldn't help but glance down, and gasped involuntarily as he noticed the very large bulge stretching the front of the general's pants.

Defeated, Wufei let the sword drop to the floor. Then, he forced his eyes up to look Treize straight in the eyes. "What have you done to me, Khushrenada? I cannot sleep, cannot concentrate. I dream of... you."

Treize looked down at Wufei. "I have done nothing, my dragon. It is you who have bewitched me. I dream of you, of the things I want to do to you, with you."

"You do? You dream of me?" Wufei stammered, confused.

"Constantly," Treize murmured, moving closer to Wufei. He stopped only inches from the Chinese boy. "Tell me, dragon, in your dreams, what do I do?"

Wufei looked up at Treize, face flushed and arousal aching. "You... you kiss me, and touch me..." Wufei trailed off, uncertain.

"And then what?" prompted the soldier, his voice caressing Wufei intimately.

"The dream isn't clear," whispered Wufei. "I don't know, because I've never..."

"You're a virgin?" Treize said in wonder. "Such a beautiful boy, untouched?"

Wufei hung his head, ashamed to look at Treize. "Yes," he said miserably.

"Don't be ashamed, Wufei," Treize soothed, gently raising the boy's chin with his hand. "Do you want to be touched?"

Wufei dragged his eyes up to meet Treize's. He could get lost in those eyes. "Yes," he said quickly, before he lost his nerve.

Treize smiled softly. "Are you sure, dragon? I don't want to do anything you're not ready for."

Wufei frowned slightly. "I don't know what there is to do."

Treize's eyes widened. "Then I propose that if I do something you don't like, you can tell me and I'll stop immediately," he suggested.

Wufei nodded, afraid and eager at the same time. "How do we start?" he asked. No sense in being shy now.

Treize smiled at Wufei's eagerness. "Like this," he said, and bent down to capture the boy's lips for his first kiss.

Treize started slowly, pressing his lips gently against Wufei's. However, he didn't count on the Chinese boy's passionate reaction. Wufei opened his mouth for Treize, and wrapped his arms around the older man's neck, melting into the kiss. Treize moaned involuntarily as Wufei pressed against him, nearly losing control at the feel of the lithe body against his.

Treize broke the kiss, breathing hard. It was Wufei's turn to smirk.

"Did I do that ok?" the boy asked huskily.

"Oh, yes, dragon, more than all right," Treize answered. "In fact, too well. I will need to control myself better, my little nymph."

Wufei smiled, glad he could affect the OZ general that way. It made him feel less apprehensive. "What's next?" he inquired.

Treize indicated the bed behind him with a flourish. "Would you like to lie down?"

"Only if you'll join me," Wufei said coquettishly, not sure why the older man made him feel this way. The anticipation of the unknown was intoxicating, as was Treize's obvious desire for him.

"Gladly," answered Treize, and he dropped his shirt to the floor, leaving his muscled upper body bare. He smiled at the sudden hungry look on Wufei's face.

Wufei nearly moaned as he feasted his eyes on Treize's body. It looked even better than in his dreams, and he longed to touch, to feel, to taste.

Treize sat on the edge of the bed, and motioned for Wufei to sit beside him. The boy paused for a moment, considering. Then in one swift motion, he pulled his tank top over his head and threw it across the room. Then he stood in front of Treize, unsure.

Treize nearly moaned aloud at the sight of the exotic boy of his dreams half naked in front of him. He had to remind himself to take things slowly. It wouldn't be easy. His dragon's upper body was smooth and hard, and Treize ached at the thought of seeing, and touching, more.

Wufei searched Treize's face for a reaction, and was happy with the lust he saw there. The sight of Treize watching him, looking at him like that, made him all the more aroused, and bold. Loving the look on the older man's face and wanting even more of that obvious desire, Wufei dropped his hands to his pants and began to loosen the tie. As he did so, he raised his eyes to meet Treize's, and was rewarded by a look of sheer need and an audible moan from the soldier.

"Oh, yes, dragon, strip for me please," begged Treize, rubbing his throbbing arousal through his pants.

The sight of the OZ general watching him, moaning and playing with himself, made Wufei even more aroused. He suddenly wanted to stand completely naked in front of Treize, and feel his eyes all over him; his eyes, then his hands, and finally his body.

Wufei slowly loosened the tie of his pants, thrilling in the anticipation and the thought that Treize wanted him so badly; so badly that the general was risking his career and perhaps his life for a small taste. Wufei finally got the string untied, and when he looked back up at Treize, the older man had unzipped his pants and was reaching in them to stroke himself as he watched.

"Wufei," Treize said with a sultry tone, "Please untie your hair."

Wufei smiled and released his ebony locks, shaking his head to let them fall around his face. Treize moaned again, louder, as he beheld the vision of beauty before him. The loose hair framed his face perfectly, softening the chiseled lines of his face. Treize thought he had never seen anything more beautiful or sensuous. He ached to make love to Wufei, to possess that beauty fully.

Emboldened by Treize's reaction to his appearance, and aroused by the fact that Treize was pleasuring himself right in front of him, Wufei slipped his white pants off and stepped out of them. The boy was now clad only in white silk boxers that were stretched out by his nearly painful arousal.

Wufei hooked his thumbs in the waistband of the boxers and then looked up from beneath his hair to make sure he had Treize's full attention. He needn't have worried; Treize would not have taken his eyes off of Wufei at this moment if the entire base had blown up around them.

Wufei paused, building up his courage, then slipped off the boxers, standing exposed in front of Treize.

Treize sighed at the incredible sight. He could scarcely believe this was happening to him. There stood his lovely dragon, naked for him, his untouched arousal standing hard and straight for him. He savored the image for a moment, then spoke. "You are so beautiful, my dragon. Come here and let me show you how much I desire you."

Continued in part 6