Title: Reunion AC 197 -- part 7
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13x5, 13x6, etc.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, non-consensual sex, violence, angst
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Zechs had thought that a fresh start, on a fresh planet, would be what he needed to begin healing his wounds. So he went with Noin, to pioneer the terraforming efforts. The work was long and hard, and Noin threw herself into it with relish. Zechs was merely along for the ride, helping out a friend, and this became more clear to him as time went on. Noin was devoted to him, even though she knew there could never be anything between them. She knew the only person Zechs had ever loved that way was Treize, though it had taken years for her to accept it.

Treize had been Zechs' first true friend, and afterwards, his first lover. They had practically grown up together, and the progression from friendship to love had been an easy and gradual one. Their first night of passion, when Zechs was 15 and Treize was 20, had been awkward, fumbling, and intense. They honed their skills in the years after, until all it took was a look across a crowded room to tease the other into full readiness. It was a game to them, a way to extend the few stolen moments they could find within OZ, a way to lose themselves, to forget the war.

Zechs would never forget their first time.


Zechs was always the top ranked mobile suit pilot, with Noin close behind. Stationed at the Victoria base, they honed their skills endlessly. Zechs knew Noin was hopelessly in love with him, but he only considered her a friend. It may have someday been more, but for a certain person. Treize Khushrenada. Already a rising power in Romafeller, Treize still found time to visit his best friend, Zechs. Usually, the two fought mock battles in mobile suits or otherwise, and this time was no exception. They had decided to try a bit of martial arts training. Zechs had recently grown several inches, and he wanted to try out his newfound strength with the hope that someday he might be able to actually beat his older friend. Although, he admitted to himself, Treize was the only one he didn't mind losing to. Especially in physical contests. Zechs was slightly confused by those feelings, especially towards another boy. Although he had never been attracted to a girl this way, and he was beginning to accept certain facts about himself. Zechs found himself watching Treize closely, and felt his body react to the sight of the taller boy walking toward him.

"Hello Zechs," Treize purred, looking his friend up and down. "You look very well." In truth, the blond boy looked incredible, but it wouldn't do for Treize to drool all over him. Though the long platinum hair, lithe body and ice-blue eyes were certainly amazing to look at. Treize hesitated to confess these feelings to Zechs, however, not completely certain his friend's feelings were the same as his. He had his suspicions, though, and meant to confirm them today. He pulled his shirt down to hide the erection that thinking about his beautiful friend had given him.

They were both dressed in loose shorts and shirts so they could exercise freely, so both were able to hide their bodies' reactions to the other, oblivious. They squared off and began circling each other, looking for an opening.

Zechs was trying to concentrate, but kept getting distracted by Treize's powerful legs and arms, or those hands. Zechs wanted to feel those hands on him, all over him. The ache between his legs increased, dividing his attention even more. He bit his lip, trying to keep his mind focused.

Treize was having similar problems, distracted by the fall of Zechs' amazing hair. How he wanted to run his hands through that hair, over the boy's whole smooth, hard body. He'd seen that body enough, admired its planes and valleys, while they were growing up. Zechs just seemed to get better and better looking, and Treize realized he enjoyed his blond friend's company and looks much more than any of the various women that always seemed to be hanging around trying to impress them. Gradually, he realized what those feelings meant, but since his friend was younger, he decided to wait until he thought Zechs was ready to consider a relationship. Treize hoped Zechs would be ready soon, because he was tired of just fantasizing about his friend. He wanted more. Soon. His erection hardened further, distracting him from the contest.

Zechs thought he saw an opening, and made his move. Trying to duck inside Treize's guard so he could try to throw him, he was distracted by a feint to the left by the older boy. Before he knew it, Treize had him, trying to get in position for a hold. They struggled, and Zechs was able to wriggle free, and nearly got a joint lock on Treize. Unfortunately, Zechs was distracted by Treize's proximity, and the older boy managed to find an opening, and Zechs felt his feet swept out from underneath him. The blond twisted as he fell, however, so that Treize couldn't get a final lock on him. They ended up on the mat, wrestling for position. Zechs cursed to himself; he should have tied his hair back because it kept getting in his way. Then again, he knew Treize liked his hair loose, so vanity made him keep it down around the older boy. Not that he would really mind losing to Treize; the feel of his friend's body against his was nearly driving him to distraction. Hard, hot muscles pressed against him, trying to overpower his agility. It was a losing battle to try to hide his erection, and Zechs was so turned on he was almost past the point of caring. Treize on top of him, touching him, was all he wanted right now, and he was rapidly losing control.

Treize was not doing as well as he could have either; his attention was too focused on not pressing his aching arousal against the gorgeous object of his desire that was currently wiggling enticingly against him. Though that was nearly all he could think of, the long-neglected desire for the blond boy driving coherent thought from his head. He could feel Zechs' body against him, imagine how that body would feel, unclothed, beneath him. He wanted so badly to make Zechs moan his name in ecstasy, he could almost taste it. It was taking every last shred of his self-control not to give in and press his arousal against Zechs, and let his rock hard desire do the talking for him. If only he could be sure that Zechs returned those feelings. Treize couldn't be sure that the part of his mind that tried to reassure him that Zechs did feel the same way was entirely rational at this point.

They never did know what caused it; but whether through Treize's superior strength, or Zechs' giving in to his feelings, or a combination of both, it finally happened. Treize finally managed to pin Zechs to the floor. Treize held Zechs' arm in an elbow lock, and his body held the blond boy still. This meant that the full length of their bodies were now lined up and pressed together, their faces inches apart. They both gasped at the sensation of twin erections pressed hard together; gasping both at the delicious sensation and at the realization that they were both equally aroused.

They stared into each other's eyes for a long moment, frozen in time, scarcely able to believe the evidence they could feel. They had both desired the other for so long, that the situation they found themselves in seemed unreal, too perfect to be believed. Finally, Treize found his voice.

"Zechs?" he whispered. "May I kiss you?"

Not trusting his own voice, Zechs nodded and parted his lips. Treize lowered his face to close the small distance between them, and their lips touched at last. Slowly, tentatively at first, they kissed. Neither had ever even kissed before, so they were cautious. Gently, Treize slipped his tongue between Zechs' parted lips, and explored his mouth. Zechs' mouth tasted as sweet as he had imagined, soft and hot and yielding.

Zechs lay back and allowed Treize to taste him. The feeling of yielding to the other boy's questing tongue was indescribable; who would think that such a simple joining of mouths would be so intoxicating? Carefully, Zechs explored Treize's mouth in return. Unconsciously, the two boys began thrusting against each other as they kissed, slowly building up friction until they were gasping into each other's mouths.

They broke for air, both boys unable to stop staring at each other. "Oh, Treize," sighed Zechs. The blond boy moaned and rocked his hips insistently against Treize. "I love you."

Treize stared incredulously at his best friend. "I love you too, Zechs. I always have, as long as I can remember."

"You have?" Zechs wondered. Treize nodded. "Then why... didn't you..."

"I wasn't sure," Treize paused. "How you felt. About me. About everything."

Zechs smiled wickedly and rubbed his rock hard erection against Treize. "Now how do you think I feel?"

Treize smirked. "You feel incredible. I want to feel all of you."

Zechs moaned. "I want that too. Now."

"Your wish is my command," Treize purred, and buried his face in Zechs' neck, kissing and licking the sensitive skin. He was rewarded by Zechs gasping, and bucking up against him urgently.

Treize released his hold on Zechs' arms, so he could touch the other boy. Treize ran his hands down Zechs' sides, and slipped them under his shirt as he continued to ravish the blond's neck. In one fluid motion, Treize pulled off the other boy's shirt, and continued to kiss a hot trail down his chest. Zechs moaned as Treize flicked his tongue over the hard nub of his nipple, then took it between his teeth and nipped gently.

"T-Treize," gasped Zechs.

Treize paused. "Yes?"

Zechs tried to control his voice. "Have you ever... done this before?"

Treize smiled. "No, I've been waiting. For you."

"Then... how... do you know what to do?" Zechs stammered.

"I read a lot," Treize answered. "And I have the most detailed dreams." With that, Treize returned to his torture of the blond boy's nipples. "I look forward to trying out everything."

Zechs arched his back and moaned loudly as Treize moved his mouth lower, kissing golden flesh tantalizingly. Finally, he paused at the waistband of the blond boy's shorts, and looked up at him. Treize watched Zechs' beautiful face as he hooked one finger in the elastic and pulled slightly. Zechs moaned again, more insistently, writhing in anticipation.

"May I?" Treize inquired, always the gentleman.

"Please," Zechs said hoarsely, then gasped as the shorts rubbed against his aching arousal as Treize slid them off his body.

Treize looked down at the beautiful blond boy lying I front of him, naked and all his. "Zechs, you are amazing," he whispered, before lowering his head to lick gently up the underside of the boy's arousal. The taste was unlike anything he had ever experienced before; salty and musky and unmistakably Zechs. Treize wanted more.

Zechs lay back before Treize, naked and spread out before him, and moaned as the older boy touched and licked him just like in his wildest fantasies. But this was real, and so much better. Treize finally engulfed him in his mouth; Zechs gasped and buried his fingers in Treize's hair, hips bucking helplessly, thrusting his virgin arousal into that hot mouth.

Treize learned quickly; he figured out how to take in Zechs' length without choking, and was now concentrating on bobbing his head up and down in slow, smooth strokes. Treize was inexperienced, but so was Zechs; the feeling the older boy was giving him was so much more intense than his own hand, the only pleasure the blond boy had ever experienced. Zechs lost control, moaning Treize's name and begging him not to stop. Treize was drunk on the way Zechs responded to him and the sound of his own name, called out in passion, from those sensuous lips. Both were oblivious to the fact that they were in an exercise room, on the floor on a thick mat, and anyone could walk in at any time. Treize kneeled between the naked, longhaired blond's legs and built him up higher and higher. Zechs had no chance to resist; Treize brushed one finger softly against Zechs' entrance and the blond boy came hard, screaming and filling Treize's mouth with his creamy passion.

Treize drank it all in, savoring the taste, then claimed the boy's mouth again, so he could taste his own desire. Zechs moaned into Treize's mouth, arching against him. Treize could feel Zechs' erection against him, still rock hard.

"Did you like that?" Treize whispered into Zechs' ear.

"Oh, yes, Treize, it was... amazing," sighed Zechs.

"Looks like you're ready for more," added Treize, squeezing Zechs' erection, making the blond boy gasp anew.

Zechs nodded, and said, "I want more, but I don't know how."

Treize smiled. "Neither do I, really, but I have a few... ideas."

Zechs moaned at the promise in that silken voice. "Show me," he begged.

Continued in part 8