Title: Reunion AC 197 -- part 8
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13x5, 13x6, etc.
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, non-consensual sex, violence, angst
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Treize bit back a moan of his own at the need in the beautiful boy's voice. Need, and desire for him.

"Come on, then," Treize said, and helped Zechs to his feet. He led the blond boy to the shower room, pulling him inside, then locking the door. He quickly stripped off his clothes. Treize led Zechs into one of the large stalls, and turned on the water.

Zechs looked hungrily at Treize's muscular body, hard and ready for him. As soon as they were under the water, the blond boy was allover him, pressing his hard body against Treize's, crushing their mouths together in a searing kiss. Erection met hot erection; heat rose and friction mounted, until they were both gasping.

"I want to be inside you, Zechs," Treize murmured. "Will you let me take you?"

"Oh, yes, please, Treize, I want it," answered Zechs breathlessly. "Make me yours."

Treize moaned, and said, "Turn around."

Zechs complied, leaning against the wall and bending over slightly. Treize stood behind him and ran his hands possessively over the blond's incredible body. Then he took some liquid soap from the dispenser, and moved his lubricated hand between the other boy's slightly spread legs. Zechs gasped at the feeling and spread his legs wider. The feeling of Treize's hands on him, where he had never been touched before, was almost more than he could take. Zechs tried not to tense up when he felt a finger enter him; as soon as he relaxed, he realized how good it felt and pushed back against the finger.

Treize smiled as Zechs pushed back against him. He wanted the blond boy so badly, but he didn't want to hurt him. He had dreamed of this so often that even though he hadn't done it before, he knew what to do. Every finger he added, every time he stretched his love a bit further, he was that much closer to being inside him, deep inside ecstasy. His own arousal throbbed with barely restrained need, but he tried to ignore it.

Zechs leaned against the wall for support now, not caring about anything but the feeling of Treize's fingers inside him, opening him, and igniting feelings he had never imagined. It felt so right, but he needed more. And now he knew what it was he needed.

"Treize, please," Zechs begged. "Need you."

Treize finally decided the blond boy was ready, and applied soap to his neglected erection.

Zechs moaned with loss at the removal of the sweet intrusion, but the moan changed as he felt something even larger and hotter pressing against him. "Oh, yes, Treize, please," Zechs cried, trying to push back. "I want you inside me."

Treize positioned himself and started to push his aching arousal inside Zechs. He knew the blond boy was tight, but nothing could have prepared him for the agonizing tightness that squeezed him and drove him mad. Slowly, he slid inside Zechs, and it was like sliding into liquid pleasure. The boy's muscles gripped him and caressed him like his own hand never had, even when fantasizing about Zechs. Deeper and deeper into heaven he drove, head back and mouth open, easing into paradise.

Zechs leaned against the wall, giving himself to Treize, blown away by the feeling of the other boy's hot arousal inside him. There was no pain; Treize had prepared him well. There was only surrender, and completion, in the joining of the two.

Treize buried himself deep in Zechs; when the blond boy started to push back against him, he could hold back no longer. Treize began to thrust slowly and shallowly into Zechs at first; the sweet friction unbelievable in its intensity.

Zechs had never dreamed of such a feeling; never dreamed that having his best friend's rock hard cock inside him would drive him mad. When Treize started to thrust, the amazing feeling went straight to his aching arousal, making it pulse with each thrust.

Treize drove deeper, faster. The pleasure seemed to get more intense with each plunge, until both boys were screaming. Treize pounded into Zechs as hard as he could, mind nearly gone. Zechs took every stroke, pushing back and asking for more.

Treize knew he couldn't take much more; he reached around and took Zechs' erection is his hand and squeezed, stroking the hard flesh.

Zechs moaned loudly; not only was Treize pleasuring him from within, now he had added another sensation. The friction built up, and the blond boy could take the ecstasy no longer; he screamed Treize's name and climaxed violently.

Treize felt and heard his friend's release, and quickly followed, pumping his passion deep inside the willing boy, growling, "Mine."

(end flashback)

It was the first time they joined in passion, but far from the last. Their couplings served as tension relief in a war-torn world, giving them both a reason to go on.

Then things became more complex, and Zechs felt himself begin to lose Treize to the machinations of Romafeller. The weight of command, the seriousness of the decisions he had to make, the sheer numbers of people whose lives depended on his decisions, changed the man he knew.

In addition, Zechs' own beliefs were diverging from Treize's. It was with a heavy heart and many regrets that Zechs wrote Treize one last letter. The letter that said they could no longer continue as they had. Even to the end, Zechs held out hope that, once the war had finished, that they could go back to how things had been. But that wasn't to be, and Zechs now realized it had been a foolish hope. Treize had given himself over to OZ, and the weight of all the deaths he remembered so painstakingly changed him irrevocably.

Since then, Zechs had chosen to be alone, not caring to inflict his troubles or problems upon anyone else. Finally, he decided to return to Earth, leaving the capable Noin in charge of a smoothly-running project. He decided to rejoin the Preventers, to do some good while he decided what to do with his life.

The first time he saw Wufei in the Preventer's headquarters had been an awkward one. He had known Wufei was there, but how do you prepare for a confrontation with the person who became involved with your lover after you spilt up, then killed him? Zechs truly did not blame Wufei for Treize's death; Treize needed to sacrifice himself for peace, and Zechs should have been the one to kill him. Wufei was merely there, and actually followed Treize's wishes.

Zechs knew that Treize had become involved with Wufei shortly after his split with Zechs. Zechs had resented this at first, of course, but gradually acceptance had come, and the reality of war. The war created heightened tension, artificially enhancing emotions and not exactly encouraging slow romance. Treize no doubt had needed comfort that Zechs was no longer able to give, and the Chinese boy had been seeking something as well.

As Zechs studied Wufei across the table in another endless strategy meeting, he had to admit that he couldn't blame Treize. Wufei was exotically gorgeous, caramel skin and dark eyes that bored into you. Against his will, Zechs began to imagine the two of them together. He knew what Treize was like in bed, and he could picture him, taking the Chinese boy for the first time, teaching him all he knew. Despite himself, he began to get aroused. Of course, once he was aroused, he couldn't get the thought of Wufei in bed out of his mind, which made him more turned on. Zechs sighed and shifted in his seat, trying to discreetly adjust his erection. He had been celibate too long.

Wufei looked up from his notes, once again catching Zechs Marquise staring at him. What was the man's problem? Wufei hoped the blond pilot didn't hate him for his relationship with Treize. He already had enough guilt for ten men riding around with him. Anyone who didn't know Treize wouldn't understand, but Wufei knew he had been following his lover's wishes when he killed him. Not that it made it any easier. But Treize had been determined to sacrifice himself so the world would know peace, so Wufei had decided to dedicate himself to protecting that fragile peace. Even if it meant working with a man who probably despised him.

Although Zechs didn't exactly look mad at the moment, Wufei mused. He actually looked extremely gorgeous, his platinum hair flowing over his strong shoulders and his face somewhat flushed. Zechs looked as if he wasn't really concentrating on the meeting, and he kept squirming around in his seat. Wufei got distracted himself, watching the blond soldier fidget, flinging his hair around and looking delicious, sucking on a pencil. Wufei caught himself at that point. Am I lusting after Zechs now? It had been too long, he mused. He was just horny. And Zechs was certainly sexy, piercing azure eyes, flowing hair and incredible body... great, mused Wufei, now I'm getting hard, sitting here in a meeting and I can't do anything about it. He flicked his eyes again, guiltily, toward Zechs and an electric shock ran through him as their eyes met. He almost gasped as Zechs licked his lips, and his erection was suddenly fully hard, as if it wanted to be surrounded by those lips...Unbidden, a mental picture came to him of Zechs and Treize in bed, and he wondered who had been on top.

Zechs found he couldn't tear his eyes away from the Chinese boy. Those dark eyes entranced him, the lithe body so close, just a table's width away. Their eyes met, and Zechs was afraid that Wufei could clearly read his arousal across the table, just from his eyes.

Suddenly, they both realized the meeting was breaking up; they were the only ones left sitting. Both were reluctant to get up, for obvious reasons, so it happened that they were the last two people left in the room. Their eyes met across the table, and neither wanted to leave. Zechs decided to speak up.

"Would you, uh, like to go get a cup of coffee, Wufei?"

Continued in part 9