Title: Desperately Seeking Zechs -- part 1
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x3x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Sharon

* * * * * * * * * * *

Thrust. Parry. Step back. Feint left. Thrust right. Dodge. Fuck.

"Oh, Zechs!" Relena's voice wafted across the garden. "There you are!"

Zechs sighed as he looked up to acknowledge his sister as she approached. "Hello, Relena. How are you?" he asked politely.

"Wonderful!" Relena enthused, sitting herself down on a lawn chair with a flounce of lace. "What are you doing?"

Zechs looked down at himself. He was shirtless, wearing just loose exercise pants and he held his sword. He was drenched with sweat in the humid air. He would have thought it would be obvious to anyone that he was exercising, practicing his sword-fighting skills. Just because the war was over he didn't want to get out of shape. "Working out," he answered mildly. Relena annoyed him frequently, but she was the only family he had left, and he was staying with her in the family home, as much for her as for him. She still had an odd fixation on Heero, and Zechs was afraid that if left to her own devices she would do something silly.

But unfortunately, living in Sank in this massive mansion, while relaxing, was not exactly conducive to his love life. Not that he'd actually had a love life for some time.

Also unfortunately, his sister was doing her best to rectify that situation. Relena apparently had an endless supply of unattached girlfriends who she insisted were dying to go out with Zechs. According to Relena, he was the most eligible bachelor in the whole of the earth and colonies, and she kept trying to fix him up.

Most of the time he could get out of it, but even he ran out of excuses eventually. The excuses got lamer and lamer but Relena seemed blissfully unaware. She just kept trying. Finally, Zechs started to feel guilty and agreed to a date.

It was the single most excruciating evening of his life.

Not that the girl was that horrible. She was relatively pretty, but she was also quite similar to Relena in many respects. Mainly that she talked almost constantly. About herself, her family, her charities, her goals...Zechs found himself smiling fixedly at her, nodding at intervals and almost drifting off. He couldn't have got a word in edgewise if he'd wanted to. It was just as well, as he could think of nothing to say, as they had absolutely nothing in common.

The other problem, of course, was that Zechs was gay.

Relena should have guessed, after all. Even though they hadn't grown up together, they'd seen quite a lot of each other in the past years. But his sister was, as always, was utterly clueless. She probably wouldn't believe he was into guys unless she walked in while he was sucking cock.

No, he shuddered at that thought; that would be awful.

Later that night, he was in his suite, checking email and idly surfing the net. He wished that he could just go out to a bar like everyone else, just pick up some hot guy and have sex. That was all he wanted. He was nowhere near ready for a relationship, he just needed some relief.

Usually his spam filter caught the unwanted stuff, but somehow one had got through, and he'd clicked on the link before he realized what it was. A very refined-looking webpage announced a discreet service for people seeking other people. Normally Zechs just ignored such things, but he was bored, so he didn't delete it just yet. It wasn't as tacky as the rest of those kinds of sites; no pop-ups or annoying music or anything else. Just a statement and a list of categories, men seeking women, men seeking men, women seeking women, women seeking men...

Zechs stared at the webpage for a long time. It wouldn't hurt just to take a look, would it? At least it might be a laugh... he registered with a made-up name and address, and he was in.

He surfed idly around the pages for a bit, mildly impressed by the fact that the setup was really quite classy, and not sleazy at all. He ran some checks on the site, found it really was secure and about as anonymous as it was possible to be. It seemed on the up and up. He paged through a few listings, not seriously, but just getting used to the setup.

He yawned then; it was getting late, and he decided to have a look later.

It was a week later before he remembered the site again.

That night, he decided to take a real look at the listings, and see if anyone looked interesting. He'd never used a dating service before, but he knew people who had and were happy with it. It could work.

He loaded the intro page, and clicked on the men to men category. He selected a few restrictions, age limits, geographical limits, and came up with only four hits. He sighed; it was a new site, perhaps there would be more later... he decided to just look at the listings.

A note popped up that apologized; there were server overload issues and there were no pictures to go with the listings for the moment. The issue would be resolved shortly.

Well, Zechs liked to think he was not overly influenced by appearances, so he decided to check out the listings anyway.

The first one read:

Single Gay Asian Male, 20, seeks longhaired man, 18-30, for fun.

Well, so far so good, Zechs thought, and read on.

I'm an athletic, single-minded computer programmer who is looking for someone gorgeous to lighten me up. Long hair preferred. Unusual eye color a plus.

Hmm, Zechs wondered. I have the hair. But are ice blue eyes unusual? He read on:

The perfect man for me would be energetic and outgoing, full of smiles and good humor. No ice queens need apply.

Zechs sighed. That clearly was not him. He went on to the next entry. It read:

I'm a fun-loving outgoing guy looking for the strong, silent type to keep me grounded. I live life to the fullest and give everything my all.

Well, he was strong and after living with Relena he was learning to be silent...

I have a thing for guys with short brown hair and blue eyes, so that's pretty much a requirement... Call me and let's see what comes up!

Oh well. Screwed again. Or not, as the case might be. He was *not* going to dye his hair...

The third entry read:

Hey, big boys. I'm a petite asian guy who likes older, commanding men and I have a thing for uniforms and swordfights. Do the honorable thing and give me a call!

Zechs snickered and considered forwarding that one to Treize. Still no luck.

One more listing to go, and Zechs almost gave up... but what the hell, he didn't have anything better to do tonight... he leaned forward as he read. This could be it...

Committed couple looking for some threesome fun to liven up our sex lives. We're young and in love, and we're looking for a man for sex, no strings attached. I'm blond and cute, and my partner is a former gymnast and is very flexible. We're completely uninhibited and you'd better be ready for a wild ride. Endurance a must. Think you're up to it? Call us.

Zechs felt a twinge of desire run through him as he considered. No strings attached, threesome, uninhibited...

What the hell. He'd meet with them, and see what happened. It couldn't hurt, it would be awkward but they were the ones who had placed the ad, after all.

There was a phone number and an email address, and he chose the email. Zechs had plenty of untraceable email addresses, and he chose one.

He stared at the email window for a long moment, wondering what to say. Finally he typed a message and sent it before he could change his mind.

He lay in bed later, stroking his arousal quickly with visions of lots of young aroused men tending to his every need. He came quietly, gasping softly into the quiet night.

He went to sleep, trying not to be anxious for a response.

To be continued...