Title: Teacher's Pet -- part 11
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Heero stared across the table at Duo, entranced by the longhaired boy's beauty and unable to quite believe that tonight was the night. Tonight, the two would finally be able to consummate their love, to finally love each other fully as they had wanted to since they met. It seemed like years since Heero had first caught sight of Duo across the parking lot, first locked eyes with the boy who would capture his heart. All the longing, all the frustration, would culminate tonight, and Duo would truly be his, completely. His heart ached nearly as much as his arousal as Duo smiled at him in the candlelight.

Duo tried not to squirm in his seat; Heero looked more gorgeous than ever tonight, and it was sheer torture to not touch him or kiss him, knowing what they were free to do now. No more barriers, legal or moral, stood between them and their love. Duo was healed, a legal adult, and Heero was no longer his teacher. The dinner had been delicious, but all Duo could think about was getting home, and getting into bed with his love.

Finally, they finished, and Heero led Duo to his car, opening the passenger door for the longhaired boy. Duo paused before getting in, and looked at Heero. "I love you, Heero," he said simply.

Heero looked deep into Duo's violet eyes, and gathered the longhaired boy into his arms, kissing him passionately, pressing him up against the side of the car. Duo wrapped his arms around the older man's neck, melting against him, pressing his erection against Heero's, surrendering to the kiss. When Heero pulled back, they were both breathless. "Love you," Heero sighed as he brought his hand up to trace Duo's swollen lips. "Let's go home." Duo nodded, and Heero tried not to exceed the speed limit too much on the way.

Heero unlocked the door, but stopped Duo before he walked in. "Please, indulge me?"

Duo was confused, but answered, "Anything."

Heero pushed the door open, then turned to Duo and scooped the longhaired boy up in his arms. He carried Duo easily, stepping across the threshold, looking into his love's eyes the entire time. Duo smiled, snuggling close to Heero.

They stood like that for a long moment; Heero didn't want to put Duo down. He felt perfect in his arms. "Duo, I love you," said Heero. "I want to be with you forever."

Duo hugged Heero tightly, and said, "I love you too. Forever."

Then Heero gently put Duo down, and said, "I want to make love to you, Duo."

Duo was trembling as he answered, "I want everything, Heero. I am more than ready."

Heero said, "I'm going to run you a bath. I want you to relax in the water for a while, while I shower and get some things ready. Is that ok?"

Duo nodded, and let Heero lead him to the large master bathroom. Heero ran the bath, and got Duo settled in it. Heero resisted the urge to gaze at the beautiful boy's perfect naked body. Duo put up his hair so it wouldn't get wet, and lay back to relax. The water felt perfect, and Duo just enjoyed the warmth. He tried not to think too much about the upcoming night. He couldn't help it, though; he had been looking forward to this too long.

Heero busied himself, preparing the bedroom for later, then went to the guest bathroom to shower quickly. He needed everything to be perfect; this would be their first night together; the first night of the rest of their lives. Finally, everything was ready.

Heero entered the bathroom, and said, "Duo? Ready?"

Duo stood up, naked and glistening wet. Water dripped off of his lithe body and rock hard cock. "Do I look ready?"

Heero hardened once again; he was wearing only boxers. "Yes, you do. And you look perfect." He held up a huge towel, and wrapped it around Duo as he stepped out of the tub.

Duo released his hair so it flowed around him, and wrapped the towel around himself. He looked at Heero and said, "What next?"

"You'll see," Heero answered, and led his love out into the bedroom.

Duo gasped as he looked around the room. There were scented candles, and silk draped everywhere, and it looked like something out of a fantasy. "Oh, Heero..." sighed Duo. "It's perfect."

"I wanted our first night together to be perfect, and unforgettable," replied Heero, wrapping his arms around the longhaired boy from behind. "Like you."

Duo moaned and pressed his ass back against Heero's hardness. "Then let's get started, Heero. I want you so much."

"And I want you. But you've teased me so much, Duo, when you knew we couldn't make love yet. I think you need to suffer a bit first," smirked Heero as he removed Duo's towel.

Duo turned around and wrapped himself around Heero, pouting. "Suffer? That doesn't sound like any fun."

"Oh, I guarantee you'll enjoy it," Heero answered as he guided Duo to the bed. "Just not enough. Yet."

Heero had Duo lie down on the bed, on his stomach. Heero climbed up behind him, after removing his boxers.

Duo lay on the bed, trying to get comfortable while his aching arousal pressed into the bed. He moaned when he felt Heero straddle his hips. So close... "Heero... what are you doing?"

"Giving you a massage," Heero explained, admiring Duo's cute ass before settling his weight on that ass.

Duo moaned. "Heero! No fair!" The weight of Heero on his backside pressed his painful arousal into the bed, heightening his frustration. That, and he could feel Heero's bare skin against his, and Heero was leaning over, and now he could feel Heero's hard cock pressing against his ass... "Heero..." Duo moaned.

Heero smirked. This was frustrating to him as well, but he intended to tease the hell out of his longhaired love before Duo got satisfaction. He leaned farther, making sure Duo could feel his erection pressing hard against him, a promise of what was to come; and grabbed a bottle of massage oil from the bedside table. He uncapped the bottle and poured some into his hands. "Have you ever had a massage, Duo?"

"No," Duo said, voice muffled by the pillow. Then he moaned as he felt Heero's oiled hands on his back.

"Then you're really going to enjoy this," murmured Heero as he started to work the oil into Duo's smooth skin. He started at Duo's shoulders, working down.

"Mmm, Heero, that feels so good. Warm," Duo sighed as Heero continued the massage.

"The oil warms up as you rub it," explained Heero. At first, he concentrated on loosening the boy's tense muscles, rubbing more of the oil in. He could feel Duo relax under his hands. Then, slowly, his touches became more light, more teasing, more sensual.

Duo thought this was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt; Heero was touching him, Heero loved him, and they would become one tonight. The anticipation of pleasure warred with the warm touches the older man was giving him; Duo was on a fine line between arousal and relaxation. Then, slowly, the balance shifted toward the sexual, and he felt Heero's hands travel downward. His arousal had never gone away; but now it made its presence known again, throbbing and pulsing with long-anticipated need.

Heero smiled as he heard Duo's low moans and knew his touches were having the desired effect. Just touching Duo's gorgeous body made him ache; he was so hard right now he felt like he would explode. But Duo had some suffering to do. He moved back so he was now straddling the boy's thighs, and he eyed Duo's firm ass with anticipation.

Duo whimpered when he felt Heero change position; he thought he was going to explode when he felt Heero's hands apply the warm oil to his sensitive skin. Heero's hands worked closer and closer to his sensitive entrance. His entire being focused on that one area; hypersensitive nerves sent waves of pleasure and longing to his clouded brain.

Slowly, Heero worked the oil into Duo's soft skin; he traced the line of Duo's cleft, just dipping his fingers inside. He felt Duo tighten, and heard him gasp; Heero knew exactly what he was doing to his longhaired love. Quickly, he shifted his position, nudging Duo's legs apart with his knees until he knelt between Duo's spread legs, and the longhaired boy was revealed before him.

Duo moaned even louder when he felt his legs opened; he could feel Heero between his legs, and it made him feel wonderfully vulnerable. He trembled, waiting for Heero's touch to continue. He was being tortured but he loved every minute.

Heero savored the view before him, then coated his fingers in more oil and touched Duo again, more intimately this time. As long as he had been in love and lust with the beautiful boy, this was the first time he had touched him like this, in such a blatantly sexual manner. Up until now, it had been a massage, if an extremely sensual one; but this was crossing the line, and Heero took it slowly. There would only be one first time for the two, and Heero wanted them both to cherish every second. He traced an oiled finger down the cleft of Duo's perfect ass, and just brushed against the boy's virgin entrance.

Duo tried to spread his legs apart farther and push back, wordlessly begging Heero to give him more; he couldn't speak any more. All he could think about was what Heero was doing to him. Heero's fingers touched the center of his need; sensitized and aching, Duo cried out.

The erotic sounds that Duo was making went straight to Heero's cock; but he held back, teasing Duo's entrance gently, tracing small circles and then gently pushing one finger inside.

"Oh, god, Heero," Duo moaned, finding his voice. "Yes..." Heero gently stretched Duo, proceeding when he was sure he wasn't hurting his love. Duo was clutching at the sheets and panting as Heero added another finger.

Heero removed his fingers; Duo whimpered his objection, but then Heero was rolling him over, straddling his hips again, and this time Duo could see Heero in all his aroused glory. Heero looked like a god, bronzed and naked and hard as a rock, cobalt eyes dark with passion. Duo looked up at the vision that was his lover and thought he was the luckiest man in the world. "Heero..." he whispered, voice full of need.

Heero just smiled down at his beautiful lover, and poured more oil into his hand. He started with Duo's shoulders, working downward, massaging and caressing and stimulating at the same time. Then he reached Duo's hard nipples, brushing over them lightly at first, then stopping to tease them again and again. Duo gasped and arched up as far as he could; but Heero straddled his hips and he couldn't move far. Duo couldn't take his eyes off Heero's cock, so close to his own; so similar yet so different.

Then Heero's hands were moving down again, oiling Duo's stomach, brushing perilously close to his aching cock. It throbbed and ached for Heero's touch; the glistening drop at the tip spoke of his extreme arousal. "Please, Heero," Duo asked, begging for anything and everything; more touches, more of Heero's fingers inside him, more of the uncharted territory he was just beginning to experience.

Heero's hands traveled downward, but continued past Duo's erection, leaving it untouched. Duo whined in protest. Then Heero moved again, spreading Duo's legs and settling between them. This was how he had wanted to see Duo, since they had first met; legs spread before him, cock wet and hard, hair flowing, face flushed, perfect mouth begging for Heero to touch him, pleasure him, fuck him. Heero pushed Duo's legs apart farther, and looked at the longhaired boy's arousal, untouched and ready; he had longed to taste Duo for too long. He licked his lips and looked deep into violet eyes.

Duo gasped as he realized Heero's intent; the older man had teased him so much that he was on the edge. "Oh, god, Heero, please..."

Heero smiled as he looked down on his beautiful lover. "Please what, Duo? What do you want?" He knew the answer, of course, but he wanted to hear it from Duo's mouth. His own arousal ached, but could wait; this night was about their love, and Heero would make sure Duo was completely satisfied in every way before he found his own completion.

"Touch me... please..." pleaded Duo, unable to take his eyes off Heero's sensuous mouth. The thought of that mouth, wrapped around the center of his blinding need, almost made him come right then.

"Oh, I will, Duo. I've wanted to taste you for so long," Heero promised. "In just a minute." Heero took more oil and smoothed it into Duo's inner thighs, massaging upward from the knee slowly.

Duo lay back helplessly, a slave to his desires. "Heero..." he moaned as the hands crept farther up. Finally, Heero had touched every part of Duo save his dripping arousal.

"Are you ready for this, Duo?" purred Heero as he grabbed a tube of lubricant with one hand. Then he lowered his head, and licked a line up Duo trembling cock. When he got to the tip, he moved his tongue around, gathering the dew that had collected. "You taste wonderful, Duo," Heero whispered as he wrapped one hand around Duo's length. Slowly, he pumped it, pulling the hardness toward him until it pointed straight up. Then Heero pulled his hand down to the base, stretching the skin tight, and began to lick at Duo's arousal. Heero ran the tip of his tongue around the head, toying with the sensitive spots.

Duo thought he was going to die from this exquisite torture. Heero was playing with him, and the older man definitely knew what he was doing. Then he was gasping for breath; Heero had suddenly taken Duo's cock deep in his mouth, and the sensation was more than he could take. "Heero!" screamed Duo as the other man engulfed his arousal in his hot, talented mouth.

Heero couldn't answer; his mouth was full of Duo, and he was intent on driving the boy wild with passion. And he was succeeding. He held Duo's cock, hand following his mouth while he bobbed his head up and down, keeping constant suction and friction on the hard flesh. Every few strokes, he would swirl his tongue around the tip before plunging back down Duo's length. The break in rhythm served to keep the boy on the edge, though he knew that nothing was going to hold back Duo's completion for long. The boy was bucking his hips, trying to fuck Heero's mouth instinctively; but Heero was stronger, and kept him still. Duo was incredibly responsive, as he had known he would be; Heero's own cock ached to be inside Duo, and pulsed with each cry he wrung from the longhaired boy.

Duo felt his climax approach; but it was just out of reach. The idea, the sight of Heero doing this to him was almost as good as the feeling; almost. The hot suction, the perfect pressure, the friction; he tried to thrust, to make Heero hurry, but the older man wouldn't let him. Helpless, he rode the waves of pleasure. Then he felt lubricated fingers enter him again, and the waves threw him high, higher, over the edge. Earth-shattering, mind-blowing, Duo came hard, harder than he could have imagined; screaming Heero's name, hands buried in the other man's hair, he filled Heero's mouth with hot desire.

Heero swallowed every pulse of creamy seed; he savored every drop of Duo essence. The boy was still trembling; he lay next to the boy, holding him close, while the aftershocks subsided. He kissed Duo gently, smoothing back his sweat-soaked hair. "I love you, Duo," he whispered.

Slowly, Duo's pulse came back to normal, and he caught his breath. "That was..." words failed him, and he settled for, "I love you."

Heero smiled and held him close. After a few minutes, Duo looked up at him with a smile. "Isn't there more?"

"Lots more," Heero answered. "When you're ready, Duo."

Duo smirked and thrust his reawakened arousal against Heero's hardness. "I think I'm ready. I'm a teenager, remember?"

It was Heero's turn to moan as Duo rubbed against him provocatively. "Oh, I remember..." he said as he thrust back. He claimed Duo's mouth in a savage kiss then, his control hanging by a thread. Teasing Duo was hard on him too.

As Heero kissed Duo, he rolled the boy back on his back, coming to rest between his legs. Duo had been prepped, so all that remained now was to join their bodies together in the ultimate act of love. Heero got some more of the lube, and sat back on his knees, making sure Duo was watching as he spread it on his dripping erection, slowly and thoroughly.

Duo was definitely watching; watching Heero's beautiful face as he touched himself, watching the muscles of his lower stomach tighten with the feeling, and watching the length that would soon be inside him glisten with excitement. He wanted nothing more than to be one with Heero, to feel every inch of the other man buried deep inside him. His cock, fully hard again, twitched against his stomach. "Make love to me, Heero..."

They were finally ready to consummate their relationship, the love they had fought so hard for. Heero positioned his arousal against Duo's entrance; with one push he would take Duo's virginity and make him his for all time. He looked deep into Duo's violet eyes and said, "I love you," and slid inside.

Duo watched Heero's face as the older man took him; cobalt eyes held him as they glazed with passion. Then he moaned, as the incredible feeling of Heero inside him took over his world. All the wanting, all the dreaming, all the fantasizing hadn't prepared him for the reality of another man inside him. Pressure gave way to ecstasy; Heero's cock filled him completely, every sensation brand new.

Duo was so tight, Heero was sure he would never fit inside, that he was hurting the boy; but he watched Duo's face, and there was no pain there. Heero just gazed at the beautiful longhaired boy as Duo was transfixed; no words could describe the feelings that Duo gave him. Duo's body gripped his length; hot and tight and sweet, the boy's body accepted him. Inch by inch, they became one; all the buildup to this moment a mere shadow of the real thing. Fully inside Duo, Heero paused, panting. "Duo?"

"Oh, Heero," gasped Duo, clutching at Heero's arms. "You... didn't tell me...it was this... good..."

Heero smiled. "Just wait," he promised, and started to thrust very shallowly. He pushed, then pulled back a tiny bit, then pushed back in; even that little bit of friction combined with Duo's tightness was nearly too much for him. He focused on Duo, on giving the boy more pleasure, and deepened his thrusts.

Duo started to lose his mind as Heero started to thrust; each time Heero's cock seated itself felt better, and he was already starting to scream. He briefly hoped the walls were soundproofed, then he could think no more; Heero's longer thrusts had brushed a spot inside him that made him arch up and scream his lover's name. "Heero! Oh god..."

Heero found his rhythm; he was finally deep inside his love, after all the wanting, and it felt better than any dream. He wanted it to last but he knew that was impossible; every thrust took them both higher and higher. He reached down to pump Duo's cock and added the final touch.

Duo was helplessly riding along, taking each thrust, when he felt Heero's hand on him. Thrashing his head back and forth, he screamed louder, clutching at Heero hard enough to bruise. Incoherent, he was taken over the edge. Unbelievable, wrenching pleasure took him, and his completion ripped through him, his seed spilling over Heero's hand and Heero's name spilling from his lips.

Heero watched and felt Duo's climax, his own welling up, inevitable. Duo's muscles constricted, squeezing his length even tighter, and Heero let go. Pulse after pulse, perfect ecstasy washed over him as he filled Duo's body with his need; gasping for air, he cried out over and over his love for Duo. Never before had he felt anything as intense as making love to the boy who had captured his heart. As the pleasure ebbed, he swore that he would protect Duo to his dying breath. With the last of his strength, he pulled out gently, blew out the candles and collapsed next to his lover. He pulled Duo close, covered them both, and whispered. "I love you, Duo. Forever."

"Love you too, Heero," Duo replied, already falling into slumber.

And together they slept the sleep of sated lovers at last.

Continued in part 12