Title: Teacher's Pet -- part 12
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Notes: Well, I made it back! While surviving bad weather, worse food and even worse showers, not to mention I caught the plague or something. Two 11 hour flights and a course of antibiotics later, I finally finished Teacher's Pet! I also finished and started a bunch of other fics which will trickle out eventually, but this one is special. I was sad when I finished it; this always happens to me on the longer fics. I get too into them I suppose. But I hope this is a satisfying ending for everyone; please let me know. I'm glad to be home...Enjoy!
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Duo stretched, still half asleep. He was wonderfully warm. Sunlight streamed into the room and the soft sheets caressed his naked skin. The warm body next to him was solid and comforting. He snuggled close, and memories of last night flooded him. He moaned involuntarily as he remembered the passion they had shared, and he became aware that he was hard as a rock. He opened his eyes and gazed into cobalt depths. "Heero..." he breathed.

Heero smiled at his lover. "Did you sleep well, Duo?" He held the longhaired boy close.

"Best sleep of my life. I love you, Heero. Last night was..." he trailed off,unable to think of the right words.

"Unforgettable. Unbelievable. Exquisite. Perfect," Heero answered. "Just like you."

Duo sighed. Life was perfect, finally. For the first time in his life, he was looking forward to the future. He snuggled closer to Heero. "I don't deserve you."

Heero held him close, running his fingers through Duo's flowing hair. "No, it's me that doesn't deserve you, my beautiful love. But let's not question it, shall we? Let's just enjoy each other." He leaned down and captured Duo's mouth in a sweet, slow kiss. No more desperation, only passion remained. They could make love whenever they wanted now.

Duo melted into Heero's body, their naked skin pressed together, their mouths locked.

They kissed, slowly building the passion; then Duo's stomach growled, loudly. Duo giggled. "Sorry."

Heero laughed. "It's ok. We have plenty of time. Can I fix you breakfast?"

Duo was torn; one part of him wanted Heero badly, but another part, namely his stomach, wouldn't shut up. "Are you sure?"

"You know I love to cook for you," Heero replied, pulling on an old t-shirt and boxers. He continued, "Get some clothes on and meet me in the kitchen, gorgeous."

Duo nodded, happy and content. �

* * * * * * * * * * �

Duo walked into the kitchen; Heero was already hard at work. Heero knew what Duo liked to eat by now; the longhaired boy would eat most anything, but he had a definite sweet tooth.

"Smells wonderful, Heero. What are you making?" Duo asked, coming up behind Heero and wrapping his arms around his lover.

"You'll see. Now go sit down," Heero said firmly.

"Fine," Duo grumbled as he sat down at the small table.

Heero set two plates down on the table. They contained something hidden under mounds of whipped cream and chocolate chips.

"Chocolate chip pancakes," Heero explained. "I haven't made them for ages. They used to be my favorite. I thought you might like them too."

Duo smiled and took a bite. "Wonderful! Chocolaty and creamy and sweet and perfect. Thanks, Heero!" Heero smiled as Duo devoured all his whipped-cream covered pancakes, and half of Heero's.

Heero watched Duo eat, happily. "I have some news for you, Duo." He held up an envelope. "This just arrived."

"What is it?" Duo asked, curious.

"It's from the university. You did so well on the test that they're offering you a full scholarship, starting in the fall," Heero explained.

Duo looked stunned. "But I didn't apply!"

Heero looked down. "I hope you'll forgive me, Duo. I applied for you. You don't have to accept."

"But... it's far away! We won't be able to be together!" Duo cried, torn.

"Well, that's the other part. A few weeks ago I was offered a place at the graduate school, fully funded if I teach some undergraduate classes. I almost turned it down so I could be with you, but then I thought about applying for you. Since you were a ward of the state the financial part was easy. The only thing they needed was proof of your fulfilling the graduation requirements. I had the test center fax over the results, and you're in. We could go to the same university. Different departments, of course, but we can get an apartment near the school. We can be together." Heero finished, looking anxiously at Duo. He hoped the longhaired boy wasn't mad at his presumption. He needn't have worried.

Duo took a second to absorb all the new information. He didn't know what to say. It was too perfect. "I... is it real? Can I be this lucky?" he wondered out loud.

Heero smiled. "It's real. I love you, Duo, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I can get another degree, and get a teaching job at a university. You can study whatever you want. And we can be together the whole time."

Duo launched himself across the table, and Heero found himself with an armful of violet-eyed boy. Heero hugged Duo tightly. "I love you, Heero," Duo mumbled into Heero's neck.

"Is that a yes?" Heero grinned.

Duo answered by kissing Heero's neck. Heero tightened his grip on Duo as the boy licked a sensitive spot. Then Duo's hands were underneath Heero's shirt, and Heero gasped.

Duo smiled; he had had one small taste and he wanted more. He loved to be able to make Heero gasp; he wanted to hear the other man make even more sounds. "Duo..."

"What?" Duo smiled. "You want me to stop?"

"I never want you to stop, Duo. Not in a million years," replied Heero, and he swept Duo off his feet, carrying him into the bedroom.

He put Duo down on the already disheveled bed, and they rolled around, kissing and touching and getting each other's clothes off. Duo ended up on top of Heero, straddling his hips and grinding against Heero's hardness. Both men moaned, and Duo moved forward slightly. Heero arched up, pressing his arousal against Duo's ass, when the longhaired boy gasped. Heero could tell it wasn't a gasp of pleasure.

"Duo? Are you ok?" Heero asked, worried.

Duo pouted, looking down at Heero. "I'm sore, Heero!"

"I'm sorry, Duo! It was your first time. I tried to be careful..." Heero trailed off, upset he had hurt his love.

Duo fell forward onto Heero's chest, hugging him tightly. "Oh, Heero! Don't be sorry! I loved it! I love you."

Heero held Duo close. "I love you too, Duo. I just didn't want to hurt you."

"You didn't! It was perfect."

"Duo? There is something else we could do... I haven't done it very much, but..." Heero paused, and Duo looked at him expectantly. "You could take me."

"Heero! I, um, never really thought about it... but I don't want you to be hurt!" Duo said worriedly.

"I want us to be together in every way, Duo. I trust you." Heero rolled Duo over until he was on top, and started kissing down the violet-eyed boy's chest. He could feel Duo respond.

"Oh Heero... are you sure?" Duo moaned as he arched up under Heero's talented mouth.

Heero took one of Duo's hands and guided it to his hard cock. "Does it feel like I'm sure?" Truthfully, he preferred to be on top, but with Duo, he wanted everything. Love made everything better.

So Heero taught Duo what to do. Heero lay on his stomach while Duo kneeled between his spread legs. It was a bit painful at first, but Heero soon adjusted; it had been a long time since he had done this. Lots of lube and stretching later, they were both panting and ready. Heero got up on his hands and knees, and looked back at Duo. "I'm ready, Duo..."

Duo took a deep breath and positioned his lubed cock at Heero's entrance. "I love you, Heero," he said as he began to push, unsure what to do. He slid inside surprisingly easily, and was soon overcome with the incredible feeling of being inside someone.

Heero grabbed handfuls of the sheets, trying to relax his muscles; then Duo was inside him, and he forgot everything else. It was Duo inside him, the boy he loved; nothing could have been more perfect. He pushed back, surrendering to Duo's insistent cock and accepting him inside.

It was different, new, but altogether wonderful; Duo entered Heero slowly, unsure of what to do. Soon, though, instinct took over and he thrust a bit, and gasped from the sheer sensation this gave him. "Oh, Heero... feels good..."

"Love you, Duo..." Heero lowered his head to the bed and braced himself as Duo continued to thrust, harder and harder each time.

"Do... you... like...it, Heero?" Duo moaned out as he drove in and out of his lover.

"Yessssss... Duo... more..." Heero gasped. It had never felt like this before. He trusted Duo, and that made all the difference. His hand stole down to stroke his own aching erection. He moaned louder.

Duo looked down to see Heero touching himself, and it turned him on even more. He gripped Heero's hips tightly, and thrust in and out with as much rhythm as his inexperienced and overwhelmed body could manage. He knew he was close. "Heero... come for me..." he moaned as he slammed into Heero over and over.

Heero didn't need any encouragement; he was close to the edge. "Duo!" he cried out, and climaxed, his hot need shooting all over the bed. He almost blacked out from the intense pleasure.

"Heero...oh, it's so..." and with a strangled cry he lost control, pulsing and filling Heero's tight body with his passion. His completion burned through him like a white hot arrow of ecstasy. Head thrown back, body arched; over and over he pulsed, until he collapsed, trembling, onto Heero's back.

Somehow, they managed to untangle themselves and lay down, panting, on the bed. Duo curled up next to Heero, putting his head on his lover's chest. Heero held Duo tightly, and their hearts gradually slowed down. "I have a feeling we're going to be spending a lot of time in bed," Heero murmured as he stroked Duo's silky hair.

"You got a problem with that?" laughed Duo against Heero's smooth chest.

"Not at all, Duo. I love you. You're incredible," Heero answered happily.

"Love you too, Heero. So much," Duo replied, snuggling closer. They dozed off again, and dreamed of their future together.

They had come full circle; teacher and student, friends, lovers and soulmates. Never again would they be parted; they lived happily ever after.

The End