Title: Teacher's Pet -- part 2
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Heero insisted on carrying Duo's backpack, though the younger boy said he was capable. They made their way into the building. Heero stuck his head in the office to tell the staff that he'd bring the new student over in just a minute, then led Duo farther down the main corridor to a door marked "Nurse." First period had already begun, so the halls were deserted. Heero knocked, then entered. He called out, but there was no response. He looked apologetically at Duo. "There isn't a nurse here every day. Not enough budget, she has to rotate. I think I can manage an ice pack, though." Inside, his body was cheering the idea of a few more moments alone with this breathtaking boy.

"I'm sorry to be so much trouble. You probably have better things to do," Duo said, secretly grateful to be able to spend more time with the gorgeous teacher. No one had ever had this effect on him, male or female, and while Duo was frightened of the new feelings, he was also elated by them.

"Really, it's no problem," Heero answered truthfully. He shrugged off his leather jacket and went to rummage for an ice pack. "I want to help." Among other things, his rebellious body added.

Duo had to remind himself to close his mouth and not drool as he admired the young teacher's body. The dress clothes could not hide the toned, muscled body beneath; the white shirt sleeves bunched around Heero's biceps and his pants molded to his incredible ass as he bent over to retrieve something from the bottom of the freezer. Heero straightened up and turned around holding an ice pack, and Duo quickly averted his eyes, studying the posters on the wall. Unfortunately, the one he chose to stare at advocated safe sex and the use of condoms, and Duo's blush threatened to darken. Blush? I don't blush, Duo thought incredulously.

"Let's have a look," Heero said, coming closer to Duo. Heero realized his stomach was churning as he approached the boy. What was his problem? He had never been attracted to a student before. He loved to teach, though the inattention of high school age students was frustrating, and he had very carefully kept his preferences hidden for fear of being unemployable. It was technically illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but in the real word that didn't always hold true. He longed to teach at the university level, but that required advanced degrees he didn't have yet. Now, as he reached up to bush away an errant lock of Duo's hair so he could see the bruise, he found his hands trembling inexplicably and his heart pounding.

Duo sat on the nurse's table, putting him at eye level with Heero. The teacher approached; Duo's mouth went dry and his heart started racing. After 17 years of basically ignoring sex, all these strange feelings were racing through him. He had moved so much that he had never been able to have a true friendship, let alone a relationship, with anyone, and he had never given it much thought. There was usually something much more pressing to worry about.

Most worrying of all was as Heero stood close to him, raising the ice pack to put it gently on Duo's face, the longhaired boy realized he was quickly becoming very aroused. His pants were already uncomfortably tight, and getting tighter all the time. Oh, shit. He could smell Heero; he smelled like peppermint and a musky masculine scent that Duo immediately knew wasn't cologne, but the man's own body chemistry. Duo held his breath and his heart raced, trying not to let his feelings show.

"This should help." Heero pressed the ice pack as gently as possible to the teenager's cheek, and this put him less than a foot away from Duo. Heero tried in vain to keep his body under control, but with a sinking feeling, he realized it was too late; proximity to the boy had made him rock hard, and the sweet pressure of his trapped erection was maddening. Heero knew damn well his feelings for the student were completely wrong, but he had lost control of his body, and his heart wasn't far behind. He had an irresistible urge to free Duo's hair from its braid and run his hands through it, and all over the boy. He realized his hands were shaking, and he had leaned even closer to the violet-eyed boy unconsciously. Their faces were no more than four inches apart. He gazed into Duo's wide eyes for a long moment. He could lose himself happily in those eyes; eyes that had seen too much sadness, Heero could tell.

Duo winced as the ice touched the injury, then realized just how close the sexy teacher was to him. He found himself gazing into cobalt pools that seemed to see into his soul. Unable to speak, Duo simply tried to breathe. They were nearly close enough to kiss. All he had to do was lean forward slightly, and those sensuous lips would be on his...

There was sound in the hallway outside, and both Heero and Duo jumped guiltily, Heero pulling his face back from Duo's. "Does that hurt?" Heero asked carefully. Duo shook his head negatively. "Here, hold this on your face for a few minutes." Heero held the ice pack while Duo raised his hand to take over.

Heero was so distracted by his body's traitorous reaction that he failed to move his hands in time, and as Duo tried to take over holding the ice pack, their hands touched. Heero had read in stories about people feeling something like an electric shock when touching another person, but had thought it poetic license; but when Duo's fingers brushed his, he felt it. He felt a shock go straight to his aching cock, and it left him tingling all over. He sincerely hoped he hadn't gasped out loud. Duo had the ice pack now; Heero stepped back, and turned away quickly to hide his arousal.

Duo sat, holding the ice pack, not even feeling its sting any more. What had just happened? Heero; no, Mr. Yuy, he corrected himself firmly, had touched his hand; that was all. So why then had they both nearly jumped, and why was it so damn hard to breathe? And he was so hard he was sure he was going to explode. He wouldn't be able to get up any time soon.

Heero busied himself with filling out a paper, while he tried to get his body under control. His heart raced; this was so wrong, but all he could think about was touching Duo all over. Did the boy feel the same way about him or was it wishful thinking? Heero half hoped Duo was in his class, but that would have its drawbacks as well. Heero couldn't believe he was acting like a hormonal teenager; just like Duo actually was, his mind supplied helpfully.

Heero finally found his voice, still playing with the paper, unable to turn around. "We should get you to the office," he said, as neutrally as possible. He had to avoid being alone with the sexy boy, or he knew he wouldn't be able to control himself.

Duo stared at Heero's back, wondering what he looked like out of the dress clothes. His mind supplied him with plenty of images that weren't helping his situation. He was disappointed when the teacher suggested they go to the office; Duo could think of nothing more pleasant than staying here with Heero. He wasn't sure, but he thought that Heero had reacted to him, too. How to find out? Duo decided he had to find a way to be alone with Mr. Yuy again, and try to get close to him. Duo nearly grinned. This new school was certainly going to be more interesting than usual.

They went back to the office, got Duo's schedule and pointed him in the right direction. First period was nearly over by now, so Duo could head straight for class. The braided boy reassured Heero that he would be fine, and they parted ways, reluctantly.

Duo had English first. He located his classroom and found a seat near the back. The class went uneventfully; the material was fairly easy, and he had read the assigned book before. There was no sign of the jocks that had harassed him; Mr. Yuy had assured him that they would be reported. Duo knew that really didn't mean anything.

Studying his schedule, Duo noticed that his second class was math, followed by science. The schedule didn't give the teacher's name, and Duo found himself hoping it was Mr. Yuy.

Duo found the science lab, and slipped inside. There were only tables, no desks, and the only free chair was right at the front. No teacher was here yet. The table he was seated at held only girls, and he idly listened to them enthusing about some gorgeous guy. Then they started giggling even more, saying, "He's here!" Duo looked up, curious, and realized two things at once: one, that the teacher was indeed his earlier rescuer, and that the guy the girls were talking about was Heero himself.

Duo's heart pounded as his eyes met the teacher's. Cobalt blue eyes met his, and Duo nearly gasped. He looked so good, Duo's cock sprung instantly back to life, throbbing as it had when they had been in the nurse's office. Duo knew he wasn't going to be able to concentrate in this class.

Heero had just started to get the gorgeous boy out of his mind when he walked into class, and there he was. Heero stared straight into violet eyes and nearly walked right into his desk. Covering his stumble, Heero busied himself with arranging papers on his desk as he tried to calm himself. He cursed himself; he was acting like a high school boy himself. He looked up, and caught Duo's eyes. He tried to smile a greeting, without giving himself away. It wasn't easy; Duo looked adorable perched on the stool, playing with the end of his gorgeous braid. How Heero wanted to unravel that braid, and cover himself in that hair... this wasn't helping.

Duo couldn't take his eyes off Heero; the man was incredible. His mind filled with images of Heero, doing things to him, taking off his clothes... He realized the teacher was speaking, and tried to focus.

Heero was trying to explain the lab they were going to do today. He hoped he was making sense, because all he could think of was the longhaired boy in front of him.

It was a simple experiment, and everything was explained in the handout. The students worked in twos, and everyone was paired up. But there was an odd number of students now, because of Duo, the new student. Duo looked at the teacher.

Heero took a deep breath. He could do this. "You can do the lab with me, Duo."

Duo tried not to smile too broadly as he approached the teacher's table. He stood as close as he dared to the gorgeous man, and tried to listen to the instructions. But all he could do was stare helplessly into Heero's eyes, and imagine those hands all over him.

Heero ached as he stood next to Duo. He had all these feelings, these urges, and he knew it was wrong. He knew he should distance himself from this beautiful teenager, but he couldn't help himself. He had thought he could handle this, but now that he was close to Duo again, he knew he had a serious problem. He felt drawn to Duo, and found himself thinking up excuses to see him. Like, Duo would be behind on assignments, he would need extra tutoring... Heero tried to feel disgusted with himself, but all he could feel was his desire for Duo. He managed to explain the procedure in what he thought was an adequate manner; his mind was elsewhere, distracted by the closeness of the sexy boy. He stood firmly behind the desk, refusing to be moved, knowing his erection would be painfully obvious.

Duo followed the instructions, drinking in the proximity of Heero, hoping the experiment would last forever. He managed to not break or spill anything by some miracle. The pressure from his trapped arousal made his mind wander, but he tried his best to pay attention to the lab. He was certain his attraction for the teacher would be obvious to everyone; but apparently they were all concerned with their own problems. The lab was a relatively simple one, and thankfully there were few questions from the class. They worked on, the sound of the equipment a backdrop to Duo's pounding heart.

Finally, the class ended, and Duo lingered, cleaning up the equipment more slowly than necessary. Finally, they were alone again; the next period was lunch. Duo wasn't in a hurry; he had no money for lunch, and no appetite anyway.

Heero straightened up the classroom; gratified by the longhaired boy's continued presence but torn about what to do. His whole body cried out to be near Duo; he wanted nothing more than to take him in his arms and press against that lithe form. But he couldn't; though he wasn't more than a few years older than the boy, the division between teacher and student was supposed to be unbreachable.

Duo was trying to build up his courage to talk to Heero again. He had to think of some way to spend more time with the gorgeous man. Finally Duo grinned; he had it! He walked up to the teacher, trying not to stumble.

"Mr. Yuy?"

Heero looked up; oh god, here he came, swaying those seductive hips. His arousal returned and he knew he wasn't being rational.

"Yes, Duo?" he answered, trying to keep his eyes on the boy's face.

"It's all cleaned up!"

"Thanks, Duo, I really appreciate the help," Heero answered, hoping he sounded normal.

"No problem, I like to help. Besides, I wanted to ask you something," Duo continued. Unconsciously, he put a hand up to push away a lock of hair, and his t-shirt pulled up; Heero could see an inch or two of smooth flat stomach. He groaned inwardly; Duo was unintentionally torturing him. "I'm kinda behind, and, um, I wondered if you," Duo decided that sounded too obvious, "Or another teacher might be able to, um, tutor me? Help me catch up?" Duo finished, and he lounged against the desk.

Heero tried to think clearly. This was a bad idea, an absolutely horrible idea. Putting himself in a situation alone with this boy was asking for trouble. There was no way he could do this. He would find another teacher. But what he said was, "I'd be glad to help you, Duo." He knew damn well he was teasing himself, and being alone with the boy was going to kill him, but he couldn't say no. He was so far gone, he actually wanted to torture himself. Then Duo's face lit up, and Heero couldn't help but smile back in return.

"Thanks so much!" Duo was practically bouncing with excitement. "When can we start?" Duo knew there was no hope of the handsome teacher actually feeling anything for him, but at least he could be with him, and fuel his fantasies...

Heero knew he was lost. He replied, "I'm free after school most days, including today. There are private study cubicles in the library. How does that sound?"

"Perfect," Duo answered honestly, gazing at Heero.

"I'll meet you in the front of the library, then, right after school?" Heero gazed back, lost in violet depths.

Duo nodded, and the two stared at each other for a long moment, just like they had done in the nurse's office. Heero seemed about to say something, then the bell rang, startling them both.

They said hasty goodbyes, and Heero wandered back to the teacher's lounge to pick at some lunch, and Duo went in search of the library. He wanted to be sure he knew exactly where it was, so he wouldn't be late.

They both drifted through the rest of their day, oblivious to most of what went on around them, focused only on the end of the day

Continued in part 3