Title: Teacher's Pet -- part 4
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day was agony for both of them. Neither could think of anything but how much they wanted each other, and wanted to be together. Duo's heart, and his erection, was pounding as he approached science class. He had to hold his notebook over his lap, because in the tight jeans he had deliberately worn, his arousal would have been immediately obvious.

Heero looked up as the object of his desire walked into the classroom, and tried not to drool. Duo was poured into the tightest jeans he had ever seen. They hugged every part of his beautiful body, and with a spark of jealousy Heero noted that Duo was gathering admiring glances from more than just him. But those fears were allayed as Duo looked up at his as he passed the desk, slowing down just slightly and grinning. Heero followed Duo's eyes downward and nearly moaned as the longhaired boy moved the notebook, showing Heero the huge bulge that stretched the front of the jeans. Heero met Duo's eyes as he sat down, and Duo deliberately licked his lips. Heero wanted to whimper. The bewitching boy had him acting like a teenager himself.

Somehow they made it through the class. Duo's mind kept wandering as he gazed at the gorgeous teacher. He was hoping his display had affected the man. Because it had certainly affected him. His cock ached with repressed need. He had had the most incredible dreams last night, about touching Heero and kissing Heero and... the bell finally rang. Duo sauntered past the teacher's desk and smiled. "Same time, same place?" he asked hopefully.

Heero sighed. He was lost. He nodded, feeling his body react, and wondering how much longer he could resist Duo's considerable charms.

After school, Heero went directly to the study cubicle, trying not to look too eager. He kept telling himself that he could be content to just be with Duo, and that would be enough.

Duo was already there waiting, sprawled into a chair, feet up on the table, long legs stretched out, leaning back. He smiled at Heero when he entered. The teacher looked so gorgeous, crisp white shirt open at the neck, framing bronzed skin, cobalt eyes gazing at him lustfully.

"What are you trying to do to me, Duo?" Heero whispered as he took in the long-legged vision draped negligently before him.

"Seduce you," Duo purred in response, starting directly at the teacher's bulging pants. "Is it working?"

"Duo," Heero said, "You know that we can't..." he trailed off, unable to even say the words for fear of weakening his resolve.

"Then why are you here?" Duo said challengingly, uncrossing his legs and spreading them slightly.

"I can't help myself," murmured Heero truthfully.

Duo smiled. "I'll try to behave, then."

They did get some studying done. Duo picked up on the concepts very quickly. Soon they were interrupted by Duo's stomach growling loudly.

"Are you hungry, Duo?" Heero asked with amusement.

Duo grinned seductively. "Always. You know us teenage boys," he continued, stretching to show off his stomach, "Always hungry and always horny."

Heero didn't know whether to moan or laugh. "You're not helping, Duo. Would you like to go get something to eat?"

"Sure!" Duo enthused. Anything to spend more time with Heero.

They went to a small Italian restaurant that Heero knew was good. After assuring Duo he could have anything he wanted, and getting a seductive smile in return, Heero settled back and relaxed. It was so different, being away from school with the beautiful boy. It was as if the age difference and all the other problems fell away, and it was just the two of them. They truly enjoyed each other's company.

Duo had never been happier. He was free to gaze at Heero all he wanted; it was just like a date in the movies. They talked about lots of things, with never a lull in the conversation.

They found themselves drowning in each other's eyes; Duo played with his hair and Heero's fingers itched to touch it. Both men ached for each other and couldn't do anything about it.

All too soon, they were done. The restaurant was near the school, so they walked back to the school in companionable silence, both wishing they could just touch the other.

Heero approached his motorcycle, and said, without thinking, "Can I give you a ride home?" Then he realized what that would entail. The longhaired boy pressed behind him, arms wrapped around him... oh god, this was a bad idea...

But Duo was thinking faster, and jumped at the idea. "That would be great! Are you sure it's no trouble?" he asked, already anticipating finally getting to touch Heero.

Heero sighed. Inside, his body was cheering. He started the motorcycle and climbed on, and Duo climbed up behind him. He took a shuddering breath as he felt that body against his, tight up behind him, hardness pressed into his ass; hardness to match his own that pulsed with need.

Duo slid up as far as possible, sliding his hands around Heero, feeling the hard body at last. This was just like one of his dreams. He deliberately pressed his erection against Heero. He wanted the teacher to feel how much he wanted him. He held onto Heero tightly as they drove away. Duo let his hands slide down to Heero's waistband. He wanted so badly to touch the older man.

The orphanage came into view all too soon.

Duo slid off the bike, and faced Heero. He looked at the teacher and said hopefully, "Tomorrow?"

Heero nodded wordlessly. He couldn't stay away from Duo.

They both had very interesting dreams that night. �

* * * * * * * * * * �

The next day when Heero walked into class, he knew he had lost; there sat Duo, beautiful hair loose and flowing down over his perfect ass. The erection he had just managed to get rid of returned with a vengeance.

Duo giggled to himself. Judging from the look on Heero's face, he'd made the right decision. Heero would be his. All he had to do was wear his hair loose.

The class passed in a blur; all Heero could do was stare at Duo. The hair cascading around him made the boy even more beautiful; Heero knew with a sinking feeling that he was obsessed with the teenager. He needed to be with him.

With a jolt of jealousy, he watched as girls in the class flirted shamelessly with Duo, enthusing over his hair and how he should wear it loose more often. Duo interacted easily with the girls, but always peeked at Heero from the corner of his eye. The teacher was the only one who interested him.

They met as usual after school. Heero was waiting for Duo this time, and looked hungrily at the boy as he entered. Wordlessly, they regarded each other. The tension in the air was palpable. The temperature in the room rose several degrees; Duo put his backpack down and perched on the table next to the other man. He let his hair trail over his shoulder as he leaned over Heero; the older man took a shuddering breath. It was all he could do to keep from grabbing Duo, throwing him down on the table and taking him right there. He truly didn't know how much longer he could resist temptation. And Duo wasn't helping, deliberately teasing him with that hair and body. But he couldn't stay away.

Duo was intoxicated by the effect he was having on Heero. He knew he shouldn't tease him that way, but Duo wanted the teacher so much that he couldn't think straight. He smiled. "You like?" It was the first chance they'd gotten to talk all day.

"You're killing me, Duo," moaned Heero, seeing ruin ahead of him in the form of a longhaired siren. And he didn't want to be saved.

"So do something about it, Heero," teased Duo. "Make me stop."

"I don't want you to stop," whispered Heero, reaching out to gently touch the chestnut silk.

"So what are we going to do about it then?" asked Duo, heart racing as Heero touched his hair.

"I don't know," murmured Heero, entranced. "Do you have any plans for the weekend?" It was Friday.

"No," Duo answered.

"Would you like to go for a hike or something? I know a great trail, very secluded, we could bring lunch and have a picnic," Heero suggested. And be alone, he thought.

Duo would have agreed to anything just to be with Heero. "Sounds wonderful."

Heero looked up at the longhaired boy. "We can't, you know."

"I know," sighed Duo. But I'm sure as hell going to make it as hard as possible for you to hold back, literally, he thought.

Continued in part 5