Title: Teacher's Pet -- part 5
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Heero picked up Duo the next day, in his car this time. Duo was disappointed that he didn't get to press up against Heero, but the backpacks wouldn't have fit on the motorcycle. They drove for a while, chatting about various topics, and soon they arrived at a state park.

Heero watched Duo as they unloaded the packs. He was already rock hard from being near the longhaired boy; he had been dismayed yet gratified when he had seen Duo's outfit for the day. The beautiful boy was wearing very short denim shorts and a cropped t-shirt; all that exposed skin was almost too much to bear. Add to that the fact that he was wearing his hair loose, and Heero was ready to lose control. They had never even kissed, yet Heero was ready to risk his whole career and possibly break the law just for one taste.

Duo, in turn, was busy admiring Heero; the teacher was wearing spandex bike shorts that clung to his muscular legs and ass, and a tank top that revealed his upper body perfectly. Heero's body was even more glorious that Duo had imagined; best of all, the spandex couldn't hide the erection that matched his own. Heero was hard, for him and only him. It only made Duo more aroused.

They set off along the trail; they met very few people. They hiked for about an hour, enjoying the fresh air as well as admiring each other. Heero led them off the trail, into the trees. Finally Heero announced, "Let's stop here, shall we?"

Duo looked around. They had stopped in a small clearing surrounded by trees. It wasn't visible from the main trail. The sun and trees combined to cast a dappled effect, a combination of sun and shade that made the clearing just perfect.

Duo spread out the blanket while Heero unpacked the food. They settled down to enjoy the picnic.

"This is great, Heero. Thank you so much for inviting me," Duo said happily.

Heero smiled at Duo. "I'm having a wonderful time too, Duo. Thank you for coming."

Duo had a wicked thought; he picked up a strawberry and licked at, making sure Heero was watching. Heero couldn't tear his eyes away. Duo began to suck gently on the fruit, and Heero's cock pulsed in answer.

"Duo," warned Heero.

"What?" Duo asked as innocently as possible.

"You know what," answered Heero, eyes fixed on the boy's sweet mouth. He couldn't stop thinking about what it would feel like to have that mouth on his body...that soft skin against his... "Duo..."

Duo wanted Heero so much; he was so hard that his cock ached in the shorts. Imagining the strawberry was Heero's erection, he sucked at it erotically. He sat on his knees, and one hand went down to the bulge in his shorts, tracing it with a finger. He closed his eyes, stroking himself through his shorts, and heard Heero whimper in response.

Heero watched Duo play with himself; he couldn't tear his eyes away. The longhaired boy arched his back, raising his hips, head thrown back. Duo was perfection.

"If I can't have you, Heero, then you have to watch me pleasure myself. I'm so hot I have to do something," Duo said teasingly. "You're not touching me, so we're not doing anything wrong."

Heero moaned; he couldn't have stopped watching if he had wanted to. His own hand strayed to his spandex-clad erection, squeezing it through the thin material.

Duo pulled off his t-shirt, then unfastened his shorts, pulling them down just enough so his trapped arousal sprang free. Heero feasted his eyes on the beautiful boy, every inch as gorgeous as he had imagined. His silken hair trailed over his golden skin, and his cock was wet with his need. Heero watched as Duo wrapped his fingers around his own cock, touching himself as Heero longed to do. Duo began to stroke, and Heero couldn't stand it. He slipped his hand into the spandex and began to stroke himself.

"Oh, Heero..." moaned Duo, "I need you so much... I wish you were doing this to me," Duo gasped as he stroked himself, even more turned on by Heero watching him. He heard the older man moan in response. "This feels so good... I wish I could touch you... I wish you were fucking me..."

Heero leaned back against a tree, pulling out his shorts with one hand as he pumped his arousal with the other, never taking his eyes off the sexy teenager in front of him. All he could think about was how it would feel to ram his dripping cock deep into that beautiful body, hear Duo moan as he filled him... his hand was a poor substitute, but he couldn't stop. He had to see Duo climax, see the passion on that face as the ultimate pleasure overtook him. "Oh, god, Duo, I want you so much..." he moaned.

Heero's words and sexy voice drove Duo to stroke faster; he looked over at the teacher, pumping his own cock just as he himself was, handsome face flushed, driven mad with desire for him. "Heero... I... I'm going to... watch me...please..."

"I'm watching, Duo," Heero managed to gasp, stroking faster, "Show me, come for me, let me see..." Heero felt his own climax so close...

With a cry, Duo climaxed, intense pleasure shooting through his young body for the first time, exploding, tearing through him, white creamy passion coating his stomach, pulse after pulse leaving him gasping for air. "Heero!"

Heero watched Duo find his completion; his own climax seized him as he watched the longhaired boy give into passion. He screamed Duo's name as he climaxed, cock pulsing and releasing his need as he still watched the younger boy. "Oh, Duo..." he sighed longingly as the pleasure ebbed.

The two men watched each other, panting; even their climaxes had not lessened their passion for one another. Heero watched as Duo brought his hand up to his mouth, tasting his seed. Heero wished he could be the one to lick Duo clean.

"Heero?" Duo said as he licked his lips. "I wish I could taste you..."

Heero whispered, "I want nothing more, Duo..."

The two looked at each other across the blanket and across a gulf of taboo.

"I... think I love you, Heero," Duo said, eyes wide as if surprised by his own emotion.

Heero's heart ached. "I think I love you too, Duo."

"It's not fair!" cried Duo. "We love each other and we can't even touch!"

"Duo," moaned Heero. "You'll be 18 soon."

"I can't wait that long!" exclaimed Duo, indicating his already-returned erection. "I'll explode!"

Heero moved closer to Duo. He looked down at the longhaired boy wistfully. He honestly didn't know if he could stand not to touch Duo for that long. "We have to wait."

"Just one kiss won't hurt, will it?" pouted Duo enticingly.

Heero took one more step closer to ruin. "Maybe just one," he said longingly, moving closer. Duo held his breath as Heero moved closer

Heero moved in slowly, knowing he shouldn't do this but savoring every second at the same time. The anticipation of a first kiss; the warmth of Duo's body as he closed the distance between them... the first touch of soft lips on his, the slight salty tang of Duo's passion as the boy opened his mouth to Heero.

Duo moaned softly as he felt Heero's mouth on his; the word melted away as he was kissed for the first time. Heero's lips were soft and warm; he felt the older man's tongue on his lips, so he opened his mouth. Heero's tongue opened his mouth gently, exploring undemandingly; their tongues slid together in a silent dance of desire, slowly deepening.

Heero couldn't get enough of kissing Duo; he felt like he was drowning and Duo's mouth was his only hope. Duo was lost, too; losing himself in the symbolic joining of their mouths as a metaphor for what they really wanted. So Duo opened his mouth, allowing Heero to plunder it at will, surrendering his mouth like he wanted to surrender his body. Heero claimed Duo's mouth, thrusting his tongue in, an echo of what he wanted to do to the teen's lithe body.

The kiss seemed at once to last forever, and at the same time end too soon; they parted for air, staring dazedly into one another's eyes. "Heero..." whispered Duo. "I love you."

Just then, there was the sound of approaching footsteps; even though they weren't visible from the trail, Heero jumped guiltily. He sat back, gazing at the longhaired boy across the blanket. "Ai shiteru, Duo. That means I love you in Japanese."

They finished their lunch, though they had no real appetite for anything but each other. Both were thinking of ways they could be together, and neither wanted the day to end.

"Duo?" Heero had a thought; it was a risk but he was almost beyond caring. "I know a club, in the next town over... it's a gay bar, they don't check ID's or ask questions. I've been there a few times. They have a dance floor, and good music..."

Duo interrupted, "I'd go anywhere with you, Heero. It sounds great!" Duo was already imagining pressing up against Heero on a dark dance floor, losing himself in the music and the feeling of the beautiful man against him.

Heero smiled. "Tonight?"

Duo grinned, "Perfect!" Then he realized something. "I don't have anything to wear..."

"No problem, Duo, we can go get you something," Heero answered reassuringly.

Duo's face lit up. "Really? You'd do that for me? But I don't have any money..."

Heero interrupted. "Don't worry about it, Duo. Really. Let me do this for you, please?"

Duo looked hopeful. "Are you sure? I'll pay you back someday, I promise."

Heero nodded, and Duo smiled. They packed up the picnic and got ready to go; it was afternoon still and they had plenty of time. The day and night stretched before them, full of promise and temptation.

Continued in part 6