Title: Teacher's Pet -- part 6
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

Heero and Duo wandered around the mall; it was a good distance from the school, so luckily they encountered no one they knew. Duo was having a great time; he had never liked shopping before, but with Heero everything was fun. They got something to eat, and Duo tried on lots of outfits; modeling them all for Heero, enjoying the way the older man's eyes roamed over him in the revealing clothes. He tried to drag Heero in the dressing room with him, but the other man refused firmly. Heero didn't trust himself in a small, enclosed space with the sexy boy.

Duo finally decided; he didn't want to spend too much of Heero's money, but he wanted to look good for him. He selected a few other things, then they were ready. They drove back to Heero's apartment; Duo realized he had never seen where the teacher lived, and was anxious to find out more abut the man he loved.

They walked in; Heero realized they were now alone together. Nothing would stop them now if they kissed. He was instantly rock hard again; he had been in various stages of arousal so much today that despite his release earlier his cock still ached.

Duo was busy looking around; taking in the various things that make up a home and reflect the occupant's personality. He felt Heero's eyes on him and looked up to meet an intense cobalt gaze. He held his breath; the way Heero was looking at him made him shiver.

"Duo," Heero almost whispered, voice full of need. He took one step toward the teenager, clenching his fists, nails digging into his palms with the effort to not ravish the beautiful boy in front of him.

Duo looked at Heero; the older man looked like a wild animal, ready to strike. A beautiful, dangerous wild animal. And Duo wanted nothing more than to be attacked by that animal, to surrender completely to savagery. "Heero..."

In a flash, Heero had Duo in his arms, kissing him savagely, burying his hands in the flowing hair, pulling the sexy boy hard against his aching body. Duo surrendered to the kiss, melting into Heero's body, pressing his erection against the older man's.

Heero rocked his hips against Duo's, slipping his hands down to cup Duo's ass, pulling the other boy as hard as possible against him. They ground their hips together desperately, Duo clinging to Heero's strong shoulders.

Gasping, Heero finally broke the kiss. "I'm sorry, Duo, I shouldn't have done that, but I couldn't help myself..."

"Oh, god, Heero, I can't take this anymore..." Duo whimpered. "I want you so much!"

"And I want you more than anything," replied Heero, "But I'm the adult, and I have to be strong..."

Duo pouted. He didn't want to be strong, he wanted to be underneath Heero. "I understand," he said miserably. Then he brightened, and grabbed the bag of clothes, going into the bathroom to change. Heero hadn't yet seen the full outfit, and Duo wanted to see the other man's face when he took in the full effect. Heero went off to change as well.

Heero finished first, and waited in the living room for Duo. Finally the boy emerged, and Heero's mouth went dry. Duo had chosen low-slung black vinyl pants, a black mesh t-shirt that was effectively transparent, and a pair of black boots. His erect nipples showed clearly through the mesh, as did his taut stomach. The shirt didn't quite meet the hip-hugging pants, and there was a tantalizing strip of creamy flesh visible. The shiny pants rode low on Duo's slim hips, and hugged his lithe form. It was also obvious he wore nothing underneath. The clothes were seductive enough to make a dead man hard, but Duo hadn't stopped there. His hair was loose, and fell about him in silken waves, and was anointed with purple glitter that matched his eyes. Those eyes were rimmed with the merest hint of black eyeliner, just enough to make the boy even more heartbreakingly beautiful.

Duo stood in front of Heero, a bit unsure. Heero wasn't saying anything. Maybe he had overdone it? "Heero? Is this ok?" Duo asked.

Heero truly couldn't speak; Duo was a vision that went straight to his aching cock. To think that he had to resist this siren for another five months... Heero knew then and there that he would never make it. He was well and truly lost. "Duo..." whispered Heero. "I...don't know the words to tell you how beautiful you are. Just know that you surpass any fantasy I have ever had."

Duo didn't know what to say to those poetic words. So he settled for, "You don't look half bad yourself," which was a major understatement. Heero wore black jeans so tight that you couldn't have slid a finger in the waistband, with a gray muscle shirt tucked into them. The shirt bared his impressive arms, and the jeans cupped the perfect ass. His hair was messy as usual, but Duo thought Heero was the sexiest man he had ever seen.

Duo wiggled his way up to Heero, running his fingers over the bulging biceps appreciatively. "What big muscles you have, Heero," purred Duo, stopping inches from the other man.

"All the better to hold you down and fuck you, Duo," Heero growled, running possessive hands over Duo's vinyl-clad ass.

"Promises, promises..." murmured the longhaired boy, letting Heero pull him close.

"I always keep my promises," whispered Heero, grinding his erection against Duo's, crushing the other boy to him.

Duo's answering whimper was drowned out when Heero savagely kissed him.

Finally, Heero pulled back, gazing at the seductive boy in his arms longingly. "Want to go dancing?"

"I'd rather do something else," complained Duo, "but dancing is almost as good."

They got in Heero's car and drove to the club. They got in with little trouble. The only problem, in Heero's mind, were the interested glances Duo got from nearly everyone in the bar. Duo was his!

They settled at a small booth. They ordered drinks, nothing alcoholic; neither was interested in dulling any sensations tonight. The music was excellent, driving and loud; the lights were low and the couples on the dance floor were uninhibited.

Heero and Duo watched for a while; but they both wanted an excuse to touch each other, and dancing was it. Duo pulled Heero out onto the dance floor, and immediately started moving to the beat. Heero just watched for a moment, transfixed; Duo had a dancer's body, and the slim hips grinding to the music drew his eyes inexorably. Duo threw himself into the music, thrusting his hips forward and back, arms above his head, head thrown back, hair flowing down his back. Duo looked over at Heero, and without pausing he blew a kiss and beckoned the older man close, smiling seductively.

Heero accepted the offer, dancing close to the longhaired boy, grabbing a handful of the silken hair and pulling gently. He moved closer, pressing his lower body against Duo's, grinding his hips into Duo's, moving to the music. Duo smiled at him, letting Heero set the pace, rubbing his erection against Heero's. Heero's cobalt eyes darkened, and he mouthed, "Mine," to Duo, running a hand over the sexy boy's ass. Heero couldn't believe the possessive feelings this boy gave him; but he couldn't help himself. He needed to possess Duo; needed it more than air.

Heero and Duo danced; forgetting for a few brief moments that they were teacher and student, and were forbidden to love. They lost themselves in the music, touching, moving, feeling. The world disappeared; all that existed was the music, their bodies and the chemistry they created. On the dance floor they were free, free to touch, to kiss, to play. They never wanted to stop.

Finally, they collapsed, sweaty and worn out. Heero couldn't believe that they had spent so long dancing. His favorite had been the slow dances, when could hold Duo in his arms. He ached with desire, protectiveness and love for the longhaired boy.

Duo sighed happily, leaning back against Heero in the booth. He could forget the world outside when he was in Heero's arms. He knew he was young, but he also knew he was falling deeper in love with the teacher. What were they going to do?

Heero groaned as he realized how deep they were. There was no way he could keep his hands off the beautiful teen much longer.

The club was closing; Heero had to get Duo back to the orphanage, despite his protests. It was the hardest thing he had ever done to part from the sweet boy he now knew he loved. He watched as Duo walked up to the front of the building and disappeared inside with a sad wave. He drove home to his empty apartment and tried desperately to think of a solution to their problem. He stripped off his clothes as he entered the apartment, stepping into the shower gratefully. His thoughts turned immediately to Duo, and his cock hardened once again. He tried to ignore it, but couldn't; the warm water running over his body just turned him on even more, and all he could think of was showering with Duo, taking him under the warm cascade. His hand strayed, squeezing his own length roughly, moaning quietly.

At the same time, Duo was sliding into his own bed in the small room, dressed only in a long t-shirt. It was so lonely without Heero, and the mere thought of the teacher make him rock hard instantly. For the second time that day, he touched himself, stroking the hardness, wishing Heero were doing this to him. He tried to be quiet; the walls here were paper thin. He stroked faster, unable to stop the sensation.

"Duo," whispered Heero, lost in thoughts of the sexy longhaired boy as he pumped his cock. Duo beneath him, riding him, sucking him... all he could see was chestnut hair and violet eyes, and a graceful body wrapped around him. His desire for Duo was his whole world; stroking faster, he imagined he was deep inside the boy, filling him and pounding him and kissing him desperately.

"Heero," moaned Duo quietly, gripping his aching cock tighter as he lengthened his strokes. He wanted everything, wanted to be with Heero and be fucked by Heero and be loved by Heero; the intensity of his emotion spurred his hand and his desire. He spread his legs apart, feeling Heero between them, and went over the edge; biting back cries of Heero's name, he spilled his release alone, vowing that he would love Heero forever. Agonizing pleasure took him; blinding pleasure gripped his young body, making him shudder with his release.

Heero thrust into his hand harder, and thought of sliding inside Duo for the first time. Imagining the tightness of the boy's body, surrounding his arousal, knowing he would never meet anyone else that would ever again affect him this much... Heero vowed to find a way for them to be together. He found his completion then; moaning Duo's name, he released his seed, pulsing over and over, searing yet empty ecstasy gripped his body as he came, savoring the pleasure while aching to be with Duo.

Duo slumped back, wiping away the stickiness as best he could, almost crying because Heero wasn't there to hold him. He drifted off to sleep, thoughts of the cobalt-eyed man dominating his dreams.

Heero stumbled to his bed, falling in it, exhausted and only half-dry; his last thoughts before drifting off were of Duo's beautiful face, laughing with joy. There had to be a way.

Continued in part 7