Title: Teacher's Pet -- part 9
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * *

The day to file the papers came, Friday, and it was a half-day of school, so Heero came home early to find Duo waiting for him, dressed and ready to go. Duo was healing fast; the bandages were gone, and the cast would come off soon. As soon as he walked in the door Heero found himself with an armful of longhaired violet-eyed boy. He held Duo as tightly as he could, careful of the injuries. Duo had no such restriction, though, and squeezed Heero in a vise grip. He did this while managing to press as much of his body against the other man as possible. Heero moaned as he felt the lithe young body molded to his, Duo's ever-present arousal bringing on his own.

"Oh, god, Duo, are you always hard?" Heero whispered as he tried to resist the urge to rock his hips against the longhaired boy's.

"Just when you're around, Heero," purred Duo, nuzzling Heero's neck. He paused. "Or when I think of you," he corrected.

"Well that's ok then," smiled Heero, and let his hands travel lower. He ran his hands over the violet-eyed boy's firm ass. Duo moaned and thrust against Heero, sliding his hands into Heero's unbuttoned shirt.

Heero reached down to claim Duo's sweet mouth in a breathless kiss. Duo opened his mouth, welcoming him in, and they tasted each other, savoring the joining that foreshadowed more.

Heero finally pulled back, panting slightly. "I think we have someplace to go, Duo."

Duo brightened. "Oh yes! The lawyer called earlier, and I gave him all the info he needed, so he can have the papers ready. We're supposed to meet him at the courthouse instead of his office."

"That's great! We'd better get going, then!" They drove to the courthouse, met the lawyer and signed the papers. The judge happened to be a friend of the lawyer's, so they got in to see him in his office right away. The lawyer explained the situation, telling the judge about the attack and the overcrowded orphanage. Duo did his best to look pitiful. The judge asked Duo some questions, and Duo answered as best as he could. Then the judge turned his attention to Heero. He asked why he was helping Duo, and Duo was briefly worried. Maybe the judge suspected something? But Heero answered smoothly, explaining that he was an orphan as well, and had been adopted, and wanted to help out someone who wasn't as lucky as he had been. He said that Duo was a very intelligent young man, and he hated to see a good mind wasted. Duo watched in admiration as the man he loved convinced the judge that Duo was capable of taking care of himself. Finally, the judge seemed satisfied.

"Normally, I'd wait to approve this, but with the orphanage director's recommendation, and seeing as there is less than five months until you are 18, I think I'll save everyone a lot of paperwork and sign the declaration now." The judge signed the document with a flourish, and continued, "You are now legally an adult. Congratulations, young man, and good luck."

Duo stared at the judge in shock. "That's it?" The judge nodded. Duo resisted the urge to hug everyone in the room, and Heero helped him up and onto his crutches. "Thank you so much!"

Heero thanked his lawyer, and turned to Duo, smiling. "How does it feel?"

Duo answered, "I'm not sure! All I know is that you're wonderful to do this for me."

Heero said, "Let's go home, Duo."

Duo was unusually quiet on the ride back to Heero's apartment. "What's wrong?" the older man asked.

Duo stared at Heero, eyes shining, as they entered the apartment. "There's nothing to keep us apart anymore, Heero. I'm an adult, and you're not my teacher."

Heero groaned as Duo wrapped himself around him. "Not quite yet, Duo," he said, trying not to moan at what the boy's hands were doing to him. "You have to pass the test yet, to graduate early."

Duo sighed in frustration. "Heero! We still have to wait?"

"We have the rest of our lives to make love, Duo. We can wait a little longer, until everything is perfect," Heero replied, trying not to let his body react to the lithe teenager pressing against him. He failed, and Duo smirked as he felt Heero's growing arousal.

"Your body disagrees, Heero," said Duo, kissing Heero's neck and pushing him up against the wall.

"Oh, god, Duo... stop... you're still hurt, anyway. I don't want to hurt you more."

Duo pouted, and started to thrust his hips against Heero's. The older man threw his head back and moaned; the friction was incredible. He could feel the rough fabric of Duo's jeans through his thinner dress pants and boxers. He could also feel that Duo wasn't wearing anything underneath his jeans. The rigid line of the boy's hard cock pressed against his own hardness, lined up perfectly. "Duo..."

Duo panted; the feeling of Heero's body against his turned him on so much, he was already very close to climax. He fumbled with Heero's shirt, unbuttoning it quickly so he could touch his hot skin. He nearly ripped the buttons off in his haste, but finally he had access to the muscled chest. Quickly he stripped off his own shirt, and their smooth chests pressed together, hot skin scorching.

Heero gasped as their bare skin met; he reached back to unfasten Duo's braid. He needed to feel the silky hair on his skin. He worked the shining chestnut hair free, and gasped as he finally felt it brush his fevered skin. He shrugged out of the shirt, burying his hands in Duo's amazing hair. "Duo, we can't... I want you so much..." Heero was almost insane with need.

"Oh, Heero, I love you... just touch me... we don't have to go all the way... I just want to feel you... need you so much..." Duo pleaded, unable to stop his hips as they sought more sensation for his aching erection. His hands ran over Heero's chest, loving the feel of the muscles, and brushed against the hard nipples.

Heero moaned louder; his hands moved down to grasp Duo's ass and pull him closer, closer. He couldn't believe he was this close to completion just from Duo rubbing against him. He had been turned on since he first met the longhaired angel, it seemed, and his body was screaming to be joined with Duo's. He couldn't bring himself to stop Duo, not now, and his own hips thrust in answer. They were so close to being free to love; he knew he had to wait, but his body had been denied too long. He took over, holding Duo's firm ass, thrusting faster and faster against the other boy's hardness.

Duo moaned and let Heero take over, clinging to the strong shoulders. He wanted more, so much more, Heero on top of him and behind him and inside him; but at this moment, right now, his body needed to feel this, needed to take what it could of pleasure. So they thrust against each other, and both reveled in the friction, cocks still trapped in their clothes; moans grew louder and more insistent as their passion rose.

"Heero!" Duo sobbed, clinging to Heero and looking into the cobalt eyes. "I'm going to..." Then Heero tweaked one nipple, and Duo screamed, threw his head back and climaxed, mouth hanging open, long hair cascading down his back.

Heero watched as Duo's beautiful face filled with passion; then he too found completion, gasping his desire for Duo as his hot seed pumped out.

They stayed pressed together, holding each other and gasping for air. "Love you, Duo," Heero whispered, brushing back hair from Duo's face. "Are you ok?"

Duo raised his head and looked at Heero. "I will be. After the first time you make love to me, fully."

"And when we do, it will be perfect, Duo," promised Heero. "Until then..."

"We'll just have to suffer," pouted Duo. Then he smiled mischievously. "Wanna join me in the shower?"

Heero smiled. "There is nothing I would like more, Duo. But I don't trust you!"

Duo pouted, and Heero laughed; they spent the rest of the evening cooking dinner together and watching TV, their lust only slightly sated.

Continued in part 10