Title: Triangle of Deception -- part 3
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2, 6+1
Dedication: for Sharon
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo approached the park bench, their prearranged meeting spot. He was torn between anger with Heero and happiness that the other boy had said he would meet him here. At the same time, his body ached to touch Heero again; one night in Heero's arms had convinced him he needed to spend the rest of his life there. So he was a mass of confusion; pounding heart, sweaty palms, butterflies in his stomach and arousal stretching his jeans.

Heero was waiting for him. Oh, god, it wasn't fair for a human being to look that good; especially when he was trying to be angry. Heero looked apologetic and handsome and perfect. He rose from the bench as Duo approached.

Heero ached as he watched Duo; guilt over his mission warred with love and lust. He wanted Duo, body and soul; but he knew he had to complete his mission. He needed Duo to understand; yet he knew if Duo had a similar mission he would have been enraged. It was a double standard, he knew it; yet as he watched his beautiful lover approach, hair loose and shining, hips swaying seductively, he knew he couldn't help himself. His cock throbbed in the tight pants; every cell in his body cried out with need to be joined once again with Duo.

Duo walked up to Heero, and they stood staring at each other for a long moment. Duo tried to stay angry with Heero, but in the face of those cobalt eyes, he didn't have a chance. "Duo, I'm sorry..."

Duo cut him off. "I know, Heero. The mission. It's always the mission."

Heero said. "This is war. It won't last forever, Duo. We've both done things we're not proud of."

"You're right, Heero. But that was before we..." Duo trailed off.

Heero took a small step forward. "It changes nothing between us, Duo, you know that. No matter what happens."

Duo looked away. "I wish I could believe that."

Heero reached out, putting his hand on Duo's chin and gently turning the longhaired boy's face back toward him. "Duo, look at me."

Duo relented, looking deep into cobalt orbs. Heero leaned closer, pressing his lips gently, undemandingly, against Duo's.

Duo melted, opening his mouth to Heero, surrendering to the tide of desire. Their tongues met, hot and furious and desperate. The one time they'd touched had whetted their desires; their mouths locked and hands touched, sliding under clothes.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, pulling himself closer to the other boy's heat. Bodies melded, insistent and hot; hardness met its twin as their hips ground together.

Heero slid his hands down to cup Duo's ass; squeezing through the jeans, he sent a shiver down the longhaired boy's spine. "Heero," gasped Duo, ending the kiss. He wanted Heero so badly; even though he hated what the other boy had to do, Duo couldn't deny his need to be possessed by him.

Heero looked around; there was no one in the park at this late hour. He couldn't risk taking Duo back to the safehouse; he was on a mission, supposedly alone. But he wanted Duo, badly. "Duo... need you..."

The longhaired boy moaned, thrusting his hips against Heero. "Here?"

Heero slid a hand between their bodies, squeezing Duo's hard length. Duo gasped. "Yes, here. Now," Heero answered as he unfastened his lover's jeans. He slid a hand inside, into the heat, gripping Duo's erection. "Want to taste you, Duo."

Duo moaned as Heero guided him back to the bench. His cock ached as Heero made him sit down, never taking his hand off his hardness. Duo sat back as Heero eased his jeans open just enough, then settled on his knees in front of the longhaired boy.

Heero looked up at Duo as he pulled the other boy's dripping erection free of the confining material. The longhaired boy shivered as his lover's mouth approached his cock. "Heero..." he breathed, anticipating that sensuous mouth on his arousal.

Heero breathed deeply, inhaling and memorizing Duo's scent; the musky smell of Duo's need inflamed his desire. Then he licked a slow line all the way from the base of Duo's cock to the tip. He teased the tip with his tongue, lapping at the slit and tasting Duo's excitement. He was rewarded by Duo's throaty moans and impatient thrusting.

Duo gripped the edge of the bench; he longed to feel Heero's mouth envelop him. The other boy's teasing tongue was driving him mad. "Please..."

Heero smirked and slowly took just the head of Duo's cock in his mouth, slowly increasing the suction. Duo tasted wonderful; the hard flesh was hot in his mouth as he toyed with the most sensitive spots. He lowered his mouth, taking more of Duo's length in. Heero loved the sounds that Duo made; that sexy voice drove his own passion higher. How many times had he dreamed of this, of having Duo moan his name? Too many times to count.

Duo closed his eyes, trying not to scream as the wet heat enveloped him. Heero was sucking on his cock, Heero was licking him, Heero was driving him insane.

Heero finally took all of Duo in his mouth. He relaxed his throat, and began to bob his head up and down, driving Duo's erection all the way into his mouth each time, keeping the suction tight. He could hear Duo's gasps of pleasure as he was driven higher. Changing tactics, Heero began using his teeth very gently, heightening the sensations.

Lost in a world of building ecstasy, Duo's head hung back, and his mouth was open; never had he felt like this, so wanton, so turned on, so deliciously dirty, in public. "Heero..." he groaned, hips thrusting up into the heat, never wanting it to end, but straining for completion nonetheless.

His name from those honeyed lips, that voice that drove him mad, made his own neglected arousal pulse; but Heero concentrated on his task, giving his all to please his love. He could taste Duo's salty need, and knew the other boy had to be close, and Duo was already trying to fuck his mouth. So Heero wrapped one hand around the base of Duo's cock, and he increased the speed of his ministrations, hand following mouth in a concerted effort to blow the violet-eyed boy's mind and body. His free hand snaked up Duo's body to find a nipple; tweaking it, he heard Duo's cry that signaled the end.

Inarticulately, Duo screamed, awash with pleasure. The combination of Heero's mouth and hands was too much; he couldn't even warn Heero, he just climaxed, pulsing over and over again, filling the other boy's waiting mouth with his creamy seed. It was too good, too intense, Duo was sure he would die. His hands were buried in Heero's hair, and he wasn't even sure how they had gotten there. Slowly, he regained his senses, remembering to breathe. "Fuck, Heero, that was amazing," he murmured. "Let me..."

Heero was standing up, freeing his own arousal from its confines. "No, Duo... let me just look at you... I want to..." Heero stroked himself, already very close from giving the other boy pleasure. He wanted Duo to watch him, wanted to cover the boy with his passion. He moaned then, looking down at the beautiful longhaired boy that held his heart and soul. Duo sat, pants open, arousal already returning, chestnut locks flowing, perfect face flushed with pleasure he had given him. Duo was everything he desired, wanted, needed. No matter what he had to do with his body, Duo owned him; love mixed with lust drove his hand as he spilled his need, shooting streams of heat all over Duo's chest and face.

As much as he wanted to return the pleasure Heero had given him, Duo was spellbound watching Heero touch himself. Indescribable beauty, unsurpassed perfection, Heero looked like the god he was, muscles bunched and sweaty from his desire. He wanted to see Heero's desire burst forth, wanted to feel it, needed to know it was only for him. As the hot liquid hit him, he whimpered, reveling in the pure raw feeling of it all. Symbolically, Heero was marking him as his; and Duo welcomed it, savoring the taste of Heero's love as it dripped into his mouth.

Heero nearly collapsed then, legs giving out as he sat heavily next to Duo, gathering the other boy in his arms, unmindful of the sticky mess they were making. He held his lover close, breathing deeply of their mingled scents, murmuring reassurances as their passion cooled.


Zechs' fist slammed down onto the glass table, shattering it. The broken surface disintegrated, taking with it the stack of photos that showed the two lovers on the bench, entwined and passionate.

The messenger winced, stepping back to avoid the shards. "Sorry, sir."

Zechs looked away from his employee, azure eyes burning with shame and anger. "He lied to me," he whispered. "I should have known..." Zechs was hurt and ashamed. He had let his feelings get the better of him, believed those cobalt eyes when they had deceived him. He should have known that his enemy couldn't care for him. Well, he would have his revenge, and Heero's body, too. He looked up again. "If you see those two together again, kill the longhaired one. The other one..." He looked down again, staring at the lovers in the crumpled pictures. "He's mine."

Continued in part 4