Title: Triangle of Deception -- Epilogue
Author: Jade
Series: Gundam Wing
Pairing: 1x2, 6+1
Dedication: for Sharon
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

They rode like the wind, all night, stopping for nothing. Approaching the border checkpoint, Heero steered the bike off the road to avoid it. They rode like the very hounds of hell were after them; Heero wasn't taking any chances that Zechs had changed his mind. Duo clung to Heero's back, ducking his head to keep the wind off his face. His braid streamed out behind them until he tucked it between their bodies. He clung to Heero so he wouldn't fall off the bike, and also to convince himself that this was real. The last few days had been such an emotional roller coaster ride that he almost thought he was dreaming. It was over; Heero was his, Heero hadn't slept with Zechs, they had escaped, they were alive, and had the information. And they were together. He tightened his grip on Heero, feeling the iron muscles beneath the shirt to reassure himself that Heero was here, he was holding on to him, he loved him. Talking was impossible, so Duo just held on, buried his face in Heero's neck, and was happy.

Just before dawn, Heero pulled off the road, hooked up his laptop to a cellular emergency phone, and hacked. As Duo wandered off to stretch his legs, Heero quickly uploaded the information Zechs had given them, diverted some funds from OZ, and set them up a reservation at a nearby hotel, along with a generous line of credit. He looked up, shutting down the computer as Duo returned. "Tired?" he asked.

Duo walked up to his lover. "A bit. But it's ok, because we're together."

Heero smiled at Duo. "Yes. We are," and he took Duo into his arms, and held him tightly. Heero never wanted to let go. "I'm so sorry for what I put you through, Duo."

Duo hugged Heero back, and pointed out, "If it weren't for Zechs, we wouldn't have gotten together."

"I just wish it could have happened another way. I came too close to losing you." Heero pulled back. "Let's go. I want to make up for lost time."

Duo grinned, and said, "I'm ready. Take me away, Heero!"

They got back on the bike and sped away.


Duo flopped down on the huge bed, sighing. "Oh, Heero, this is beyond perfect."

Heero locked the door behind them, and turned to regard Duo on the bed. "Happy, Duo?"

Duo sat up on his elbows. "Getting there. All I need now is a shower, some food, and you all over me, and life will be perfect."

"That can be arranged," Heero said as he approached the bed. He stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at the longhaired boy. Duo was grimy and sweaty, his hair coming out of its braid, and Heero still thought he was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He let his eyes roam over the other boy's body. "Mine," he whispered.

The way Heero was looking at him made Duo shiver. "All yours, Heero." Duo knew full well what Heero had risked for him; he knew now that their love was more important than the mission to Heero. Despite his cheerful exterior, Duo had always had a low self-image. Everyone either used him or left him. All his life, he had been on his own. If someone was nice to him, they usually had ulterior motives. So when Heero had said he loved him, then went to Zechs, he had thought it would be the same. Now he knew Heero was different, and he felt ashamed of himself for not trusting his lover. He intended to make it up to Heero, and spend the rest of his life with the boy he loved. "Forever."

Heero said, "Why don't you go start your shower, Duo? I know it takes forever to wash your hair. I'll order us some room service, then I'll join you."

Duo was up off the bed in a flash. "Sounds like a great idea, Heero! Hurry!"

Heero watched the longhaired boy go, and felt content for one of the first times in his life. He had made damn sure that no one would disturb them for a few days. They had so much time to make up for. He called room service, ordered enough food for a small army, telling them to leave it outside the door. Then he stripped off his grimy clothes and went to join Duo.

He stepped into the shower behind Duo, just as the other boy was rinsing the last of the shampoo out of his hair. Wet, the flowing locks went almost to the back of his knees. He slid his hands around to the front of Duo, nestling up behind him and under the warm water. It felt incredible.

Duo leaned back into Heero, his body reacting to the feel of the other boy behind him, wanting to feel his hands all over him. He was instantly rock hard, as Heero's questing hand found. "Miss me?" Heero murmured in Duo's ear.

Duo immediately dissolved into moans as Heero stroked his cock. "Ooooooh yeah..."

Heero squeezed out some liquid soap and proceeded to wash every square inch of his lover, thoroughly. Duo protested when the hand left his arousal, but he loved the feeling of Heero's hands all over him too. The hands touched him everywhere, possessing him, making him Heero's. Duo just leaned back, melting into the other boy's touch, surrendering completely. His erection ached, but the anticipation made it even sweeter. He knew that every touch made Heero want him even more.

Heero savored every plane and ridge of Duo's lithe body. Their two encounters up to now had been hurried, desperate moments; now Heero wanted to take his time to memorize his lover's body. Lingering strokes, feather touches, he found every sensitive spot. His own arousal pulsed, begging to be touched, but he just rubbed it against Duo's perfect ass. There were so many things he wanted to do to Duo, for Duo; above all, he wanted to show the other boy how much he loved him.

Their hard bodies slid together, slick with soap and water. Duo could take it no longer, and twisted in Heero's arms until they were face to face. He pressed his mouth to Heero's, tongue demanding entry. Heero accepted, and they stood for what seemed like an eternity under the warm water, mouths locked, as if their kiss would seal their destiny if only it went on long enough.

Finally they parted, gasping for breath. Smiling, Duo reached for the shampoo and began to wash Heero's hair. Heero had never known that having your hair washed could be so sensual; Duo rubbed the length of his slick body against Heero as he massaged the other boy's scalp. Then Duo began to wash Heero's body, concentrating on the other boy's arousal until Heero could take no more. He caught Duo's hands in his and pinned them up against the tiled wall of the shower. With his free hand he turned off the shower, and pressed the whole length of his body against Duo's, rocking his hips slowly against the other boy. "I'm going to do everything to you tonight, Duo," he growled softly in the boy's ear.

Duo felt his knees go weak and he whimpered slightly at the promise in the sexy voice. "Bring it on," he managed to whisper back as Heero nibbled at his neck.

So Heero did. He grabbed several fluffy white towels and wrapped them both in them. Then, grabbing a bottle of lotion, he pulled Duo out of the bathroom toward the bed. Spreading out the towels, he gently pushed Duo down onto the bed, following him down. He ended up straddling the longhaired boy's hips, and, drawn like a moth to a flame, he bent to reclaim Duo's lips.

Duo reached up to pull Heero closer, running his hands over Heero's arms and back. He could feel the powerful muscles under the silky, damp skin. He arched up against Heero as the other boy started to kiss him all over. Starting with the neck, Heero kissed Duo, leaving no skin untouched. Making his way down, Heero heard Duo gasp as he teased at the pink nipples. Lower and lower Heero traveled, inching back on the bed, lavishing attention all over Duo's soft skin.

Duo felt like every inch of him was on fire. His skin was hypersensitive, every touch of Heero's lips and teeth sending high voltage sparks directly to the center of his aching need. That aching need that Heero's mouth was approaching right now... Duo couldn't bite back a growl of frustration as the cobalt-eyed boy ignored his arousal and began kissing his inner thighs.

Starting at the knee, Heero kissed upwards, spreading Duo's legs apart as he went, settling between them. He kissed and licked closer and closer to Duo's dripping cock. He could hear the violet-eyed boy moan in anticipation. He smirked; this was what he wanted, wanted to extend Duo's pleasure, wanted to make the other boy writhe underneath him.

Duo was losing his mind. Heero had kissed him everywhere, except where Duo needed him so badly. Duo amended that; Heero was now kissing him in one place he had never been kissed before. "Heero!" he gasped, amazed at the new sensation.

Heero had pushed Duo's legs apart and up; the sensitive entrance lay exposed to him. He guessed that no one had ever done this to Duo before; he wanted to give him new sensations. So, gently, he traced circles around Duo's opening with his tongue, letting the other boy get used to the sensation.

Duo blushed bright red as he realized what Heero was doing, then forgot why he was embarrassed as Heero got closer. He knew he was clean; it was just so new to him. It was unlike anything he had felt before, unlike anything he had imagined. Hot liquid sensation raced through him as Heero flicked his tongue over his most sensitive area, and his cock pulsed almost painfully. "Oh... god... Heero..." he gasped, almost unable to form words.

Heero paused. "You like?" He didn't want to make Duo feel uncomfortable. Not everyone liked this.

"I like... everything," Duo moaned, almost shyly. Then he moaned louder, because Heero had begun again.

Heero licked gently at Duo, reveling in the gasps his slightest touch brought. He slid his hands up the inside of Duo's thighs, spreading his legs apart completely. He knew the vulnerability this would make Duo feel, and knew that the longhaired boy would get off on it. Gently, he dipped his tongue just inside, and Duo tightened up and screamed incoherently.

Duo thought he had felt everything, but what Heero was doing to him... it made him feel open and exposed and hot and it made him shiver with pleasure. He buried his hands in Heero's hair and lay back, trying to remember how to breathe.

Heero continued his assault on Duo, gently using his tongue; then he wrapped one hand around Duo's cock. The longhaired boy moaned again, and thrust his ass higher in the air, asking for more. Heero stroked, and Duo relaxed; allowing Heero access. The deeper Heero went, fucking Duo with his tongue, the more Duo thrashed, all the while asking for more. "Heero! I... I'm..."

Duo climaxed then, arching helplessly off the bed, completely overwhelmed, covering his own chest with pulse after pulse of ecstasy. He thought he had felt everything; but the added sensation of what Heero was doing to his entrance made his completion so much more intense. He collapsed back to the bed, shuddering still.

Heero crawled up the bed to lie beside Duo, holding his love tight. It was worth every ounce of frustration from his own unsatisfied need to know that he alone was the one to do this to the beautiful longhaired boy, that he could bring such rapture to the boy he loved.

"My god, Heero, you're amazing," mumbled Duo. "Do you know what you do to me?"

"I certainly hope so," he replied, using a towel to clean off the other boy. He held Duo close for a moment, until the longhaired boy began to squirm in his arms.

"Heero?" Duo whispered. "Please, need you inside me..."

"Thought you'd never ask," smiled Heero, and he kissed Duo. Running his hands over the other boy, he marveled at the silky smooth skin while he noticed that Duo's erection was already returning. Grabbing the bottle of lotion, he prepared Duo, until they were both panting again. He was so hard he thought his cock would certainly explode the minute he entered Duo's tight body. In fact, Duo's begging was threatening to bring him off all on its own. The longhaired boy's sexy voice, demanding to be taken, set his blood on fire.

He kneeled between Duo's spread legs, ready to enter him, when Duo's voice stopped him.

"Heero?" Duo looked up at him. "Can we..." He trailed off, but by way of explanation turned over, raising his ass to Heero and looking back over his shoulder. "Please?"

Heero held back a groan at the sight of the longhaired boy kneeling submissively like that, legs still spread, asking to be taken from behind.

"God, Duo... want you so much..." Heero spread lotion on his aching cock, and rubbed just the tip up and down Duo's cleft.

"Then stop teasing, and do it!" Duo complained, but his voice turned to a moan as Heero pushed inside him. "Ohhhhhh...."

Heero pushed, and slid into his lover's body. The sweet heat gripped him, and he had to slow down to keep himself from climaxing immediately. It was too good, too tight... he paused, panting, fully seated in Duo. He wanted it to last.

Duo had other ideas, though; he squirmed and tightened his muscles deliberately. He wanted pounding, and he wanted it now.

"Duo..." growled Heero, and he was helpless to stop his body from starting a slow stroking rhythm.

Duo whimpered in approval, lowering his head to the bed, bracing himself. This was his favorite position.

Heero gripped Duo's hips, trying not to bruise but not fully in control of himself. Faster, he snapped his hips in and out of the other boy, building up speed and strength.

Duo buried his face in the covers, raising his ass as much as possible, and there it was, the perfect angle. The sheets muffled his screams, but just barely. "Faster..." he groaned.

Heero did as he was told, now slamming into his lover, all restraint gone. Duo loved every thrust, pushing back to meet Heero and bracing himself. Every pounding thrust felt better, pushed him to the edge. Both boys sounded like animals now, lost in a haze of passion and pleasure. Low moans and the sound of flesh on flesh filled the room. Nothing else mattered.

Heero knew he was close, so he tried to reach down to make sure Duo came first. But Duo's hand was already there, roughly stroking himself in perfect time with his lover's thrusts. "Now..." Duo gasped, his hand speeding up.

"Yes..." screamed Heero, gripping Duo's hips harder as he felt Duo's body tighten. Both boys froze, their completion almost simultaneous, their passion unmatched.

Heero felt as if he had blacked out; he couldn't even move, let alone pull out of Duo. Finally, his muscles unfroze, and he leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Duo and hugging him from behind. Duo hadn't moved. "Are you ok?"

Duo groaned then, legs sliding out from underneath him so that Heero had to pull out. He was trembling, and Heero curled up behind him, cradling his lover.

"Love you, Heero," Duo mumbled, nearly asleep.

"Love you forever, Duo. Never again." They both knew what Heero meant, as they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

The End