Title: Absolute Power Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x13, 13x1
Notes: NCS, BDSM
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Treize was sitting at his oversized, ridiculously expensive cherrywood desk when he got the delightful news: a Gundam pilot had been captured alive. The pilot of Wing Gundam, no less. The one that had fascinated him most of all. He spoke briefly into the phone, ordering the boy be put into the maximum security facility, and kept under a guard of at least ten men at all times. He heard the incredulous silence at the other end before he cut the connection. He knew what this pilot was capable of, and he intended not to lose him this time.

The report came back a little while later that the prisoner had been secured. Treize resisted the urge to run down to check. Instead, he called up the security feeds from that level and scrolled through until he found the right one.

There he was.

With a few keystrokes he magnified the view. The boy -- and Treize knew his age, he wasn't even sixteen yet - looked like no threat at all, his seemingly slender frame not belying the inhuman strength it held. But Treize knew at least part of the truth. He'd seen evidence, bent steel bars that could only have been distorted by this boy's bare hands. Among other evidence.

He magnified the image again, so much so that it started to pixelate. But he could still see the boy's high, exotic cheekbones and messy brown hair falling into his eyes. He didn't know what color those eyes were, but it hardly mattered. In another time and place this boy could be a star, the heartthrob of thousands of teen girls. But this was war, and though the boy had been chosen for his role rather than choosing for himself, he knew this soldier would do anything to complete his mission.

With a start, Treize realized the boy was staring straight at him. At the camera, rather, one that was meant to be hidden. Those eyes bored into him, and Treize stared back, pulse elevated, as if the boy could actually see him. With effort he minimized the window. He'd noted that the boy was secured as he'd ordered, by lengths of gundanium chain that attached through a pulley system in the ceiling. They could be adjusted to virtually any length, but at the moment the boy had enough freedom of movement to allow him to sit on the bunk.

He sat quietly for a moment, then relayed his orders to let the boy alone, feeding him though the secure airlock slot and not to have any contact with the prisoner without his verbal assent. He wasn't taking any chances.

He had dinner alone in his rooms, perusing the staff reports and missives from the outer colonies. The captured Gundam pilot never left his mind, though, and by the end of the evening he knew he was going to see the boy before he slept. It wasn't even a conscious thought. It just was.

His feet led him down to the lowest level of the detention center, though it had been years since he'd ventured this far. He stood in the control room as his head of security briefed him on the prisoner's activity. The boy had moved only to eat his food and relieve himself. The rest of the time he lay on his bunk, unmoving save for the slight rise and fall of his chest. The guards thought the prisoner was depressed, and he was on suicide watch. But Treize knew the truth. The boy was clearly conserving his energy. For escape, when the slightest opportunity arose.

He told the head of security that he was going to go in and talk to the prisoner. The man's disbelief was tempered by the respect he had for his commanding officer, and he didn't question the order.

Treize walked through the airlock mechanism that prevented the prisoner's escape by yet another means. These cells could be evacuated of their air in a matter of seconds, by a button in the control room. This was the most secure facility OZ had to offer. And yet Treize was still apprehensive.

Finally, he stood in the prisoner's presence, no more walls or screens between them. The boy still hadn't moved, looked for all the world as if he was deeply asleep. But Treize suspected quite the opposite.

He let his eyes travel down the boy's form, noting the smooth skin that covered muscles of steel. Muscles that had no place on a teenage boy. But he admired them just the same. The boy wore the same type of clothes he'd last been seen in, a tank top and tight shorts that clung to his every curve. Treize's mind immediately supplied him with a vivid image of what that body would look like stripped of its clothes. He pushed that thought out of his mind, but only after it was followed by the realization that he could order just that. This boy was completely under his control.

When his eyes traveled back up to the pilot's face, he was slightly startled to see clear blue eyes looking back at him. Yes, those eyes were a deep blue, and they were open and alert. Studying him right back. Treize's full lips curved just slightly into a smile as he said, "Hello. I've been looking for you for a very long time. You're a great deal of trouble."

The boy deigned to answer, and Treize wasn't surprised. He wasn't really sure why he was here. Maybe he wanted to see this wonder up close. "Pilot 01," he mused, studying the boy as he sat up smoothly and without a trace of stiffness, even though he'd been motionless for hours. "Prot�g� of the infamous Dr. J. I have quite a thick file on you." But the file didn't mention how unnaturally pretty the boy really was. It was unnerving. But Treize hadn't got where he was by being easily rattled. "I don't suppose you have a name you'd like to share with me."

He hadn't expected an answer, so when a flat, almost monotone voice uttered, "Heero Yuy," he was surprised.

He chuckled. "Interesting choice of a name. Clever." He mentally awarded Dr. J a few more points for creativity. "But it will do for now. Pilot 01 was so... formal."

He was rewarded with a grunt, and Treize resisted the urge to step closer. No matter how harmless this boy looked, he was anything but. Those intense blue eyes watched him as if the key to his escape was hidden on his person. "Heero Yuy," he began. "I don't suppose I have to tell you that this cell is completely inescapable."

That earned him a brief smirk before the expression was replaced by its formerly blank stare. So, the boy was indeed planning an escape. Of course he was. He was no doubt analyzing everything and coming up with the most likely plan given his circumstances. He would expect no less.

"Well, before you break out of here," Treize said indulgently, "I do hope you know I intend to do my very best to get any possible information out of you." There was no harm in telling the boy that. He would expect it. He would also be trained to resist it.

The boy tossed his hair out of his face and stared back defiantly at Treize. Their eyes locked for a moment, and Treize felt a shiver run down his spine. The boy really had no fear. The shiver continued through other parts of his body, and Treize knew what else he wanted to do to Heero Yuy.

Without another word, Treize turned to leave, waiting for the inner airlock door to open and let him out. He could almost feel the boy's eyes boring into his back as he left. He didn't look back.

Treize got ready for bed, forgoing his usual rose-scented bath for a shower this evening. As he stood under the warm spray, his mind turned to the imprisoned pilot once again. He had teams of specially trained interrogators, and he intended to set them on young Heero tomorrow. He didn't think they'd have any success, though. But he had to try.

His mind wandered further, to more illicit ways he'd like to torture the boy. He closed his eyes, allowing himself the image of a naked, chained Heero, pleading for mercy. It was a lovely thought, and his body started to react predictably. Normally, he'd reduce the temperature of the water until it cooled his ardor, but tonight he felt like indulging himself. So it was he found his hand wandering down his stomach, and he didn't stop it.

He didn't often allow himself such frivolous fantasies; in his position he didn't have time for romantic entanglements. But something about the Gundam pilot broke through his defenses. Those eyes, that body, that defiant look... it made him want to break him. Hear him scream in pain and reluctant pleasure.

By the time his hand reached his cock, it was fully erect just from thoughts of the boy writhing for him. His breath caught as he wrapped his hand around his hard length, not stroking yet, just teasing himself. This was going to be good, he could tell, and he wanted to enjoy it.

What did he want? He wanted to inflict pain on Heero. He was a sadist, though he seldom got to indulge himself in that pleasure. But most of all he wanted to ram his cock into that tight, pretty ass. He moaned softly to himself as he let himself imagine it, and his hand started moving up and down slowly.

He stroked languidly, in no hurry, pausing to run his thumb over the sensitive head every few strokes. He knew just what he like, of course, knew how to build up the sensation to the optimum point.

But now feeling was taking over from intellect, and he sagged back against the tiled wall. He stroked a bit faster, his perfect rhythm faltering just a bit as he gave himself over to the images in his head.

Heero, chained and naked, lithe body glistening with sweat, his smooth skin crisscrossed with welts and bruises he'd put there. The boy's grunts and gasps as he entered him, quickly and brutally. Enough to make him scream, but not enough to damage him.

Treize let his head fall back against the wall as he stroked his way closer to release. He was panting now, abandoning himself in the safety of his own shower to absolute selfish pleasure. The fact that he could do anything he wanted to his prisoner, without reproach, wasn't lost on him. Much worse things happened in OZ prisons, and in his position nothing he did would be questioned.

For just a moment he entertained the thought of doing it for real. Going down to the cell, ordering the recording devices to be turned off, and adjusting the chains so He could do what he wanted. He could do it.

It was that thought that pushed him over the edge at last. The idea that he really could do it. Whatever he wanted.

He gasped, his seed spilling over his fist as he stroked faster yet, his body jerking as he let himself go. It was almost paralyzing, this pleasure, and it went on much longer than usual. Finally it ebbed, and he could breathe normally and think again. He always felt vaguely disgusted with himself after this sort of thing, as if he should be above it.

But he still couldn't stop thinking of Heero.

Predictably, after nearly a week of working on the Gundam pilot, the interrogation teams had got nothing from Heero that they didn't already know. Treize read their reports every evening, not surprised at the lack of information. The boy was resistant to pain, extortion and every type of truth serum OZ possessed. Dr. J had done his work well.

Treize shook his head and decided it was time to go see the boy himself.

He dressed simply, in his casual uniform without a jacket. The temperature in the cells was kept at an even 20C at all times. He wouldn't be cold.

He told the guards that he'd be interrogating the prisoner himself, and declined an additional guard. The head of security protested until Treize told him to adjust the chains so that Heero was suspended from the ceiling, just his feet touching the floor, his arms in the air.

The man nodded and made the adjustments, then let Treize into the cell.

Heero stared up at him from underneath his mop of hair, looking a bit paler than when he'd been brought in but otherwise no worse for wear. Amazing. The look in his eyes was cold and calculating and completely devoid of fear. Treize had never seen a prisoner look like that, unless they were already insane.

He stopped in front of the boy, well out of reach, and regarded him.

Heero regarded right back, seemingly unfazed by the fact that he was chained to the ceiling.

Treize let his eyes roam over the boy's form, lean muscles bunching from the position he held. He'd left strict orders that the boy not be touched sexually. Now he decided he was going to break those orders. They were his to break, after all. A smile spread across Treize's face, a look better suited to a predator whose prey is cornered.

Heero clearly saw the look and shifted in his chains. The boy could sense that things were about to change.

Treize stepped closer, still wary of the boy's strength. "You're quite stubborn, apparently," he said conversationally. "I can't say I'm completely surprised."

Treize had just a bare flicker of warning as Heero started to move. The boy lunged at him, to the limit of his chains, a maniacal grin on his face, and Treize stepped back despite himself. He'd known, absolutely known, that he was out of reach of the boy, but he'd flinched despite himself. That angered him more than anything.

Heero's slightly crazed laughter filled the room, and Treize drew back his hand before he'd even thought of it, backhanding the boy across the face. The violence felt good, sending adrenaline coursing through his veins, sending blood into his cock.

The boy gave a soft gasp, and for a moment his head hung down from the chains, then he lifted it to look back at Treize. A trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth and he licked at it as he fixed cold blue eyes on Treize. Then he smiled again, beatifically, and whispered, "Give me more. You want to."

Damn right Treize wanted to. "I'll do whatever I want to you, boy," he said, barely holding back from doing it again. Fuck if Heero didn't look even better right now.

A strange look crossed Heero's face before his expression flattened again. He just licked his lips again and said, "I still won't tell you anything."

Treize's eyes flicked down Heero's body automatically, then back to his face. He started to reply, then stopped. It had looked like... he looked back down. There was a bulge in Heero's spandex shorts that hadn't been there before. He raised an eyebrow and hit Heero again, deliberately, watching closely.

Another small gasp, followed by an almost undetectable moan, and the bulge definitely got bigger.

Well, this was interesting. Heero *liked* pain. No wonder they hadn't got far with the interrogation. Heero was probably getting off on it. Treize was fully aroused now, both from the realization and from hitting Heero. "You're full of surprises," he observed neutrally.

Heero looked at the floor, obviously aware that he'd been found out. But the bulge didn't lessen.

Treize boldly stepped close again, and took Heero's chin in his hand, tipping the boy's face up toward his, forcing him to look at him. Almost daring him to try to attack again.

Finally, Heero's eyes met Treize's, grudgingly, and the boy's eyes looked slightly glazed. Treize tightened his grip on Heero's jaw until he knew it would be painful, watching the boy's expression. Heero's eyes rolled back slightly before he got control of himself. Treize clearly heard a small whimper, though. He smiled and released him, stepping back again.

He stared at Heero, his pulse quickening as he planned. He knew he still wasn't going to get any information out of the boy. But he could get something else out of him. Or into him, as it were.

Treize was a sadist. A dominant. He liked to control, inflict pain. But the best thing of all was not making someone submit. It was a willing submissive. One that came to him and asked to be dominated. And enjoyed it. Not that Heero had come to him and asked for this. But he clearly liked it. And Treize was not so ethical that he wouldn't take an opportunity when it presented itself.

He reached out and slid a hand into Heero's messy hair, grabbing a handful of it and pulling it sharply. This time the moan was louder, and unmistakable. He leaned forward and whispered in Heero's ear, "How much can you take, boy?"

No answer came from Heero, but he could hear the boy's breathing quicken. He laughed and bit at Heero's ear, then pulled back. The boy's face was flushed, his eyes dark with need. Treize wasn't going to ask if Heero wanted this. He wouldn't agree, but his body spoke for him. Making Heero feel pleasure given by his enemy would be the biggest game of all.

Treize quickly backhanded Heero, the boy's head snapping around again. This time Heero looked up immediately, almost eagerly. "If you don't tell me what I want to know, I'm going to keep this up," he promised, grinning.

A smirk crossed Heero's face, then he moaned. "You'll have to do better than that," the boy whispered, blue eyes looking up at Treize.

"Oh, I can and I will," promised Treize, and he knew this was going to be good. He walked over to the intercom, and ordered all recording equipment turned off. The guard acknowledged immediately, knowing what was ahead for the boy. It wasn't the first time something like this had happened, though Treize himself rarely took part. But this was OZ, and this was war, and many things happened that didn't make it into the official reports. Treize knew he'd still be observed. But, if anything, this would raise his reputation in the eyes of some of the men who perhaps thought their commander didn't like to get his hands dirty often enough.

He walked over to a cabinet that was set into the wall. It opened at his touch, and he surveyed the things inside. Restraints of every imaginable sort, blindfolds, whips, chains, and other gleaming instruments designed with only one purpose; to inflict pain. Treize winced at the inelegance of some of the items, and went instead for a simple flogger with tails made of the softest leather, but tipped with shining metal. His absolute favorite. With his skill it could tickle or lacerate with equal ease. He withdrew one other item, a wickedly sharp blade, but he had no intention of using it on the boy's skin. Just his clothes. He wanted to see that lithe body, and the psychological effect of having your clothes sliced off your body was not an insignificant one.

He sauntered back to Heero, noting the boy was watching his every move intently. As well he should. He held up the flogger to let the boy see it, and saw no fear in his eyes, just anticipation. He set it on the bunk for the moment, then came closer. "Relax," he murmured, and showed Heero the blade. The boy's eyes widened for a moment and he tensed, but Treize quickly sliced the front of the boy's shirt without nicking his skin in the slightest. The pieces fell apart like a vest, exposing the boy's smooth caramel skin, stretched over sleek muscles. Heero gasped, his small brown nipples hardening from the cool air and arousal. Treize smirked, admiring the view and the effect he was having on Heero.

He didn't pause long, though, moving around behind Heero to slice open the back of the shirt similarly. Two more cuts at the shoulders, and the two halves fluttered gracefully to the floor, leaving Heero gloriously naked from the waist up.

"Lovely," Treize mused as he let his eyes travel over Heero's upper body. The skin was smooth and firm and he couldn't wait to mark it. He walked around to the boy's front again, noting that the spandex shorts were stretched quite a lot now. Time to get rid of those.

Again he used the knife expertly, slicing the shorts off of Heero's body so that he was exposed completely. Heero was indeed hard as a rock, and as Treize moved around behind him he saw that the boy's ass was even more delicious than he'd guessed. A grin spread across his face and he walked over to the cabinet, putting the knife away safely. Then he returned to the flogger, picking it up and swishing it through the air experimentally.

Heero watched every movement Treize made, licking his lips and shifting slightly in his bindings. His arousal didn't lessen, and he seemed not to be bothered by his nakedness.

Treize walked behind Heero again, and considered the expanse of smooth flesh. "Get ready," he murmured, giving the boy his only warning.

Treize snapped the flogger, bringing it to bear on Heero's perfect ass. He modulated the intensity carefully, not breaking the skin just yet. But Heero would definitely feel it.

Heero made no sound; the only indication that he'd been struck was a tightening of his impressive muscles. Treize smiled and did it again and again, never landing two blows on the same patch of skin. Heero arched into the blows, taking each one without a sound, and when his skin was nicely welted Treize came around to his front once again.

Heero was breathing hard, his face flushed and his cock wet with his excitement. He was fucking gorgeous, and if Treize hadn't already been fully aroused the look Heero was giving him would have done it.

Treize had to clear his throat before speaking. "You going to talk?" he asked, a token effort because they both knew he wasn't after information any more.

Heero shook his head, mouth hanging open as he panted. "Never," he whispered, and Treize hit him hard across the face again. The older man watched as Heero's cock twitched perceptibly, and he wondered if Heero was the kind of masochist that could come just from pain. He looked to be close.

Treize was very nearly ready to take Heero now, but he wasn't quite through. He snapped the flogger hard across the boy's stomach, deliberately leaving several trails of broken skin. Heero gasped audibly, and Treize watched as small trails of blood trickled down the boy's perfectly flat belly.

Now he was ready.

He put the flogger aside and got one more item out of the cabinet, a small tube. He walked around behind Heero again, unfastening his trousers when he was out of the boy's eyesight. Heero would hear the small noises clearly enough, and know what they meant.

He unzipped only enough to pull out his aching cock, and he quickly slicked it. He hadn't been this aroused for a long time, and plunging into Heero was going to be nothing short of paradise, he was sure of it.

The angle was going to be awkward, but well worth it. He pressed his body against Heero's from behind and let him feel his rock hard cock. After beating Heero, preparing him seemed superfluous, and Treize wanted Heero to be tight. So he gripped his cock, positioning himself as he kicked Heero's legs apart as far as the chains allowed. Without another word of warning, he plunged deep into Heero's body. Heero grunted, but otherwise didn't make a sound.

He paused, shuddering with the effort to keep from climaxing immediately. He grabbed Heero's slim hips and pulled out, then slammed in again, with a force just short of damaging him. Heero gasped now, and almost imperceptibly leaned into Treize.

Treize got control of himself, then began a brutal pace. He pulled out nearly completely, then slammed back in. The angle was a bit awkward, but he lifted Heero's slim body just slightly and it was perfect. Heero gripped his own chains, taking each thrust with a whimper.

This was so hard and fast that Treize was close within minutes. Though Heero was being mostly quiet, he could see from the boy's dripping arousal that he was enjoying this every bit as much as Treize, albeit unwillingly. He moved one hand to the boy's cock and stroked a few times as he pounded into him.

He felt Heero's body tense, tightening around him, before he felt the wet heat spill over his hand. The boy gave a soft gasp as he came, his mouth hanging open. The tight heat drove Treize over the edge as well, and with a moan he emptied himself inside the boy. The pleasure was exquisite, and better than anything he'd felt in a long while. It was only after he'd come down that he realized the boy had said something as he came. One word. He strained to remember it. It had sounded like... "Duo."

Treize pulled out and cleaned himself off, zipping up his trousers before walking around to the front of the boy again.

Heero stood, head hanging down, lovely body covered in welts. Treize looked at him for a long moment, then said, "Goodbye, Heero." He turned and walked out of the room, making his way back to his quarters. Once there, he wrote an order. Heero Yuy was to be released. Immediately.

Treize didn't go to sleep until he'd gotten the confirmation that the order had been carried out. He suspected he'd just made a huge mistake. Perhaps the boy would be the one to finally kill him. Or perhaps it would be one of his comrades. It would be fitting justice.

The End