Title: Boys on the Hood
Author: Jade
Pairing: 3x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, exhibitionism, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Quatre beamed at Trowa in the romantic restaurant. The brown-haired boy looked even better, if that was possible, in the candlelight, and Quatre found Trowa irresistible anyway. Trowa was just so graceful, the lithe body making even simple movements seem elegant. Quatre could get turned on just by watching him eat. Especially watching him eat, the blond boy mused, watching Trowa lick his lips and thinking about what those lips did to him every night.

Trowa noticed his blond lover wasn't eating, but was staring at him with a dangerous smile on his lips. Trowa knew his angelic-looking lover well, and that look told him that Quatre's thoughts were far from angelic at the moment. His delicate lover was very inventive and adventurous, and Trowa knew that Quatre wanted something. He looked up to meet his love's eyes.

Quatre smiled at Trowa. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, Trowa?"

Trowa shook his head and answered, "You're the beautiful one, my angel." And Quatre certainly looked a picture of innocence, blond hair glowing in the candlelight, pink cheeks flushed, aqua eyes sparkling. But Trowa knew looks could be very deceiving.

Quatre scooted closer to Trowa in the semi-circular booth. "You look positively delicious tonight, Trowa. Good enough to eat."

Trowa felt his arousal respond to Quatre's words, his mind supplying him with visions of just how good it felt to have that mouth wrapped around him, sucking... "Little one, you're teasing me."

Quatre smiled again, and scooted even closer. "Oh, but, Trowa, you're wrong. I never tease. I always follow through, don't I?" Trowa felt a small hand on his thigh, inching higher. Luckily, there was a long tablecloth, so their activities weren't completely obvious. Trowa felt his cheeks flush as he realized Quatre's intent.

"Quatre," warned Trowa, but the name ended in a moan as the blond moved his hand higher.

"Yes, Trowa?" Quatre replied, the very picture of wide-eyed innocence. "Is there a problem?" All the while, his hand continued to slide upwards.

"No, no problem, my naughty angel," Trowa said as then other boy's hand found his zipper and began toying with it. His breath caught as Quatre eased the zipper down gently. Questing fingers reached inside.

"Oh, Trowa, you're the naughty one. No underwear?" Quatre smiled as he wrapped his fingers around his lover's erection.

Trowa tried to keep his voice even as the blond boy squeezed his length. "I thought you liked that, my love. Are you angry?" An involuntary moan came form his lips as Quatre stroked slowly.

Quatre glanced around the restaurant; no one seemed to suspect what was going on in the booth. He began to stroke more, pulling Trowa's cock free of his pants so he had better access. "No, I'm very happy."

Trowa's face was flushed and he was gripping the seat with both hands to keep from crying out. "I could make you even happier, little one."

"Oh, really?" Quatre asked, squeezing and stroking. He rubbed his thumb over the tip of Trowa's erection and he could feel the moisture, proof of Trowa's excitement. "How would you do that, my love?"

Trowa turned to look directly into Quatre's eyes, his green orbs smoldering with passion. "I would bend you over and bury my cock deep in your beautiful ass, over and over, my Quatre," he whispered.

It was Quatre's turn to shiver; the brutal words and barely restrained desire in his usually calm lover's eyes drove him wild. He stroked Trowa's arousal faster, making the tall boy moan again.

"Oh, Trowa, I want that so much. But I don't want to wait till we get home," Quatre breathed, his own erection throbbing relentlessly.

"Nor do I, angel. I have an idea," Trowa answered as he signaled for the check.

Trowa managed to get Quatre's hand out of his pants, and his erection back in, by the time they had paid the check. It seemed to take forever to get to the car. Trowa had insisted they drive themselves this time, and they had parked in a nearby parking garage. To get to the right level, they had to take an elevator, and Quatre seized the opportunity to rub against Trowa as much as possible. Trowa moaned as he felt his angel press against him enticingly. He had been so hard for so long, he was sure he was about to explode.

They approached the car, a black Jag. Trowa led Quatre around the far side, and paused, drawing his love close. Quatre pressed himself against Trowa, grinding his erection against the other boy. "Oh, Trowa, I want you so much," the blond breathed.

"How much?" Trowa replied, sliding a hand down Quatre's back to cup his ass. "Enough to let me take you right here?"

Quatre gasped. "Trowa! You're such a hentai! Here? In public?"

Trowa nodded. "You didn't seem to have a problem stroking me under the table," he answered. "Now let me please you. You turn me on so much, I just can't wait until we get home to have you screaming underneath me."

Quatre was moaning form Trowa's words alone. The normally reserved boy was so turned on, that he wanted to risk getting caught... the very idea excited him even more. "Anything you want, Trowa."

Trowa smiled. He walked up to his angel and unbuttoned the immaculate dress pants, letting them fall to the ground around Quatre's ankles. He also eased down the black silk boxers, and Quatre stood before him, rock hard and trembling. "Beautiful," breathed Trowa. "Turn around."

Quatre turned around, and felt Trowa come up behind him. Trowa pushed his lover gently forward, up against the car. "Bend over."

The blond boy moaned as he bent over, leaning on the car, leaving his ass exposed to the air and Trowa's eyes. He looked over his shoulder and shivered when he saw the way his lover was regarding him, undisguised lust in his green eyes. Trowa had a tube of lube in his hand, and a wicked smile on his beautiful face.

Then Trowa was behind him, spreading his legs as far as the pants around his ankles would allow. Quatre felt a lubricated finger enter him, and gasped. He was bent over the hood of his car, pants down, getting ready to be fucked...in the middle of a parking garage... it was so kinky, Quatre loved it.

Trowa's cock ached as he prepared his angel. The idea that Quatre would let him do this, here, was enough to drive his passion to the limit. All he wanted was to be inside the blond boy, anywhere, anytime.

Quatre squirmed on the hood of the car, anxious to be taken. He felt Trowa's hands leave him, and the unmistakable sound of a zipper. He moaned. "Please, Trowa, hurry!"

"Hurry? Why, Quatre? Because someone could come down here at any time, and see what deliciously depraved things I'm doing to you?" Trowa positioned himself, teasing them both by rubbing his slick cock up and down the cleft of Quatre's perfect ass.

Quatre moaned and tried to push back onto Trowa's erection. "Please, I need it so bad. Fuck me, Trowa!"

"Mmm, I will, Quatre, but I'm not going to hurry. I'm going to enjoy every second of this. Every inch of my hard cock is going deep in your sweet ass, my little angel." Trowa entered him then, pushing in slowly, taking his time. Quatre tried to push back, but Trowa's superior strength held him still.

Quatre whimpered, beyond words.

Trowa continued to press inside his love, saying, "And if anyone does come down here, I don't care. They can watch me fuck the hell out of you on this car, Quatre. You're mine, only mine, and I don't care who knows it." With that, he was all the way inside his angel, and he rolled his hips slowly, making the blond boy gasp.

Quatre was gone, reduced by Trowa to a creature of sensation. He leaned against the car, giving himself over to what his love was doing to him, trusting Trowa to hold him tightly. And Trowa did hold Quatre, gripping the blond's slim hips firmly as he began to thrust his arousal in and out.

Trowa built up a pounding rhythm, reveling in the sounds his thrusts wrenched from his lover's sweet lips. Quatre took every thrust, begging for more in a rapidly rising voice. The sports car rocked with the boy's coupling; then Trowa pulled Quatre back against him, still driving in and out, so he could reach his angel's erection.

Wrapping graceful fingers around Quatre's straining cock, Trowa pumped the other boy inside and out. Quatre couldn't take any more; he cried Trowa's name and emptied his desire all over the shiny black car.

Quatre's body clenched around Trowa's arousal; Trowa quickly followed his love into ecstasy. "I love you," the green-eyed boy gasped, and filled Quatre with his passion.

The two boys clung to each other, lost in the aftermath of ultimate pleasure. Quatre mumbled, "Love you, Trowa... forever," as the taller boy gently helped his lover back into his clothes.

Bonelessly, Quatre slid into the passenger's seat, sighing with happiness. "Home?" he inquired softly.

Trowa smiled at his blond angel, who had captured his heart as well as his body. "Anything for you, Quatre. But might I suggest we go through a car wash first?"

The End