Title: Business As Usual
Author: Jade
Pairing: 2x1
Warnings: AU, lemon
Dedication: To Rosiel, for her lovely pics...
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Duo looked up from the counter at the young man hovering outside the door. He grinned; he'd seen it a thousand times. Newbies. He shook his head. Didn't they realize they looked more obvious hesitating outside the door of an adult store than if they just went in? People were so silly sometimes, especially about sex. Everyone did it, everyone thought about it, and if there wasn't a demand for adult "toys," he wouldn't be standing here right now, working the best job he'd ever had. The hours were good, the pay was great, and he got a 20 percent discount on the merchandise. He smiled as the man made up his mind and walked through the door. He stood there for a moment, looking bewildered, and Duo decided to go over and offer assistance. After he'd checked him out for a few moments, though. Damn, if the man didn't have the nicest body Duo had ever seen outside of a movie. He looked about his own age, early 20's, and was wearing clothes that made it easy to see that incredible body. Tank top and spandex shorts, of all things, and he had the body for it. So many people wore spandex who really shouldn't. The man turned away and left Duo in contemplation of perhaps the finest ass he'd ever laid eyes on. Made him want to lay more than eyes on it. Long, muscular legs, slim hips, and wide shoulders, and the muscle definition in those arms was enough to make Duo drool. A messy mop of dark brown hair that fell in his handsome face, and Duo was in love. Or at least a close approximation. Time to help out the nice customer.

Heero looked around, completely at a loss. Give him any computer, any operating system, any problem and he could solve it. But an adult store? This was too much for him. He had no idea of what half this stuff was for, and upon further inspection he decided he really didn't want to know. He could feel himself blushing already, though he didn't even see anyone around. He had no idea how he had got roped into this; a co-worker of his was getting married, and he'd been conned into buying a gag gift for the groom. He couldn't admit that he had no idea what a gag gift might be. There was no way he was going to tell his colleagues that they were actually working with a 23 year old virgin. He'd never hear the end of it, and then they'd start trying to fix him up with every available woman in the company. And he did *not* want that. The VP's secretary already hit on him nearly every day, to the extent that he was about ready to file sexual harassment charges against the perpetually pink-clad woman. It probably wouldn't do any good, though. He was just about ready to give up and leave when he noticed someone coming toward him. Probably one of the employees, to ask if he needed help and embarrass him further. Just what he needed. He looked up at the polite, "Can I help you with something?" and just barely kept his jaw from hitting the floor.

Heero knew the young man was an employee because the store's name was emblazoned across the front of his shirt. His tight, black t-shirt, that was tucked into even tighter black jeans, that hugged everywhere they were supposed to hug just perfectly. And incidentally left no doubt that their wearer was very definitely male, in spite of the gorgeous long braid of chestnut hair that hung over his shoulder. He looked up, dragging his eyes from contemplation of the lean, lithe torso, and focused on the man's face. He wore a look of amusement, and he was the man of Heero's dreams. That the p erson of Heero's dreams was male was another thing his co-workers didn't know. And in the conservative town he lived in, it had to stay that way, unfortunately. He suddenly realized that a response was required, and as he drowned in violet-blue eyes he decided that maybe he should stay here just a little longer. After all, he had a gift to purchase.

"I... I..." he struggled to find his voice. Heero was naturally a bit shy in new situations, and now, faced with the hottest man he'd ever seen, surrounded by sex toys, he really had to work hard not to stammer.

Duo smiled, genuinely this time. The man was adorable in his confusion. He was even more handsome close up, and the afternoon was looking up. The man had seemed to be checking him out, but he wasn't completely sure. It would be a bad idea to hit on the customers if his advances weren't welcome. He'd have to play it by ear. "Relax. Is it your first time here?"

Amazingly, as Heero looked at the man, he did relax a bit. After all, lots of people must stumble in here, ignorant... he tried a smile and answered, "Yes. I... I'm supposed to buy a gift..."

Duo laughed, a high, pleasant sound. "Ah, you got saddled with buying the bachelor party gag gift, did you? Poor thing. I'm Duo. I'll do my best to make this as painless as possible." He stuck out his hand for Heero to shake it.

Now Heero relaxed even more, shaking Duo's hand and resisting the urge to hold it a bit too long. "Thanks, Duo. I'm Heero. You're exactly right, and I have no clue what I'm doing."

Duo put a hand on Heero's shoulder, biting his lip at the feel of the silky skin over muscle. He was starting to get hard already, and he knew from experience that he got reckless when he got aroused. Down, boy. He steered the other man over to the couples section. "You'll probably want to start over here," he said as soothingly as possible. Normally he wouldn't be quite this helpful but his normal customers didn't have bodies like Heero's. After another long surreptitious look he decided that Heero couldn't possibly be wearing underwear under those shorts, and he got even harder.

Heero looked in amazement at the shelves of mysterious objects. He had no clue what most of them were for, and from the pictures on the packages, he *really* didn't want to know. "Do people really *buy* these things?" He blurted, then realized how ignorant he sounded.

Duo laughed. Heero was really quite cute in his confusion. "Yes, they do," he answered. "Now, let me ask you a couple questions so we can get this over with." Not that he wanted to. "Now I don't want to assume anything. But the couple in question is a heterosexual couple, yes?"

"Yes," answered Heero; it hadn't occurred to him that the toys would be specific. "Does that matter?" He blushed again as he realized what he had asked, and the discussion that might ensue. He really had to pay more attention to what he was saying, but looking at the longhaired man was making the blood rush to other parts of his body than his brain.

Grinning, Duo answered. "Some of them are pretty specific, yes, but some are, um, more general." He had a feeling that Heero really didn't want too much of an explanation.

"Ah," Heero said, at a loss for words. He tried to look at the items without looking too closely at anything. He shook his head. "I really have no clue. Could you just pick something for me?"

Duo raised an eyebrow. "Well, I guess," he said, eyeing the shelves. He spotted a nice set of flavored massage oils, and reached past Heero to pull it off the shelf. He was feeling reckless, and he "accidentally" let his arm brush across Heero's chest as he did so. He just wanted to feel those impressive muscles. "These are always popular," he said, showing Heero.

Heero stared at the package, trying desperately to get a clue as to what it was for. "It looks fine," he said vaguely. He was still trying to recover from the brief touch of Duo's arm against him.

Duo snickered. "You don't know what any of this stuff is, do you?" He wished he could offer to show him, have a chance to put his hands all over that amazing body. But he doubted that customer service could extend quite that far.

Heero looked down. "No, I really don't," he said, embarrassed. "I'll just take this." He started to walk away.

Duo instantly felt ashamed. He hadn't meant to make it sound like he was mocking the other man. "Hey, it's cool, man. Don't be embarrassed. Sometimes I forget that not everyone works with x-rated toys." He placed a hand on Heero's arm. "Wow, dude. You must work out a lot."

Heero turned to look at Duo, smiling shyly. "I just feel so silly in here." He really liked the way Duo's hand felt on him and he had to resist the urge to cover it with his own. "And yes, I lift weights and do martial arts."

Duo stared at Heero's upper arm under his hand, letting his hand trail down softly before letting it drop. He looked up at his face. "Listen," he said. "You've got what you came for, but are you sure I can't show you anything else? We have a whole store of fun stuff, you know." He tried to tell himself he was just trying to make a sale, but he really didn't want Heero to leave.

Heero shivered under Duo's touch, telling himself that it was unintentional, but it still affected him anyway. "I..." he stammered. He didn't want to stop talking to Duo. "Not really..."

"Oh, come on, you're in here now, the worst is over!" said Duo encouragingly. "Why not have a look around? You have a girlfriend?" he asked as casually as possible. It was too much to hope, of course, that the gorgeous man shared his preferences.

"No!" Heero answered, a little more forcefully than he intended. "I, no, I don't. Have anyone. At the moment." He winced as he realized how pathetic that sounded.

"Ah," Duo answered. Heero's answer was a bit odd, and it unsettled him. He wasn't sure what to say next. "Um," he said, casting around in his brain for something neutral to say. "So what kind of girl do you like?" He almost rolled his eyes at himself; he was no good at heterosexual banter. He had no idea what guys talked about.

"Well," said Heero, feeling trapped and blurting out the first thing that came to his mind. "I'm not really interested in girls." As soon as the words left his mouth, he could have slapped himself. Duo would be disgusted with him.

Duo's mouth fell open and then he broke out into a delighted grin. "Really?" he said a bit more excitedly than he meant to. Life had suddenly gotten much better.

Heero looked at Duo. "You mean..." He couldn't believe his luck. This gorgeous creature was gay too?

Duo smiled. "Let's just say we have a lot in common, Heero." Now, more confidently, he grasped the other man's upper arm. "Mmm. I think we should go over here and visit the men only section." He pulled Heero toward the corner of the room.

Heero let himself be led, still trying to grasp the situation. Suddenly, everything was different. He was actually more embarrassed now, but it was an anticipatory embarrassment. He still didn't have a clue what he was doing.

Duo was in his element now. "Ok, we have every flavor of lube known to man. A huge range of assorted dildos, vibrating or not. Four sizes of cock rings; you won't find that in our competitor's store, all sizes of anal plugs, harnesses..." he trailed off, realizing that Heero looked like a deer in the headlights. "What's your kink, Heero? Tell me what you like and I'll help you find the perfect accessory."

Heero just gaped. If anything, there were even more products here than in the other section. He had no idea that people used this stuff. Who would need a 12-pack of cherry lube? He knew what it was used for, of course, theoretically, but his mind was beginning to boggle. "I... don't know," he admitted. It seemed the safest thing to do.

"You don't know?" Duo asked incredulously. He decided to try another tack. "What do you enjoy? Do you usually top or bottom? Do you like oral? Rimming?" The blank look on Heero's face was unsettling.

Heero opened and closed his mouth a few times. He decided that honesty was probably the best policy and if he lied he'd probably get caught pretty quickly anyway.

"I don't know," he repeated. "I've never done it. Anything, really."

It was Duo's turn to gape. His brain couldn't process it, so he blurted out, "Shut up!"

Heero just looked at him a bit sadly, and he went on. "No, seriously. You are not standing there telling me... you're a virgin. You've never had sex." Heero nodded. "Oh my god."

Heero hung his head. "It's ok, I know I'm pathetic. I just... my parents were very conservative, and so was my school, and now my company... I just never had much of a chance, I guess. I must not be very attractive."

Duo's mouth was working but no sound was coming out. Then he found his voice. "You're shitting me, right? You? Not attractive?" Heero didn't say anything, so he went on. "Listen, Heero. You are the sexiest man I have ever seen. *Ever.* I got hard the second I saw that ass of yours walk in. Most gay men I know would cut off a non-vital body part just to *touch* you."

Heero looked at Duo. He still felt like Duo was having one over on him, but his mind was still stuck back on part of the longhaired man's statement. "I made you hard?"

"Fuck yes," purred Duo, and the sound went right to Heero's cock.

"You made me hard too," Heero said hesitantly.

Duo almost moaned. He glanced quickly around the store. It was quite empty this time of day, and the owner didn't usually mind if he shut the store for a half hour so he could have lunch in peace. "Tell you what, Heero," he said with a predatory grin, "We could, um, go into the dressing room and I could, well, show you a few things. So you could see what you've been missing."

Heero could only gape now. "Are you serious?" he breathed. His cock jumped to attention.

"I never lie," said Duo with a smirk. "You interested?"

"What the fuck do you think?" Heero shot back, and Duo laughed as he went to turn the sign around and lock the door. Then he returned to Heero, taking him by the hand and leading him toward the back of the shop. They went through a heavy blue curtain; behind it was a small room that held a couch and little else. The lights were low.

Duo stopped and turned to Heero. The other man looked nervous, so he said, "Relax. I'm in charge, and you don't have to so a thing if you don't want to, I'll take care of everything. We're going to find out what you like."

The promise in Duo's words soothed Heero's nerves a bit; but then again, he wasn't so nervous that he had lost his erection. Not with a sexy creature like Duo standing in front of him, promising ecstasy. "Ok," he said. Then he couldn't talk any more, because Duo was pressing his body against him, and it felt perfect, hardness against hardness, and he wrapped his arms around Duo, and he was lost.

Duo leaned forward, pressing his lips to Heero's, savoring everything. He kept reminding himself to go slowly, that everything they did was completely new to Heero. But god, that body pressed against him, and knowing that no one had ever touched it... Duo deepened the kiss, running his tongue along Heero's lips, asking for entrance.

Heero held Duo carefully; he felt as if he was going to wake up any moment from a truly amazing dream. Duo's mouth on his was warm and hot and he parted his lips when he felt Duo's tongue. He moaned as their tongues entwined; if kissing was this good, he wasn't going to survive the rest.

Duo buried one hand in Heero's hair as he kissed him. They were almost exactly the same height, perfect for grinding their erections together. He rocked his hips, slowly at first, lining up his hardness with Heero's.

Heero pulled back, gasping; the feeling of another cock against his was incredible. Friction, sensation, too hot... he clung to Duo, already close to release.

Duo stared into Heero's lust-fogged eyes. Heero was panting already, and he decided that unless he wanted the other man to come in his pants he'd better move on. Besides, he wanted to unwrap his present. He pulled back reluctantly. "Heero..." he said softly. "May I?" He tugged at the hem of Heero's tank top.

"Sure," Heero said, shyly but eagerly. This was a bit scary but exhilarating. He pulled off his shirt quickly, watching Duo's reaction carefully. His cock was beginning to ache with need.

Duo couldn't help the soft exclamation as he got a good look at just how incredible Heero's body really was. And to think it was all his to play with... he could really get used to this. "Wow..." he said. And he reached out to run a hand down over the flat planes of Heero's pecs and down the washboard stomach. Then he reached the waistband of the spandex shorts, and ran his finger along the edge.

Heero moaned more loudly now; the look on Duo's face was intoxicating. The way he touched him, softly yet enticingly, was driving him wild. It made him feel like the most desirable thing in the world. Then Duo's hand got closer to his arousal, and he tried to find a way to tell the other man that he was about to lose it. The stimulation was too intense, and Duo hadn't even touched him intimately yet.

Duo could feel Heero's stomach muscles trembling, and knew he'd better hurry. "Is this ok?" he asked as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the shorts.

"God, yes," he hissed. "Hurry..." he tried to warn Duo.

"I understand, Heero," Duo said soothingly. He slid the shorts down slowly. "I know you're close. Let me take the edge off for you, then we can have more fun, ok?"

Whimpering as his arousal was exposed, Heero nodded, beyond coherent speech now. He watched as Duo lowered the shorts, and stepped out of them without removing his shoes. It seemed unimportant. He stood in nothing but his shoes, naked and rock hard, erection wet from his need. He should have felt embarrassed, but he only felt desire.

As much as Duo would have liked to just look at Heero for a while, he knew the man needed relief. He sank to his knees in front of Heero, looking at his erection with glee. Thick, uncut, and beautiful, Heero's cock cried out for attention. He reached up and wrapped his fingers around it, slowly. He stroked up and down a couple of times before leaning forward and swiping his tongue around the tip.

Heero's mind nearly shut down when Duo knelt in front of him. He couldn't possibly... then Duo was touching him, stroking him, and his knees threatened to buckle. He moaned loudly, and closed his eyes, only to have them fly open when he felt the warm wetness of Duo's mouth take him in. "FUCK!" was all he could manage to say as he was overloaded by pleasure.

Duo's mouth descended, and all at once Heero was coming; nothing could hold back his climax as he surrendered to pleasure. He felt himself constrict, then explode, and he thought he was going to die, it felt so good. It seemed to go on forever, and he knew he was yelling Duo's name but he couldn't help it. When he came back to himself, his hands were buried in Duo's hair and the longhaired man was looking up at him, grinning.

"I think you liked that," Duo said unnecessarily, licking his lips as he stood up.

Heero looked at Duo, still shellshocked. "Fuck yeah," was all he could manage.

Duo laughed softly. "Good to know I still have my touch," he said. He really loved to suck cock, especially for someone as incredible as Heero. The feeling of power, the raw lust turned him on. And it had been quite a while since he'd found anyone who met his standards. And wanted him. Long hair was apparently out of style. "Why don't we sit down for a minute?" he led Heero over to the couch.

Heero nodded and let himself be led to the couch. Duo sat, and pulled him down next to him, then pulled him close into a lingering kiss. He tasted himself in Duo's mouth and it was odd but not unpleasant. It was a reminder of what they had just done, and he already felt a tingle of arousal once again.

Duo let his hands roam over Heero's body as they kissed. God, he was going to enjoy this... he pulled back and whispered, "Ready for me to show you more?"

"Yes," replied Heero hoarsely. "What do you want me to do?"

"Just sit right there for a minute," Duo said, and got up quickly. He pulled his shirt off as he walked over to a cabinet, rummaging around until he came up with a tube and a foil packet. Then he turned and walked back toward Heero. As much as he wanted to show Heero all sorts of toys, he was about to lose it himself. There would be time for games later; right now all he wanted was to be buried in that tight body.

Heero looked up at Duo, and felt himself harden even more at the predatory look on Duo's face and the sway of his hips. His eyes traveled over the other man's body; Duo was slim and lithe but looked like he could hold his own in any fight. His tight jeans were stretched over his very obvious erection, and Heero licked his lips. Duo looked threatening and dangerous and promising all in one.

Duo stopped in front of Heero, and tossed the tube onto the couch next to him. Then he dropped his hands to the button of his jeans, unfastening them. He paused, catching Heero's eye just as he lowered the zipper. Carefully, as he wore nothing underneath. He kicked off his shoes, then lowered his jeans. Anticipation sang throughout his body as his erection was freed, pointing straight at Heero as if it knew what it wanted to do. He pulled off the jeans, finally standing naked in front of the man whose virginity he would momentarily claim. He just hoped he could make it last in that hot body. He stepped forward and pulled Heero down, off the couch, and helped him position himself on his knees, on the floor, upper body supported by the couch and his ass deliciously in the air. He kneeled on the floor next to Heero, and leaned forward to kiss him as he ran a hand down his back.

Heero moaned into the kiss, arching up like a cat and almost ready to purr. He should have been embarrassed in this position, but Duo's mouth and Duo's hands and Duo's body made him just lustful. He felt a hand trace carefully down the cleft of his ass, slick with lube, and he gasped when fingers brushed against his entrance.

"Relax, Heero," soothed Duo, circling the sensitive flesh, setting Heero's body on fire. "Any time you want me to stop, just say so." Heero just moaned, though, and he carefully slid one finger inside.

"Fuck," gasped Heero, trying to get used to the new sensation. He'd dreamed of this, but the actuality was much more intense. "More," he begged wantonly. The feeling of being filled, opened, touched inside... it was perfect, and he was fully hard again.

Duo added another finger, marveling at how tight Heero was, yet he was asking for more. His cock ached for him to hurry, ached to be buried in Heero's tight channel. He prepped him thoroughly, though, slowly, because Heero was a virgin and he wanted his first time to be perfect. Soon, he was thrusting three fingers in and out of the other man, hitting his prostate as much as possible, and Heero was positively yowling for the real thing. And Duo was more than ready to give it to him.

Heero moaned in anticipation as he felt Duo position himself behind him. He grabbed the couch, prepared for some pain but he wanted this so badly. He could feel the hot pressure of Duo's arousal against his entrance, felt Duo's hands on his hips, felt the heat of the other man. He wanted this. His cock pulsed, harder than it had ever been.

Duo leaned forward, pressing his lubed cock against Heero's inviting body. "I'll go slow, Heero, just tell me if you need me to stop, ok?" He didn't add that he hoped he *could* stop.

"Just do it, please," Heero said through gritted teeth. He felt like he was going to explode already.

He couldn't wait any longer. Duo pressed, wincing as his cock slid in to Heero's incredibly tight body, certain he must be hurting the other man. Then he slid further, and stopped thinking, his whole world narrowed down to the tight heat gripping him. "Fuck," he hissed, gripping Heero's hips tightly. No one could be this tight. He kept pushing, burying his cock deep inside, claiming Heero.

Heero forced himself to relax. It did hurt slightly, but not too badly, and the feeling of being filled so completely was more than worth it. He put his head down on the couch, surrendering, and just feeling everything. "Good..." he managed to moan.

"Only good?" Duo grinned, his voice tight with retrained need. "I'll have to do something about that, then..." He pulled back slowly, carefully, then drove in a bit harder.

This pulled a keening moan from Heero, and he pushed back against Duo, wanting more. He knew it would just get better with every stroke, and he wanted Duo to hurry.

"God, Heero," panted Duo, his composure almost gone. "Do you have any idea how hot you are?" He thrust in again, more quickly and deeper this time, and couldn't stop a ragged groan from escaping.

"Just fuck me," gasped Heero. "Hard." With every thrust, there was less pain and more pleasure, because the deeper Duo plunged into him, the more he brushed across his prostate. He gripped the couch, moaning even louder, meeting every thrust.

Faster and faster, and Duo knew he was close. He leaned forward and wrapped his hand around Heero's cock and stroked quickly. He was moaning continuously now.

"Oh my GOD!" Heero screamed as he felt the new stimulation. Duo's hand stroked him in time to his thrusts, and he climaxed once again, unable to resist even if he wanted to. It felt even better than the first time, with the added stimulation of Duo deep inside him.

It was too much for Duo; helpless, he followed Heero into release. He screamed Heero's name and thrust once more and then he filled him; almost blacking out, he collapsed onto Heero's back. Never had he had a climax so intense.

They came down to earth slowly; kissing Heero's back gently, Duo pulled out, and they collapsed onto the couch together.

When Heero finally left the store, he realized he'd forgotten to buy the gift. But he had Duo's phone number.

The End