Title: Dare
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Notes: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Sharon

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero could tell the decision had already been made, by the looks on the boys' faces. They didn't want to accept him into their fraternity, but they didn't have a good reason not to. Yet. They were looking for one.

Heero wasn't sure why; not that he really wanted into this fraternity, or any fraternity for that matter. It was his father that wanted him to pledge, and it was his father that paid the bills, so here he was. He sighed. "Look, just say it, you're not going to accept me."

The boys looked at each other. In Heero's opinion, they were a bunch of dumb jocks whose collective IQ's didn't add up to half of his. The president of the fraternity put on an obviously placatory expression. "Hey man, that's not it at all!"

Heero just raised his eyebrow as if to say, Yeah right, and another member chimed in. "It's just that we're real selective, dude."

The rest of the frat boys nodded sycophantically. The leader glanced out the front window, his smirk widening, and went on, "We'd be glad to accept you," he said, and the rest of them stared openmouthed at him, "As long as you can complete a small challenge."

"Challenge?" Heero said skeptically.

"A challenge, yes," smirked the leader. "Should be a piece of cake." He led Heero over to the window. "You up for it?"

"Maybe," Heero said.

"Ok, well," the boy began, looking out the window. "This fraternity has a reputation that, well... its members are popular with the ladies, if you know what I mean."

Heero rolled his eyes. "Yes, I know what you mean. Get to the point." He was getting impatient.

"Well, you see that hottie over there? The one with the long brown hair?" he pointed out the window to a person who had their back to them, talking animatedly to several other people, long chestnut hair in a neat braid that swung enticingly against a firm ass.

"Yeah," said Heero warily. He had a feeling about this. A bad one.

There were a few snickers behind them and the leader went on, "Well, if you want in, all you gotta do is get her to go the first big dance, and dance a slow dance together, and kiss her. We'll be watching, and then you're in."

Heero glanced over his shoulder; the other members seemed to find this incredibly funny. "That's all?" he said to the boy in charge. "Why is that such a challenge?"

"No, if we told you that, it would be too easy," laughed the frat boy. "Of course, if you don't think you're up to it..." The rest of the group snickered again.

Heero didn't like not knowing what was going on, but what he liked even less was being laughed at, and the fact that these guys had already decided to reject him, but didn't really have a good reason yet. He decided he would take their little challenge, beat them at their own game, then reject *them*. "Deal," he said shortly.

"You're gonna do it?" the leader said incredulously.

"That's what I said," Heero responded. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job to do." He walked out quickly, ignoring the laughter behind him and the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He could do this, and then he would make fools of them.

Heero wasn't being egotistical. He was always being approached by girls, who giggled and asked him out, or for his phone number, or his name. He wasn't sure why; he didn't try at all, didn't bother with his tousled hair or his appearance much, just threw on whatever clothes happened to be clean. He liked the comfort of spandex shorts and tank tops in the warm weather; it was easy to move and ride his bike that way. He knew he looked unusual, with his mixed Asian heritage, but he really didn't know what all the fuss was about.

Besides, he wasn't interested in girls.

Not that he had had much of a chance to do anything about it; he may have been oblivious but he knew it wasn't politically correct to be gay. His parents would cut him off financially and emotionally if they knew, and he figured if they didn't know by now, it really wasn't any of their business.

He'd hoped that once he got to college he'd have some chance to find a boyfriend, but then his father had insisted that he join his old fraternity, and by the looks of the place, there would be no room for experimentation here. He sighed, resigning himself to seeking out some anonymous gay bar in another town, and walked toward his prey. It wouldn't be so bad, he didn't have to sleep with her, just a dance and a kiss, and it would be done.

Racking his brain for an opening line, he decided straightforward was best, and just marched up behind the girl and said, "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, but I saw you across the quad and you were so beautiful I had to come ask you to the dance."

The two girls that the longhaired one was talking to burst into inexplicable laughter, so much so that Heero glanced down involuntarily to see if there was something wrong with his appearance. Nothing was apparent, though, and he just looked confused.

Without turning around, the girl said, in a surprisingly deep voice, "See, Sharon, you didn't believe me when I said this happens all the time. Go on, you two, I'll deal with this and catch you in Physics." The girls waved and walked off, and only then did she turn around to face Heero.

Heero's jaw dropped.

The girl wasn't. A girl. She was a guy. No, he was a guy. Heero was confused. He was a guy, and a very hot one at that. Heero would have asked him out in an instant.

The boy stood there, apparently enjoying Heero's reaction for a bit, then said, "Yes, I'm a guy. Yes, you're an idiot. You can go now." And he turned his back and started to walk away across the grass.

Heero stood gaping for a moment, waiting for his brain to catch up to the situation, then he yelled, "Wait!"

The boy stopped and turned around. "What, you don't believe me? Want me to drop my pants? Raise my shirt? Prove I'm a man?"

As much as Heero would have liked just that, he didn't think that would go over that well. He didn't even know if the boy was gay. He groped for the first thing he could think of. "What's your name?"

The boy frowned. Clearly, he'd never been asked that before. "Duo. Duo Maxwell. Why do you care?"

Heero walked slowly closer. He decided that honesty was the best policy for now, and he said, "Because we've both been the butt of a joke and I want to get back at the ones who did it."

"Now you have my attention, spandex boy," Duo said, dropping his backpack to the ground. "Talk to me."

Heero explained the fraternity challenge. Leaving out the fact that he was gay, of course.

"Those Neanderthals should have been kicked out years ago," Duo said with disgust. "Why are you pledging them, anyway?"

"My father," Heero explained. Duo nodded sagely.

"I hear you, man. I'm an orphan myself, scraping by on scholarships and loans. You gotta do what you gotta do."

"But they're waiting for me to fail," Heero pointed out. "Wouldn't it piss them off royally if we did it?"

"What? The dance and the kiss?" Duo laughed. "We'd sure cause a stir." He looked at Heero with narrowed eyes. "You wouldn't be embarrassed? To do that in public?"

Heero shrugged. "I don't care what people think of me." He was interested in Duo's response to this; he wasn't sure if the boy was gay, but he was definitely getting some vibes.

Duo smiled. "I'm glad to see that some students here are still open- minded."

Well, that didn't really give him much of a clue, now did it? Heero forged on anyway. "So what do you say? Will you do it?"

Duo shrugged. "Why not? It sounds like a laugh."

So they exchanged phone numbers, and as Duo walked off he turned toward the astonished frat members, still watching at the window, and gave them a wave. Then walked away laughing.


Heero had looked at the entry in his cell phone that said "Duo Maxwell" about a hundred times since their meeting. He kept wondering how soon would be too soon to call him. The dance was only a week away, but it wasn't as if they had much to plan; just basically when they would meet. He really wanted to talk to the other boy, and see him again. But he didn't want to seem too eager. After all, he didn't even know if Duo would be interested in him, even if he was gay.

He held back until the Tuesday before the dance. He had butterflies in his stomach as he waited for the call to go through. A male voice answered, but he wasn't absolutely sure, so he asked for Duo anyway.

"Spandex boy! I thought you'd never call. 'Sup?"

Heero smiled unnecessarily, as Duo couldn't see him. "Just seeing if you're still willing to help me out at the dance."

The voice at the other end laughed, a low erotic sound that went straight to Heero's crotch. His body insisted on interpreting the sound sexually. "Oh yeah," Duo replied, then seemed to catch himself. "I mean, yes, of course, we have to humiliate the frat boys, right?"

"Yes, we do," Heero said faintly, trying desperately to keep his mind on the conversation. "Want me to pick you up?"

"That'd be great, actually. I don't have a car," Duo answered.

"Well, I have a motorcycle, is that all right?" Heero said.

That deep, sexy laugh again and Heero definitely had a problem. "That's perfect, I love bikes."

Then it hit Heero that he'd have Duo pressed up against him, holding on tightly... he almost missed it when Duo gave him his address.

They hung up, and Heero had to go to the bathroom and take care of his problem before he could even begin to concentrate on his homework.


The day of the dance arrived, and Heero found himself more nervous than ever. It wasn't even as if this was a real date, but he thought he might be getting a bit infatuated with the longhaired boy. He resolved to find out Duo's orientation tonight, and if possible, act on his feelings.

If he didn't lose his nerve.

It was a casual dance, so everyone would probably be in jeans or shorts. Heero decided that he would forego the spandex for today and wear jeans. He stared at his small selection of shirts and decided on one that was blue and buttoned up; it was probably the dressiest thing he owned. He'd never bothered with dances before, for obvious reasons. He wasn't nervous about dancing with another guy in public; in the remote chance that his father ever found out, he could laugh it off as a fraternity joke.

Heero pulled his bike up in front of the address Duo had given him. It was a large apartment building, and he suddenly worried that Duo hadn't given him an apartment number. But as he stopped the bike, a longhaired figure detached itself from the shadows and sauntered toward him.

Heero felt his mouth go dry as he looked at Duo.

When Heero had first seen him on campus, Duo had been wearing the standard college student's uniform of a t-shirt and jeans. Duo still wore jeans, but now they were black and snug, worn with a tight sleeveless red top that hugged his torso perfectly. His hair was tied back in a ponytail this time, still wavy from the braid, and a few wisps of hair had come loose and framed his face. Heero was struck again by how gorgeous Duo looked; beautiful in a completely masculine yet delicate way.

He realized with a start that he was staring again, and Duo was standing in front of him smirking. "Hi," he said as steadily as he could manage. "You look great."

Had Heero imagined it, or had Duo's eyes flicked appreciatively over his body before he grinned and said, "Thanks. You too."

"Thanks," Heero said, feeling like an idiot. "Ready to go?"

Duo laughed again, and the sexy sound was even more potent in person. "I'm always ready, baby." And with that, he swung himself over the back of the bike behind Heero and wrapped his arms around Heero's waist.

Heero sat stunned for a long moment, wondering if Duo meant what he thought he meant by that. It didn't help to have the other boy's hands on his stomach or his warm breath on his ear. Heero sincerely hoped he could remember how to drive the bike with no blood in his brain. He was hard as a rock.

Somehow he managed it, though later he couldn't remember much of the fifteen minute drive except the feeling of Duo close behind him.

They walked into the room, drawing no notice at first. Heero noticed the fraternity boys in a knot in a corner, though, and pulled Duo unobtrusively that way.

It didn't take them long to notice. Many shocked faces turned their way and hands were pointing. Heero tried not to grin too widely. The looks on their faces were priceless. They got even more so when Duo smirked and slipped his arm through Heero's and they walked out to the dance floor.

"You ready for this, spandex boy?" whispered Duo in Heero's ear.

Heero tried to keep Duo away from his body or the other man would instantly know how ready he was. Did it have to be a slow song? "Yes," he managed to say.

Relentless, Duo moved closer, saying, "We have to make this look real, you know..."

Heero just nodded and moved back as much as he could. It had the effect of moving them further onto the dance floor and people had begun to notice them. He didn't care. He had his arms around Duo and he smelled incredible.

"Relax, I won't bite," whispered Duo in his ear. "It's too late to back out now..."

"I don't want to," answered Heero softly, and Duo looked at him in surprise. Heero knew he must look flushed, and hoped he was right about Duo. Or else he was about to make a really big mistake.

"Heero?" Duo asked tentatively.

"I think we're supposed to kiss now," said Heero, looking intently into Duo's eyes. He noticed now that they were a peculiar shade of blue, almost violet in this light.

"Yes, I suppose we are," replied Duo, eyes wide.

Both of them keeping their eyes wide open, they slowly swayed to the music as they brought their lips together. It seemed to take forever to close the distance, but finally soft lips touched his and Heero's eyes fluttered shut.

Both their eyes popped open, though, at the smattering of applause the broke out around them, and they pulled back and looked around sheepishly. Heero looked around. Many people looked shocked, but several people gave them a thumbs-up.

The frat boys were clearly flabbergasted.

Heero gave them a thumbs-up.

Then he turned back to Duo.

"Well, mission accomplished, then, right?" Duo sighed, looking wistful.

"Yes," agreed Heero. But he didn't let go of Duo.

They continued to move slowly across the floor, bodies only inches apart.

Abruptly, Heero said, "I'd really like to kiss you again."

Duo replied, "And I'd really like it if you did."

Their eyes locked again, and Heero moved in, more confidently this time, intent on only one thing: Duo's full mouth. Their lips touched, and it was even better this time; Heero deepened the kiss, pressing more firmly, and Duo's lips parted as he moaned softly. Heero moaned too, as the warmth of Duo's mouth overwhelmed him. Their tongues slid gently together, and the rest of the world faded away.

After what seemed like hours, Heero pulled back and looked into Duo's eyes. Those eyes blinked back at him and Duo whispered, "I think this is where we get out of here."

Heero smiled and said, "Sounds perfect. One thing first, though."

With a small bow to their audience, Heero led Duo over to the shocked fraternity boys. He stopped in front of them, still holding Duo's hand. "Well, hello, gentlemen. I believe I fulfilled the terms of the agreement, did I not?"

He waited, trying to suppress a grin as they looked at each other helplessly. Finally, one of them stammered, "Well, we have to talk to Jack, he's the president, you know, and he has to approve... it wasn't really official..."

Duo snorted. "Everyone on campus knows about your little "jokes," boys. As many complaints as you idiots have gotten, it won't be long until your charter gets revoked anyway."

Heero smiled at them. "Well, in that case, I suppose I'd be better off not joining you guys. I wouldn't want to get mixed up with the wrong crowd, you know. Ruin my reputation and all that."

One of the bigger, more stupid ones piped up. "We don't want you anyway, you little faggot."

Before Heero could answer, though, Duo laughed. "This campus has an official policy of non-discrimination based on sexual preference, sunshine. Calling us derogatory names in front of such an audience," he waved his hand to indicate the hundred or so people watching avidly, "Well, that's bound to be against the rules, and one more black mark against your little fraternity, isn't it?"

While the fraternity boys were trying to think up a suitable reply, Heero said, "Well, boys, it's been fun, but I'm afraid Duo and I have better things to do. See ya. Oh, that's right, I won't."

Amid laughter and applause, Heero and Duo exited, and they made their way to Heero's bike. Heero turned to Duo, who was smiling radiantly at him. "That went perfectly, Duo. Thank you."

Duo laughed that sexy laugh again, and he wrapped his arms around Heero's neck and pressed their bodies together. "Thank me, then," he murmured before capturing Heero's lips again.

This time, there was no hesitation and the kiss became torrid. Heero put his arms around Duo, tangling one hand in the long brown hair and letting the other slide to Duo's hip. Soon, they were pressed tightly against each other and there was no doubt that they both wanted this badly.

They pulled back, both panting, and Duo said, "Take me somewhere, anywhere, fast."

Heero's heart was pounding fast; this was all too good to be true. "My roommate won't be home until late. Is my apartment ok?"

Pushing his hips insistently against Heero's, Duo rubbed his erection against the other man's. "Is it close?"

"Yes," replied Heero, and they both climbed quickly onto the bike.

The ride this time was even more difficult to concentrate on; not only was Duo pressed even more tightly to his back, Heero could also feel the other boy's arousal against him. His own pulsed in answer, and they were lucky to make it in one piece.

Finally, they made it, and Duo rubbed up against Heero as he tried to get the door open. He succeeded, and Duo pushed the door open quickly, apparently impatient. Barely sparing a glance around, Duo stood in the middle of the living room, hands on hips. "Get over here, spandex boy," he purred in a low voice.

Heero locked the door behind him and turned to Duo, grinning as he sauntered closer. Suddenly the tension became pleasurable; both of them knew what would happen next. "But I'm not wearing spandex right now."

Duo growled, reaching out to grab Heero's shirt collar and dragging him close. "Details, baby, details. You won't be wearing much of anything soon." He considered a moment, then added, "Except me."

"Well, I suggest we get in my bedroom, then," purred Heero, pulling the unresisting Duo along with him.

"Thought you'd never ask," shot back Duo, trying to pull off Heero's shirt on the way.

Heero barely got the door shut behind them when Duo was all over him. Lean, hard, hot, urgent, their bodies tried to melt together, and suddenly there were far too many clothes in the way.

Duo finally managed to get Heero's shirt off and was acting like a child with a new toy. "Daaaamn," he breathed, stretching the word out to two syllables as he let his hands play over Heero's toned torso. "Is the rest of you this nice?"

Heero moaned softly as Duo's fingers drove him insane. "You'll have to find that out for yourself."

"Don't mind if I do," purred Duo, dropping smoothly to his knees as he unfastened Heero's jeans.

"Oh, fuck," groaned Heero as he almost came in his pants from the sight.

"Patience," chided Duo, sliding the zipper down carefully.

"God, you're hot," moaned Heero, hoping he didn't lose his balance.

Duo eased Heero's jeans and boxers down, the whistled as an impressive erection sprang forth. "Yeah, baby," he said in a fake accent. Then he looked up at Heero, licking his lips.

Heero whimpered, and tried to keep his feet. Then his cock disappeared into Duo's mouth, and he nearly passed out. He'd only experienced this a very few times and his lovers had been few and far between. Especially lately. It was more than he could bear. Hot, wet, and Heero finally had to gasp, "Stop!"

Duo looked up curiously, hand still wrapped around Heero's length. "You don't like?"

"I like too much," Heero panted, hoping Duo would understand.

Grinning, Duo got to his feet. "I get it." He pulled his shirt off in one quick movement, accidentally dislodging his hair tie. "Oops." He made to refasten his hair, but Heero stopped him.

"Leave it loose, please?" Heero had fantasized quite a few times about what Duo would look like with his hair loose, but the reality was even better. Cascading around his bare shoulders, the golden brown locks made Duo even sexier. Duo was less muscled than Heero, his lean body smooth and tanned.

Heero stepped out of his jeans and boxers and kicked them away, standing shyly in front of Duo.

Duo smiled and dropped the hair tie on top of his shirt and moved his hand to the button of his jeans as his eyes roamed over Heero's naked body. "You're fucking incredible, you know that, Heero?"

"Thanks," said Heero, eyeing Duo greedily as the other man lowered his jeans and underwear. Duo's body was exactly what he dreamed about, lithe and slim and smooth. He couldn't wait to get his hands all over him.

Finally, both boys were naked and ready. Duo closed the distance between them and pressed his body against Heero's. Both moaned as their aroused bodies touched at long last. Heero buried his hands in Duo's hair and moaned as Duo rocked against him. Their mouths sought each other out, tongues entwined passionately.

The parted, both panting, and Heero said, "Bed?"

"Perfect," murmured Duo, backing up until the backs of his legs hit the bed.

Heero followed him down, ending up straddling Duo's hips as they kissed once again. Duo arched up against him and Heero groaned; Duo was perfect.

They kissed, and hands roamed everywhere. Heero was busy trying to touch Duo all over his sexy body, and Duo was doing the same. They rolled over, and Duo was on top, moving down to nibble at Heero's nipples, always keeping their hard cocks in contact.

"Duo..." breathed Heero. "I want you so much..."

Duo sat back, straddling Heero's hips now and looking very decadent. "What do you like? Top or bottom?"

"I don't care," moaned Heero truthfully. "As long as you're there."

Duo smiled down at Heero, hair framing him. "I think I want you inside me, Heero," he said softly. "I want you to pin me to the bed, spread my legs apart and take me..."

"Oh god," gasped Heero. Then he moved, flipping them over again and pressing Duo to the bed with his body.

"Oh yes, Heero..." Duo moaned, losing his composure at last. "Need you to give it to me, hard..."

That was almost more than Heero could take, and he fumbled quickly in the bedside drawer, hoping that the condoms and lube he usually kept there wouldn't elude his grasp. Finally, his hand emerged clutching both, and with hurried motions and pleas from Duo, Heero prepped his new lover and himself.

Finally everything was ready, and Heero positioned himself, almost aching with need to possess the longhaired boy. Duo was openly begging now, wrapping his long legs around Heero, urging him to move. Inch by inch, Heero slid into Duo's tight body, and both men paused to adjust.

"Oh god, yes, that's it, Heero, you're inside me, fuck me, hard, do it *now*!" gasped Duo, wriggling and moaning and tightening his muscles around Heero until he couldn't keep from moving.

Slowly, they built a rhythm, Heero pulling out and plunging more deeply into Duo's willing body with every thrust. Duo was a screamer, telling Heero repeatedly how perfect he was, how much he liked what Heero was doing to him, and how good it felt to have Heero's thick cock inside him.

Heero didn't say much, because speech would have been too much for him; the vision of Duo writhing beneath him and the feeling of his hot body gripping him were almost more than he could take. Heero thought surely he would die soon from sheer pleasure.

But he didn't, and it kept getting better, until Duo was clinging to him, screaming for more. Then Duo slid his hand between them, pumping his own cock quickly, all the while telling Heero he was a god.

Heero felt Duo tighten around him as the other boy let out his loudest scream yet, and he felt Duo's seed hot and wet between them. Crying out, Heero followed Duo into release, marveling at the fact that this much ecstasy really should be fatal.

But it wasn't, and both men came to a few moments later, sated and sticky and breathing hard.

Duo smiled at Heero as he rolled off of him carefully. "Remind me to send a thank-you note to those frat boys."

Heero pulled Duo close, kissing him softly. "Remind me to install soundproofing in this room before I ask you out again."

The End