Title: Drink to Me Only With Thine...
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x6
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Treize and Zechs fled another boring cocktail party, slightly buzzed and aching to escape. They leaned against the wall outside the room, laughing and dissecting their dinner companions.

"Did you see Colonel Tanitoff?" sputtered Treize. "His toupee was about to slide into his soup!"

Zechs nodded, holding his sides, which ached from laughter. "He should get a hair transplant. General Zegreb's wife could donate, she's got more hair on her face than her husband!"

This set both men off, and they stumbled down the hallways to their respective quarters, still giggling. They reached Treize's room first, and the OZ general fumbled with the security code. He failed twice before Zechs pushed him gently out of the way and punched in the correct code while Treize leaned on him.

Zechs stood back to let his commanding officer enter his rooms, but Treize was still attached, and stumbled forward into the blond. Zechs caught him, and they stared into each other's eyes for a long moment. Then Treize's face split into a wide grin. "What would I do without you, Zechsy? How can I thank you? Oh, I know! I have a wonderful bottle of wine I've been saving..." With that, he grabbed hold of Zechs' jacket and dragged him in.

Zechs tried to protest, but halfheartedly; there was nothing he wanted more than to be alone with Treize, even if it only served to fuel his late night fantasies when he was alone in his bed later. He had lusted after his commanding officer for as long as he could remember, and he couldn't help torturing himself by watching Treize every chance he got.

Treize wouldn't hear of Zechs leaving, however, and dragged him into the kitchen while he retrieved the bottle and two glasses. The ginger haired man surreptitiously gazed at his blond companion, admiring the fall of the man's exquisite hair. Then Zechs took off his mask, and Treize was as transfixed as always when his friend's beautiful face was revealed. Piercing azure eyes, perfectly formed features, sensuous mouth; covering that face was truly a shame. Treize dragged his eyes away reluctantly; it wouldn't do to drool all over his best friend, and ruin their personal and professional relationship, not mention disgust Zechs.

They wandered out into the living room, still discussing the party. Zechs slumped on the couch while Treize stayed standing, doing a dead-on impersonation of one of the guests that sent the blond man into peals of laughter.

Zechs applauded, and Treize took an elegant bow, finishing the performance by draining his glass in one gulp, with his trademark flourish. Zechs couldn't stand it.

"How do you DO that?" he demanded.

Treize frowned down at him. "Do what?"

"That flick-of-the-wrist, draining-your-glass thing. You do it all the time, and you never spill!" Zechs answered.

Treize looked down at his glass as if it would help him. "I don't know, I just do it. I never really thought about it."

"It looks really cool," Zechs enthused, mentally berating himself for sounding like a lovesick teenager. Which, he had to admit to himself, he actually was.

Treize didn't seem to mind though. "You think so? Thanks!" Damn, Zechs looked adorable when he smiled...

"Teach me?" Zechs asked, looking up at Treize, wishing he could ask for something else.

Oh, god, thought Treize, I'd love to... "Uh, sure! It's sort of like," he held up his glass, empty, and flicked his wrist expertly, "This."

Zechs stood up and tried it; luckily his glass was empty, because it nearly flew out of his less-than-nimble fingers. Treize tried to stifle a giggle; Zechs was cute when he pouted.

"Don't laugh at me! I can do it." Zechs tried again. This time was better, and he experimented several times, until he actually looked quite competent.

Treize watched Zechs, trying not to get distracted by the fact that Zechs had shrugged off his jacket and his muscles strained the immaculately white dress shirt. He felt himself harden at the sight of his blond friend, tight black pants accentuating slim hips and a tight little ass. He was tipsy enough to push his fascination a bit farther. "Here, let me show you," he purred.

Zechs held his breath as Treize came near. The older man reached out and touched Zechs' hand, and the blond man nearly gasped. Treize's face was only inches away as he... adjusted the way Zechs was holding the glass. Zechs didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed. He was just catching his breath when Treize stepped around behind him, still touching his hand.

Treize knew he was playing with fire; standing so close to the beautiful blond man made him even harder, and it was difficult to stop himself from touching more than Zechs' hand. Zechs looked even more gorgeous this close up, and desire and alcohol emboldened him even more. Zechs seemed to be blushing; or was he just flushed from the wine? Treize leaned against Zechs from behind, carefully keeping his lower body from coming in contact with his friend, though he wanted nothing more than to grind his erection against that ass and show Zechs just how much he wanted him.

Zechs tried to breathe normally as the object of his lust stepped behind him. He thought he could feel the heat emanating from Treize's body; then the other man's chest pressed against him. A spike of pure lust shot through the blond's body, going straight to his aching cock. What was Treize doing? Zechs couldn't think straight with Treize so close. He was so hard it literally hurt.

"Like this," Treize murmured, his sensual voice only centimeters from the blond's ear. This close, he could smell Zechs' subtle scent, a mix of his shampoo and the blond's own masculine fragrance. It was more intoxicating than the wine. Closing his eyes in an effort to maintain control, he guided the other man's hand, demonstrating the technique. Then, trembling with the effort to not ravish Zechs, he stepped back, trying in vain to adjust his pants.

Zechs kept his back to Treize for a moment, trusting neither his body nor his voice, and tried to calm himself. "I think I'm ready," he said as he turned around, "to try it with the wine." Among other things, he thought.

So am I, agreed Treize mentally. But what he said was, "Fine," and poured a few inches of wine in Zechs' glass. Then he stood back and watched.

Flashing Treize a crooked grin, Zechs quipped, "Here goes nothing!" He flicked his wrist, throwing the wine back... all over him. "Shit!" the blond exclaimed, as the red liquid dribbled down, staining his white shirt. Some even made it as far as his pants.

Treize immediately sprang into action, grabbing some napkins and rushing to his friend's side, trying to soak up the wine. He wiped at the white shirt, dabbing and trying not to notice that Zechs' chest felt like steel under silk, muscles hard and defined. How he wanted to touch that skin, lick it...

Zechs was torn between feeling embarrassed at his mistake and enjoying the attention Treize was giving him. How good it felt to finally have the other man's hands on him, even if it was only to soak up the wine. But the shirt was clearly a loss, and as Treize's hands went lower to dab at his pants, Zechs had to stop him. He couldn't take the chance that the older man would feel how aroused he was.

"Sorry," Zechs said, eyes downcast. "I'm such a klutz."

"This, from the only man in all of earth and space capable of piloting Tallgeese," Treize chided. "Clumsy you are not, my friend. What you are is soaked, and I insist you get that shirt off so I can have it cleaned." And so I can see you half-naked, his body added.

Zechs knew, absolutely knew, this was a bad idea, but his hormones were in control now, and he found himself fumbling with his shirts buttons as he said, "You're probably right."

Treize couldn't take his eyes off the blond as he unbuttoned his shirt. "Of course I'm right. I'm always right," he said, trying not to drool as more of Zechs' incredible body was revealed. He'd never seen his best friend with his shirt off before, and he found himself licking his lips in anticipation.

Zechs saw Treize watching fixedly as he unbuttoned his shirt. Dropping his gaze, he was stunned to see what looked like a very large bulge in the front of the other man's pants. Not believing his eyes, he looked back up at Treize's face, and was startled to see the older man gazing back at him with what could only be described as a predatory gaze. Their eyes met, and a shock ran through his body as he unfastened the last button and let the shirt fall open.

Treize knew he had been caught; he could no longer hide his huge erection, and there was no way he could explain the way he couldn't take his eyes off of Zechs. Their eyes met again, and Treize searched for rejection or disgust on the other man's face, finding neither.

Zechs took a deep breath, and took the plunge. Not breaking their gaze, he very deliberately shrugged the stained shirt off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. He stood still, nearly feeling the weight of Treize's gaze as it very obviously traveled all over his body. The attention aroused him even more, and the ache from his hard cock threatened to overcome his reason. Catching his friend's eyes again, the blond smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow as if to ask for approval.

Treize spoke one word, all that was necessary. "Beautiful," he breathed in his seductive voice, and closed the distance between then in one stride. Stopping only millimeters from Zechs, he raised his eyes as if to ask for permission. The blond met his eyes boldly, no longer unsure. An unspoken agreement passed between them. Then Treize leaned forward, brushing his lips gently against Zechs'.

Treize spoke one word, all that was necessary. "Beautiful," he breathed in his seductive voice, and closed the distance between then in one stride. Stopping only millimeters from Zechs, he raised his eyes as if to ask for permission. The blond met his eyes boldly, no longer unsure. An unspoken agreement passed between them. Then Treize leaned forward, brushing his lips gently against Zechs'.

The floodgates opened; years of restrained lust broke free. Zechs pressed back against Treize's lips, opening his mouth in invitation. Treize accepted, finally plunging his tongue into the sweet mouth he'd wanted to ravage for so long. Treize brought his hands up to Zechs' slim waist, pulling the other man tight against him. Zechs put his arms around Treize's neck, and melted into the embrace.

Both men moaned as their cloth-bound erections came into contact at long last. They ground their hard cocks against each other desperately, reveling in the sweet friction. The kiss deepened, and Treize rocked his hips against Zechs'.

The kiss broke finally, both men gasping for air and clinging to each other. Two sets of blue eyes met, wonderingly, as if questioning that this was actually happening.

"Treize..." Zechs began.

"Mmm, yes, gorgeous?" answered Treize. Now that he had the blond in his arms, he didn't intend on letting go.

Zechs looked searchingly at his longtime friend. "Why?"

Treize pulled back slightly. "Why what?"

"Why, why now, why me?" Zechs knew he should just shut up and enjoy it, but he had to ask, just once.

"Because you're incredible. Because I've desired you for a long time. But I was afraid." Treize answered honestly.

"Oh, Treize," sighed Zechs, pressing his mouth against the other man's. No more words were needed.

Hands roamed, unsure but enthusiastic. Zechs fumbled with the buttons of Treize's shirt, and finally gave up, ripping it open, buttons flying everywhere. Treize didn't seem concerned; he was concentrating on tracing every one of Zechs' well-defined muscles with his hands.

Bare hot skin met at last; two muscular torsos pressed together finally. The only thing left between them was their pants, and Treize set to work on taking care of that detail.

Zechs moaned as he felt the older man's hands on his zipper, easing it down after effortlessly unbuttoning the pants. He ached to feel Treize's hands on his most sensitive area, and when the hand eased inside his pants and boxers, Zechs threw back his head, gasping.

Treize admired his gorgeous friend as he teased the blond's arousal. Zechs was the perfect picture of sex, platinum hair flying, sensual mouth open, beautiful face flushed with desire for him.

Zechs had never believed he would be here like this, no matter how many times he had dreamed about being in the older man's arms. Treize's hand squeezed gently; Zechs moaned lustfully.

Soon Zechs was panting with need, and Treize decided he needed more access. Sliding both hands inside the blond's boxers, he slid both pants and boxers down.

Zechs moaned as he was exposed; but he wanted more, wanted to feel Treize's hands all over his bare skin, just like in his dreams. Zechs stepped out of the pants, and stood unadorned before Treize.

Treize's trapped arousal throbbed as he gazed at the blond beauty; his fantasies had not prepared him for the sheer perfection that was Zechs, naked. Treize thought he could stand here forever and appreciate the beauty of his friend; flowing golden hair framed an exquisite yet unmistakably masculine face, sky blue eyes half lidded with passion, perfect mouth parted in desire, perfectly proportioned muscles, flawless skin, erect cock trembling against his flat stomach. But his own arousal urged him to do more than look.

Treize still had pants on, but he soon made short work of that; as soon as Treize had removed them, Zechs was pressed up against him, and their hard bodies met at last. Unrestrained, their aching cocks met, rubbing together in an agonizing concert of friction.

Arms entwined, the two young men explored each other. Treize couldn't get enough of Zechs' hair; burying his hands in it, running fingers through it, marveling at the feel of it all over his body. How long had he wanted just this, to be able to touch his blond friend everywhere, and hold him close, all night long? Too long, and he intended to make up for lost time.

Zechs felt himself melt into Treize's arms; it felt so right, their bodies meshed perfectly. The hard planes of his general's body pressed against him, even better than imagination. Treize's hands were hot, demanding, perfect; the rest of the world went away while they touched.

Treize broke off, panting; one hand in Zechs' hair, the other on the blond's firm ass. "Oh, Zechs," he breathed, "I want you."

Zechs shuddered; the other man's words sent shivers down his spine. "I want you to take me, Treize," he moaned as Treize pulled him tight against him.

Treize guided Zechs into the bedroom, but he couldn't stand to stop kissing the blond man. They made it to the bed, entwined, and Treize eased his new lover down gently. He straddled Zechs' hips, pinning the other man down and rocking his hips.

Zechs gasped; it felt so right to have Treize over him, on top of him. But he wanted more, so much more. "Treize," he moaned, unable to articulate the intense longing he felt.

But Treize understood; he'd felt the same longing ever since the two had first met, years ago. Finally, his fantasies had come true; Zechs was giving himself, asking for Treize to take him. And take him Treize gladly would.

Treize leaned down and captured Zechs' mouth as he reached into the bedside table for a small tube. He shifted, moving his legs so he was now between Zechs' legs, spreading them apart with his thighs. Zechs moaned, feeling vulnerable with his legs spread, and loving it.

"Treize," Zechs gasped, "I've never..."

Treize looked down at the beautiful blond, hair spread around him in a golden halo, perfect body glistening with desire, and was amazed that he was a virgin. And had chosen to give his virginity to him.

"Oh, Zechs," whispered Treize. "I don't want to hurt you. We don't have to..."

"I want to, very much," Zechs interrupted. And he spread his legs apart farther.

Treize took a deep breath; his entire body ached with need to make love to Zechs. So he gently prepared his new lover, gratified and aroused further by the reaction the blond had to his actions. He eased another finger into Zechs, and as he did he took the blond's dripping arousal in his mouth. Zechs arched up and gasped; the combination of Treize's fingers inside him and his mouth on his hardness was quickly overwhelming him. As many times as he had imagined being in bed with Treize, the reality was more amazing than any fantasy.

Zechs moaned as Treize pleasured him and prepared him; even his wildest dreams hadn't prepared him for the reality of Treize's mouth on his cock. He felt release approach, inevitable; he tried to warn the other man, but he couldn't speak, only moan. He arched, and with a cry, he emptied his passion; Treize was ready, and swallowed it all.

Treize lay beside Zechs and drew the trembling blond into his arms, holding him gently. Zechs threw his arms around the older man's neck, hugging tightly.

"Oh, Treize, that was..." words failed him, and he trailed off.

Treize kissed him gently, and Zechs could taste himself in the other's mouth. He felt his arousal return nearly instantaneously as Treize's hands caressed everything he could reach.

"Make love to me, Treize?" Zechs whispered when their mouths parted.

Treize moaned; he wanted nothing more than to bury himself in Zechs' incredible body, again and again. He rolled back on top of the blond, kneeling between his legs. "Tell me if I hurt you, Zechs," he whispered as he positioned himself.

Zechs nodded, anxious to have Treize inside him. He thrilled at the hot hardness pressed against his opening; then Treize was entering him, and nothing else mattered.

Words could never describe the feeling of Treize taking him; the lubricated erection slid in slowly, inexorably filling him, stretching without pain. Exquisite opening, perfect submission; Treize took Zechs, claiming the blond, marking him forever, making him his.

Treize drove into the almost unbearable tightness, barely controlling himself, close to climax already. But he needed this to last; needed to show Zechs how good it could be. Then he was fully inside Zechs; he paused, panting, as much to get himself under control as to allow his lover to adjust. He looked down at Zechs; the beautiful blond lay back, legs spread, knees up, hands clutching the sheets and head turned to the side, hair spread around him like a golden halo.

"Are... are you all right?" Treize managed to gasp out. Zechs was so tight...

Zechs turned his head. "So... oh god, it's so good, Treize," the blond moaned. "More."

Treize complied, thrusting shallowly at first, then deeper. The blond's body gripped him, squeezing his length almost painfully, creating perfect friction. The older man thrust more deeply, slowly building up speed.

Zechs gasped, lost in the feeling of Treize inside him. So hard, so good, so... he didn't have the words to describe what Treize was making him feel. He just knew he wanted more. Every time Treize entered him, it pushed him higher; the hard heat inside him touched all the perfect spots.

"Harder, Treize, please, give it to me harder," demanded the blond. "I can take it."

Treize moaned at his lover's eagerness and increased his pace. He wanted to give Zechs the ultimate pleasure. So he reached down and started pumping the blond's dripping arousal.

Zechs screamed, "Treize!" and arched off the bed, the sensation tripling. He thought he was going to die; he felt the pressure increase almost unbearably. Then it hit him; climax, completion, final ecstasy: he pumped his seed all over his stomach as he screamed his lover's name.

Treize cried out as he felt the blond tighten even more around him. He watched Zechs climax, knowing he was close behind. Two more thrusts, and the blond's tight body and ecstatic cries took him over the edge as well. Blinding pleasure robbed him of strength; he pumped Zechs full of his passion before collapsing next to him on the bed.

"T-Treize," began Zechs. "That was..." he trailed off, unable to verbalize his feelings.

"It was beyond amazing, Zechs," Treize murmured. "You are incredible, and beautiful, and..." Treize looked down and realized the blond was sound asleep in his arms. He pulled a blanket over them, and whispered, "And I love you."

Treize held Zechs close; they drifted off to sleep together, and dreamed of their future.

The End