Title: Four to Tango
Sequel to "Chance Meeting: Dancing Queen"
Author: Jade
Pairing: let me count the ways...1x2, 3x4, 3x2, 1x4, 13x6x5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, gratuitous PWP, foursome, threesome
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo woke up slowly; Heero knew that by now. So by the time Duo was fully awake, he was also fully inside Heero's mouth.

Heero smirked as Duo moaned; the longhaired boy was adorable when he first woke up. Especially when he was turned on as well.

"Oh, god, Heero," gasped Duo as he bucked up into Heero's mouth. Heero held him down easily, reaching up with one hand to toy with the other boy's nipples as he sucked.

Duo had just been dreaming that Heero was making love to him; to wake up with Heero's mouth wrapped around his rock hard arousal was better than any dream. The hot wetness of Heero's mouth enveloped him, and the cobalt-eyed boy sped up; Duo tangled his hands in Heero's hair as the pressure built up.

Heero knelt between Duo's legs. As many times as he had heard Duo cry out in passion since they had found each other, he couldn't get enough. Duo's cries alone drove him to new heights of passion and inventiveness, and he kept thinking of new ways to coax more of the sounds from his new lover. Luckily, it seemed they were both insatiable.

Heero's own arousal pulsed with every moan from the other boy's perfect lips; louder and louder, Duo was soon screaming Heero's name, and Heero knew he was close.

Duo was lost; he voiced his passion with abandon, uncaring of their surroundings, throwing himself into his climax as he did everything else: without reserve. Helplessly, he came hard; heat radiated from his lower body as he released his seed, pulsing over and over into Heero's waiting mouth.

Heero happily swallowed every drop; nothing tasted sweeter to him than his lover's nectar, spilled only for him. He moved up to kiss Duo, and the longhaired boy wrapped his arms around him and melted into him. Duo dropped a hand down, running it over Heero's smoothly muscled body, savoring the feel of the hard body against him. Heero had such an incredible body, Duo couldn't get enough of just touching him. Duo brought his hand around to the front of Heero's body, and wrapped his hand around the hot arousal he found there. Heero broke the kiss, moaning. Duo smiled; sometimes he still couldn't believe he could touch Heero whenever he wanted, and he was addicted to causing sounds of passion from the Perfect Soldier.

"Want something?" Duo teased as he stroked Heero's length.

"Yes. You," Heero growled, thrusting into Duo's hand.

"Then take me," Duo whispered, spreading his legs, erection already rising again.

"Thought you'd never ask," Heero said, reaching for the lube. Heero would never take Duo without the longhaired boy asking; it was a peculiarity Duo found odd, but endearing. Heero really seemed to like it when he begged.

Heero moved back between Duo's strong thighs, carefully stretching and preparing his lover. As many times as he had made love to Duo, the boy was still incredibly tight, and he would never hurt him. Duo was also incredibly impatient, always trying to get Heero to hurry, trying to push back against Heero's fingers. But Heero was much stronger than Duo, and he restrained the violet-eyed boy easily.

Duo pouted; secretly, though, he thrilled in the fact that Heero seemed to have superhuman strength; it made him feel safe and vulnerable and horny all at once, a strange combination, but it worked for him. Duo knew that soon Heero would be deep inside him, and he couldn't wait.

Finally, Heero removed his fingers, replacing them with his thick arousal at Duo's entrance. He paused, and looked down at his gorgeous lover. Heero was still amazed, every time he looked at Duo like this, that the other boy wanted him, loved him, gave him the incredible gift of allowing him to take him.

"Please, Heero, do it. Do me," Duo begged, beyond want.

Heero closed his eyes and pushed; into the most exquisite tightness, into Duo's sweet body. Tight muscles relaxed just enough to let him in, and gripped him with intoxicating friction that threatened to make him spill his passion immediately. But Heero controlled himself; he wanted Duo to scream, and wanted to savor every stroke.

Finally he was fully inside Duo; the longhaired boy's head was thrown back, hair spilling around him, mouth open in ecstasy as he was filled by Heero. Heero planted his hands on either side of Duo, and waited for the other boy to adjust. In the short time since they had been lovers, Duo and Heero had tried every position known to man, and had probably invented a few. But this one, where they were face to face and he could gaze into the eyes of his love, was still his favorite.

Duo opened his eyes, and looked at Heero pleadingly, arching his back and squirming against the other boy in an effort to make him move.

"God, I love you," Heero whispered, and started to stroke. Small movements at first, ones he knew drove Duo mad. Soon he was making larger movements, pulling out farther and farther with each stroke. Duo planted his feet, raising his hips to meet every thrust, moaning louder and louder each time.

Finally, Heero was pounding Duo into the bed, as deep and as fast as he could, and Duo still begged at the top of his lungs for more, harder, deeper. Heero knew just how to stroke the magic spot each time, and Duo was rapidly losing all reason. Then he felt Heero's hand on his aching arousal, and he screamed his love for Heero, and climaxed into Heero's hand and all over them.

Heero felt Duo's muscles tighten, then felt his hot passion release, pulsing still. He threw back his head, and at last allowed himself to climax, driven nearly insane by the clenching heat of Duo's body. Every climax was better than the last, and Heero knew there would never be anyone else who owned his heart, soul and body like Duo. If he died tomorrow, he would do so with only the regret of not having more time with his love.

Slowly, the tide of passion receded, and he lowered himself shakily to lie next to Duo. The longhaired boy snuggled against him, and in a sticky, sweaty pile they cuddled. Heero hadn't been surprised that Duo liked to cuddle afterward; what surprised him was that he liked it too.

They drifted off to sleep together, unmindful of the fact that they had woken everyone else in the house with their activities.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Quatre and Trowa stretched, amused; Heero and Duo were better, and more reliable, than an alarm clock. Quatre had bided his time; knowing that Heero and Duo had just found each other, they wouldn't want to play games with him and Trowa just yet. Both of them wanted to make sure the new couple knew that the offer they had given Heero extended to include his longhaired lover as well; they wanted to play. But how to approach them, without offending? They had discussed several options, from blatant to subtle, and decided to go for a gradual approach. Today was the day.

Quatre turned to Trowa and smiled delightedly. "Think they'll take us up on it, Trowa?"

Trowa smiled at his blond love. "Who could ever resist you, angel?"

Quatre giggled and dived under the covers, quickly engulfing Trowa's awakening arousal in his sweet mouth. Trowa gasped; the angelic blond had an incredible mouth and loved to use it. Quatre was too good; Trowa had to pull his lover back up before he was driven to climax in that hot mouth. He wanted to be deep inside Quatre when he released.

Quickly, he prepared Quatre; he had to be quick, because his angel was incredibly impatient. He hated having to wait for anything; he wanted Trowa now. But Trowa was determined to prepare his love well, and in the end he was stronger than Quatre.

Quatre squirmed on Trowa's fingers and pleaded enticingly, "Ple~ase, Tro~wa! I'm ready! Take me NOW!"

Trowa groaned. He could never refuse Quatre anything, and he was nearly breathless with passion himself. He removed his fingers and before the blond boy could protest, he had plunged his rock hard erection to the hilt. Trowa always worried about hurting Quatre, but that was how the little blond liked it best; hard and fast and deep. Trowa made sure to prepare him well, because Quatre craved being driven into with one thrust, and pounded hard, immediately. No pausing to adjust for Quatre; he wanted it hard, and he wanted it now.

Quatre dug his nails into Trowa's strong back as the green-eyed boy pounded him. His voice rose higher and higher as he proclaimed to the world Trowa's prowess; and when the other boy stroked his erection, the small blond threw back his head and cried out his love's name as he flooded them with his passion.

Trowa thrust one more time; that was all he could manage as Quatre's muscles clamped down on him and thrust him into climax. Trowa moaned softly, but for him it was a scream; pumping his angel full of his seed, he professed his love again and again. They collapsed together, partners in body and soul.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero found the note slipped under the door when he emerged from the shower. Duo was still brushing his hair. Heero picked up the note, recognizing Quatre's precise handwriting immediately.

He sensed Duo behind him, then felt the longhaired boy's arms wrap around him from behind. Duo was only wearing a towel, and Heero felt himself harden immediately from Duo's mere touch, stretching out the spandex shorts he had just put on. The longhaired boy had bewitched him, but he didn't want to be free.

Duo smiled and stroked Heero through the spandex, and rubbed his own growing erection against Heero as he showed him the note.

"Quatre and Trowa have invited us to dinner, tonight," Heero explained.

Duo frowned. "That's odd. We usually have dinner together anyway. Why the invite?"

Heero read on, "It sounds formal. It says to dress up." Then Heero remembered, and realized what the other boys were up to. He had been so wrapped up in discovering Duo that he had nearly forgotten about the other boys' proposition. This invitation was obviously meant to indicate that they wanted Duo to join them as well.

Heero explained as best he could, hoping that the violet-eyed boy wouldn't be angry. He needn't have worried. Duo seemed amused.

"So Trowa and Quatre like to play games, huh?" Duo mused.

"Apparently," Heero answered, worried about the mischievous look in his lover's eyes.

Duo looked deep into his eyes. "And how do you feel about it, koi? Tell me the truth."

Heero could never lie to the love of his life. "It might... be interesting," Heero said tentatively.

Duo smiled, a feral smile that worried Heero. "Interesting, huh? I'm sure sweet little Quatre would be disappointed at being called just interesting."

Heero smirked. "I have a feeling Quatre isn't really as angelic as he appears."

Duo laughed. "Oh, you can be sure of that," he said, recalling some of the conversations that he and the blond boy had had before they found their respective loves.

Heero raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really? And don't tell me you don't find tall, dark and silent circus boy... interesting."

Duo smirked. "I run, I hide, but I never lie," he recited, then turned serious. "As long as you know, I love you more than life itself, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would jeopardize our relationship."

Heero looked deep into Duo's eyes, all joking aside. "I love you, Duo Maxwell. More than anything. And I trust you implicitly."

Duo hugged him, then pulled back, familiar gleam back in his amethyst eyes. "So are we gonna have some fun, then, Hee-chan?"

"Oh, yeah," smirked Heero, burying his hands in Duo's damp hair and kissing him hard. Duo's laughter rang throughout the house.

Wufei knew something was up and decided to go visit Treize that night, instead of staying at the safehouse.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Quatre and Trowa had outdone themselves. The safehouse had a small dining room, and it was decked out. The low table was covered in candles and dishes, and surrounded by thick pillows in place of chairs. The smell of delicious food wafted up to Heero and Duo's bedroom.

Heero looked at Duo. "It's almost seven. Are you ready?"

Duo smirked at Heero. "As ready as I'm gonna be, koi."

"Shall we, then?" Heero offered Duo his arm and they went downstairs.

Quatre and Trowa looked up as they heard someone coming down the stairs. "I think our guests have arrived," the blond boy giggled. "Are you ready, Trowa?"

The tall boy nodded, then his eyes widened. Heero and Duo walked in. Quatre turned around, and the four boys regarded each other.

Quatre was dressed in loose-fitting blue silks: drawstring pants and a shirt open halfway down his chest. He looked like he would have been equally at home in a sultan's tent. The blue color brought out his eyes and made his blond hair even more radiant. It was also obvious as he regarded his fellow pilots that he wore nothing underneath.

Trowa was dressed differently, but no less stunningly. His black leather pants were so tight that they looked painted on, and he wore a green tank top that showed off his impressive muscles. His reaction to his fellow pilots was also very obvious.

Duo and Heero had also dressed up for the occasion, as suggested by the invitation.

Heero was wearing spandex, but not his usual shorts. He was wearing an extremely short black skirt that barely reached his upper thighs, and a black mesh tshirt that showed off his chiseled chest. His kohl-rimmed eyes roamed over Quatre and Trowa and he licked his lips, which were glossed.

Duo looked he was covered in glitter; every part of him shimmered, from his long loose hair, to his sparkly tank top, that barely covered his chest, to the metal studded microscopic shorts that showed off his long legs and firm ass. He was also wearing some makeup, just enough to enhance his violet eyes and ruby lips.

The boys regarded each other for a moment, then Quatre, ever the gracious host, even when hard as a rock, found his voice.

"Welcome. We're glad you could, um, join us," the blond boy said coquettishly, trying not to giggle. This was going to be so much fun...

"Please, come in and make yourselves comfortable," Trowa said, indicating the cushions.

Heero led Duo over to the cushions, and they both sat. It was a bit awkward at first, because they all knew why they were really there, but they weren't talking about it. They focused on the food, which was all excellent, and from many different parts of the world. The wine was excellent, too, and flowed freely. Soon, they were relaxed, and Duo had launched into one of his many stories.

Duo had jumped up and was illustrating some point or other. The other boys listened, amused, and admiringly watched the way Duo's hair swung over his cute ass. Heero and Quatre's eyes met over the candles, and the blond boy smiled shyly. Both of them turned to watch Trowa, who seemed completely captivated by the longhaired boy, watching him with desire in his eyes.

Quatre and Trowa had discussed their many fantasies before, and both had confessed occasional longings for their fellow pilots. Quatre fancied Heero in particular, being a sucker for the strong silent type. Trowa had shyly admitted being attracted to the sensuous violet eyed boy. Doing something about those desires became more possible when the two boys, so obviously in love, had found each other. Quatre and Trowa had just hoped that the other boys wanted to play.

Quatre surreptitiously put on some soft music, and crawled over to Duo on his hands and knees across the soft cushions. He kneeled in front of Duo, and said, "Duo? Would you mind if I danced with Heero? Trowa would like to dance with you."

Duo looked over at the green-eyed boy, who smiled slightly and nodded. Then he looked at Heero, who smiled too. Duo realized it was up to him, he could back out of this right now with no hard feelings. Well, a few, because he was seriously aroused by all the anticipation. And, looking at Trowa and Quatre, he realized he didn't want to back out.

Duo smiled and crawled over to Trowa, as seductively as possible. The tall boy was leaning back against the cushions with his arms crossed against his muscular chest, watching Duo intently. Duo looked him up and down; the tight black leather pants bulged with his desire.

Quatre kneeled in front of Heero, and they both watched Duo wiggle over to Trowa.

Duo stopped in front of the green-eyed boy, and smiled. "So, Trowa, you want to dance with me?"

Trowa nodded.

"What are we waiting for then?" grinned Duo. Trowa stood smoothly and offered a hand to Duo, who took it and stood up.

Heero did the same for Quatre, and the boys led their new partners toward a clear section of floor.

Trowa held out his arms, and Duo wrapped his arms around Trowa's neck. Trowa put his arms around Duo, and the longhaired boy pressed himself against the other boy. Duo could feel Trowa's arousal against his stomach, and he pressed his own hardness against Trowa's thigh, eliciting a small moan from the usually quiet boy.

Heero held out his arms, and Quatre snuggled up to him. Heero pulled him close, and their erections met, rubbing together.

Heero slid his hands along the blond boy's back, marveling at the feel of the silk against the creamy skin below. The two boys swayed to the sultry beat, and Quatre nuzzled against him, body rubbing him in all the right places. He looked over to see Duo pressed up against Trowa; their eyes locked, and they smiled at each other. Heero got even more aroused; the sight of his skimpily clad lover enticing another boy was an incredible turn on. It was made even more arousing by the fact that he was holding the seemingly sweet blond angel in his arms, who seemed determined to make him do something less than angelic very soon.

Quatre breathed in the scent of the powerful Wing pilot, burying his face in the other boy's neck. He loved his Trowa, but ever since he had helped Heero prepare for the "drag" mission, he had had fantasies of this, of pressing himself against the other boy's compact body, running his hands through that wild hair. And Heero was even sexier in a skirt, so all Quatre had to do was sink onto his knees and reach under the skirt for the luscious hardness underneath; hardness he could feel pressing insistently against him. He looked over at Trowa.

Trowa held Duo close, and ran his hands lower, loving the feel of the smaller boy's ass in the tight shorts. Duo moaned, and Trowa remembered how many times he and Quatre had been spurred to greater heights by the sound of that voice raised in passion in another room. Now that sensual voice moaned for him, and he couldn't wait to see how vocal he could make Duo. The long hair caressed him, and his erection ached, wanting satisfaction. His one visible eye locked with Quatre's; this was going to be a fun night.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Wufei climbed up to Treize's window easily, anticipating the night ahead. It wasn't easy living with the other four pilots, who seemed to have an ongoing competition about which couple could have sex the most times in any given day. Now it appeared the two couples were going to mix things up, and he really didn't want to be around to see or hear that. Wufei was pretty sure the other pilots didn't even know about his preferences, let alone that he was sleeping with Treize Khushrenada. It was a lonely life, but at least he had these few stolen moments, however illicit, in Treize's arms.

By the time he had scaled the wall and climbed onto the ledge, he was already highly aroused. He could smell the characteristic scent of roses through the open window. Treize was waiting for him.

Wufei jumped lightly to the floor, letting his eyes adjust to the different light. He looked around the lavish apartment, and saw Treize; the older man was sitting on the couch, waiting for him. When the OZ general saw Wufei, he rose smoothly to greet the boy.

Wufei drank in the sensuous man before him, and hardened even more. Treize was clad only in silk drawstring pants, and his arousal stretched the front. Treize was obviously happy to see the exotic boy. Wufei's eyes roamed over the older man's sculpted body, admiring the chiseled muscles and the easy grace. The boy finally let his eyes meet Treize's, which were tinged with amusement. "I missed you, my dragon," the sensual voice intoned.

Wufei could get incredibly turned on just from Treize's voice, let alone the fact that the gorgeous man was standing half-naked and hard in front of him. So he walked up to the other man and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, pressing his aching erection against him, and murmured, "Not as much as I missed you."

Treize laughed softly as he pulled the boy close, freeing his hair from its binding. "Let me show you how much I missed you."

"Thought you'd never ask," Wufei whispered back, running his hands over Treize's bare back.

Treize bent down and captured the dark-haired boy's mouth in a kiss filled with promise. Wufei shivered as he felt the older man's hands on him, running all over him possessively. He loved nothing more than to abandon himself to Treize's hot caresses and get swept away in a tide of passion.

Treize quickly divested Wufei of his shirt, leaving the boy clad only in loose pants like he was. They kissed again, hands roaming and bodies heating up. Then Treize broke the kiss, panting slightly, and looked down at his dragon. Wufei looked incredible, cheeks flushed and dark eyes half-lidded with desire. He put a finger under the boy's chin, drawing his face up, admiring the sculpted features.

Wufei looked expectantly at Treize; he could tell the older man was up to something.

"My dragon, I have a special treat for you tonight. I hope you like it," Treize began.

"If you chose it for me, I'm sure I will," Wufei answered, mesmerized by the sexy man.

Treize led him over to a table, which held a chilled bottle of very expensive champagne. He poured both of them a glass, handed one to Wufei, and raised his glass in a toast. "To us, and to tonight," Treize said, and their glasses met with the twinkle of real crystal. They finished the glass, and Treize poured Wufei another. Wufei felt slightly tipsy; he wasn't used to drinking.

Then Treize led the boy toward the huge bathroom. Wufei could tell from the scent that Treize's usual rose scented bath awaited them. Treize always liked to start their sensual evenings together with a soak in the marble tub, and tonight seemed to be no exception.

But as the older man led Wufei into the bathroom, he could immediately see there was one major difference; in addition to the rose scented bubbles that normally graced the tub, the bath contained something else. That something was tall, platinum blond and gorgeous. Zechs Marquise.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo ran his hands up Trowa's biceps, then moaned as he felt the other boy's hands on his ass. It felt so different in the taller boy's arms, and he felt deliciously wanton at what they were about to do. He wanted to see and feel more of Trowa, and his arousal pulsed almost painfully as he looked at Heero and Quatre moving against each other.

Duo decided to make a move; he started nibbling on Trowa's sensitive neck as he thrust more forcefully against him. Trowa pulled harder on Duo's ass, sliding his hands under the material and pulling him even tighter against his arousal, and thrusting back. Duo slid one hand down and into Trowa's tank top and toyed with a nipple. Trowa growled deep in his throat and bent his head down, capturing Duo's mouth in a searing kiss. Duo melted into it, opening his mouth and allowing Trowa's tongue access.

Heero let his hands glide over the silk, down, down, until he was caressing the smooth curve of Quatre's ass. The blond boy moaned sweetly, arching against him and throwing his head back. Heero took this opportunity to attack Quatre's flawless neck with hot kisses, making him moan even more. Quatre ran one hand down Heero's body, brushing against the hardness stretching the miniskirt. This made Heero moan and grip Quatre more tightly.

All four boys were more than ready to move on; by unspoken agreement Heero and Trowa led their partners to some cushions against the wall. Duo and Quatre settled against the cushions next to each other, and watched as Trowa and Heero approached. Quatre looked over at the longhaired boy, and quickly leaned over and kissed him, running his hand through Duo's silken hair. Duo eagerly returned the kiss, then he felt Trowa's hands unbutton his shorts.

Heero was also working to free Quatre from his garments, and as the two boys broke their kiss, he slid his hand inside to wrap his fingers around the blond boy's rock hard arousal.

Quatre looked into Duo's violet eyes from inches away and watched as they glazed over with passion; Trowa had succeeded in reaching the longhaired boy's erection in the tight shorts. Then his attention was diverted by Heero; the cobalt-eyed boy had removed his silken pants, and found no underwear underneath.

Duo looked over to see Heero slowly stroke Quatre; then he felt his own pants come off and he lay back on the cushions. Trowa looked down at him and smiled as he stripped off his tank top. He kneeled in front of Duo, clad only in the tight leather pants, and asked softly, "May I?"

Duo smiled and stretched his arms over his head, pulling his shirt up even more, and said, "Please," in a half moan. He was so hard he was sure he was going to explode. But that was nothing compared to the way he felt when Trowa took him into his mouth.

Heero felt himself harden even more at the sound of his love's moans, and looked over to see Duo's erection disappear into Trowa's mouth. So he returned his attention to Quatre, lowering his head to lick delicately at the tip of the blond boy's arousal, tasting the dew gathered there. Quatre arched up and gasped, spreading his legs apart for Heero. Heero had to hold himself back; all he wanted to do was bury himself deep inside the blond's delicate body. But he had other plans first; he wanted to hear more of Quatre's erotic moans.

Slowly, he licked the length of Quatre's straining erection, before taking it deep in his mouth. Quatre nearly screamed then, thrusting deeper into Heero's mouth. The blond boy was so turned on by then, he knew he wouldn't last long. Quatre lost himself in the hot wetness of Heero's mouth. It was so different from Trowa's; not better, but different. And he could look over and see his tall lover also sucking on Duo's rigid cock. Quatre reached over and grabbed Duo's hand; the two boys locked eyes briefly.

Duo wasn't sure what was better; Trowa's talented mouth on his aching arousal, or watching Heero do the same to Quatre. Then Trowa did something amazing with his tongue, and Duo decided that was just a bit better. He screamed Trowa's name, and helplessly thrust deeper into Trowa's mouth, wanting more. Trowa provided it gladly, turned on beyond belief by the loud sounds Duo was making. He wanted to overload the longhaired boy with pleasure before he took him. While Duo was deep in his mouth, Trowa pushed the other boy's legs apart, and traced his fingers up the inside of his thighs. Duo moaned louder and spread his legs wider, offering himself to the green-eyed boy. Trowa ran his hands up higher, finding Duo's entrance and just brushing it with his fingers. It was too much for Duo. He grabbed the cushions and succumbed to a tidal wave of pleasure, screaming Trowa's name and arching up off the pillows. Duo pumped his seed into the other boy's mouth, and Trowa lapped up every drop.

Heero listened to his lover come in another man's mouth, and his own arousal pulsed harder. Quatre had started moaning continuously, and Heero decided to make the sweet blond scream even louder. He increased his pace, head bobbing up and down in a perfect rhythm. Ever so gently, Heero scraped his teeth along Quatre's arousal, and the blond angel screamed; Heero's mouth was filled with his sweet passion as Quatre climaxed violently. Heero licked Quatre clean, and smiled when he saw the two boys were holding hands; both Duo and Quatre lay back against the pillows, panting.

Heero rose up on his knees, and reached over to Trowa; pulling the other boy close, he kissed him deeply, and their lovers' seed mingled in their hot mouths.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Wufei stopped in his tracks, not sure how to react. He suspected that Treize had been involved with the blond soldier, but he didn't want to think too much about it. Now here he was, in the flesh. Literally.

Zechs lounged in the tub, and when Treize and Wufei entered the room, he rose to his feet. He was nude, gloriously so. Glistening from the oiled water, muscles sharply defined, loose hair flowing... Wufei's mouth dropped open as his eyes unconsciously traveled over the blond's body. Wufei had thought Treize's body was the most amazing he'd ever seen, but Zechs looked like a statue of a god. A highly aroused, well-hung god, Wufei realized as his eyes dropped lower.

Wufei remembered to be outraged. "What is going on?" he demanded, trying not to stare at the golden god.

Zechs laughed, a liquid, sexy sound that went straight to the boy's already aching arousal. "I would think that would be rather obvious," Zechs continued. "We're going to seduce you."

Wufei was so indignant that he couldn't think of a thing to say at first. He finally managed to sputter, "You... we... seduce me? Why?"

Treize answered, "I would think that also would be obvious, dragon."

Wufei whirled around to face his lover. "Are you mocking me?" He then realized that Treize was now nude as well, having lost the pants at some point.

"Never, my dragon," Treize said soothingly, reaching out for the boy.

Wufei backed away, upset. The room seemed much too warm. He backed up yet another step; and hit something solid. Something warm, solid, and very strong. Zechs.

Wufei was painfully hard, and the feel of Zechs' golden body behind him was making him forget to be angry. Gently, Zechs ran his hands over Wufei's bare chest, not holding him, but caressing. Wufei let out a soft moan and leaned slightly into the blond man. Zechs continued his caresses, brushing over Wufei's erect nipples.

Treize took a step forward. "We want to seduce you because you are beautiful, and we desire you, Wufei. If you do not wish this, say so and we will cease."

Zechs added, "You can see we are sincere," indicating Treize's arousal, and gently pressing his own against the boy.

Wufei wanted to say no, this was dishonorable, but he found his body reacting to the two gorgeous men so strongly that he went on impulse just this once. He nodded.

Treize stepped once more, bringing him to within an inch of Wufei. "Are you sure, my dragon? We don't want to force you."

Wufei smiled, more confident now. In answer, he turned around in Zechs' arms and pressed his lips to the blond man's. In truth, he had desired Zechs from the first time he had seen him, and often fantasized about being in bed with both Treize and Zechs. It appeared he was going to find out if his fantasies were accurate.

Treize smiled as he saw the dark-haired boy kiss Zechs. The exotic boy looked incredible, encircled in the muscular blond's arms. He had been hoping that Wufei wanted to play. Reaching around the boy, Trieze quickly divested Wufei of his pants, and all three men were unencumbered by clothes at last. He pressed his body against Wufei from behind as the other two kissed, rubbing his aching erection against Wufei's smooth skin.

Zechs was surprised when Wufei took the initiative and kissed him, but he quickly recovered, opening his mouth and allowing the boy to set the pace. Wufei did so, thrusting his tongue inside the blond soldier's mouth, tasting him for the first time. The smaller boy wrapped his lithe body around Zechs' larger one, and was rewarded by a moan from the blond. He felt Treize press against him from behind, and Wufei was in heaven.

The kiss grew more heated, and Wufei began to pant from the hands caressing him, not to mention the hot arousals both men were rubbing against him. Finally, Zechs pulled back slightly, flushed.

"I believe someone mentioned a bath?" Treize said, and as if on cue, the two taller men led the Chinese boy to the rose-scented, oversized tub.

Wufei sighed as he lowered himself into the warm water. Zechs and Treize followed, one on either side of the boy. The water felt wonderful, just the right temperature, but what felt even better was the two sets of hands that caressed him everywhere.

Wufei moaned and closed his eyes as Treize and Zechs ravished him, raining kisses and touches over every inch of his body. This was beyond incredible, the way the two men worshipped his sensitive body with lips, tongues and fingers; Wufei knew he couldn't last long with this kind of treatment.

Treize looked up and met Zechs' azure eyes, and they smiled. They were going to give Wufei a night he wouldn't soon forget. Now, coordinating their actions, the two men each kissed a side of the boy's neck as they ran a hand down Wufei's wet, slick skin.

Wufei moaned louder as he realized the men's intent. Unconsciously, he thrust his hips up, to hurry the contact he knew was coming. But Treize and Zechs took their time, stopping to toy with his nipples for a moment, until Wufei was panting with need.

Finally, at long last, the teasing hands reached the boy's aching arousal. Wufei gasped as he felt two strong hands wrap around him, covering nearly his whole length between them. Together, Treize and Zechs both pumped Wufei, slowly at first. The oiled water lubricated their hands perfectly as they pumped slightly faster. Wufei opened his eyes, and forever committed the scene to memory: Treize and Zechs, kneeling on either side of him, oiled muscles gleaming in the candlelight, both intent on only his pleasure.

Wufei felt one hand leave him, then suddenly felt its return, spreading his legs. He opened his eyes to see that Zechs was still stroking his arousal, while Treize was slowly running his fingers up the inside of his thighs. Zechs stroked faster, and Treize stroked higher.

Wufei threw his head back, relaxing into the absolute pleasure. Zechs claimed his mouth in a searing kiss while stroking him. Treize brushed at his entrance as he also toyed with a nipple. Wufei was about to explode.

Gasping, Wufei bucked into Zechs' hand as he felt Treize's fingers enter him. Stroked, teased, filled, caressed, Wufei arched up and climaxed, screaming incoherently. Pulse after hot pulse streamed over them as Wufei emptied his passion.

As Wufei came down off the incredible climax, he felt strong arms wrap around him and hold him. He opened his eyes and looked deep into Treize's eyes, and the older man kissed him gently. While Treize kissed him, he felt Zechs clean him off. Then he was lifted in strong arms, right out of the tub.

Treize carried his dragon out of the bathroom, and Zechs wrapped several large plush towels around all three of them. Treize placed Wufei on the bed and climbed up beside him. Zechs followed.

Wufei lay back on the bed, and Treize and Zechs pressed against him from either side. Wufei could feel their rock hard arousals pressing against him, and his own erection began to return.

Wufei smiled, and said, "Now, however am I going to repay you both for that wonderful surprise?"

* * * * * * * * * * *

Wufei was in heaven, with a gorgeous, muscled, and rock hard man on either side of him, both intent on ravishing him. Treize pressed his lips to the boy's, while Zechs kissed his neck. All the while they pressed their erections against his side, so Wufei could tell how much they wanted him.

Treize looked down at the dark-haired boy and murmured, "Whatever shall we do with you now, my dragon?"

Wufei stretched his smooth, lithe body and smiled. "Whatever you want."

Zechs and Treize looked at each other and smiled. "I think we can think of a few things," the blond said.

Wufei lay back and let his lovers' hands roam all over him. Soon, he felt his legs parted and he moaned wantonly. Treize was kneeling between his legs, and ran his fingers up the inside of Wufei's smooth thighs. At the same time, Zechs began kissing down the boy's chest.

Wufei gasped as he felt Treize's fingers near his entrance; his erection glistened with his excitement. Then he felt Treize's fingers enter him, slowly and slick with lubrication. Wufei moaned louder, and tried to spread his legs apart wider for the older man. Meanwhile, the longhaired blond was busy teasing the boy's nipples and kissing his way lower.

Just as Treize put a third finger in Wufei, Zechs reached the boy's aching erection. Zechs took the boy's arousal deep in his mouth as Treize brushed against his magic spot; Wufei started to beg.

"Please, please, Treize, Zechs, take me. I need to be fucked. Please! More! I need you inside me..." the dark-haired boy could barely speak, so profound was his need to be filled by more than fingers.

Zechs stopped torturing Wufei's arousal and looked at the beautiful boy. "Will you let me, Wufei?"

Treize added, "While I take Zechs? That way it's like making love to both of you at once."

Wufei nodded, beyond protest, and merely groaned, "Hurry..."

Treize took control. "All right, Wufei, lie back and enjoy. Zechs will take you, then I will take him. Zechs likes me to take him with no preparation. He likes it to hurt at first."

Zechs moved between Wufei's legs. The boy was so turned on that he was panting and chewing on the end of his hair. Zechs allowed himself a moment to admire the golden beauty spread out enticingly before him, then even he couldn't hold back any more. Using the lube Treize gave him, Zechs slid gently into Wufei's tightness.

"Nnnnn... oh god, Zechs, you feel so gooood," moaned Wufei as he was filled by the blond god.

Wufei's words and the tightness of his lithe body combined to nearly make Zechs climax too soon. Zechs paused to get himself under control. Treize watched appreciatively, waiting his turn and stroking his rock hard erection.

"You two look incredible," whispered Treize. And indeed they did, creamy skin over bronze and platinum hair everywhere, mixed with glossy ebony. Treize couldn't wait to join them.

Zechs finally indicated he had regained control, no thanks to the erotic moans and wiggles Wufei was producing nearly constantly. Treize climbed up behind Zechs and bent him over at the waist. The blond moaned with anticipation when he felt the other man's dripping arousal pressed between his legs.

Treize pushed; if he weren't absolutely sure this was the way Zechs liked being taken, he wouldn't have done it. But Zechs insisted, so Treize was lubed but he didn't prep the blond. He could barely hold back, the way that Zechs was moaning and pushing back against him, trying to take Treize deep inside him. The fact that he could see Wufei writing underneath him, impaled on the blond's thick cock, wasn't helping either.

"Oh, god, Treize, faster! Take me harder. You know I want it, you know I can take it. Do it!" Zechs moaned, and thrust back against Treize quickly.

Treize hissed as he was buried nearly all the way in the blond's incredible body. He pushed the rest of the way in. Treize gripped Zechs' hips tightly as he fought for control; he intended to make this last as long as possible.

Treize set the pace, pulling halfway out of Zechs and waiting as the blond man did the same. Then Treize thrust, driving his pulsing arousal deep inside Zechs; this in turn pushed the blond back into Wufei.

After a few tries, they got the rhythm just right, and all three men were moaning as they moved in concert. Each man thought he had the best of it; Treize was essentially taking both gorgeous pilots at once, controlling the pace and able to touch both of them; Zechs was awash in double sensation, filled, surrounded and overloaded with pleasure; and Wufei could look up and see both gorgeous faces twisted in passion, looking at him, fucked by a golden Adonis while his other lover watched and participated.

With such a plethora of sensation both visceral and visual, they all knew their liaison would be over too soon. Pleasure built and the pace increased; Treize reached around Zechs, running his hand over the sleek chest, then wrapping his fingers around Wufei's erection. Wufei screamed and looked up at both men.

"I can't... hold back..." the boy panted.

"Then don't," Zechs answered, nearly gone himself.

"Come, my dragon. Come for us. Let us hear your ecstasy," purred Treize.

Their words and Treize's hand was too much; Wufei climaxed, screaming at the top of his lungs, muscles clenching like steel around Zechs' erection deep inside him.

Zechs felt the boy's hot passion all over them, and the tight heat overwhelmed him. With one final thrust he buried himself deep again, and released his white hot seed, eyes closed and long hair thrown back.

Trieze felt Zechs' release and heard both sets of moans; then and only then did he allow himself his own release, climaxing with a low growl and driving deep inside Zechs. He opened his eyes to look deep into Wufei's. The ecstasy seemed to last forever; on and on, he emptied himself into Zechs.

Finally, carefully, they disentangled; Treize and Zechs on either side of Wufei, holding him close. The boy was trembling; Treize brushed back a strand of black hair and gazed at him, concerned.

Wufei looked from one man to the other, still trying to catch his breath. "That was amazing."

Zechs just smiled, and Treize answered, "Thank you for trusting us, dragon."

Wufei knew he should be leaving soon, but he couldn't bring himself to stir right then. He mentally thanked the other pilots for forcing him to leave the safehouse, and wondered if they were having fun. He dozed off, feeling strangely safe in the enemy's arms.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo opened his eyes, still awash in pleasure, to see Heero and Trowa on their knees, lips locked and pressed together. Trowa's hands slipped down to grab Heero's ass, pulling up the miniskirt and pulling him close. Heero's hands were roaming too, unbuttoning Trowa's leather pants and slipping inside. Duo squeezed Quatre's hand, and Quatre looked up.

The two boys watched their lovers kiss, and felt their arousals return once again. Duo and Quatre watched as Heero slowly pumped Trowa's erection, making the tall boy moan and squeeze the cobalt-eyed boy's ass tighter. All the while their lips were locked, tongues entwined.

Duo moaned at the sight, and rolled over to claim Quatre's mouth. The blond boy responded enthusiastically, opening his mouth and running a hand down to stroke the longhaired boy's arousal. Duo gasped and thrust into Quatre's hand, and buried a hand in the silken gold of the blond's hair. The two boys continued kissing, hands roaming, and managed to divest themselves of their remaining clothes.

Heero and Trowa broke their kiss, panting and grinding against one another. They looked over at their delicate lovers. The two smaller boys were completely naked now, kissing desperately and grinding their creamy bodies against one another, hands all over. Heero and Trowa looked at each other and smiled. They quickly stripped off the rest of their clothes. They shared one more hot kiss, bare skin scorching, before crawling over to the other boys.

Duo and Quatre kissed; both boys suddenly realized that there were more than two sets of hands roaming over their sensitive flesh. Heero and Trowa were caressing them too. Violet and aqua eyes opened as they broke the kiss; cobalt and green met them.

"Can we join in?" Heero asked, smirking.

"Yes," Duo and Quatre answered simultaneously, then giggled. Heero grabbed his longhaired lover and kissed him hard. Trowa embraced Quatre similarly, then they switched.

Heero kneeled in front of Quatre and ran his eyes appreciatively over the golden angel lounging naked in front of him. Quatre smiled sweetly and lay back, spreading his silken thighs and running his hands over himself. Heero felt his rock hard erection twitch at the sweet blond's teasing. Quatre beckoned Heero closer, and the other boy wasted no time; quickly, he was on top of the other boy, grinding their erections together mercilessly and making Quatre gasp.

Duo and Trowa watched their lovers writhe, then the longhaired boy grinned and said in a husky voice, "Well, what are you waiting for, Tro~wa? C'mere!" Trowa didn't need to be asked twice. Deliberately, slowly, and with catlike grace, he crawled up the length of Duo's lithe body, rubbing up against the other boy as he went. He paused when he was straddling Duo's hips, and stared hungrily down at the longhaired boy. Duo looked up Trowa and smiled; then he thrust his hips up to meet the other boy's and they moaned together as their aching arousals met.

Heero and Quatre broke for air; the small blond handed the other boy a tube. "I want you, Heero. Inside me. Hurry!" Quatre's words made Heero's passion rise even higher, and he quickly put the lube to good use as he prepared the other boy for what lay ahead. Quatre moaned louder and louder, protesting the delay, but Heero would not be hurried. He was accustomed to Duo's tactics to make him hurry. Finally, Heero decided Quatre was ready, and looked over to see how Trowa and Duo were doing.

Trowa was also stretching Duo, and Duo was pleading for him to hurry, that he was going to die if he didn't get taken now. Trowa was also ignoring the longhaired boy's pleas, and was continuing carefully.

Soon, both boys were sure their new lovers were ready, and they couldn't wait any longer either. Trowa was about to put lube on his own arousal when he paused, and reached over to put it on Heero's instead. Heero moaned and applied lube to his hand, and gently stroked it on to Trowa's erection.

Duo and Quatre watched avidly as the other boys both lubricated and stimulated each other. Finally, they stopped, and turned to the waiting boys.

Quatre grabbed Heero by the shoulders and dragged him down, saying, "Hurry, please!"

Duo laid back, hair spread around him, and smiled at Trowa. Trowa smiled shyly back and positioned himself at Duo's entrance, then glanced over to see Heero in the same position, ready to enter Quatre. Their eyes met, then they started to push.

Heero was entering slowly when suddenly Quatre's legs were wrapped around his back tightly, pulling him off balance and causing him to drive into the other boy in one quick stroke. Heero caught himself on his hands and tried to draw back, worried about pain to Quatre, but the blond boy wrapped his legs tighter to hold Heero deep inside him.

"That's the way I like it, Heero," Quatre whispered. "Fast and as hard as you can give it to me."

Heero was worried; the blond boy looked so fragile. But he couldn't resist the begging, so he started to drive hard into the smaller boy. He was immediately rewarded by Quatre moaning and gripping his biceps tightly, head thrown back, mouth open.

"Oh, god, yes, that's it, harder, please," gasped Quatre, and Heero pounded harder, hesitance dissolving in the sheer heat of Quatre's silky body. Heero lost himself in the sweet rhythm, the other boy's body gripping him and driving him crazy.

Trowa smirked as he watched Heero and Quatre; the small blond wasn't as angelic as he looked. He pushed his aching arousal into Duo, slowly because he didn't want to hurt the longhaired boy. If he hadn't known better, Trowa would have sworn Duo was a virgin, he was so tight. So tight that Trowa had to bite his lip to keep himself from losing control in that hot tightness. He opened his eyes to look at Duo, who was panting. "I don't want to hurt you," he murmured to the other boy. "You're so tight."

Duo moaned as Trowa filled him. "You're so big, Trowa," he moaned. "Feels so good." He loved this best, the gradual opening and surrender to the other boy. Unlike Quatre, he liked to savor every inch as he was taken. Inch by delicious inch Trowa slid deep inside Duo, and the longhaired boy moaned louder, spreading his legs apart and panting. Finally, the green-eyed boy was fully inside, and he paused. It wasn't easy to wait; all he wanted to do was bury himself deep inside the tight boy again and again. The sensation of Duo's muscles gripping his erection was exquisite.

Duo nodded to Trowa, and the taller boy began to move, pulling out slowly, until Duo felt empty; but then he pushed back in, and everything was good again. Faster and faster, Trowa built up his rhythm, and they were both gasping. Neither boy wanted the ecstasy to end, but they knew it must.

Quatre was in heaven; there was nothing he loved more than being pinned down and fucked hard, and Heero was giving it to him just the way he liked it. Higher and higher they climbed, spiraling toward climax. Then through the haze of pleasure the blond boy had an idea. He looked over at Duo and Trowa, and could tell they were close too; so he reached over and wrapped his fingers around the longhaired boy's arousal and started pumping it.

Duo's eyes flew open as he felt the new sensation, then figured out the source. Smiling, he returned the favor, stroking the blond boy's erection as Heero pounded into him. It wasn't easy to keep a rhythm; Trowa's driving thrusts were perfectly angled to drive him to climax. Luckily, neither boy needed much more stimulation; nearly simultaneously, Duo and Quatre screamed and released their passion.

Heero and Trowa had barely been able to hold back this long; and the sound and feeling of their lovers' climaxes was too much. Much more quietly, but no less passionately, Heero and Trowa buried their pulsing arousals one last time deep in their lovers, filling them with liquid heat.

All the boys collapsed then, completely worn out. Duo kissed Trowa deeply, whispering, "You're amazing." Then he reached over to capture Quatre's mouth, and then whispered, "Thanks." Then he crawled over to collapse in the arms of his love. Heero smiled and held Duo tightly, happier than ever to be in love with the longhaired boy. Duo drifted off to sleep in Heero's arms, and the last words he spoke before succumbing to fatigue was, "Love you, Heero."

"Ai shiteru, Duo," Heero whispered back, brushing a stray lock of hair away from his closed eyes. He lifted his eyes to meet Trowa and Quatre's, and they shared a smile.

Quatre was snuggled up to Trowa, smiling angelically. They appeared ready to drift off to sleep as well, so Heero pulled a nearby sheet up over both of them and closed his eyes.

"Love you, Trowa."

"I love you, Quatre. Forever."

The End