Title: Healing Touch
Author: Jade
Dedication: For DaMoyre
Pairing: 1x3
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Notes: This was a request by my wonderful archivist, DaMoyre. It's my first 1x3, so I hope I did it justice. Enjoy!
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero opened his eyes, and immediately shut them; the light was much too bright. He couldn't even keep them open long enough to judge the time of day, and that bothered him. In fact, he realized, it wouldn't do him much good, because he suspected he had been unconscious for quite some time. The last thing he remembered was pushing the self-destruct button; then blinding light, and excruciating pain, then nothing.

He seemed to be in a bed; moving his limbs experimentally, he found he was sore, but not too badly. He was bandaged in various places, but all his parts seemed to be functional. He finally managed to keep his eyes open, and studied the room around him. It was small but clean; the bed he was in was the only furniture. There was a window, but it was small and high up, so he couldn't see out. He decided to sit up.

Ignoring the sore muscles of his arms, Heero pushed himself up to a sitting position, and immediately regretted it. A wave of dizziness overtook him, so intense that he nearly blacked out. He slumped back to the bed, making a small moan.

Heero closed his eyes tightly until the dizziness faded. When he opened them again he was staring into emerald green eyes. Trowa.

"Are you ok?" Trowa said with concern. "You didn't try to get up, did you?"

Heero didn't remember anything after the explosion. "How..." he had to try again; his voice didn't seem to work properly. "How did I get here? Where am I?"

Trowa looked relieved that the other pilot seemed to be lucid. Heero did seem to be indestructible. "I picked you up with Heavyarms. You're in a trailer, with the circus."

Heero looked up at Trowa, realizing for the first time that the other boy was naked from the waist up, and wet. "How long have I been out?"

"About two weeks," replied Trowa, noticing Heero's look. "I was washing the elephants," he said by way of explanation. "I always get wetter then they do."

Heero was distracted from Trowa's body by the fact that he had been unconscious for so long. "What's been going on? What have I missed?"

Trowa handed him some papers. "It's all there. Please don't tire yourself out too much reading it. You need to get better." He stood up to go. "I need to go take a shower. I'll be back in a few minutes. Do you need anything?"

Heero said no, and started reading the briefing, trying not to be distracted by the way Trowa's tight pants hugged his body, or the fact that those pants would soon be gone, and Trowa would be completely naked in the shower. Heero wondered what was wrong with him; why couldn't he keep his mind off the other boy? He had been able to successfully hide his sexual preference until now; but his control was slipping from the forced intimacy with Trowa. He would have to be careful.

Trowa stepped into the small shower, happy that Heero had regained consciousness and seemed to be fine. It did present one problem, though... while Heero was out, Trowa had taken care of him, changing his bandages, bathing him... and staring at the beautiful boy way too much. Trowa was certain he was infatuated with the cobalt-eyed boy. The admiration for the way his body seemed to heal at an incredible rate was slowly replaced by admiration for the perfect body itself, all its chiseled muscles and hard planes. And in the course of bathing the unconscious Heero, Trowa had had the opportunity to see all of the perfect soldier's perfect body. And all of it was extremely impressive.

When Trowa emerged from the shower, Heero was dozing again. He stood for a long moment and just gazed at the beautiful boy. He was a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be able to touch Heero any more, now that he was awake. His eyes trailed down, to where the rippled muscles disappeared under the thin sheet. Trowa knew Heero only wore loose boxers under the sheet. He had put them on the other boy. The briefing papers lay beside him, and Trowa carefully put them on the bedside table. It was obvious Heero still needed a lot of rest. Maybe he still needed Trowa.

Trowa returned to his work, returning later to check on Heero. The other boy was awake again, and had maneuvered himself into an elevated position, in order to read the briefing more easily.

"Heero," frowned Trowa, "You shouldn't have done that on your own. You could have hurt yourself."

Heero managed to look apologetic. "I'm sorry, Trowa, you're right. I think I did." He raised his arm to show Trowa that the wound on his left side was bleeding again. "I think I ripped the stitches. I'm sorry."

"Heero!" Trowa was shocked. "Why didn't you call for help?"

Heero looked down. "I didn't want to bother you. I've inconvenienced you and the circus far too much already. Besides, it's not that bad."

"I'll be the judge of that," Trowa stated, grabbing the pack of bandages and supplies and settling next to Heero on the narrow cot. He pulled back the sheet, deliberately not looking at Heero's lower body, and peeled off the blood-soaked bandage gingerly. "Yes, you pulled out a few stitches," agreed Trowa, "But they were half healed already. I think some of this wound adhesive will do for the rest."

"I'm sorry," said Heero as Trowa cleaned and rebandaged the cut. The blood had stopped flowing, and if Trowa's ministrations hurt Heero, he gave no outward sign of it. Trowa once again admired the strong, silent pilot, marveling at his sense of duty above all else, that he had the courage to self-destruct rather than surrender his Gundam. Not to mention that he was incredibly sexy... Trowa tried to quell that thought before it affected him physically, but it was too late. He could feel himself harden and this time he couldn't restrain his eyes from wandering to the rest of Heero's damaged yet still incredible body.

Heero was having a problem keeping himself under control, but it wasn't from the pain. Pain he was used to, had been trained to control. But the proximity of the gorgeous green-eyed boy, and his gentle fingers touching him, had affected Heero in another way. His young body raged with hormones, and they all screamed of their attraction to the tall boy beside him. Heero couldn't keep himself from thinking what it would be like to feel those legs wrapped around him, to feel that smooth skin against his...he suddenly realized he was getting hard, and with panic he realized in his current position there was no way he could hide it. He hoped against hope that Trowa didn't notice.

There was little chance of Trowa not noticing, however, because he was currently staring directly at Heero's bulging boxers. Trowa was stunned; there was no way he could mistake the growing tent in the shorts. Still, he questioned the evidence of his own eyes; Trowa's self confidence was so low that despite what he saw before him, he doubted what it meant.

Heero chanced a look up; it was too late, Trowa was staring directly at his arousal. Heero blushed and dropped his eyes, whispering, "I'm sorry, Trowa. Please forgive me."

Trowa was still surprised; why was Heero apologizing? Trowa realized that Heero had seen him looking, and it was Trowa's turn to blush. "No, Heero, I'm sorry." Hoping to make the other boy feel better, he joked, "I seem to have the same problem."

Heero was startled. "You do?" He automatically looked at the other boy's jeans, and was amazed to see a large bulge. "Trowa?" he said searchingly.

"You're beautiful, Heero. I can't help myself," Trowa answered.

"I am?" Heero couldn't believe the other boy's words. Trowa nodded.

"That's ridiculous, Trowa, you're the beautiful one," blurted out Heero before he could stop himself. He blushed anew. He closed his eyes, wishing he could disappear. Then he felt warm breath on his face, and opened his eyes, to stare in emerald eyes just inches from his. He stopped thinking when Trowa closed the distance and pressed soft lips to his.

Trowa's heart ached when he saw that Heero was ashamed of his feelings. He wanted to show the cobalt-eyed boy how he felt. How he had spent the last month falling in love with him, dreaming of him, obsessing about his perfect body... but he settled for kissing him, pouring all his emotions into it, hoping they came through. He pressed his lips against Heero's, hoping that the other boy would respond and he hadn't misread him.

Heero acted on instinct, opening his mouth and allowing Trowa's tongue inside. In turn, he explored Trowa's mouth, bringing his arms up to wrap around the other boy's shoulders. They kissed, tentatively at first, then with increasing passion as their feelings were returned.

Trowa moaned as he felt Heero's hands on him. He had dreamed of this, of Heero touching him, almost every night. Many nights he had stroked himself, relieving the tension of proximity to the beautiful boy. Every time he spilled his seed, muffling his cries of pleasure, he thought of Heero, wishing it was the other boy's hand touching him instead of his own. And now he was feeling these hands on him finally. He was so hard it hurt; he ached to surrender completely to the cobalt-eyed boy. Even bedridden and injured, Heero projected strength; the power in his compact body was tangible to Trowa.

"Heero," gasped Trowa, breaking the kiss, "I..."

"Trowa, I want you..." moaned Heero, touching all of Trowa he could reach.

"I want you too, Heero, but... your injuries..." Trowa was concerned.

Heero ran his hand down Trowa's chest, brushing against the tall boy's arousal. "It will be worth it."

Trowa whimpered, arching into Heero's touch, unable to resist. "Anything you want, Heero... but I've never..."

"I'll be gentle," assured Heero, tugging at the hem of Trowa's shirt. Trowa took it off quickly, then stood up to remove his jeans. Heero watched hungrily, gazing appreciatively at Trowa as he stripped. "Beautiful," Heero whispered as Trowa stood before him, naked and hard. Trowa's body was lean and graceful, muscles evident under tanned skin. Not big muscles like Heero's, but perfectly defined. Trowa's arousal was already glistening with need, and Heero's eyes roamed over the tall boy, anxious to possess him fully.

Trowa leaned down, pulling off the sheet and sliding his fingers into the waist of the boxers. Heero arched up so Trowa could slide them off, and Heero was naked too. Trowa had seen Heero this way many times, when bathing him, but the other boy had been unconscious. Now Heero was very much awake and aroused, and Trowa felt overwhelmed with desire for him. The Perfect Soldier's incredible body was tense with need, and his erection was hard and huge, wet and ready to fuck Trowa.

There was some petroleum jelly in the first aid kit; Heero asked Trowa to get it, then had the tall boy straddle his hips, facing away. Heero coated his fingers and slid one inside the virgin opening. Trowa gasped; the position he was in only served to enhance his feeling of vulnerability; he couldn't see what Heero was doing. Suddenly, Heero was touching him, stretching him, and Trowa couldn't help but moan and thrust back against Heero's fingers. It felt so good; better than he had ever imagined, and he wanted more.

Carefully, Heero stretched Trowa; he knew it was the other boy's first time and he wanted him to fully enjoy it. Finally, he was satisfied, and Trowa complained when he stopped. But Heero had the tall boy straddle him then; carefully he positioned himself at Trowa's entrance.

"Are you sure?" Heero asked Trowa once more, needing to be sure. Trowa nodded quickly, and lowered himself onto Heero's lubed cock. Trowa gasped and Heero bit his lip; the tall boy's body enveloped Heero's arousal slowly.

Trowa forced himself to relax; he wanted this more than anything, but Heero's cock felt so big... inch by inch he lowered himself, and it felt incredible.

Heero clutched at the bed; Trowa was impossibly tight. His hot body squeezed the length of Heero's erection, stimulating every inch. Slowly, Trowa took in Heero, until he was fully joined with the other boy.

Trowa couldn't believe that all of Heero's cock was inside him. It didn't hurt; it felt wonderful, and he desperately wanted Heero to move, to thrust inside him. But Heero waited until he was sure Trowa had adjusted, then he rocked his hips slightly, thrusting gently.

Trowa moaned, amazed at the feeling such a small movement brought. Heero did it again, deeper this time, and it felt even better. Slowly, Heero built up speed, thrusting deeper each time. Trowa leaned forward, bracing himself on his hands, and let the other boy pound into him. Every time Heero pushed in, his erection brushed against a wonderful place inside Trowa's body; every thrust felt better, pushing them both higher.

Heero forgot about his injuries; pleasure flooded his body as he moved inside Trowa. He gripped the other boy's slim hips, driving in and out, moaning more with each thrust. "Oh, god, Trowa... so good..."

Trowa gasped each time Heero slammed into him; the feeling was better than anything he could have imagined. Heero hit the perfect spot every time; all he could do was moan his lover's name in ecstasy. "Heero... more..."

Heero gave Trowa what he wanted; he sped up, pounding hard. He wrapped one hand around Trowa arousal and started to pump.

Trowa's eyes widened; Heero's hand was stroking him, and the absolute pleasure got impossibly better. He threw his head back, stiffening, and cried out wordlessly. He climaxed violently, shooting creamy seed all over them both, searing pleasure overwhelming his mind.

Heero watched Trowa surrender to his pleasure; the sight of the other boy's completion brought on his own. Trowa's body gripped him, impossibly tight; with a growl and a final thrust, he found his own release, mouthing Trowa's name as he filled him.

Trowa almost collapsed on Heero, then he remembered the other boy's injuries and lowered himself gently. "Heero..." he whispered. "That was amazing..."

"You're amazing, Trowa. Thank you..." murmured Heero, pulling him close and kissing him softly. He never wanted to let the other boy go.

Trowa kissed back. He knew he could easily lose his heart to the strong boy, if it wasn't already too late.

Trowa arranged himself gently next to the injured boy, and they drifted off to sleep together, peaceful for a little while at least.

The End