Title: If Music Be the Food of Love...
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1+2
Warnings: yaoi, songfic
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was Duo's idea, of course. No one else would have picked a karaoke bar as a destination. But, Duo had won the right to choose their destination, so here they were.

After a round of sudden-death go fish, Duo emerged triumphant and made his announcement. Trowa looked resigned, Wufei looked indignant, Quatre giggled delightedly, and Heero just glowered. Nothing would dissuade the braided pilot, though, for he had wished for this opportunity for months. He knew just the place.

They had a rare few days off, in between missions. It was even more rare that they were all together. So Duo was determined that they all have fun and blow off some steam.

Wufei felt the need to repeatedly state that there was no way in space he was going to sing. Quatre was sweetly begging Trowa to do a duet with him, and Heero was exuding his best negative vibes at everyone and said, "Duo, I'm..."

"Going to kill me, I know, Heero. But not until after I get to have some fun!" Duo laughed at the Perfect Soldier, knowing if Heero were serious, he would have been dead a thousand times over by now. "Heero, you really need to get a new line."

By now they were at a table in the crowded bar. The only table big enough to fit all five of them was, to Heero's consternation, right near the stage, in full view of most of the other patrons.

"Hn. This isn't safe," Heero grumbled.

"Well, you could try to keep a lower profile, spandex boy," Duo joked, looking at Heero's customary outfit.

After several rounds of drinks, Duo decided it was time.

"Lemme borrow your leather jacket, Trowa," Duo said, jumping up and grabbing it off the back of Trowa's chair. "I'm goin' in." Duo grinned at his friends.

Heero had a bad feeling about this. Duo bounced up to the stage, and whispered with the person working the equipment. Then he disappeared into the shadows. A dance-like beat began. It was a song called, "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys.

As the intro began, Duo slowly stepped into the light, holding a cordless microphone. Duo began to sing, taking some liberties with the words of course:

Rock your body
Rock your body right
Maxwell's back
All right!

By the time those words had finished, Duo was fully in the spotlight. He had taken off his shirt and now only wore his skintight black jeans and Trowa's black leather jacket. Heero gaped. He had never seen Duo like this. Duo was flushed and obviously enjoying the attention and whistles he was getting. His hair looked different somehow. Duo moved forward toward the Gundam pilots' table.

The God of Death is back again
Pilots, soldiers, everybody sing
Gonna bring my scythe I'll show ya how
Got a question for ya better answer now

As Duo sang these words, He slowly approached the table. Eyes fixed on Heero, Duo reached behind his head and released his hair, which had been held back by a single clip. He shook his head and the amazing chestnut mass flowed around him, even longer when loose. Heero nearly gasped. He had never seen Duo's hair down. Duo was more gorgeous than he had ever imagined. Heero fought for control of his own body as the long haired boy approached as sang the next words.

Am I original

Duo draped himself over Heero's shoulders from behind, trailing his hand over Heero as he came back in front of him and sang:

Am I the only one

Now he stood directly in front of Heero, and with a suggestive thrust of his hips sang right to Heero:

Am I sexual

Duo leaned over Heero, nearly touching him and surrounding Heero with a curtain of shimmering hair...

Am I everything you need you better rock my body now

Then he turned abruptly, and danced away. Heero's eyes were fixed on Duo's ass as he wiggled away to the beat.

Rock your body
Rock your body right
Death is back
All right!

Duo danced to the beat, hips writhing in a way that made Heero sweat. Why was he doing this? Did Duo have any idea what effect he had on Heero just by being near him, let alone now, when he was teasing the hell out of him?

Duo turned once again to face Heero. He began to sing again.

Throw your hands up in the air

Duo raised his arms over his head and crossed his wrists.

Wave them around like you just don't care

Duo performed a hip-grinding move that left Heero's mouth dry. Heero chanced a glance around the bar. The crowd seemed to be enjoying the show. Quatre and Trowa were kissing, and Wufei was smirking. He returned his eyes to the beautiful boy on the stage.

If you wanna fight let me hear you yell
Shinigami will send you straight to hell

Once again Duo approached Heero.

Am I original

Duo stopped, so close to Heero he was nearly straddling his lap. He bent over, put one hand on either side of Heero, against the back of the chair. He sang, inches from Heero's lips.

Am I the only one?

Abruptly, he turned around and sat on Heero's lap, draping himself back across Heero's chest and singing up to him,

Am I sexual?

Heero sat without breathing, wanting only to grab Duo and ravish him to within an inch of his life. Duo's eyes widened slightly as he realized Heero was *very* aroused, then smiled, squirmed deliberately in Heero's lap, then jumped up, pulling Heero behind him onto the dance floor.

Am I everything you need you better rock your body now

"Duo, what the hell are you doing?" growled Heero.

Rock your body
Rock your body right
Death is back alright!

The crowd cheered as Duo pulled Heero behind him onto the dance floor. Duo continued to sing as he writhed in front of Heero. The lyrics ended but the beat went on, as Duo discarded the microphone and latched onto Heero instead. Duo smiled lasciviously as he ground himself against Heero's arousal, causing the pilot to moan and thrust back. Heero gave in and started to dance with Duo, grabbing the braided boy's hips and pulling him closer still. They moved as one on the dance floor, until both boys were so turned on they couldn't concentrate on the dance and just surrendered to friction.

Quatre and Trowa watched raptly as the two boys practically had sex on the dance floor. Wufei was staring fixedly away, sweating slightly. Quatre whispered in Trowa's ear, "Finally!"

The crowd erupted into whistles and cheers as the song ended and the two boys kissed passionately. Then Heero picked Duo up and carried him offstage. They didn't reappear.

The End