Title: Kiss and Control
Author: Jade
Pairing: 2x1
Notes: yaoi
Disclaimers: I do not own these copyrighted characters.

* * * * * * * * * * *

He'd thought about it the first time he met Heero, of course. Well, not the first time, he supposed. The first time he'd pointed a gun at him. The second time Heero had been in a hospital bed, strapped down, and of course it had occurred to him then. How could he not think about it? Duo had a thing for strong men, strong boys in this case, and Heero had certainly proven his strength. The thing was, Duo liked strong men because it was more of a struggle to break them.

He was young, but he'd lived several lifetimes already, it seemed. He'd known all about sex from a young age, and the more exotic forms it could take. He'd learned about people who liked to dominate, and those that liked to submit. It didn't take him long to figure out which he liked best for himself.

He wanted to see Heero tied down again, but he wanted to be the one to restrain him. After a suitable struggle, of course. He didn't want someone who would just take whatever was given. That was no fun. No fun at all.

Not that he had much time to ruminate, or even plan how he was going to get Heero into such a situation. He didn't even have a clue if Heero would be into it. As much as he liked making someone submit against their will, part of them had to be willing at least. Duo had been raped before, and he wasn't ever going to do that to someone. So Heero had to be willing. But since he had never discussed more than Gundam repair and old missions with Pilot 01 (and most of those discussions fairly one-sided), he really had no idea if Heero was even into boys, let alone kinky sex with one. Not an easy subject to bring up, even for him. If he didn't want to get his ass kicked. Duo wanted to be the one giving pain, not receiving it. But the danger was part of the appeal, and he found himself thinking about it more and more, to the point he could recognize an obsession in the making. He had to at least try to do something about it or he was going to go crazy. Well, crazier, anyway.

So he came up with a new mission for himself. He called it Operation Heero. Not a catchy name, he knew, but it worked for him. He thought about it when time allowed, which wasn't much, and he came to the startlingly obvious conclusion that he and Heero needed to be alone for this plan to have any chance of success. He congratulated himself on his brilliance.

Of course, having decided this, the opportunity seemed loath to present itself. Not that he didn't enjoy the company of his fellow Gundam pilots, but Quatre and Trowa were so obviously into each other that being around them gave him a toothache. He wished them well, and found it a little ironic that he had his sights set on Heero, but not in the same way. He didn't want romance. He wanted sparks.

Finally. Finally they were holed up in a safehouse together. They'd run an almost flawless mission, but one that made them so sought after by the enemy as well as bounty hunters that they needed to lay low for a while. They lost themselves in the middle of nowhere, a little cabin in the middle of a forest, their Gundams stashed miles away. Of course, that meant a long hike to get to the cabin, but the farther away the better.

Heero had to force open the door with his muscles of steel (getting Duo pretty hot in the process) and when they got inside it looked like the only thing that had called this place home for years were various species of rodents and the odd spider.

Duo wrinkled his nose at the stale smell, but decided it could have been worse.

Heero got right to business. "Duo. Find something to light a fire with. I'm going to secure the perimeter."

"Yes sir," Duo humphed, but Heero was oblivious, already investigating every nook and cranny. He sighed and looked around. There was actually a pile of mostly usable firewood out back, and he dragged several big logs inside.

After a few moments of struggling and liberal cursing, Duo managed to get an anemic-looking fire going. He fed the flames carefully, though, and soon the blaze was roaring happily. Duo beamed to himself. Such a simple thing, starting a fire, but so satisfying in an earthly, caveman-like way. Humans hadn't really evolved that much when it got right down to it. Fire, food, fighting... he looked up as Heero re-entered the cabin and he mentally completed the alliterative list. Fucking. As in fucking hell, Heero was hot. The other boy was already shucking off his clothes, stripping down to his usual uniform of spandex shorts and tank top. Not that Duo minded at all, but he often wondered just what had inspired Heero to choose that particular outfit.

"We are secure," Heero stated in a monotone.

"We are fired up," Duo responded, mimicking Heero's voice.

Heero didn't bat an eye, or even seem to notice Duo's mocking of him.

Duo sighed, getting up and brushing the dust off his pants. The conversation was going well. He wandered over to the kitchen and started opening cabinets. They were mostly empty, as he'd expected. After a few moments of rummaging, he managed to find a can of beans that wasn't too ancient, and some crackers in a sealed vacuum pack.

The two boys shared the meager meal in front of the fire, in relative silence. Duo found himself contemplating Heero's nearly perfect face. On another body, that face would almost be feminine; his features were delicate and perfectly balanced. On Heero, though, with his very non-feminine body, the effect was startling. And fucking sexy.

Duo hadn't realized he was staring until Heero demanded, "What?" with more emotion than Duo had ever heard from him.

"Huh? What?" Duo echoed, startled out of his reverie.

"You're staring at me," Heero observed. "And you're barely talking. It's unusual."

Duo smirked. "The barely talking or the staring?" he joked. He was a little flustered, though. Usually he was more subtle.

"The not talking. You stare at me a lot." It was said matter of factly.

Duo shrugged, trying to make light of it. "You're not hard on the eyes, Heero. You must know that."

Heero blinked. "So you *are* staring, then."

"You just said I was."

"I expected you to deny it." Heero's perfect forehead creased in a frown.

Duo laughed. "You know what I always say... I never lie. Well, much anyway."

"You like to look at me?" Heero asked, as if trying to get a clue to a puzzle.

"Duh," Duo responded.

"Duh?" Heero repeated. "Explain."

Duo sighed. "I mean it's obvious why anyone would want to look at you. You're gorgeous."

"Oh," Heero said, and it was the first time Duo had ever heard him say anything unnecessary.

And of course he couldn't leave well enough alone. "Don't tell me you don't know you're hot."

Heero shrugged noncommittally.

"Why do you think little miss 'Heero come kill me' is always after that spandex-clad ass of yours? To discuss politics?"

Heero looked away as if embarrassed. "Well, she's... she's a girl," he offered, as if that explained everything.

"Very observant," Duo teased, setting aside his bowl and leaning back on his elbows. At least this conversation, while probably fruitless, was interesting.

"And... you're not," Heero went on.

"Wow, nothing gets past you, does it?" Duo said, grinning. "So what's your point?" He knew he should probably quit while he was ahead, and not get his ass kicked, but he'd never been sensible.

Heero looked impatient. "You know," he said, glancing almost shyly back at Duo.

"No I don't, or I wouldn't be asking."

Heero let out a huff of air. "Are you gay?" he finally asked, with no trace of sarcasm.

"I try not to label myself," Duo said evasively, wondering whether Heero was about to get angry.

"But you like to look at me," Heero said, expression not changing.

"We've covered that," Duo pointed out, stomach fluttering unexpectedly. He wasn't quite sure how this had come about, and he had no clue what would happen next, but he wanted to know.

Suddenly, Heero leaned forward. "Stop playing, Duo. What do you want?" His voice was a little hoarse, and held a note of emotion Duo had never heard before.

Duo decided it was time for frankness. "You," he breathed, looking into Heero's deep blue eyes from inches away.

"What do you want to do to me?" Heero answered, seemingly unfazed.

Well, that was the question, wasn't it? Was Heero innocent, or just looking for information? "Lots of things," he finally replied.

"Such as?"

More frankness was required. "I want to touch you, Heero. Undress that gorgeous body and touch it, stroke it, lick it.... Fuck it." Duo held his breath. He'd laid all his cards out now. Well, almost all.

Heero stared back at Duo for a long, silent moment. "That's all?" he finally said, barely above a whisper.

"That's not enough?" Duo asked incredulously, eyes wide. "Okay. What I really want to do to you is tie you up, then fuck the hell out of you." Well, there it was.

The silence stretched for what seemed like hours. Then Heero nodded once.

And launched himself at Duo.

Duo was flat on his back with Heero astride him, pinning him down, before he could blink. "What the fuck?" he demanded, even as his cock stiffened in his pants.

Heero regarded him from above. "I thought maybe you'd like a struggle first," he said breathily.

"First?" Duo stammered. His brain was trying valiantly to catch up.

"First. Before you do those other things to me."

Duo whimpered. "You mean you..." He had to swallow hard before he could continue. "You *want* that?"

In answer, instead of speaking, Heero leaned forward a little, rocking his hips, so Duo could feel something very hard poking into his belly. He whimpered again. "Fuck."

"Exactly," Heero said, a smile playing about his full lips. Then he faltered. "Is this not right? Not what you want?"

"God no, it's fucking perfect," Duo blurted immediately.

"Good. Then get on with it," Heero said, his voice a low purr.

And Duo did.

Snapping his hips up and to the side, Duo managed to dislodge Heero enough so he could get one arm and one leg free. Heero was stronger, but Duo was quicker, and he was an expert at unarmed combat. Accustomed to opponents bigger than him, Duo knew how to use his slender physique to his advantage. He brought his arm across, putting it against Heero's throat as he shifted his weight on top of Heero. Heero struggled, but he was off balance and suddenly their positions were reversed, Duo on top of Heero but this time between Heero's legs.

Duo leaned forward, trying to get control of Heero's arms. He had the advantage of leverage, but when their hard cocks rubbed together he moaned. He was overcome by intense desire, and Heero managed to get one arm free. They were both flushed and panting, but not from exertion.

They rolled again, Heero on top, but Duo threw his weight into it and continued the roll so that now they were both on their sides. Heero wrapped his legs around Duo's waist and both boys gasped from the friction the position gave them.

Duo knew he wasn't going to overpower Heero this way. He darted his hand down between them and pressed the heel of his hand against Heero's erection. He whimpered at the feel of it, but not as much as Heero did. He squeezed, gripping the hard flesh through the stretchy material, and Heero's eyes rolled back in his head. "You like that?" he growled as he pushed Heero back onto his back with little resistance.

"Oh god yes." It came out as one word, nearly. Duo grinned.

"Then get your hands up above your head or I'll stop doing it." There was more than one way to dominate.

Heero looked up at him for a split second, before raising his hands high above his head. He was panting.

"Good," Duo breathed, control washing over him and making him even harder. "Now keep them there." He yanked up on the hem of Heero's tank top, pulling it up over the other boy's head until it tangled around his arms. Then he made a complicated series of twists and knots that secured Heero's wrists as much as possible. It wasn't perfect, but it would do. Duo had many talents. "How does that feel?"

Heero pulled at his restraints. Duo knew that Heero could probably rip the material like tissue paper, but apparently he liked the restraint. "Good," he said hoarsely. He looked up at Duo, a vision right out of his fevered dreams. "What are you going to do to me now?"

Duo waited a beat, making sure that Heero wasn't going to struggle any more. "Anything I want to," he finally answered. In a way, this was better than Heero being truly restrained. He was giving in willingly.

Heero moaned, and Duo almost drooled. He moved down Heero's body, and ran his fingertips lightly over the smooth skin. Heero's body was incredible, and now it was his to play with. Without asking for permission, Duo pulled down on the spandex shorts, exposing Heero's arousal with no warning. The hard flesh sprang free, and Duo admired it as he pulled the shorts all the way off. Heero was large and thick and wet with need.

"Mmm," Duo observed, and couldn't help a quick stroke, rubbing his thumb across the tip. "Spread those legs," he snapped, eager to get on with it. Niceties could wait.

Heero hesitated only a moment, then did as Duo ordered. The other boy was breathing hard, flushed, but his arousal showed no signs of flagging. "Touch me again," he whined.

Duo scowled, and delivered a quick slap to the inside of Heero's thigh. "Greedy. You will not ask. You will only take what I give you."

"S-sorry," Heero whispered, eyes wide. Duo could tell he was deep into the role already.

Duo stroked him again after a moment. "Good boys get rewarded," he told him a little breathlessly. "Good boys get to come. You can control yourself, can't you, Heero?' he asked conversationally.

"Yes," Heero nodded eagerly. Duo could see he was trembling.

"Good," Duo nodded approvingly. "Do you want to be fucked, Heero?" He wanted to fuck Heero badly. He hoped *he* could control himself.

"P-please," Heero answered, nodding quickly. "Want you, Duo."

Duo almost moaned out loud at that, the way Heero said his name. He hoped this wasn't a one time thing. He had to push that thought out of his mind, though. First things first. "Have you ever been fucked before?" he asked.

"No," admitted Heero, looking down.

Oh. A virgin. Fuck. Duo licked his lips and said, "Well. I'm gonna make sure you like it, baby," he assured him hoarsely.

Heero nodded trustingly, and Duo said, "Don't move. I'll be right back." He scrambled to his feet and went to the kitchen. He found some olive oil that would do, and then he began to shed his clothes. By the time he got back to Heero, he was naked.

Heero looked up at him a little wide-eyed. Duo smirked. He knew he wasn't that big, but compared to his slender form the effect would be impressive. Especially someone who had never been in this situation before. He dropped to his knees in front of Heero. He was a little disgusted with himself as he realized his hands were trembling as he opened the oil. Get a grip, Duo. It was only sex. You've done this a hundred times before. But he knew this was different. Since he'd met the other pilot he hadn't been able to get him out of his mind. Maybe this would allow him to get Heero out of his system. Yeah right.

Duo considered. Heero was a virgin, but he was well used to pain. The boy had set his own broken leg, for god's sake. If he was careful, he could skip prep. Besides, they were playing, right? Domination's the name of the game... if he chose not to prep Heero, it was up to him. Heero would have to take it. He moaned a little under his breath at that thought. He slicked oil onto his cock liberally.

Heero watched him intently. Duo knew how smart he was. He had to know how things worked at least. Time to stop thinking and start acting. He leaned down into position and said, "Spread those legs wide and relax."

Heero nodded and complied, keeping his arms just where he'd been told to put them, tangled in his own shirt, and he looked up at Duo almost trustingly. Duo took a shuddering breath and pressed the head of his cock at Heero's virgin entrance. He locked eyes with Heero, and since words seemed superfluous now, he began to push in.

Twin moans broke from the young pilots.


"Fuck, Heero... you okay?"

"Feels... god, Duo, give me more..."

Duo wasn't one to refuse a request like that, and he gave Heero what he wanted. He pulled back a little and thrust back in, harder, and Heero gasped. He did it again, changing the angle a little, and this time Heero *howled*. Duo grinned.

"Oh god, I didn't know it would feel like that," Heero moaned.

Duo grinned. Leave it to Heero to know all about the anatomic details, but not their intensity. He could have commented, but he decided to direct his energies toward something more rewarding. Like pounding Heero with increasing speed and force.

Soon both boys were gasping for air, words abandoned for the sake of breathing in the face of such ecstasy. Heero, true to his word though it had to be difficult, held back. Duo almost forgot that Heero was waiting for permission to come; then he realized, and reached down to add more stimulation in the form of his hand on Heero's cock.

"Duo!" Heero found his voice as his eyes went wide. "I can't..."

This was the moment Duo loved; Heero was staying his own climax on Duo's word alone, waiting for permission, his pleasure at Duo's mercy. "Come," he growled, his own voice almost unrecognizable to him as he stroked and thrust.

Heero didn't bother to respond, just jerked, eyes rolling back in his head so only the whites showed as he pulsed out his seed between their straining young bodies.

Duo would never have admitted it, but he couldn't have held out a moment longer after seeing Heero writhe in ecstasy from his touch. It was all over as he let loose, pumping Heero full of his desire as he made a strangled cry that might have been his new lover's name.

Once the pants and cries had died down, there was no sound in the dingy cabin save the crackling of the fire. Duo's arm muscles were about to give out and he quickly rolled off Heero and collapsed next to him, wincing as his cock slid out of Heero. A quick look revealed no blood and he relaxed a little. He reached up to release Heero's arms from their makeshift restraint.

Then he turned to look at Heero, and saw intense blue eyes regarding him.

"You okay?" Duo's infamous loquacity seemed to have escaped him. Heero only nodded.

"You sure, man? I tried to go slow, but fuck you're tight and..."

Heero leaned over and silenced him with a kiss, their first of the evening.

But not their last.

The End