Title: Need You Tonight
Author: Jade
Pairing: 3x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, songfic
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Lorena
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Quatre and Trowa fled in their Gundams, objective completed but badly outnumbered. They covered each other, and managed to slip their pursuers. They could have split up, but by unspoken agreement they stuck together, even though presumably they presented a bigger target together. Ever since their musical duet, the two had worked best together. Their missions lately had reflected that.

/Come over here/

Once out of sensor range, they hid the Gundams as best they could. Then they set off on foot across the jungle-like terrain toward the rendezvous point. There were no safehouses this far out in the wilderness; all the better for them to escape detection. They had about 2 days of hiking and camping ahead of them. They had supplies, though, and neither was worried. In fact, Quatre rather welcomed the time alone with Trowa; though paired on missions quite often, there was always some duty to perform, some plans to make, that precluded them just talking.

/All you got is this moment/

As they walked through the dense trees, Quatre snuck peeks at his enigmatic partner. He wanted to get to know Trowa better, find out more about the boy who he suspected he had a serious crush on. Or worse. What did it mean when you dreamed of someone every night, sometimes when you weren't even asleep, and those dreams or thoughts left you incredibly hard? Even now, trudging through the forest, sweat starting to trickle down his back, Quatre couldn't help but admire Trowa. The green-eyed boy was tall and lean, lithe muscles flexing under the tight t-shirt he had stripped down to for the hike. He was covered by a light sheen of sweat that only served to enhance the blond boy's appreciation for Trowa's beauty.

/The twenty-first century's yesterday/

Trowa walked quietly, fully aware of the other boy's eyes on him. Once Duo had pointed out the fact that Quatre watched him whenever he was in the room, Trowa had finally noticed the blond's scrutiny. At first he had questioned what it meant, but after watching Duo nearly laugh himself stupid at his ignorance, Trowa had to grudgingly admit, if just to himself, that Quatre seemed to like him. What he was going to do about that was another story. Brushing off Duo's crude suggestions, he had contemplated the situation. He had thought the blond boy was beautiful since the first instant they had mutually surrendered. He had never dreamed that Quatre would return those feelings, thinking that the other boy's pleasant demeanor was applied equally to all the pilots. Duo had finally convinced him otherwise. After he had been made aware of the situation, Quatre's attention seemed more obvious; whenever Trowa looked at the other boy, Quatre seemed to be just looking away. And if Trowa held his gaze for more than a moment, Quatre's cheeks would flush slightly and he would get flustered. So Trowa studied Quatre when he could, marveling at the delicate beauty that hid a strong leader with nearly flawless tactical skills. Even now, in the heat of the afternoon, Quatre glowed; golden hair shone in the sun and the other boy looked good enough to eat. Trowa made himself blush slightly with that thought; he couldn't afford to let himself think of Quatre in those terms, not right now. Arousal was not a practical thing on a long hike.

/You can care all you want/

So they walked, and sweated; Quatre, oblivious to all except his feelings for Trowa, and Trowa contemplating what to do about it. Finally, they reached a small clearing near a lake that looked like a perfect campsite. Quatre suggested they stop now, before it got dark, so they could set up camp. Trowa agreed, and they set about their duties. For fear of detection, they didn't want to start a fire. They had one small tent, and Quatre blushed as he realized how close they would have to sleep in order to fit in there. Trowa watched the realization hit Quatre, and tried not to smile at the thought of lying close to the blond boy all night.

"Trowa?" Quatre asked as they finished their preparation. Trowa looked up at the other boy. "I'm really hot. Do you mind if I have a quick dip in the lake?"

"No problem, Quatre. I'll stay here and finish up, and when you get done I'll do the same," Trowa replied.

/Everybody does yeah that's okay/

Quatre was relieved and disappointed at the same time. As much as he wanted to see Trowa in less clothes, dripping wet, the fact that he would be similarly unclothed would pose a problem. His feelings would be very obvious. "Ok!" he replied, and wandered off to the water. Trowa busied himself, trying not to watch too closely.

When Quatre was out of sight, Trowa finished what he was doing, and moved soundlessly to a vantage point he had spotted earlier. He would be hidden from view of the lake, but had a fairly good view through the bushes. He couldn't help himself. He was thinking about how to approach the other boy. He was still unsure, even though he knew that Quatre liked him. Trowa had feelings for Quatre, and he wanted to do this right. He wanted to watch Quatre, wanted to decide whether he had the courage to approach the beautiful boy. He really meant to take just a glimpse, to keep him going while Quatre was busy. But then the blond boy stepped into view, already shrugging off his shirt, and the expanse of golden skin enthralled him. Trowa was rooted to the spot.

Quatre let out a small sigh of relief as he took off the soaked shirt. Heat, he was used to, but the humidity here was killing him. Not to mention the fact that just looking at the taller boy made him sweat. The thought of Trowa brought a smile to his lips, and he could feel his awakening arousal push against his zipper. Carefully, he lowered the zipper, and let the pants fall to the ground as well. There were black boxers underneath; briefly, Quatre wondered if he should keep them on to swim, or take them off. Deciding there was no one around to be modest for, he slipped them off... with difficulty. Thinking about Trowa had given him an erection, and the boxers got caught at first. Giggling to himself, he managed to get them off, then walked the last few steps to the water's edge.

/So slide over here/

Trowa watched with rapt attention as more of Quatre's sleek body was revealed. His own body answered, and his hand stole automatically to the hard line of flesh that now stretched the front of his jeans. He knew he was being a voyeur, but that just made even better; the guilty pleasure of watching Quatre was too irresistible. He rubbed his hardness through the material, wishing it were Quatre touching him instead. When Quatre lowered the boxers, Trowa nearly moaned at the sight of the blond boy's firm ass. God, how he wanted to grab that ass, bend Quatre over, take him hard... Trowa definitely couldn't stop watching now. He unzipped his pants and let his hand slide inside, imagining it was the other boy touching him. He was sweating even more now, but it wasn't from the heat.

/And give me a moment/

Quatre stepped into the water. It was the perfect temperature; just cool enough that it soothed his skin, but not cold enough to chill him. He walked into the water, up to his thighs, before dropping under the water to get his whole body wet. Then he stood up again, turning around as he did, looking around at the scenery. The water was also not cold enough to lessen his arousal, and as he looked toward the campsite, he thought of Trowa again. He licked his lips, looking around quickly. He decided he was all alone, and he ran his hand down over his body, brushing against his pink nipples before sliding down to grasp his hard cock.

/Your moves are so raw/

Trowa gasped as he watched Quatre turn around, revealing he was hard as a rock, before touching himself. The sight alone nearly made him climax, and he had to slow his hand down. Golden Quatre, lit by the rays of the setting sun, naked and hard and playing with his own cock... Trowa whimpered with need, and strode out of his hiding place without thinking twice, stripping off his shirt as he went. Boldly, still stroking his cock that stuck out of his jeans, he strode to the water's edge. "Quatre..." he said hoarsely.

/I've got to let you know/

Quatre was startled out of his daydream by the very real object of his lust standing before him, half naked and... doing the same thing he was. "Trowa!" Quatre almost forgot to be embarrassed as he took in the sight before him. The tall boy's muscles bulged; naked from the waist up, Trowa's upper body was too perfect to be true. Trowa's pants hung open, and his erection poked out, glistening and huge as it was slowly stroked.

/I've got to let you know/

Trowa looked at the blond boy in the water, and forgot all else. Slowly, he slipped off his shoes and the tight jeans, kicking them aside before he advanced, stepping into the water toward Quatre. "Quatre... need you..." He didn't want to scare Quatre, but the fires of passion burned in his veins and he just couldn't wait any more. Watching Quatre like this, Trowa hoped the other boy felt the same way, that he was ready. Seeing that Quatre had stilled his hand, he said, "Don't stop."

/You're one of my kind/

Quatre blushed as he realized what Trowa wanted, but it also turned him on even more. Slowly, he stroked himself again, and whispered, "You like this, Trowa?"

Trowa nodded, still pumping his own cock. "Oh, yes, Quatre. You look incredible."

/I need you tonight/

Quatre started to pant slightly, not sure what was more sexy: the fact that they were doing this in front of each other, or the hungry look in Trowa's green eyes. All he knew was that he never wanted this feeling to stop, and he wanted more.

Trowa watched intently, barely moving his hand now; from just watching Quatre, he was dangerously close to release. He walked slowly behind the blond boy, and stood just behind him, not quite touching. "May I touch you, Quatre?"

/'Cause I'm not sleeping/

Quatre nodded, and Trowa stepped forward, bringing his arms around the other boy, slowly running his hands down the smooth chest. "Don't stop," he repeated as Quatre's hand faltered in its rhythm.

So Quatre stroked himself, and Trowa touched him; the taller boy ran his hands all over the soft skin, stopping to tease Quatre's nipples or caress his lower abdomen. Best of all was the feeling of Trowa's hardness pressing into his back. The proof of Trowa's passion for him made his knees feel weak and his cock ache with desire. Quatre continued to stroke himself, breathing more quickly now.

/There's something about you boy/

Trowa rocked his hips slowly, teasing himself with the languid friction as he ran his hands over the body he wanted so badly to possess. Every moan and whimper from the blond boy's mouth made his desire more intense. He lowered his hand, covering Quatre's hand that stroked his arousal. He guided the other boy's hand, and together they pumped Quatre faster. Trowa used his free hand to touch the other boy all over while they stroked.

Quatre leaned against Trowa, no longer sure of his legs. Trowa's hand over his own squeezed gently, and he shuddered. It felt so good; Trowa's cock against him and the heat of the other boy's body, combined with the stroking, was quickly driving him to completion. He wanted to abandon himself to it. "Trowa... I'm going to..."

"Surrender," breathed Trowa, stroking faster, biting at the blond's neck gently.

/That makes me sweat/

With an erotic cry that nearly took Trowa along with him, Quatre climaxed, arching his back against Trowa and calling his name. Blinding pleasure gripped him; he fell back against the other boy as he remembered to breathe again.

Trowa held Quatre tightly, knowing the other boy would still be feeling the aftershocks. Then he spun the other boy around and captured his mouth in a savage kiss, smearing Quatre's seed between them uncaringly.

/How do you feel/

They kissed endlessly; eager hands touched smooth skin, and Quatre's passion soon returned to match Trowa's. They broke off finally, both boys panting, and stared deep into each other's eyes. Aqua met green, and time stood still.

/I'm lonely/

Quatre finally found his voice. "Trowa... I want... more. I want to be with you."

Trowa looked down at the blond boy, still flushed from his climax. "And I want you, Quatre. Are you sure?"

/What do you think/

Quatre nodded eagerly, and that was enough for Trowa. He scooped the smaller boy up in his arms and easily carried him out of the water. As fast as possible, he carried Quatre back to the campsite. Kicking open the flap to the tent, he carefully deposited the blond boy on the sleeping bags. He reached out once more to grab the first aid kit, and then he was kissing Quatre again, pinning the other boy to the ground.

/Can't take it all/

Quatre lay back and enjoyed; Trowa on top of him was something he'd wanted for the longest time. Trowa was so strong, so powerful; the bulging muscles in his arms as he held himself from crushing Quatre made his passion increase even more. He arched up against the other boy, their naked bodies still damp from the lake. He felt Trowa's hands between his legs, and knew what the other boy wanted. He spread his legs, and moaned as he felt Trowa's fingers touch his inner thighs. He opened his eyes at Trowa's soft laugh. "What?" Quatre asked in confusion.

/Whatcha gonna do/

Trowa had the first aid kit open, looking for a suitable lubricant. "Duo's been up to his usual tricks." At Quatre's questioning look, he added, "The last time I checked, a large tube of cherry lube was not standard issue for a medkit." Quatre blushed, and Trowa said, "But not unwelcome." Then he was kissing Quatre again, and the blond boy forgot to be embarrassed. He felt Trowa's fingers, slick, gently touch his entrance, as if seeking permission. Quatre rocked his hips upward insistently, in answer. Quatre wasn't sure what to expect, but it felt as if the whole world revolved around the areas that Trowa was touching. Trowa's finger slipped in, and Quatre moaned; it felt different, and incredible. He lost himself in the sensation as Trowa prepared him. He rode waves of pleasure as the taller boy added more fingers. Soon Quatre was thrusting back onto Trowa's fingers greedily. Trowa smiled as he watched the blond boy; then he added one last finger, searching, and watched Quatre's face.

/Gonna live my life/

"Trowa!" Quatre called out as a new feeling threatened to make him climax again. "That's so..." he trailed off, enjoying Trowa's ministrations wordlessly.

Preparing Quatre was testing Trowa's control; somehow he had known that given one taste of pleasure, the blond boy would thirst for more. He withdrew his fingers, and Quatre whimpered in protest.

/So slide over here/

Quatre felt bereft without Trowa's fingers in him; but then he noticed that the other boy was applying the lube to his cock, and he surmised what came next. "Please," he begged, wanting desperately what he had never had before today.

/And give me a moment/

Trowa leaned forward, supporting himself on one hand as he used the other to guide his cock into heaven. He pressed the head gently against Quatre's opening, savoring the sweet anticipation. Quatre held his breath, then Trowa pushed in.

/Your moves are so raw/

Quatre gasped; it felt so big, almost hurting, but not quite; he focused on Trowa's face as he concentrated on entering him. Trowa had never looked more beautiful, his brow furrowed in concentration and his lush mouth hanging open. Trowa caught Quatre staring at him and gave the blond boy a sultry smile that made Quatre moan.

/I've got to let you know/

Slowly, Trowa took Quatre, and made him his. Sublime tightness, gripping heat, overwhelming need took over their lives. Thrusting shallowly, going deeper every time, Trowa watched Quatre to make sure the other boy was all right.

Trowa needn't have worried; Quatre was enjoying every second, every inch, every movement. He lay back and watched Trowa, marveling at the fact that they were doing this, here, now. He had wanted the tall boy from the moment he had first seen him, even though at the time he didn't know what he wanted. Now he did, and he wanted more. "Trowa," he gasped, "Faster... please..."

/I've got to let you know/

Trowa drove into Quatre, faster now, and deeper. He found a rhythm, and lowered himself as he stroked, so he could kiss the other boy. Quatre kissed back desperately, making low noises in his throat every time Trowa seated himself deep inside. He clung to Trowa's arms, ran his hands down Trowa's back; as if to reassure himself that this wasn't another dream, this was real.

Trowa had no doubts this was real; never in his life had he felt anything that was like making love to Quatre. Heaven existed in Quatre's arms; he never wanted to leave. Faster and faster, the blond boy was sobbing now, begging for more, and faster, and harder. Trowa gave it to him, holding onto Quatre's hips, pounding deep now. Words dissolved into moans and they were two as one, joined, eternal.

Exquisite ecstasy couldn't last forever; the blond's body was coaxing forth Trowa's completion, inevitable. He reached down between them to stroke Quatre's cock, and Quatre lost control. Thrashing and screaming, the blond boy climaxed, pleasure gripping him like agony.

Trowa kept pounding as long as he could; then he too climaxed, filling Quatre and whispering his name. For a long moment, they were still; then the tableau broke, and Trowa regretfully pulled out, and lay carefully next to Quatre.

Sweat cooling and hearts returning to normal, they fell asleep at last, and dreamed of the future, and what it held.

/You're one of my kind/

The End