Title: Private Entry
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
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* * * * * * * * * * *

"Heero..." Duo's voice intruded on Heero's thoughts as it rang out across the linoleum-covered cubicle that passed as their dorm room. Every sound in the room they shared rang out stridently, with nothing to dampen it (Duo wanted to buy a rug but Heero refused, saying it was an unnecessary depletion of their limited funds) but Heero knew Duo well. That tone in his voice meant he wanted something from Heero.

Stifling a sigh, Heero turned in his chair to look at the longhaired pilot. "Yes, Duo?" he said without a trace of impatience. Duo seemed to like to goad him to talk more, to show more emotion, and he secretly liked to thwart the other boy in such attempts. "You busy?" Yes, that tone was definitely indicative of trouble.

"I'm always busy," Heero stated patiently. At the moment, he was hacking into the school database to alter his records, doing some research on the tensile strength of a new proposed Gundanium-mix alloy, and doing Calculus homework. While they were undercover at a school, he had to pretend to keep up.

"Yeah, well," Duo said, waving his hand dismissively. "You know what I mean. I only need your help for a second."

Heero knew about Duo's 'seconds.' To the other boy, a second was an infinitely variable unit of time that could be anywhere from an actual second to several hours in duration. But then again, by his estimate, Heero had already wasted about 120 actual seconds on this particular episode, so he may as well give in. Instead of bothering to answer, he just stood and walked the few steps to Duo's desk, where the other boy sat at his laptop.

Duo apparently hadn't expected such rapid acquiescence, and his eyes widened as Heero approached. He turned back to his laptop and quickly saved and closed something, then turned to Heero with a grin. "Thanks, Heero! I really appreciate it."

Heero pretended not to notice Duo's actions; he could investigate later. "What's the problem?" he asked neutrally.

"It's this piece of shit laptop," Duo said emphatically. "I knew I shouldn't have bought it off Howard. It's crap. Won't connect to the school's network. I can't get online."

Heero barely refrained from rolling his eyes. Duo had an unfortunate habit of blaming things on his equipment. Though Duo was a brilliant pilot, and Heero had the utmost respect for his skills, the boy could really be annoying sometimes. "Why do you need to be online so badly?" Heero asked, not really wanting to know the answer. He leaned forward, bringing up a menu.

Duo laughed. "Gotta download my porn, ya know, Heero. I'm a teenage boy after all."

Heero pretended not to react. Of course that was why Duo wanted to be online. "They block those sites, you know," he said, turning the laptop to face him so he could see what he was doing.

Duo snorted. "Even I know how to get around that shit." He leaned forward, peering at the screen. "Whatcha doing?"

Heero frowned. "You always forget. You have to reconfigure the network connections after you interface it with your Gundam." He was already creating a new profile so that the laptop could communicate with the school's network.

"Oh yeah," said Duo. "Does it work now?" he asked eagerly.

"Just reboot, and you should be able to connect," Heero said, closing the window after applying the changes. He straightened. "Just don't get us kicked out of here for downloading things. At least until I've got the info I need." He turned his back then, going back to his own laptop. He really didn't want to see what Duo considered downloadable. He didn't want to have to discuss it with Duo, because Heero didn't like girls.


A few days later, Duo was out performing part of his mission, which included physically sneaking into the administrative offices and planting some recording devices. Heero still found it incongruous that someone as loud and boisterous as Duo was an expert in sneaking into places.

He looked over at Duo's laptop. He remembered the way the boy had tried to hide something, and he told himself that for the good of the mission, he had to know what Duo was up to. So he booted up the laptop, feeling only slightly guilty.

He scanned through the files on the laptop. There weren't many. He had been sure that Duo had been working in some sort of word processing program, but there were no such files present on the laptop. Not even text files. That was a good thing, of course. Nothing traceable. But it also didn't tell him anything about it.

Next, he opened up a web browser and checked the history; nothing there. Duo knew how to cover his tracks. But there was one other way to check where a browser had been, and most people never thought of it. It was tedious, but Heero was nothing if not meticulous.

After about ten minutes, he'd found out that Duo hadn't actually visited any porn sites. This made him happy for some reason he couldn't quite define and didn't want to examine too closely. He hadn't actually visited that many sites at all, but there was one in particular he seemed to go quite often. It was one of those online journaling sites. After a bit of searching, Heero realized that Duo was keeping an online journal of his own. It was locked, though, and Heero couldn't read it. Yet. He noted the username, erased all traces of his intrusion, and shut down the laptop. He'd hack it later. He had to know if Duo was foolishly giving out any details of their missions. Even if the entries were locked, someone like Heero could get into them.

Heero waited until the next time Duo was out of the room for an extended period of time. Then he set about hacking Duo's password. Heero was in his element; this was what he did, what he was trained for. It didn't matter that this job wasn't taking over one of OZ's computers, just an online journal; he took it just as seriously.

It took approximately fifteen minutes to determine Duo's password, and then he was logging into the journal from his laptop. First, he checked the settings to be sure that none of the entries were accessible to anyone else; they weren't. This really did seem to be just a personal journal, only for Duo's eyes. Heero had another brief pang of guilt, but he had to be sure. If this was just a personal journal, Heero would never hack into it again.

He scanned the archive of entries; not daily, but every few days; that made sense. Duo wouldn't always have reliable net access. Time to find out just what Duo was writing about. He chose an entry at random, one from several weeks prior. It was short, one line.

"He's fucking oblivious."

Well, that was open to interpretation. But at least it did seem not to be mission-related. He tried one more recent.

"God, not another fucking school. This is gonna kill me."

Heero often felt the same way. He tried another.

"I had that dream again. It always happens when he wanders around without a shirt. Fucking tease."

Heero's eyes widened. Not only did Duo appear incapable of making an entry without the word "fuck" in it, he appeared to be interested in... a male. He'd had no idea. He knew that he should stop now, stop invading Duo's privacy. But he couldn't. He clicked on another one.

"I think I could sit on Heero's lap naked and the boy would just tell me I was in the way of his laptop. Hmm, maybe I should try it. He'd kill me, but at least I'd get to see him as I died... Damn, I'm such a girl. I suck."

Heero sat staring at the screen for a full five minutes. Duo. Wanted him. The idea was just... He shook his head. It must be a joke.

He glanced at the clock. Duo was due back any moment. He logged out and cleared his cache and history. He pretended to be working on History, but his mind was whirling.

The idea that Duo liked boys wasn't as stunning as the knowledge that he liked Heero. Duo always seemed exasperated with him, trying to get him to show some emotion, to loosen up. He had never really thought about Duo that way; he'd learned to separate his business from his personal life. It was much easier that way. Not that he didn't realize that Duo was attractive. He just never let himself get farther than that. His life held no room for lusting over the unattainable.

But perhaps Duo was not so unattainable.

Heero still couldn't quite believe it. He decided to test his new knowledge. To see if he truly had any effect on Duo. If Duo thought he was that oblivious then he should be able to easily discern the effects. A wicked smile crossed Heero's face as he heard the sound of a key in the door. He had a new mission.

Duo shuffled in and flopped down on the bed dramatically. "Man, Heero... I think my brain is empty. That test was brutal!"

Heero turned in his chair, looking at Duo as if for the first time. "Your brain is always empty," he said neutrally, then stood up and stretched.

Duo's mouth dropped open and said, "You made a joke! I can't believe it!"

But Heero was watching Duo's eyes, and they most definitely lingered on his body as he stretched. Perhaps it wasn't so impossible after all. "Yeah, it tired me out. I think I'll go take a shower," Heero answered, nonchalantly.

Duo groaned almost silently, but Heero heard it. He stifled a grin as he went off to the bathroom, showered quickly and came back dressed only in a towel. He opened the door, letting the towel drop lower on his hips deliberately. He knew nothing of seduction but he knew his body was toned and trim.

He watched out of the corner of his eye as Duo's face flushed and he very obviously ogled Heero's body. How could he have missed that? Perhaps he really was oblivious. He bent over his dresser, pulling out clothes, then, with his back to Duo, he dropped the towel and slid on some boxers.

Duo suddenly sounded as if he was choking to death behind him, and before Heero could turn to ask if he was all right, he'd bolted out the door, saying, "IthinkIneedashowertoobye."

Heero was left staring at the closing door, smirking. It was real. He wasn't sure what he was going to do about it yet, but he had proof now.


It was a couple more days before Heero had a chance to get into Duo's journal again. He'd decided he wanted to give Duo what he seemed to want: him. He just wasn't sure how to do that. If he was too blunt about it, Duo might not believe him. He figured Duo might not mind if Heero read his journal, if he was using it to seduce him.

Heero started reading the entries from the beginning. They started neutrally, talking about Heero and how oblivious he was. Then they got more detailed. Duo seemed rather articulate in his descriptions of his sexual fantasies and how they related to Heero. Heero felt himself blush and become aroused at the same time as he realized what Duo thought of him. Wanted to do to him. Wanted him to do to Duo. Heero wasn't a virgin, but he didn't have much experience. He wasn't sure if Duo did, or he had a really vivid imagination. Either way, Heero was getting some very definite ideas about how to go about seducing Duo.

All he had to do was pick one of Duo's fantasies, and reenact it. Duo would be so into it that he'd admit he wanted Heero, and it would all happen naturally. Or somewhat naturally. Duo would have no clue that Heero knew his fantasies. It was perfect.

Heero had already decided on the most natural-sounding of the scenarios. Some of them were either impossible where they were at the moment, or highly improbable. Heero didn't even know if they *had* horses on this colony.

Heero planned meticulously in all things, and this was no exception. He waited until he knew they would likely be uninterrupted for the evening, and he knew Duo had little homework. He waited for Duo to arrive back at the room, and sat at his desk as if answering an email. He glanced up, managing to look annoyed.

"Hey, Heero," Duo said, casually letting his eyes glide over Heero's body as he did almost every time he saw him. "What's with the workout clothes?" Heero was dressed in loose sweats and a white tank top rather than his usual spandex or school uniform.

Heero frowned. "Dr. J seems to think I'm getting out of shape on this mission," he replied. "He wants me to get more exercise, and I'm not sure how. He also wants me to work on my martial arts skills, though they have no classes like that here." One of Duo's fantasies had involved the two of them wrestling, a session that turned into steamy sex. Of course, all Duo's fantasies ended in steamy sex. That was kind of the point, but he delighted in detailing them to the point that Heero himself was getting kind of obsessed with the idea by now.

Heero watched Duo's face closely, and could clearly see the emotions warring on his face. He'd been watching Duo more lately, and he had to admit that Duo really was attractive. Though his hair was longer than most girls, he really wasn't feminine at all, and Heero definitely liked that.

Finally Duo seemed to find his voice, though he seemed less confident than usual. Heero knew exactly why. "I... could help you. If you want."

Heero looked up at him, seemingly considering. "You would?" he asked. "You sure? I know it's a big thing to ask, but I don't know how I'll practice by myself..."

Duo interrupted, and Heero had to repress a smile. "I don't mind. Really. I mean, I'm sure you're much better, um, than me, but I'll try my best and... I don't mind."

Heero had never seen Duo get quite that agitated, but he pretended to ignore it. "Well, if you're sure..." He looked around. "I guess we could move the beds and use the floor..." He looked at Duo. "And you should change. Wouldn't want to mess up your uniform."

Duo nodded vehemently. Heero knew that this was because events were following the script of his fantasy perfectly. "I'll go change," he said, and he was out the door like a shot.

Heero rearranged the furniture while Duo was gone. The floor would be uncomfortable, but he'd spread a blanket to help a little. Duo came in, breathing a little harder, dressed in loose shorts and a shirt. Time to heat things up. Heero said, "Will this work?" When Duo nodded, he frowned. "It's kind of hot in here. Do you mind?" he asked, and pulled off his tank top. He watched Duo's eyes track across his chest but pretended not to notice.

"It's fine," said Duo weakly, perhaps reconsidering the wisdom of this plan. But it was clearly too late. He kept his shirt on, however. Heero was disappointed.

"Right," said Heero, moving closer. "Shall we start with some grappling to get warmed up?"

"G-grappling?" Duo stammered, looking alarmed. "Like... wrestling?" His voice cracked just a little.

Heero suppressed a smirk. "That's usually what grappling is, yes," he said patiently. "You ready?"

"Yeah," Duo answered weakly, nodding, clearly steeling himself.

"I'll try not to hurt you too much," Heero said.

Duo's eyes narrowed and he was obviously annoyed with that. "Gee, thanks."

They circled, and predictably, Duo struck first. He lunged at Heero, trying to get under his guard, but Heero blocked, and got an arm around Duo's waist. He swept his foot and Duo went down.

Duo wasn't bad at martial arts, but Heero was exceptional. His body had been conditioned all his life to be stronger, faster, and more flexible. His bones had been broken numerous times, and forced to heal stronger than the original. Ultimately, only sheer size and muscle could beat Heero in hand to hand combat, and Duo didn't have it.

Of course, Heero was just following Duo's unknowing script; in his fantasy, Heero bore Duo to the floor just like this, pinning him with his lower body and hands. He leaned over Duo, flat on his back, and stared into his eyes. He was barely breathing hard, but Duo was panting. Heero was pretty sure it wasn't just from the exercise, but he wasn't quite far enough back on Duo's body to be sure.

"Are you all right, Duo?" Heero asked calmly, not getting off of the other boy. He looked into Duo's eyes. Maybe Duo would kiss him now.

"No, I mean, yes," Duo squeaked. Heero had never heard Duo squeak before.

"Well, which is it?" Heero asked, hiding his amusement. He knew he was enjoying this position.

"Get off me, you big oaf!" yelled Duo, face bright red, struggling against Heero's unbreakable grip. "You won, ok?"

Heero sat back, surprised. He'd expected Duo to react more positively, maybe kiss him. But Duo looked upset. He moved off of the other man, but not before he felt the brush of an unmistakable erection. He watched Duo flee the room, trying not to grin. He hadn't been wrong. This might just take a little more time.

When Heero had a chance, he browsed Duo's journal again. There was a more recent entry:

"He's trying to fucking kill me. The grappling thing? I was so scared he was going to feel it. I thought he did for a minute but he didn't say anything. He would have said something."

Heero grinned to himself. It was working, and he wasn't wrong. Time to choose another fantasy.

Most of them were not easily enacted. But one of them required little equipment, and though it was a risky one, he thought Duo would really enjoy it, if his entry about it was any indication.

Heero waited until a Friday night, when many of the students were out at a dance or at various activities. Duo got in later, and Heero decided that it was time. He'd been thinking about Duo more and more over the last few weeks, and he was more than ready for this. It made sense. They were often paired on missions. They both liked other boys. They both had needs. Why not take care of them together?

Heero waited until Duo had closed the door behind him, then he slammed into him, pressing him against the door. He looked into Duo's wide eyes and growled, "I need you, Duo. Now." He grabbed Duo's hands and forced his arms above his head.

Heero had been surprised to read that Duo was quite taken by the idea of Heero being forceful. In effect, forcing himself on Duo. Not that Duo was going to protest too much. In his fantasy, Duo struggled, but he wanted it. Heero hoped he wasn't wrong about this...

Duo stared at Heero, eyes widening, struggling slightly. "Heero, what the fuck..."

Heero shut him up by pressing his mouth to Duo's, claiming it in a searing kiss. Duo didn't react at all at first, then as if unable to resist, he kissed back. Their tongues fought a savage battle, and Heero took the opportunity to press the length of his body against Duo's. He moaned into the other boy's mouth as he clearly felt Duo's erection against him.

Duo gasped, breaking the kiss, and looked into Heero's eyes. "You... but... I didn't know..."

"I know," Heero said, smirking.

"But... how..." Duo was stammering, clearly torn by his body's needs and his incredulity.

"You really never do stop talking, do you?" Heero couldn't help but ask. Even pinned against the wall, in the middle of his fantasy, Duo talked.

Duo's mouth dropped open. Then he grinned. "Shut up and kiss me, Heero."

Heero didn't hesitate. He kissed Duo demandingly, sweeping his tongue into the other boy's mouth with all the fervor of a teenage boy's lust. He suspected the game was up now because Duo wasn't protesting at all. He didn't mind that, of course. He was more than ready.

Duo slid his arms around Heero's neck, pressing against him, and Heero made a strangled moan into his mouth. He was on fire now, and he could feel that Duo was just as aroused. Heero leaned back, getting his arms around Duo, and lifted him up easily.

That broke the kiss, and Duo giggled as Heero carried him over to his bed. He set him carefully on it, and then followed him down. He ended up straddling Duo's hips, rocking back and forth against the other boy's hard cock.

Duo's body arched under Heero, his sensual mouth hanging open under the frictional assault Heero was providing. "God, Heero," he finally gasped, eyes rolling back in his head. "Not that I want you to stop, but... if you keep that up I'm gonna come in my pants," he finished with a blush.

Heero smirked, but moved off of Duo. He kneeled on the bed next to the other boy, and pulled off his tank top.

Duo just stared for a long moment, then appeared to snap himself out of his reverie. In short moments, he had stripped off all his clothes. Heero had just had one more article to remove, his shorts, and now they were both naked.

"Damn," Duo whispered, eyes roaming all over Heero. "You look..." He shook his head, words seeming to fail him at last. He lay back, slightly shy, and raised his eyes to Heero's.

"You look better," Heero said, letting his eyes trace Duo's slim form. He was less muscled than Heero, but he was lean and strong. Heero thought he was just about perfect. He lay back down next to Duo, and their bare skin touched at last.

Duo was wide-eyed, but he pressed forward eagerly. Heero smiled and ran his hand down Duo's chest, and wrapped his hand around his eager cock.

"Fuck, Heero!" Duo all but screamed. He arched into Heero's hand, panting. "I... don't know why... but I'm not gonna argue."

Heero gasped as he felt a hand on his cock as well. He met Duo's eyes, sparkling with happiness at him. It felt exquisite, so much better than his own hand. Though Heero had intended to take his time with this, they were both teenage boys and very aroused. They had all the time they wanted, and they needed relief.

He stroked Duo, and kissed him, pulling back again to watch the other boy's face. He'd never been someone's fantasy before, and it was heady stuff. He wanted to see Duo's face when he came. For him.

It didn't take long. Duo looked up at him, and whimpered, and still managed to keep stroking Heero. He finally gasped, "Oh, god, Heero, gonna coooome..." And then he felt the wet heat cover his hand, and Duo arched up nearly off the bed.

Watching Duo come for him made Heero unexpectedly hot, and before he knew what was happening he was climaxing too. The pleasure was abrupt and searing, and he gasped Duo's name as he gave in to it.

The settled back to the bed, sticky and panting, and Duo rolled closer to Heero almost magnetically. Heero had never been cuddled before, but he didn't find it distasteful at all. In fact, it felt good. He held Duo close while they caught their breath. Suddenly he realized they could do practically whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Over and over again.

Suddenly school missions didn't seem so bad.

The End