Title: Response
Author: Jade
Pairing: 13x6
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, sequel to Release
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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The rain let up finally, but I couldn't shake the gloomy mood the day's events had put me in. The fact that I had to preside over yet another interminable cocktail party for visiting dignitaries didn't help. My immaculately cut uniform still managed to irritate me. The collar chafed, and I was not in a good mood. Yet I still had to be charming and make enlightened conversation, when all I wanted to do was retire to my quarters with a glass of wine. The wine I had, though I had to limit myself to one, lest I become too loose with my comments. Discretion in everything. I bit back a smirk at the look on these dried-up old faces if they knew what I had been doing just a few hours prior. The straight-laced, proper General Khushrenada, masturbating in the bathtub as he thought about his second-in- command... who sat just down the table from him. Of course, Zechs had again donned that hateful mask that covered his perfect features, but I had long ago memorized every inch of his face. I felt my cock stir again as I looked at him, thinking of how I had seen him earlier that day, practically naked, dripping wet.

Sighing, I forced my attention back to the conversation around me. This was the least favorite part of my duties; I would much rather be out in the middle of some muddy field directing battle than in this stuffy room full of old men and women who sought to control the war with their money. But the money, and this evening, was important, so I suffered through it. I signaled for more wine, settling for the occasional glance at my blond fantasy. He seemed to be suffering as much as I, nodding and pouring wine for one particularly offensive old woman. I covered a smirk as Zechs glanced up toward me, imagining the look of utter boredom that must be on his face. At least he didn't have to look interested; the mask hid all but his mouth.

The dancing began; I steeled myself for it. Another distasteful duty; I loved to dance but these over-decorated women are not whom I'd choose for partners. As I steered Mrs. Starwren across the floor, guiding her listless frame through the other dancers, I let my mind roam to what would happen if I would ask Zechs to dance. Would he even accept? What would everyone say? I'm sure my sexual preference is no secret among the ranks; the fact that I'm never seen with a woman other than Colonel Une (who doesn't really qualify) must have tongues wagging by now. But I've never been defeated, never been proven wrong, and the men respect that. And I'm sure there are rumors about Zechs, as beautiful as he is; I know they call him my "boy." I'm not sure about my childhood friend, actually; he and I have never discussed such matters. But to openly dance with another man in front of all these people? It's only a nice fantasy, to occupy my mind as it wanders. I know nothing will come of it.

Finally, the band took a break and I excused myself as politely as possible, saying I needed fresh air. Since the night was rather cold, I hoped that I could be alone for a few moments to collect my thoughts. I leaned over the balcony, gripping the edge and staring off into the night. I guess I had had a bit too much wine; I was feeling bitter and jaded and dangerous. I felt that with just the right incentive, I might do something I would later regret. Like quit, walk away from the war forever, lose myself in some small village, change my face and my life and stop tormenting myself with something, someone I can never have. I was just on the edge of drunkenness, a dangerous place to be. Drunk enough to do something irretrievably stupid, yet not drunk enough to blame it on the alcohol. My feelings for Zechs were caught up in there somehow, and when I head his voice from behind me I had to remind myself that this was no play. It was real, and I had to play the card I was dealt.

"General," his voice caressed me. "It's a lovely night out."

"Yes, it is, Lieutenant," I replied as formally as he had spoken. The walls have ears and eyes and microrecorders.

"It's a nice change from earlier today," Zechs went on, and I could tell he had stepped closer. Still, I stared out into the distance. I couldn't trust myself. "It rained rather hard today, and I got caught out in it." Then he dropped his bombshell, still speaking mildly. "But you already knew that."

I couldn't help it; I knew I was giving myself away as I whirled to face him. Was he threatening me? How had he known I was watching him? What did he think of me now? His impassive mask gave no answers. I had to speak carefully and neutrally as he was doing. "Whatever do you mean, Lieutenant?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said smoothly, his mouth twisting into a crooked smile. "I must have been mistaken. I could have sworn I saw you while I was out jogging." I couldn't believe it; he was giving me an out. What did that mean? He continued, "It's a pity. I would have enjoyed discussing the... weather with you." The almost imperceptible pause tormented me.

Now I was thoroughly confused. Was Zechs implying that he liked the fact that I was watching? It was so difficult to talk without really saying anything significant; but both us of understood that at any given time, we were being monitored. Well, except in my private quarters, I was assured by Une; unless she herself was watching, and that didn't bear thinking of. I shook my head as if to clear it. Now what to do? I could take Zechs' offered pass or I could pursue this further. Carefully. "I do like the rain a great deal," I admitted. "It has certain advantages." I paused to see how he would take that.

His smile widened and he leaned closer. "The rain is very liberating," he replied. "It makes me feel alive."

I felt unaccountably like I was floundering in this conversation, a feeling I wasn't accustomed to. Just what were we talking about? "I agree. It can show things in a new light, one you hadn't considered before."

"Or had considered, but thought impossible," countered Zechs, trailing his fingers slowly along the concrete balcony.

"Nothing is impossible," I said after a moment, daring to hope. I was mesmerized by his hand, caressing the stone as if it were a lover's flesh.

"Truly?" Zechs asked, and there was a note in his voice I couldn't quite identify. "Do you really believe that?"

I raised my eyes to his; I couldn't read his expression but I hoped he could read mine. Time to take a change, and risk it all. "Yes, Zechs, I truly do," I replied, letting my feelings shine through my eyes, openly, at last. "And I must insist we pursue this conversation, elsewhere, very soon."

A pink tongue darted out to moisten his lips, and that simple action nearly made me gasp. When most of a person's face is hidden, the significance of the expressions that are left becomes stronger. "Yes," he all but whispered. "We must." And he smiled, bowing his head at me and taking his leave. Did I imagine that he whispered in my ear as he went past, "I'll find you?"

I took a long moment to compose myself; I felt like I'd been out on the balcony for hours. I checked the clock as I reentered the room; it had only been ten minutes. Ten of the most significant minutes of my life. Unsettled still, I secured another glass of wine and went on auto-pilot. The rest of the night was a blur; it couldn't have been over soon enough for me. I was afraid to as much as catch Zechs' eye. I couldn't trust myself.

Finally, I felt free to leave with the excuse of having an early inspection tomorrow. I had no such thing, but they wouldn't know that. I went back to my quarters and realized that I was waiting for him. Even though I hadn't a clue as to when he would "find me," I was waiting.

I didn't have to wait long. I'd just had time to shrug off my dress jacket, heavy with ribbons and decoration, when the door chimed. My heart started to beat faster as I ran a hand through my hair, walking to the door. I keyed the door open with slightly shaking hands. Everything I wanted was on the other side of the door; without looking I knew it was Zechs.

And it was him. Looking like he'd come straight from the party, still in his perfectly cut uniform, mask still in place. The only thing different was the genuine smile on his face.

I wasn't sure what to say, so I settled for, "Please come in," as I stood back out of his way. He brushed past me and I tried not to look like I was nervous as hell.

I locked the door, and turned to face him. He faced me and asked, "Do you mind if I take off the mask?"

"Please," I nodded, holding my breath. As many times as I have seen Zechs without his mask, the revelation of his perfect features always makes me marvel. To cover such a face is truly a crime, though I think I understand his reasons for doing so. His mask off, he shook his long hair, and as it settled around him, I could barely breathe. It wasn't even sexual, not yet; but Zechs was that perfect to me.

He fixed me with those azure eyes and smiled. "Much better," he murmured.

I was at a loss again, so I settled back on custom. "Can I get you anything?" I knew what I wanted, but what was Zechs offering?

"Yes," he purred, and stepped closer to me. "I think we've been dancing around long enough."

My mouth was suddenly dry. Yes, he was offering, but could I take? Years of training, years of repression, years of being so careful not to let my true feelings show... could I overcome that and take what was offered? "I've always wished I could dance with you," I replied.

He laughed, a deep sexy sound that uncoiled a ribbon of desire in me. "Now wouldn't that be something to see," he mused. He took another step and looked up at me. "Sometime we should give them something to remember."

I smiled back, my cock hardening and making me bolder. "Someday," I agreed. "But I'm more interested in a private show right now. You seem to like showing off."

"Only for the right audience," he answered. "You have no idea how much I liked you watching me. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to jog while aroused?"

"No," I admitted. "But you had the same effect on me."

"Am I having that effect now?" Zechs asked playfully, glancing down my body.

I raised an eyebrow challengingly. "Why don't you find out?"

He looked at me for a long moment, considering. Then he closed the distance between us, placing his hand on the front of my trousers. I couldn't help the moan that escaped me; I hardened fully at his touch and my hips rocked forward involuntarily. Then he closed his fingers around my hard length, squeezing through the material, and my eyes rolled back into my head. "Well?" I managed to say.

Zechs still squeezed my erection rhythmically as he said, "Definitely as impressive as the rest of you, General."

"I'm flattered, Lieutenant," I purred, fighting to keep my voice even. "but is the feeling reciprocal?"

Zechs licked his lips and smirked. He removed his hand from its place, to my disappointment. "Instead of telling you," he murmured, "I'll show you." He pressed his body against mine then, lining up the lengths of our bodies, so that his arousal pressed against my upper thigh. There was no doubt of his feelings.

This of course brought his mouth to within an inch of mine, and I was never one to waste a fortuitous opportunity. Gently at first, I brushed my lips against his, savoring. I'd wanted this for so long, and I intended to enjoy it fully.

Zechs' lips were soft and warm and as perfect as I had dreamed; they parted for me and my tongue moved to his almost without my thinking. I deepened the kiss reverently, slowly; my hands moved to his shoulders as I pulled him even closer. His hips moved against mine, and the feeling of him hard against me threatened to drive me wild. My own arousal pulsed; the need to bury myself in that body was building rapidly.

I felt Zechs' arms slide around my waist, and I moved my hand to at last feel that platinum silk. The flaxen strands flowed through my fingers like water. I broke the kiss finally, breathing hard because I still couldn't believe this was happening. "Zechs," I breathed. "You are beyond amazing."

His eyes were slightly unfocused and his lips were kiss-swollen; never had I seen such masculine beauty. Those lips curled into a smile and said, "I look forward to showing you just how amazing I am, Treize." With that, he captured my lips again, and this time he was the aggressor. His tongue explored my mouth as his hips ground against mine.

After what seemed like forever, we parted once again. "Zechs," I panted. "As much as I love this, kissing you, I've waited so song for this that..." I trailed off, not sure how to express the fact that I was having trouble holding back. I felt silly saying it though; I wasn't a teenager any more.

But he seemed to understand. "So have I. Since I first realized my preferences, I knew I wanted you. I can scarcely believe it now. So shall we go to your bedroom?"

"I don't think I've ever had a better offer," I smiled, and took his hand. I pulled him with me, through the double doors to my large bed.

Zechs pushed me to the bed. "Sit down and watch. You liked the preview, now here's the real show." Before I could protest, he started unbuttoning his jacket. My cock throbbed, but I leaned back on my elbows, mesmerized.

The jacket dropped on the floor and his graceful fingers moved to his starched white shirt. Inch by inch more golden skin was revealed, and Zechs seemed to enjoy my eyes on him. He pulled out the shirt from his pants as he unbuttoned, finally leaving the shirt hanging open to frame his smooth chest. I licked my lips as he dropped his hands to the button of his trousers, looking at me enticingly, hesitating deliberately. "Tease," I said, smiling.

"Yes, I am," he smirked, easing the zipper down slowly. No underwear. "And you love it," he added, sliding his hand in his opened pants and wrapping his hand around his own cock. I watched raptly as he stroked himself, drawing his length out of the pants, teasing me more.

"Why, Lieutenant, no underwear? I believe that goes against regulations," I said lazily.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I had plans and they would have gotten in the way," Zechs replied, kicking off his boots without stopping the stroking. I couldn't stop watching.

"Plans? Such as seducing your commanding officer?" I asked with a smile.

"Something like that," he agreed, now letting his pants drop to the floor and stepping out of them. He took off the shirts as well. Now he stood before me, completely naked, aroused and the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. "Am I succeeding?"

I took a long moment to look at him, admiring the planes of muscle and lines of tendons. And the long, hard cock that jutted up into his hand. "Admirably," I replied.

"Good," he laughed, and suddenly he was on his knees in front of me, kneeling between my parted legs, hands on my thighs and looking up at me with those eyes. "I've wanted this for so long," he whispered, reaching for my pants and opening them quickly.

I barely had time to gasp and his mouth was on me, worshipping me, his hands working my pants down even as he took in my length. Electricity shot through me, nerves set on fire as his tongue caressed every inch of my arousal. "God, Zechs!" I finally cried out, burying my hands in his hair. To look down and see Zechs Marquise, naked, on his knees, taking my cock in his mouth... his extremely talented mouth... it was something I'd dreamed of but never thought I'd see. It was finally happening, and I had to stop it. It was too good, to perfect, too everything; I wanted release, but not yet. Regretfully, I gasped, "Stop! Please!"

Reluctantly, he stopped, looking up at me. "You don't like it?" he pouted.

"On the contrary, I like it far too much, Zechs," I panted. "And you know that. It's just... I've wanted this for so long as well, and... I want more."

Zechs grinned wickedly up at me. "So do I," he said, pulling my pants off the rest of the way with my boots. I shrugged off my shirt and a moment later he was on top of me, pressing me to the bed, rubbing his erection against mine. I could only moan into his mouth; my hands ran wild on his sleek body, touching all I could reach. Zechs ground against me, his hands on either side of me. I kissed back with all my might, and when he drew back, I gathered my strength and flipped us both over.

Now I was on top, pinning Zechs to the bed, just like I'd wanted to for years. He looked up at me and smiled. "Now this is more like it," he said.

"I thought so too," I agreed, and pushed one knee between his legs to spread them. He moaned and spread his legs apart as far as he could, and I was stunned by his quick capitulation. "Zechs," I moaned, completely undone by the blond man. "Are you sure?"

"I've wanted to be underneath you for years, Treize," he breathed, wrapping his legs around my back, drawing me in. "This is exactly what I want. And I didn't know I could have it. Until I saw you watching me. Please make love to me, Treize."

I couldn't help it; I moaned out loud from his words. Zechs, begging me to take him... I hoped that I could last long enough, because this was my every dream made real. "Zechs... you turn me on so much..."

He seemed to understand. "Need you fast, Treize. Please..."

I nodded and fumbled with the bedside drawer, hoping there was some lube in there somewhere. It had been so long since I'd had need of it. Finally, my hand clenched around the cool tube, and I managed to get some out. I started to prep him, hands shaking, but he stopped me. "No. I want to... I want to feel it... can't wait..."

With a deep breath, I nodded and applied the lube to my cock. Just that one touch nearly sent me over the edge, kneeling as I was between Zechs' parted thighs. I leaned forward, guiding my cock to his waiting entrance, nudging at the hot flesh, moaning already.

Zechs stretched his hands over his head, grabbing the headboard and looking up at me desperately. "Hurry," he urged. "Need you inside me..."

I couldn't even speak as I pressed the head of my erection against his entrance. Pushing, I slid inside an inch, and he gasped; so tight. Then he relaxed, and I could enter him further; I concentrated intensely on going slow. I wouldn't hurt him.

But Zechs didn't look like he was in any pain. His gorgeous mouth was open, his muscles bunched as he gripped the headboard, and his thighs trembled as he took me in. Tight, hot, incredible, no words were enough to describe the feeling. Zechs' body gripped me like no other; no one would ever compare to him, no mortal would ever come close. No superlative, no word in any language was equal to the task of explaining the absolute rapture I felt as I entered Zechs.

Then I was in, and I thrust shallowly, and it got even better.

Zechs arched up against me, driving me deeper, begging for more and I couldn't even speak. I nearly growled as I drove deeper, harder, building a rhythm as I claimed what should have been mine all along. Deeper, faster, harder, Zechs took everything and begged for more and I gave it to him. Nothing that good could last very long; I knew I was close, so I stroked his cock as evenly as I could, and he arched up and gasped and got even tighter.

I felt his climax on my hand as I drove in one more time then it was over, nothing could have kept me from release, and I was screaming his name as he called mine. An eternal moment of exquisite ecstasy; it seemed to go on forever yet never long enough as we gasped for air.

I pulled out carefully, not because I wanted to leave his body, but because I was about to collapse. I lay beside him, and as we both caught our breath we looked at each other. I searched his face for regret and saw only contentment. I must have looked the same, for he buried his face in the crook of my neck and breathed deeply.

We drifted off to sleep that way, entwined and sticky; later we would wash the evidence from our bodies but never our minds.

We were writing a new chapter.

The End