Title: Rub-a-dub-dub, G-boys in a Tub!
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x4, 1x4x5
Warnings: yaoi, group sex
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Wufei stormed into the pilot's quarters, slamming the door behind him. Heero, seated at the computer as usual, glared at him from beneath his hair.

"Keep it down, will you?" Heero snarled. "Some of us are trying to work. And Quatre's sick, in case you've forgotten. He's trying to sleep."

Wufei ignored him and threw his backpack onto the floor. He stalked off to the kitchen. Heero could hear him banging things around. Heero sighed. Wufei had always been moody, but lately he had been getting worse.

Duo was off doing god knows what on a solo mission, and Trowa was off doing some martial arts training, so it was just the three of them for the time being. Heero had never realized how much noise Duo made until he was gone. He sort of missed him, and his noise, in a twisted sort of way. Heero would never admit it though.

Quatre had had a serious bout of food poisoning. He was over the worst of it, but was still weak and needed lots of rest and occasional help. Since the others were gone and Wufei was in a foul mood, it had fallen to Heero to be Quatre's caregiver. Heero was quite unused to such a task, but he didn't find it objectionable. Quatre never complained, just asked very nicely for the help he needed. He always thanked Heero and asked after his health, even at his worst. He seemed to be improving lately, and even managed to sit up for a while. The doctor said Quatre had been very lucky to pull through as quickly as he did.

Heero jumped up as he heard Quatre's faint voice from his bedroom, asking for him. Heero welcomed a break from his efforts to break the code he was working on. Heero entered Quatre's room to find the blond pilot sitting up in his bed looking better than he had in weeks. Quatre smiled and apologized for bothering him.

"That's ok, Quatre, I needed a break anyway. You're looking better. What can I do for you?" Heero asked.

Quatre seemed to blush slightly, but Heero chalked that up to the fact that the room was rather warm. "I am feeling better, thanks," he said quietly. "But..." he continued, looking embarrassed.

"What?" Heero urged.

"I hate feeling unwashed. I haven't had a proper wash in a long time," Quatre said, looking down. "But I tried to get up, and I felt so dizzy I fell over," he continued sheepishly. "I didn't want to have to ask for your help, but Duo and Trowa are gone, and..." he trailed off.

"What do you need me to do, Quatre?" Heero asked as gently as he could. This was obviously bothering Quatre a great deal.

"I want to take a bath, but I need your help. I'm too weak," Quatre said miserably, eyes downcast. "I understand if you don't want to, it's ok."

Heero was taken aback. He hadn't expected that. He felt a blush coming on, but said, "It's ok, Quatre, I don't mind. We've been friends for a long time now. You would do the same for me, wouldn't you?"

"Absolutely, Heero," Quatre answered a little too quickly. "I mean, yes, I hope you would ask for my help if you needed it."

"There's no one else I'd rather ask for a bath," Heero answered, then frowned as he realized that hadn't come out as he had planned. "You know what I mean."

Quatre laughed, breaking the tension. "I think so."

Heero paused, looking down at the smaller pilot. "Uh, Quatre, I'm not sure how to help you, though. I don't have much experience in the caretaker area. You'll have to tell me what you need."

Quatre once again blushed inexplicably, and stammered, "Uh, ok, Heero, I'll try. Why don't you start by running the water into the tub, then help me get in?"

"Sounds like a plan," Heero answered and scrambled into the bathroom to hide the fact that he was blushing too.

Heero busied himself by adjusting the taps to get a perfect stream of water. What was his problem? Why did he feel so nervous? All he could think of was helping Quatre get undressed, his tight, smooth body sliding into the water... great, now he had an obvious erection stretching the front of his spandex shorts. It's been too long, he thought, I'm just horny. But why Quatre? I mean, he is attractive, and slim like Duo, and... where did that thought come from? Great, now I'm lusting after two boys, and I'm supposed to be straight. Not that Trowa and Wufei weren't attractive, too, with their lean, muscled bodies... Heero suddenly realized that the tub was nearly overflowing. Great. And he had a huge bulge in his pants to hide as well.

"Everything ok, Heero?" Quatre inquired from the other room.

"All ready," Heero replied, pulling his tank top down and trying to think unsexy thoughts as he went to help the other pilot into the bath.

Heero helped Quatre to his feet, and put one arm around his waist. Quatre put his arms around Heero's neck and leaned into him. They shuffled this way for a moment until Heero realized it wasn't working very well.

"Let me try something else," Heero said, bending down and scooping Quatre up in his arms. The blond pilot hardly weighed anything. Heero had never carried a man in his arms before. He looked down at Quatre and asked, "Is this ok?" Quatre smiled, nodded, and snuggled up to Heero.

"You're so strong, Heero," Quatre sighed.

"Not really, you're not heavy," Heero stammered, blushing and getting hard again. He made sure to hold Quatre high enough that he couldn't feel his hardness pressing into his back. Quatre would probably think he was a pervert or something.

Quatre, on the other hand, was enjoying being carried by Heero way too much. He was very definitely getting aroused by the feel of Heero's strong arms around him and the smell of the bigger pilot so close to him. Too bad he doesn't like boys, Quatre thought, wondering how he was going to hide his arousal from Heero when he got in the tub. Oh well, maybe I won't try to hide it, he thought, and I'll see how Heero reacts.

Heero carried Quatre into the bathroom effortlessly. He carefully put him down, keeping an arm around Quatre's waist to make sure he wouldn't fall. The two boys looked at each other for a moment, knowing what was next. Heero opened his mouth to suggest he wait outside to give Quatre some privacy when Quatre started to lose his balance.

"I'm afraid you're going to have to help me get in, Heero," Quatre said apologetically, trying to unbutton his pajama top. Heero watched the blond pilot fumble for a moment, and took a deep breath. He could do this, he knew he could. Just think of Quatre as your friend...

"No problem, Quatre, don't worry," Heero said in what he hoped was a reassuring manner. "Let me help you with that." Heero reached for Quatre's buttons and began to undo them.

Quatre let his hands drop and allowed Heero to take his pajama top off. Quatre sighed with pleasure as he felt Heero's hands touch his smooth chest.

"Are you ok?" Heero asked in response to Quatre's sigh. Heero was fighting to keep his body under control as he removed Quatre's clothes. His skin was so soft...

"Mmm yes, I mean, yes, I am, Heero, thank you. Just a little dizzy," Quatre replied, having devious thoughts. "I don't think you'd better leave me alone in the bath, though. I might pass out."

They both looked down at Quatre's remaining garment, his pajama bottoms, held up by just a drawstring. Quatre smiled helplessly at Heero. Heero sighed and reached for the drawstring. Unfortunately, the bow had become a knot, and wouldn't untie easily. Heero had to bend over and try to loosen the knot. Heero was finding it extremely difficult to concentrate while staring at Quatre's flat stomach, and lower. Quatre was holding his breath as he enjoyed the sensation of Heero's hands so close to his most sensitive area. When he felt Heero's warm breath on his stomach, Quatre lost control completely and became rock hard. At the same time, Heero succeeded in untying the knot and Quatre's pants slid off.

Both boys froze. Quatre was basically naked, with his pajama bottoms pooled around his ankles. Heero was still bent over, face to face with Quatre's hardness. Heero straightened up quickly. Quatre looked down, feigning embarrassment, and noticed how tight Heero's shorts had become. Quatre tried to hide a grin at their situation.

"I'm sorry, Heero. I can't seem to help myself," Quatre said softly, trying to hide his amusement and making no effort to cover himself.

Heero tried to back away but soon found himself against the wall. He tried to speak but only succeeded in stuttering. He wanted to issue a denial but then realized his body was betraying him. Quatre was staring fixedly at his obvious arousal.

"I... I'm not like that," managed Heero faintly, but he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from Quatre's lean body.

"Uh huh," agreed Quatre, stepping out of his pants and approaching Heero slowly. "So how do you explain that?" he asked, indicating Heero's hard-on.

Heero blushed furiously, but couldn't deny his arousal. "I don't know. I've never... you know... with... a... guy," he finished slowly.

Quatre stopped just in front of the taller pilot. "I figured that, Heero."

Heero looked down to avoid Quatre's gaze, but then thought better of it when he realized what he was staring at then. He looked up, into Quatre's big blue eyes, and swallowed nervously.

Quatre smiled sweetly up at Heero. "I've always thought you were gorgeous, Heero. I've dreamed of being with you. I just never thought there would be a chance." Quatre reached out slowly and ran a finger down Heero's chest. Heero gasped and closed his eyes. Quatre came closer, almost touching the other pilot. "Is there a chance, Heero?"

Heero opened his eyes to see the cute blond only inches away from him. Not trusting his voice, he nodded. Quatre smiled happily and said, "So what do you want to do, then?"

"I want to... touch you," Heero replied tentatively.

"Go ahead, then, touch me," Quatre said, putting his hands behind his neck and arching his back seductively. "I'm yours. Do whatever you want."

"I don't know how," Heero replied nervously.

"Then let me help you," Quatre replied, taking Heero's hands in his own. He placed Heero's hands on his chest and slowly moved them down his body. When they reached his waist, Quatre moved Heero's hands around to his back and pressed his naked body against Heero's.

When Heero felt Quatre melt against him, and felt his hardness against his thigh, he decided to take control. His own arousal pressed against the smaller boy's stomach, Heero wrapped his arms around Quatre and leaned down to kiss him. Quatre closed his eyes and lifted his face to Heero's. Their lips met at last.

Quatre's lips were soft, softer than any Heero had ever known. They parted easily for Heero's questing tongue. Heero lost himself in the kiss as Quatre opened to him.

The kiss seemed to go on forever as the two pilots melted together.

They parted finally, Heero gasping for breath because he had forgotten to breathe. Quatre smiled up at him. "Are you ok, Heero?" he inquired.

"Not really, but I will be," Heero answered softly and kissed Quatre roughly. When they parted for the second time, the blond's sweet lips were bruised by the force of Heero's kiss. This time, Quatre was the one left panting.

"Oh, Heero, I love it when you're forceful," murmured Quatre.

Suddenly Heero realized that Quatre was still weak. "Did I hurt you? Was I too rough?" he asked worriedly. Quatre looked so fragile.

Quatre laughed. "I am still a bit weak, yes. But don't forget I'm still a Gundam pilot. I'm tougher than I look. I can take anything you've got, Heero."

Heero blushed, but decided that playing dumb was a bit silly now that he had kissed Quatre. "Are you sure?" he asked with a wicked grin, thrusting his hips against the smaller boy. "I've got quite a lot."

"I can feel that, Heero," Quatre responded, slipping his hand between them and gently stroking the taller pilot's arousal, causing Heero to moan.

"Oh, Quatre..." Heero said. "I feel like I'm going to explode. But I don't know what I'm supposed to do about it!"

"We could start by taking your clothes off," suggested Quatre with an innocent look on his face, though what he was doing to Heero was certainly not innocent. "Let me."

Quatre slid his small hands under Heero's tank top and pulled it up, deliberately brushing against Heero's nipples as he did so. Heero gasped, amazed by the feeling such a simple touch could bring.

Quatre pulled the shirt off Heero and let it drop to the floor. The small blond then focused his attention on Heero's bulging spandex shorts. It was obvious that there was no underwear underneath. Quatre hooked a finger in the waistband and pulled slowly. Freed from the constricting material, Heero's erection sprang out immediately, its impressive length poking out the top of his shorts. Heero moaned with anticipation as Quatre eased the shorts the rest of the way off. Finally, Heero stood as naked as Quatre, feeling slightly embarrassed until he saw the reverent look on Quatre's face as he drank in the sight of his muscled body.

"Oh, Heero, you're amazing," Quatre breathed. He ran his hands over the taller pilot's lean body as if to memorize it. Heero threw back his head and moaned from the attention Quatre's hands were giving him.

Heero was savoring the mounting tension in his body when he realized that Quatre was giving equal attention to all parts of his body-except for one vital area. Thrusting upward, hoping for a stroke, a touch, anything to ease the ache, Heero opened his eyes to see a happy look on the blond boy's face.

"What do you want me to do, Heero?" Quatre breathed innocently into Heero's ear.

Moaning with frustration, Heero thrust his hips against Quatre desperately.

"Do you want me to touch you, Heero?" Quatre asked.

Heero nodded, beyond words. He watched Quatre greedily as the smaller boy slowly sank to his knees in front of him.

Quatre settled on his knees in front of the highly aroused pilot. He looked up at Heero and deliberately licked his lips. Heero panted. Slowly, ever so slowly, Quatre began to lick the underside of Heero's hardness. Heero began moaning and thrusting his hips.

"Now, Heero, if you want me to do this properly, you must be still," admonished Quatre. Normally a man of few words, now Heero could only nod. Quatre returned to his task.

Now Quatre began delicately licking the tip. Heero moaned. Swirling his tongue around ever so slowly, Quatre looked up at the Gundam pilot above him. He loved this so much, taking a man who was always in control and reducing him to a seething mass of greedy nerve endings. Quatre smiled and without any warning, plunged Heero deep into his soft mouth. Heero nearly screamed at the sensation that was so unlike anything else he had ever imagined. So hot, so wet, so... Heero began gasping for air as he forgot to breathe again.

After just a few moments of Quatre's expert tongue, the Perfect Soldier's knees were trembling so much he could barely stand. Realizing this, Quatre suggested they make use of the warm bath water that was currently being neglected.

Quatre led the trembling Heero over to the bathtub, and they slid in.

Quatre and Heero slipped into the warm bath water. Both boys were on their knees facing each other. Quatre slipped his arms around Heero's neck and began to kiss him in earnest. Heero's lips parted and his tongue answered Quatre's with increasing confidence. They moved closer until their wet bodies were pressed together. On their knees, the difference in height was not as apparent as their arousals rubbed together with delicious friction that made Heero moan again.

Heero thrusted against Quatre, looking for more contact. Quatre pushed Heero gently back until he was reclining against the end of the tub. Quatre straddled Heero's legs as he inched his way up the pilot's body, kissing all the way. Quatre paused to tease Heero's nipples for a while as Heero gasped and thrust himself upward involuntarily.

"Quatre, I... can't stand it much longer," Heero panted.

"Then let me show you something even better," smiled Quatre as he finally straddled Heero's lap.

Using the water as natural lubrication, Quatre raised his hips and positioned himself over Heero's rock hard sex. He paused for a moment to savor the look of helpless abandon on the normally stoic pilot's face, then even he could wait no longer. He fixed his eyes on Heero's chiseled features as he lowered himself slowly, impaling himself on Heero. Heero's eyes flew open in shock as unbelievable tightness surrounded him. Quatre bit his lip as he adjusted to Heero, then continued until Heero was fully inside him. Quatre paused.

Heero's mouth hung open as Quatre began to move. Heero gasped as his entire world narrowed to one thing, the unimaginable feeling of being deep inside the blond boy. It was so tight, so hot, that Heero thought he would either explode or burn up. Strong hands gripped the sides of the tub so hard that it seemed they would crack. Quatre continued the delicious rhythm, and Heero began to thrust in answer. Quatre leaned forward to capture Heero's mouth with his. Heero could feel Quatre's arousal now trapped between them. Heero began to thrust harder. Now it was Quatre's turn to moan as the smaller boy was filled repeatedly by Heero's urgent length. Their rhythm became uneven as both boys fought for control, for a few more agonizingly wonderful moments.

Quatre lost control first, unable to resist the twin sensations of his arousal pressed between them and Heero's passion inside him. The blond boy screamed as he reached his climax, coating his and Heero's stomachs. Heero felt Quatre tighten even more, but it was the boy's scream that pushed him over the edge to his own completion. A combination of agony and ecstasy overcame him and a scream came from his throat as he pumped one last time into Quatre.

Quatre collapsed on Heero's chest as the waves of pleasure subsided. Heero released his death grip on the sides of the tub and put trembling arms around Quatre. Quatre wrapped his arms around Heero and the two of them rested that way for a long moment.

A moment which was disturbed by a sharp intake of breath from the doorway.

Heero and Quatre both stared at the door, which they had forgotten to lock, or even shut properly. Framed in the doorway was Wufei, frozen in shock. Wufei couldn't take his eyes off the pair in the tub. Heero, the Perfect Soldier, collapsed in exhaustion, naked, with an equally naked and satisfied blond pilot draped over his chest. Wufei now didn't need an explanation of the sounds he had been coming to investigate. He had thought Quatre was in trouble when he heard indescribable sounds coming from the room, but evidently they had not been sounds of distress, but passion. Passion? Quatre? And Heero? It was too much for his brain to process. Wufei began to back away, still unable to take his eyes off the gorgeous boys in the tub, filled with an unreasonable jealousy that he wasn't involved as well. Why did everyone always exclude him? Injustice.

As Wufei backed away, he tripped over the edge of the bed and lost his balance. His reflexes were not functioning properly, so he was unable to stop his fall. He saw the room go gray as his head hit something very hard. Wufei collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

Heero and Quatre looked at each other. They managed to disentangle enough to get out of the bath safely, then they rushed to Wufei. He had hit his head on the bedside table, but there was no blood. Working together, they got him up on the bed and Heero tried to wake him up. Quatre got an ice pack from the kitchen and put it on Wufei's head. Wufei began to groan and mumble. He opened his eyes.

Wufei's vision began to clear. He looked up and was treated to the sight of two naked, wet Gundam pilots hovering nervously over him. Was this another one of his dreams? They were getting so real...

"He's awake!" Quatre exclaimed.

"Are you ok?" Heero asked.

"What happened?" Wufei said groggily, trying to sit up.

"You hit your head," Quatre explained.

Wufei winced. It all came back to him. He remembered now. He began to blush, realizing the boys he had just walked in on having sex were now leaning over him, still naked. And they were gorgeous...Wufei fainted again.

Heero and Quatre looked at each other, then realized they were still unclothed. Quatre giggled sweetly. Heero smirked. "He'll be ok," Heero said.

"I was sure his nose was going to start gushing," Quatre said.

"I think the blood was going somewhere else," Heero said, looking down at Wufei's white pants. There was a definite bulge there.

When Wufei opened his eyes again, Quatre was hovering over him. Wufei thought he looked like an angel, all blond hair and blue eyes. Quatre further enhanced Wufei's image of him as angel by clasping his small hands under his chin and smiling beatifically at him.

"You're awake! Again!" Quatre smiled.

Wufei opened his eyes further, and to his relief, Heero was nowhere in sight and Quatre had put on a robe. A blue silk robe, that brought out his eyes and kept slipping off one shoulder... Wufei stopped that train of thought in its tracks, knowing where it would lead.

"Are you ok?" asked Quatre, concern in his large eyes.

Wufei nodded, then winced as pain shot through his brain.

"Oh! Does it hurt?" Quatre asked, leaning closer to look at the side of Wufei's head. Unfortunately, this put him even closer to Wufei, and he could smell the blond boy. He smelled like... NO, he would not let his mind wander again.

"Not too much," Wufei managed to say, though his lips and mouth were very dry.

"You sound thirsty. Shall I make you some tea?" Quatre asked him.

Wufei started to nod, but thought better of it and settled for, "Yes, please."

Just then Heero entered the room, carrying a bag. "This is all the ice we have, Quatre..." Heero realized Wufei was awake. "Well at least you're conscious now."

Wufei started to blush. Heero was wearing only his trademark spandex shorts, and his muscles were incredible. Wufei couldn't take his eyes off Heero's washboard abs, and lower...

"I think he's got a huge headache," Quatre said as Heero settled on the bed opposite Quatre, on the other side of Wufei.

Heero handed Quatre the bag of ice. He tried to hide his smirk, and failed. "Yes, I bet you do. I think you broke the table with your head."

Quatre frowned at Heero and put the ice on the side of Wufei's head. "This will help."

Wufei winced at the coldness but was glad of the pain as a distraction. It took his mind off the fact that the proximity of the two gorgeous pilots was turning him on incredibly. Added to that was the fact that he couldn't get the image of the two of them in the tub, draped over each other in spent passion... Wufei now had a raging hard-on as well as a raging headache. He prayed the other two wouldn't notice. How did he get himself in this situation? It was so... undignified!

Wufei shifted uncomfortably on the bed between Quatre and Heero. He tried without success to wish his arousal away. "I'm fine, now, really," he insisted. He started to sit up. "I'll just get out of your way..." Wufei nearly blacked out as intense pain engulfed his head. He sagged back to the bed in agony. As soon as he was horizontal again, the pain disappeared. He sat up, and the pain came back. "Oh god..." Wufei realized he was effectively trapped.

Quatre reached out a small hand and smoothed back Wufei's hair from his forehead. His hair had come loose at some point and spread out on the pillow behind his head. "Shh, Wufei, relax for a while. It's ok. You can rest here as long as you like." Wufei allowed himself to relax slightly under the blond's soothing touch.

Quatre and Heero's eyes met over Wufei's reclining form. Looking down the length of his body, Heero smirked and said, "Yes, Wufei, this kind of headache is expected after a blow to the head, followed by reduced blood pressure in the brain."

Quatre giggled sweetly. Wufei opened his eyes suspiciously, certain he was being laughed at. "You'll just have to stay lying down for a while," Quatre said.

"You know, it might help if you didn't wear such a tight collar, Wufei," Heero suggested, almost grinning.

"That's right!" Quatre agreed brightly. "Let me loosen that for you!"

Wufei gulped nervously as Quatre started unbuttoning his shirt. "That's enough!" he managed to blurt as his shirt was opened halfway.

"Doesn't that feel better?" Quatre said soothingly and started to massage Wufei's chest, "accidentally" brushing his nipples along the way. Wufei turned an interesting shade of red. Heero tried not to smirk.

"Actually, I know what your problem is, Wufei," Heero said.

"Me, too!" exclaimed Quatre.

Wufei frowned. They were mocking him! Dishonor! Wufei closed his eyes to prepare himself for the pain he would inevitably feel when he got up. Then, all of a sudden, he got the shock of his life. There were hands and mouths all over him! There was a mouth on his, gently opening his lips. There was a mouth on his stomach, gently licking its way downward. There were hands pinching his hard nipples. There was a hand unbuttoning his pants. And there was a hand...oh god there was a hand stroking his hardness through his pants! It was too much for him to bear all at once. Wufei moaned.

"You need to get laid!" Heero and Quatre said together.

Wufei was overcome with sensations. Quatre's sweet mouth was on his. Heero was caressing his lower stomach with his tongue. Someone's hands - he wasn't sure whose - were stroking his arousal, while others were removing his clothes. Soon he was completely naked. He opened his eyes to see that Heero and Quatre were also unclothed. Heero was lying on one side of him, and Quatre was on the other. They both pressed themselves against Wufei so he could feel their erections against him.

"Lie back and enjoy, Wufei," Quatre whispered in his ear.

"We'll help you relax," said Heero in the other ear.

Wufei didn't know what to say. It was obvious from his body's reaction that he was turned on by the two boys, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything.

Heero and Quatre each took one of Wufei's hands and stretched them up over his head, thus giving them compete access to his body. Hands and mouths once again took over Wufei's world. Heero kissed him this time, more forcefully than Quatre had. Quatre lowered his mouth to Wufei's chest and licked a nipple. Wufei moaned into Heero's mouth and thrust his hardness into Heero's hand. It felt so good, but...

"Why?" he managed to gasp before he lost control completely.

"You're our friend," Quatre replied, smiling at Wufei.

"You need to loosen up," added Heero.

"Aren't you enjoying yourself?" Quatre inquired worriedly.

"That's, uh, not it," Wufei tried to explain as Heero stroked him and Quatre licked him.

"Do you want us to stop?" Heero asked, pausing in his explorations.

"NO! I mean, no, please don't stop," Wufei gasped as Quatre's hand slid between his thighs.

"You're beautiful," Quatre said, as if that explained everything. Looking at Heero, he added, "You both are."

"So are you," Heero and Wufei said simultaneously.

Quatre giggled. "Well, if that's settled, then, do you mind if Heero and I continue to ravish you?"

Wufei smiled, "Be my guest." Thus assured, he settled back on the bed and lost himself to passion.

Wufei was drowning in pleasure. He had never even imagined such feelings before, let alone that Heero and Quatre would be giving him those feelings. He opened his eyes and was treated to an amazing sight: Heero and Quatre kissing passionately as their mouths met over his body. Wufei clutched at the headboard and arched his back as the hand on his arousal was replaced by something so warm and wet it had to be a mouth. Wufei looked down and moaned as he saw his hardness disappearing into Quatre's lovely mouth.

Quatre alternately nibbled, licked and sucked, driving Wufei nearly insane. Heero, meanwhile, concentrated on his nipples. Using a free hand, Heero reached over to caress Quatre's hardness, making the blond pilot gasp around Wufei's arousal. Quatre got onto his hands and knees and crawled between Wufei's legs. Wufei moaned as he felt his legs parted. Quatre again resumed his attention to Wufei's hardness. Then Quatre started stroking the inside of Wufei's thighs, causing him to gasp again. Quatre looked at Heero; they could tell Wufei wouldn't last much longer. Heero moved to hold Wufei's hands captive above his head, and kissed him roughly, tongues sparring. Heero's other hand played gently with Wufei's nipples.

Quatre increased his pace, setting a steady rhythm that was pushing Wufei over the edge. Agonizingly slowly. Wufei was moaning continuously now, feeling his climax build. The feelings were magnified by the fact that Heero was pinning him to the bed with his hands and mouth. Quatre used his teeth ever so lightly along Wufei's hardness while he played with his sensitive entrance. Wufei felt himself go over the edge as he heard himself scream. Unbearable pleasure engulfed him as he filled Quatre's mouth with his hot passion.

When Heero released his arms and mouth, Wufei raised his head slightly to look at the two boys who had given him such amazing sensations. They had raised up on their knees and were straddling his body, kissing once again. Wufei felt his aching member stir again as he saw the two boys rub their arousals together as they kissed.

Heero and Quatre kissed passionately as Wufei watched, rubbing against each other greedily. They had both been extremely turned on by giving the Chinese pilot his first taste of ecstasy, and wanted their own release. Then Quatre noticed that Wufei had recovered almost immediately and looked ready for more. Quatre smiled sweetly and whispered in Heero's ear. Heero responded by smiling wickedly and turning to Wufei.

"Do you trust us?" Heero asked.

"We want to try something really fun," added Quatre.

Wufei nodded mutely, shivering with anticipation. He had an idea what was coming next.

Quatre leaned over Wufei, kissing him as he reached in the bedside drawer. Quatre pulled out a small tube. Heero put a pillow underneath Wufei.

Once again, Heero knelt on one side of Wufei and Quatre knelt on the other. Quatre opened the tube and gave some of the lubricant to Heero, and got some for himself.

Quatre reached out to Heero and began to stroke Heero's arousal with a lubricated hand. Heero smiled and did the same to Quatre, eliciting a low moan from the blond. Wufei watched the incredibly erotic scene before him, becoming even more turned on watching the two boys stroke each other. Quatre arched his back, thrusting into Heero's hand. A moan escaped Wufei's lips, and Heero and Quatre both turned to look at him. Wufei gasped at the look in the boys' eyes as they pumped each other. They were enjoying Wufei's eyes on them too.

After a few more strokes, Heero and Quatre decided they were ready. Quatre once again moved between Wufei's legs, parting them with his thighs. Heero knelt behind Quatre. Quatre bent over Wufei and put one hand on either side of his face. Quatre kissed him deeply as he spread his legs for Heero. Heero took some more of the oil and began to stretch Quatre's entrance as the blond pilot kissed Wufei. Quatre began moaning and thrusting back against Heero's fingers as Heero played with him.

Then Quatre took some of the oil and gently started stroking Wufei's entrance. Wufei's eyes opened wide as he took in this new sensation. Wufei gasped as he felt a finger slide gently inside him. There was no pain, just pressure. Then Quatre added another finger and looked in concern at Wufei's face to make sure he was not regretting this. Wufei was flushed and biting his lip, but begged Quatre to proceed. Then Quatre added another finger and touched something inside Wufei that made him forget his name.

Looking back at Heero, Quatre smiled. They observed the squirming, gasping pilot on the bed in front of them and decided they were all ready.

When all three pilots were ready, Heero bent Quatre over at the waist. This put him face to face with Wufei. Quatre kissed Wufei as Heero began to push inside him. Quatre began to moan into Wufei's mouth as he felt himself stretched by Heero's thick arousal. Heero pushed forward gently, biting his lip as he held himself back. All he wanted was to slam himself deep inside Quatre, but he didn't want to hurt the smaller boy. So he went slowly, relishing the encroaching tightness as the hot sensations enveloped his hardness. Quatre was panting now, trying to adjust to Heero filling him, wanting more. Wufei watched Quatre with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. He wanted to be filled too, but was worried about the pain. Quatre opened his eyes and read Wufei's concern.

"Don't worry, Wufei, you're going to love this," Quatre breathed in his ear. As if to prove his point, Quatre began to push back against Heero to take in the cobalt-eyed boy all the way. When Heero was deep inside Quatre, he paused. Quatre looked back over his shoulder. Heero nodded.

Quatre gently lifted Wufei's legs up and spread them apart even farther. Wufei whimpered as he watched Quatre position himself at his virgin entrance. Quatre frowned prettily in concentration. He didn't want to lose control and hurt Wufei, but it wasn't easy. Heero was deep inside him and Wufei was spread out in front of him. Quatre had never been so turned on in his life.

Heero was fighting for control as well. Quatre's hot tightness surrounded him, making him want to thrust forward again. He had to wait for the other two boys to be ready, though.

Wufei gasped as he felt something hard and hot between his legs and tried not to tense up. Quatre had assured him that he wouldn't hurt him, and Wufei trusted him. As Quatre entered him, Wufei moaned. It hurt, more than Quatre's fingers had, but at the same time it felt incredibly good. Quatre was taking him, filling him completely, and Wufei wanted it so much! Then Quatre brushed against that spot inside him again, and Wufei thrust his hips forward until Quatre was completely inside him.

Again they paused, this time waiting for Wufei. Wufei concentrated on relaxing his muscles, and finally all the pain was converted to pleasure and he needed more.

"Please, Quatre," Wufei managed. "More."

That was what Heero was waiting for. He began to thrust into Quatre. This in turn pushed the blond boy into Wufei. They got a rhythm going that very quickly had them all moaning. Wufei was getting off, not only from Quatre deep inside him, but also from watching the two beautiful boys above him. Wufei locked eyes with Heero as the cobalt- eyed boy slammed into Quatre. Heero smirked as his thrust traveled through Quatre and into Wufei, making all of them gasp.

Quatre changed his angle slightly, allowing Heero deeper inside him and now brushing Wufei's magic spot with every stroke. Wufei began to thrash his head back and forth. His hands clutched desperately at the sheets as he was overwhelmed with passion. Wufei's motions, combined with Heero's deep thrusts inside him, were close to pushing Quatre over the edge as well. As for Heero, effectively fucking two gorgeous boys at once was blowing what was left of his mind. The room was filled with pants and moans as the three pilots reached for completion.

Quatre decided Wufei was close, so he reached between them and began to stroke Wufei's neglected erection. Quatre's hand was soon joined by Heero's, and together they pumped Wufei, causing the Chinese boy to scream. With a shudder, Wufei climaxed violently, covering his stomach and Quatre with his passion.

Wufei's climax caused his muscles to tense further, driving Quatre over the edge with an erotic whimper. He filled his new lover with his seed as he drove into Wufei once more.

Quatre tightened around Heero's erection as he reached his completion, and Heero finally allowed himself to climax deep inside the blond boy. The chain reaction completed, all three boys collapsed in a heap of sweaty, sated bishounen.

They were all catching their breath in a state of passion-induced bliss when they heard the front door slam.

"We're back! Hey where is everybody? Anybody home? Trowa's with me." A certain braided American's unmistakable voice rang out through the safe house.

Three sets of eyes met in the bedroom. Three mouths grinned with evil plans.

The End?