Title: Rub-a-dub-dub, G-boys in a Tub! -- The Sequel
Author: Jade
Pairing: All
Warnings: yaoi, group sex
Notes: Ok, this one came about from a remark by Kimmie about chopping wood, and too much lemon candy. It just "came" to me... Happy New Year!
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo and Trowa walked into the living room. "I could have sworn I heard voices as we walked in," Duo mused.

Trowa shrugged.

Duo continued, "Man, where is everybody? I thought they were gonna be home. I'm gone for two weeks, the least Heero can do is say welcome home. I guess I'm asking for a bit much, huh? But I thought Quatre was sick, he should be here at least. Damn, I hope they haven't left him all alone!" Duo prattled on as he walked through the apartment, leaving a trail of luggage, clothes, shoes and other items behind him. Trowa stayed in the living room, letting Duo ramble on. "I'm gonna go check on Quatre, ok Trowa?" Without waiting for an answer from the impassive boy, Duo continued on to Quatre's bedroom. "Hey Q! You ok? Did they leave you all alone? Well I'm back now and...."

Trowa was surprised by Duo's abrupt silence. When the braided pilot didn't continue, Trowa was curious enough to go check out what was so calamitous as to make Duo stop talking. Trowa rounded the corner to the bedroom area and saw an unusual sight: a speechless Duo, staring into Quatre's bedroom, mouth opening and closing like a fish.

Trowa came up behind Duo, worried about Quatre. The sight that greeted him was obviously causing Duo's discomfiture. On the bed lay the other three pilots, all naked and entwined around each other. It was more than obvious what had been going on, very recently from the look of things. As if the sight of Heero, Quatre and Wufei entangled on the bed, sweaty and flushed weren't enough, the smell of sex permeated the room as well.

Duo's vast conversational skills still deserting him, Trowa walked past him. Duo wondered briefly why the green-eyed pilot didn't look surprised at all, then Trowa spoke.

"I see you couldn't wait to try out our little plan, Quatre," Trowa smiled at the blond pilot.

Quatre giggled. "Sorry, Trowa, but the opportunity just sort of, well, came up," more giggles, "And I couldn't help but grab it!"

"P-p-plan?" Duo finally managed to get out.

"I was hoping you two would be home soon, to join in the fun," Quatre continued.

Duo was slowly recovering the power of speech. "You mean you... and Trowa... are... and you wanted to... and you discussed this... and you two..." this was directed at Heero and Wufei, "knew... and... I feel left out!" Duo finished, pouting.

Heero looked at Duo as gently as he could manage. "Quatre and Trowa may have discussed this, but as for me and Wufei, well, it just sort of... happened."

Wufei blushed slightly and said, "Heero is right."

Quatre stood up and walked over to Duo. Duo suddenly realized he should be embarrassed by the three boys' nakedness but he was too busy admiring the view to do so. He had lusted after Heero since they first met, and knew the other boys were attractive, but... seeing them like this was turning him on big time. Heero and Wufei lay on the bed, Heero's leg thrown over Wufei's thighs, Wufei's hands trailing over Heero's chest. And golden Quatre was in front of him, obviously happy to see him and Trowa. Duo felt a flush come over him that had nothing to do with embarrassment, and his pants were suddenly much too tight.

Quatre walked up to Duo. "Trowa and I have been wanting to involve the rest of you in our little... games," he said sweetly. Duo looked astonished. "When this," he indicated Heero and Wufei on the bed, "Opportunity presented itself, I was hoping you and Trowa would arrive in time to join us."

"Looks like we were too late," said Duo with disappointment.

"Don't be too sure," said Trowa as he walked past, shedding his clothes. Looking down, Duo realized Quatre was obviously ready for action once again.

Duo felt an ache in his groin as he watched Trowa climb onto the bed beside Heero and Wufei. Duo had to admit to himself that he had wanted to have Heero for himself, but had resigned himself to the fact that it would never happen. Now that he knew Heero's true inclinations... well, Duo was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Too closely.

"Duo?" Quatre asked hopefully. "Will you join us?"

Duo nodded, not trusting his voice. Quatre smiled delightedly as he reached up to unbutton Duo's shirt. Quatre took Duo's hand and led him to the bed. Trowa was busy kissing Wufei and playing with his nipples, making the Chinese pilot hard once again. Quatre led Duo right to Heero, then went behind Duo, slipping of his shirt and unfastening his braid. Then Quatre pushed Duo gently toward the cobalt-eyed pilot. Duo looked down, unable to look upon the object of his desire.

"Duo." Heero's voice sounded like it did in Duo's wet dreams.

Duo chanced a look upwards toward those cobalt eyes. He nearly gasped at the passion that shone there. Naked, aroused and unadorned, Heero was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen. Heero raised a hand to touch Duo's flowing hair and whispered, "Beautiful."

Glancing at the other three pilots, who were covering each other with kisses and caresses, Heero said, "I want you, Duo."

At Heero's words, Duo hardened even more and moaned. He took one more step and then Heero grabbed his hand and pulled him down onto his lap. Duo gasped as he felt Heero's arousal pressed against him. Heero's hands came around Duo's waist and started to unbutton his pants. "You're wearing too many clothes." Seconds later, Heero had taken care of that problem and Duo was living one of his fantasies, naked in an equally naked Heero's lap, said pilot's erection pressed against his ass.

Heero smiled and said, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this, Duo."

Duo looked at him in astonishment. "You have?" Heero nodded. Then Heero started to kiss him, and Duo lost himself in sensation.

Dimly, Duo felt himself lowered gently to the bed. Heero's mouth and hands were his entire universe. Duo drank in Heero's kisses and returned them with increasing confidence. Heero was fully on top of Duo now and Duo moaned loudly as he felt their arousals touch. Heero ground into Duo, causing him to nearly scream. Duo felt someone beside him as well and opened his eyes to look. Trowa's emerald gaze met his, both faces flushed with passion. Duo's eyes traveled down Trowa's body to see Wufei and Quatre taking turns sucking on Trowa's hardness and kissing each other.

Heero gently rolled Duo on his side facing Trowa and lay behind him. Heero began rubbing his arousal against Duo's ass. Heero reached his hand around Duo and teased Trowa's nipple, making the boy gasp. Duo looked at Quatre and Wufei, who smiled at him. Trowa leaned over and captured Duo's mouth with his. Duo started to return the kiss when he felt a hand stroke his hardness. He moaned into Trowa's mouth and opened more fully to him. Duo opened his eyes as Trowa broke for air. Yes, that was Heero's hand on him, touching him intimately.

Duo had never dreamed of anything like this. It felt surreal, like he could wake up at any moment. But it was real. Heero's hand tightening on his cock was real, and Trowa's tongue in his mouth was real, and the sensations flooding his body were most definitely real. A mouth replaced the hand on his arousal, and Duo opened his eyes to see Quatre's blond head buried in his lap. Duo thrust helplessly into the warm mouth. He wondered where Heero had gone when the cobalt-eyed pilot suddenly straddled his chest and he was eye to eye with Heero's passion.

Heero bent over and kissed Duo again. Duo breathed, "I want to taste you, Heero."

Heero positioned himself so that Duo could reach his arousal with his mouth and hands. Duo smiled and began to slowly stroke Heero. When Duo started to lick the underside of Heero's hardness, Heero began to moan. Duo found it difficult to concentrate on his task when Quatre was doing the same to him, but Duo was rather good at this particular activity. And the results were well worth it. Duo caught Heero's eyes as he took his entire length into his willing mouth. For months he had dreamed of making Heero get that particular look of unbridled lust on his gorgeous face.

Duo looked over at the other pilots. Wufei was still licking Trowa's arousal, making the green-eyed pilot gasp. Trowa had a hand on Quatre's hardness, stroking gently as the blond pilot went down on Duo. Heero alternately kissed Trowa and ran his hands over Wufei. There wasn't and unoccupied hand or mouth in the group, Duo thought to himself happily. Duo also knew with the level of sexual energy in the room, it wouldn't be long until more vigorous activity ensued. Then, Duo stopped thinking because Quatre was speeding up his pace. Duo looked up at Heero to see him watching Duo's ecstasy intently. Duo couldn't hold back any longer and with a loud cry emptied himself into Quatre's waiting mouth.

Heero watched Duo climax, and almost came himself. But he had something else in mind, something he could now admit to himself he had wanted to do since he had first met the braided pilot.

"I want to be inside you, Duo," Heero moaned. "Do you want me?"

"Oh, god, yes, Heero," Duo breathed as Quatre licked him clean.

Heero repositioned himself between Duo's legs. Pushing Duo's legs apart and up, Heero looked down at Duo. "Are you sure?" he asked.

"I've never been more sure of anything," Duo assured him.

"I think you'll need this," Quatre whispered, and handed the tube to Heero.

Heero applied the lubricant to his fingers and began to touch Duo gently. Duo began to moan at the first touch. Duo couldn't remember ever being this turned on or wanting to be taken this much. He didn't want to wait to be stretched, but Heero didn't want to hurt Duo so he insisted. The wait was agony for Heero too. Duo just looked so incredibly sexy, hair loose, legs spread, open in front of Heero, begging Heero to take him... Heero really needed his iron control right now.

Slowly, Heero stretched Duo with one finger, then two, and finally three fingers were inside Duo. Duo was trying to push against Heero's fingers and drive them deeper when Heero decided Duo was ready.

Duo protested the removal of Heero's fingers until he noticed he was now applying the lubrication to his rock hard erection. Duo bit his lip with anticipation of what was to come. He knew it would hurt at first, but it would be more than worth it. His whole body ached with the need to have Heero buried deep inside him.

Heero put his hands on Duo's knees and pushed them higher. Then he positioned himself at Duo's tight entrance. The other three pilots watched, entranced and still pleasuring each other.

"Ready?" Heero managed to say.

"Yes...." moaned Duo.

Heero pushed just the tip of his aching, dripping arousal into Duo. Duo's head was thrown back and his mouth hung open with desire. Then he stopped.

Duo stared up at Heero. Heero held himself back with difficulty. "Say it, Duo. Tell me what you want me to do."

"Oh, Heero, please. Don't tease me like this! I want you inside me. Take me. Now. Please! Heero! FUCK ME!" Duo screamed.

Heero moaned. That was what he wanted to hear. He started pushing into Duo again, slowly but relentlessly. The braided boy was moaning incoherently as Heero impaled him with his aching need. Finally Heero was buried to the hilt, and he paused to let Duo adjust.

Meanwhile, the other pilots were so turned on by watching Heero and Duo, that they were preparing themselves as well. Trowa was on his knees with Wufei behind him, stretching him. Quatre was on his back underneath Trowa, licking his arousal. In that position, Trowa could also reach Quatre's hardness.

Duo had had enough of waiting, and was nearly frantic for Heero to start thrusting into him, but Heero refused to hurt Duo and would not be hurried. In truth, Heero could barely stand to wait. Duo was incredibly tight, and his squirming was driving Heero crazy. Slowly, Heero began to pull back. He pulled out nearly all the way and paused, deliberately teasing Duo now. Duo began to wail in protest. Heero grabbed Duo's hips tightly and tensed his muscles. Then Heero began.

Heero plunged his cock deep into Duo. Duo cried out in passion. Heero pulled out again, slowly, and rammed himself back in with more force. He continued this way, pulling out slowly, and entering again with increasing speed, until he was literally ramming Duo against the headboard. The whole bed shook with Heero's thrusts. Duo was clutching the sheets and thrashing his head around with abandon. He was also making enough noise to wake the dead.

"Oh god Heero oh yes harder please more HEEEEEERO....." Duo screamed.

Trowa, on his knees, had a great view of Heero and Duo as Wufei entered him. He pushed back against Wufei, driving him deeper as Quatre pleasured him from below. Trowa caught Duo's eye and they shared a smile: they knew what the other was experiencing. Duo could also see Wufei from his vantage point and the dark-haired pilot looked incredibly erotic as he bit his lip and plunged again into Trowa. Duo could just see Quatre's blond head underneath Trowa.

Duo's attention was drawn back to Heero when the cobalt-eyed pilot wrapped his hand around Duo's rock hard arousal. Duo gasped and arched up against Heero. The sensations increased as Heero stroked Duo both inside and out. Duo gazed helplessly up at Heero: he looked like a god, muscles hard and straining, sweat glistening, cobalt eyes locked on Duo as he impaled him repeatedly. Duo's last thought as Heero drove him to the brink was how impossibly perfect Heero was. Then he climaxed, screaming Heero's name and coating Heero's chest with his passion. Duo's scream and tightening muscles took Heero over the edge. With a growl, he shoved himself deep inside Duo once more and filled him with his seed. Mine, was Heero's last coherent thought.

Heero and Duo's loud climaxes drove the other three pilots to new heights of passion. Wufei began thrusting into Trowa more quickly and Trowa started moaning in answer. Trowa stroked Quatre more roughly, and Quatre in return started raking Trowa's arousal lightly with his teeth.

After a moment of sweaty collapse, Heero gathered a still somewhat stunned Duo into his arms. They watched the trio before them for a moment, then Duo crawled over to Trowa and kissed him and teased his nipples. This was all Trowa needed to release his passion into Quatre's waiting mouth. Trowa's climax, and Heero kissing him, drove Wufei to completion next. Then they all focused on Quatre, the instigator of today's activities and the last one left to climax.

All four pilots pounced on the small blond. Trowa took Quatre's arousal deep in his mouth and sucked on it greedily. Wufei claimed his sweet mouth with his tongue. Duo sucked on Quatre's nipples, teasing them mercilessly. And Heero crawled between Quatre's legs and filled his entrance with lubricated fingers. In sensory overload, Quatre didn't have a chance. Squirming and moaning, Quatre climaxed amid a flurry of bishounen, hands and mouths. Panting, he looked around him at his grinning fellow Gundam pilots. Safe houses were certainly going to be more interesting from now on!

The End