Title: Shock Treatment
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Caer

* * * * * * * * * * *

Heero looked across the room at Quatre, who sat staring into space, as usual. The blond pilot had been nearly catatonic since Trowa had been lost in space. When he was on a mission, Quatre performed adequately, though his eyes were still empty. But as soon as the objective was completed, he lapsed back into unresponsiveness. Sometimes he talked, but less and less often now. Guilt seemed to be eating him alive; he was lost in emotional shock. Duo and even Wufei had tried to talk to Quatre, to assure him that it wasn't his fault. The Zero System had been to blame for all those deaths, including presumably Trowa's. They still held a faint hope that Trowa was still alive, but the chance of that diminished with each day.

Duo and Wufei were off on an infiltration mission, and Heero was working on hacking into yet another OZ database. But for some reason, he couldn't stop looking at the blond boy. The sunlight was hitting his hair in just the right way, and he appeared to actually glow. Heero tried to force his mind and eyes back to the computer screen, but once he had thought of Quatre in those terms, he couldn't stop. He had admired the beautiful boy since they had first met, but he had buried those feelings deep, immediately; those feelings were counterproductive, and could be dangerous. He couldn't afford to be distracted during a mission by thoughts of that pale, creamy skin, those slim hips, writhing underneath him... A devious part of his mind reminded him that they weren't on a mission now. Part of his training had been how to snap someone out of shock quickly; he had been taught to do the unexpected, so the uncommunicative part of the brain would be forced to the surface to deal with an unusual situation. Heero suppressed a smirk as he wondered what the blond would do if he just went over and kissed him. Then it occurred to him that it wasn't that stupid an idea; either it would prompt a passionate reaction or an angry one, either way it might just possibly snap Quatre out of it. Either way, Heero would get to touch the beautiful boy, if only once... Heero made a decision, and walked over to sit beside Quatre. As expected, the boy didn't move.

"Quatre," began Heero, leaning closer. No response. Heero reached up, tentatively, and brushed back a strand of blond hair. Quatre's brow furrowed, as if slightly confused.

Getting up, Heero stood in front of Quatre; then he leaned down and put one hand on either side of the blond's shoulders, effectively pinning him in place. Finally, the aqua eyes met his, confusion evident in the delicate features. Heero took advantage of the moment, pressing his lips to Quatre's. Gently at first, he touched Quatre's lips with his own. There was no response at first, and Heero was almost ready to give up. Then, in a delayed reaction, Quatre gasped and pulled back. "Heero!" His hand flew to his mouth, touching where Heero's mouth had just been, and his wide eyes showed some life at last. "Heero?" he said again, more tentatively this time.

Happy that Quatre had shown some reaction, yet saddened that the boy seemed less than enthusiastic, Heero sat next to him again. "Forgive me, Quatre," he said quietly.

"Heero," repeated Quatre. "Why?" He still had a hand to his mouth, touching his lips in wonderment. Heero considered how to answer that. Complete truth or partial? "You needed to snap out of it, Quatre. It was all I could think of." Not to mention the fact that he had wanted to do that since they had first met...

"Oh," Quatre said, sounding vaguely disappointed. "I see."

Heero's heart raced. Should he say it? Well, he had come this far. "And I wanted to."

Quatre's eyes widened as he stared at Heero. Something... hope? crossed his features. "You did?"

Heero nodded, unable to trust his voice. The two boys stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then a sunny smile lit the blond's face, and he said, "Well, what took you so long?"

Heero's jaw dropped in shock as Quatre hugged him tightly. Slowly, unsure, he brought his hands up to hug back. He realized then that holding Quatre felt good. Very good. The blond smelled incredible, and he felt warm and silky against him.

Quatre drew back and said, "Can we do it again?"

"What?" Heero answered, thoroughly confused. He hadn't thought past the initial kiss, and Quatre's proximity was clouding his reason.

"This," breathed Quatre, and kissed Heero. He pressed his lips gently against the other boy's, his hands cupping Heero's face, and he slowly deepened the kiss until Heero parted his lips. Then Quatre slid his tongue inside, lazily exploring Heero's mouth, as he slid his hands down to rest on Heero's shoulders. When he pulled back this time, Heero's eyes were glazed and he was breathing hard. "How was that?" Quatre whispered coquettishly.

Cobalt eyes darkened, and Heero licked his lips. "Good," he murmured, just before he pounced. Suddenly, Quatre felt himself pinned to the couch, and Heero was partially on top of him. Hot mouths met again, all gentleness gone. Quatre felt the other boy's hand pull his shirt out of his pants, then that hand was sliding underneath the shirt, seeking his creamy skin and sensitive nipples. He arched up to meet Heero's hand, wanting more of his touch.

Heero tried to go slow, tried not to overwhelm the blond boy with his passion. But he had wanted this for so long, fantasized about touching the golden boy, that he couldn't help himself. The boy beneath him writhed deliciously, pressing against his growing erection, and Heero shifted so he was fully on top of Quatre. In this position, he could touch Quatre fully, and their bodies lined up.

The blond boy gasped and rocked his hips upward when he felt Heero's hard length against his own. Heero's answering moan make him even harder; the usually controlled boy caught up in passion was unbelievably sexy. Quatre couldn't wait to see Heero's gorgeous face twist with ecstasy.

Since he had recovered from the control of the Zero System, Quatre had been wracked with guilt over his actions. Not only had he possibly caused the death of a friend and fellow pilot, the destruction of the colonies weighed heavily on his mind. Even though he had not been in full control of himself, he had still blamed himself for his actions. Self-recrimination had kept him from accepting the forgiveness of his comrades. They didn't blame him; he blamed himself. He hadn't seemed to be able to snap himself out of it; but Heero had. The other boy's kiss had forced him to reevaluate his surroundings, forced him to deal with the world around him, and reminded him that he was human. With human needs. Now those needs were foremost in his mind and body.

Slim hips rocked together, friction teasing them with hints of pleasure to come. Hands explored, pulling off clothes as fast as possible. Soon, both boys were shirtless, and Quatre's pants were unzipped. Heero only wore his spandex, and the blond's hand was sliding inside. The cobalt-eyed boy gasped as he felt Quatre's hand squeeze his arousal; he thrust helplessly into the other boy's hand. "Quatre..." he moaned, still rocking his hips. "I... need you..."

"Here I am, Heero," Quatre whispered. "Take me."

Heero moaned again at those words, and pulled back, reluctantly removing the hand from his cock. He had other plans. Locking eyes with the blond boy, going slowly to give him time to object, Heero slid Quatre's pants off. He paused for a moment to admire the golden boy who lay naked before him, then he pulled off the spandex shorts.

Quatre watched as Heero stripped, and couldn't help but moan at the cobalt-eyed boy's beauty. Compact and chiseled, Heero's body was perfect, and his arousal stood straight and rock hard against his flat stomach. He wanted that body all over him, and in him. He stretched provocatively on the couch, hoping Heero found him as attractive as Quatre found the other boy.

Heero watched Quatre writhe on the couch, and almost groaned at the sight. Quatre was perfect, creamy smooth skin, lean muscles, dripping cock; and still the boy's beautiful face and golden hair made him look as innocent as an angel. Heero knew the boy was far from innocent, a soldier just like him; but appearances were so deceiving. This was an angel he wanted to ravish. He sank to his knees next to the couch, next to Quatre. He pressed his mouth to the blond boy's and kissed him, hard. Then he started to worship Quatre's body with his mouth, licking and sucking his way down the soft skin. Quatre's moans were music to his ears, and he couldn't get enough.

Quatre gasped and arched up to meet Heero's mouth; he wanted to close his eyes in pleasure but the sight of Heero kissing his way down his stomach was too good to miss. He held his breath as the other boy neared the center of his need. He whimpered as Heero licked at the tip, then gasped as the other boy took him into his mouth. He thrust his hips up, helplessly, driving deeper into that wet heat. Heero looked up at him as he took the thrust easily, one hand guiding Quatre's cock into his mouth as he sucked. The sight of his erection disappearing into the Perfect Soldier's mouth was almost enough to make him climax by itself. Added to what that mouth was doing to his most sensitive area, and Quatre knew he couldn't hold back for long. And he didn't want to. Pleasure washed over him, and he gripped the side of the couch, trying not to scream. "Heero... I'm going to..."

Heero smirked and sped up his mouth and hand; he wanted to taste Quatre's passion. He loved every erotic sound the other boy made, and he couldn't wait to coax more out of him. His own cock pulsed in anticipation; he ached to be inside Quatre. A tightening of Quatre's muscles and a strangled scream told Heero that Quatre was ready to climax, and he got ready.

"Heero!" Quatre called out, and gave in to his completion. He buried his hands in the other boy's hair, arching up one last time as his passion shot forth. It felt so good, so intense, that he couldn't even breathe; all he could do was feel, and arch, and moan. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the feeling subsided, and he was left gasping. He looked with glazed eyes down at his new lover. "That was..."

Heero couldn't help the satisfied smirk on his face as he looked at the results of his efforts. He spit Quatre's seed out into his hand; as much as he loved the taste of the blond boy's passion, he had other plans for the liquid. "Quatre..." Heero climbed back onto the couch, and kneeled between the blond's legs. "I want you."

Quatre looked at the beautiful boy who had given him so much pleasure, and wanted to give him more. "Please," he said, spreading his legs farther. "I want you, too."

Heero smiled and, using Quatre's seed, prepped the smaller boy. Quatre was soon pushing back on his fingers, and Heero used the rest of the liquid to lubricate his cock. He leaned forward and kissed the blond, positioning his arousal at the same time. He pushed, and Quatre gasped into his mouth as Heero entered. "Oh, Quatre," Heero moaned, sliding into tightness, "You feel so good..."

Quatre tried to stay relaxed as Heero's cock slid inside him. The first thrust was always the best, the first sensation always the most intense. He loved the filling, the stretching, the almost-pain. He dug his nails into Heero's back, trying not to draw blood, but it felt so good. "Oh, god, yes, deeper..."

Heero pushed; Quatre was almost impossibly tight. If it hadn't felt so incredibly good, he would have worried more about the other boy. He bit his lip, looking with as much concern as he could muster at Quatre. "Is... this... ok?" he managed to pant.

"Yes!" Quatre almost screamed. "Please, Heero, more, I need more," the blond boy begged. He tightened his muscles around Heero, and it was the cobalt-eyed boy's turn to scream.

Heero couldn't stop now; he started to pull out of Quatre's body, then slammed back in as hard as he dared. He almost passed out from the feeling this gave him; ecstasy threatened to make him climax right away. Then Quatre's nails dug into his back again, and that small pain took the edge off; he had control of himself again, and he drove in once more. He wanted to fuck Quatre senseless, and he wanted it to last.

Quatre had no such worries; he lay back, welcoming every thrust, letting the pleasure grip him. He spread his legs apart as far as he could, so Heero could slam into him as hard as he wanted. He needed this, needed to be pounded hard. He encouraged Heero at the top of his lungs, and held onto the other boy tightly.

Every thrust took them higher, and they were just creatures of sensation. Moving together, a sheen of sweat covered them as they moaned and gasped each other's names. Two bodies as one; passion rose to an unbearable crescendo. Heero gripped Quatre's erection and stroked it, and the blond stiffened as he reached his completion. Heero felt the hot seed cover them as he thrust once more into the tightening body beneath him. His name from Quatre's lips drove him over the edge too, and he climaxed hard, emptying himself with a final growl.

Neither moved for long moments; finally, Heero pulled out carefully and collapsed half on top of Quatre. Quatre reached down and brushed back a lock of hair from the other boy's face. Heero opened his eyes and looked back at the blond. Neither could put a name yet to what they truly felt for each other, or whether they would even have a future to worry about after the war; but these moments they had shared could never be taken away by anyone.

The End