Title: Temptation
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

The mission went badly from the start. The estimate of enemy mobile suits was way off, underestimated by at least half. The location coordinates were wrong, and the Gundams lost the element of surprise by having to travel over land the remaining distance. Still, they had to try to complete the mission. Quatre and Heero were paired up for the mission. It seemed to be the scientists' plan to mix up the teams lately. Perhaps they thought Quatre's gentle nature would complement Heero's more aggressive style.

Their mission was to destroy the base, but with the sheer number of mobile suits present, they were soon forced to retreat. There was a safehouse in the area, according to the mission briefing, and it was mutually agreed to meet there if they became separated.

The mobile suits gave chase, however, and Quatre, in Sandrock, was hampered by the fact that his Gundam was slower.

"Quatre! Go! I'll hold them off!" Heero's voice came over the speaker. Wing Zero zoomed overhead, blasting away.

Just then, Sandrock took another hit, and Quatre had to admit he was a liability at this point. "Don't self-destruct on me, Heero!" Quatre pleaded as he took out one last mobile suit before making his escape. Slow as Sandrock was, it was still faster than his enemies, and as Quatre made his escape, he heard Heero's voice over the speaker.

"I don't plan on it, Quatre. Dying hurts like hell," Heero said seriously.

"See you at the safehouse!" Quatre cried as he went out of range.

* * * * * * * * * * *

When his Gundam was safely hidden, Quatre set about exploring the safehouse, checking the supplies and readying it for inhabitation. The rendezvous with the rest of the pilots wasn't for a week, and they were to lie low until that time.

The safehouse was an unfamiliar one, because they were in a part of the world Quatre had never visited before. It was nothing special, a cabin really, tucked away in the mountains. It was adequate for their purpose, though it only had one bed. Sometimes he thought the scientists had a very warped sense of humor.

Quatre wasn't too worried about Heero, though the brown haired boy didn't show up right away. He knew his uchuu no kokoro would tell him if something was wrong. As if on cue, Quatre suddenly collapsed from internal pain. "Heero!"

When Quatre regained consciousness, he knew Heero was in trouble. He could do nothing to help, however, because his uchuu no kokoro wasn't a tracking system. All he could do was wait. All he could tell was that Heero was indeed alive, but in a great deal of pain.

Several hours later, Quatre was awakened by the unmistakable sound of a Gundam landing. He rushed out the door to see Heero do his trademark head-first landing out of the cockpit. He ran to Heero and carried him inside. Quatre was a lot stronger than most people gave him credit for, and Heero was not much bigger than he was.

Gently laying Heero on the bed, Quatre anxiously spoke. "Heero? Can you hear me? Heero?" He started checking the brown-haired boy for obvious signs of injury. Biting back embarrassment, Quatre gently removed Heero's shirt. Despite the situation, Quatre couldn't help but admire Heero's finely sculpted muscles as he took off the shirt. Heero seemed to be unconscious. Quatre very gently ran his fingers over Heero's ribs, looking for anything broken. As he touched one area, Heero gasped and his eyes flew open.

"Broken," Heero groaned in pain. Quatre nodded.

"I think I can wrap that," Quatre said, and went to get the kit. Soon, Heero had surgical tape wrapped all around his torso to immobilize it. Heero's lean, hard torso� Quatre forced his mind back to the task at hand.

"Better," Heero murmured.

"Where else does it hurt, Heero?" Quatre asked.

"Left ankle," Heero answered.

Quatre carefully removed Heero's shoes and socks, then found that he still couldn't easily check the ankle. He swallowed.

"Heero? I can't get to your ankle. I need to, uh, take your pants off," Quatre stammered.

Heero nodded, seemingly oblivious to Quatre's discomfort.

Quatre thought to himself, I hope he doesn't wear underwear, I mean I hope he does, oh, no, I'm so confused! As the blond boy unbuttoned the pants, he saw with mixed emotions that Heero wore black boxers. The boxers did little, however, to hide what a truly incredible body Heero possessed. As Heero lifted his hips to help Quatre ease the pants off, the boxers pulled tight and Quatre closed his eyes so he wouldn't stare at the outline of Heero's large� Quatre realized his eyes weren't completely shut. He quickly closed his eyes and continued to tug the pants off. However, since he wasn't watching what he was doing, he felt his hand brush the soft material of the boxers, and felt� Quatre's eyes flew open in embarrassment as he realized what he had just brushed against. Quatre hoped against hope, guiltily, that Heero was in too much pain to notice. He was afraid, however, to look up and meet those cobalt eyes for fear that he was found out. So he concentrated on pulling the pants the rest of the way off without hurting Heero any more.

It was about this time that Quatre realized he had another problem. His body was reacting predictably to touching a nearly naked Heero. Quatre realized he was half-hard and rising fast, and even though he wore loose pants, if he got much harder he wouldn't be able to hide it.

Quatre looked slowly back up the length of Heero's body. He knew he shouldn't, shouldn't feast his eyes on that lithe form, and that sight certainly wasn't doing his problem any good, but he couldn't help himself. His eyes traveled up, over powerful legs, those thin boxers, that flat stomach, that toned chest, those full lips, those deep cobalt eyes� eyes that were staring back at him curiously.

"Quatre?" Heero asked. "Are you ok?"

Quatre dragged his mind back from contemplation of Heero's amazing body. He tried to sound normal. "Yes, of course!" Quatre now also had to hide the fact that he was hard as a rock. "Let's look at that ankle."

They decided after some inspection that the ankle was badly sprained but not broken. Quatre immobilized it as best he could, then convinced Heero to take some painkillers so he could get some badly needed rest.

As Heero drifted off to sleep, Quatre realized he was tired as well. Quatre usually slept naked, but since there was only one bed, and his erection still refused to subside, the blond pilot decided sleeping in his boxers might be prudent.

I can do this, Quatre thought. I've shared beds with the other pilots lots of times. I just hope I don't roll over and grope him in the middle of the night... He instructed his subconscious to behave as he carefully climbed in the small bed, as far away from Heero as possible. It was going to be a long night...

Quatre was having a wonderful dream. He was snuggled up next to someone warm and wonderful and incredibly sexy. He ran his hands all over the boy's muscled form, admiring the smooth skin and hard planes. Quatre pressed his aching arousal against the other boy as he heard him moan, and Quatre extended a hand, reaching for the other boy's erection, which stool hard and tall, begging for attention, poking out the top of his black boxers...

Quatre awoke with a start, finding that he had been mirroring his dream actions and was about to grab Heero's arousal, which was indeed poking out the top of his boxers. To Quatre's further embarrassment, he also had been rubbing himself against Heero's thigh, and arousal and friction now left him with an aching erection, and his boxers with a telltale wet spot. Thanking Allah that Heero still appeared to be asleep, Quatre carefully extricated himself and stumbled into the bathroom. Once inside, he locked the door and tried to calm his rapidly beating heart. Quatre considered taking care of his problem, but just then he heard Heero call out for him. Splashing some cold water on his face and pulling on a pair of pants, Quatre quickly exited the bathroom.

"I'm sorry, Quatre," Heero said, obviously in pain. "I tried to get up, and..." Heero looked up sheepishly from the floor beside the bed. "I guess my ankle is worse than I thought."

"Oh no! Let me help you!" Quatre cried as he quickly ran to Heero's side. "I'm sorry I left you. I had to go to..."

"That's ok, Quatre, don't worry about it. In fact, that's where I was headed too, when..." Heero trailed off, obviously embarrassed by his unaccustomed weakness.

Quatre blushed involuntarily. "Let me help, Heero. It's ok," he tried to sound as soothing as possible. Heero nodded, so Quatre bent down, and Heero put his left arm over Quatre's shoulders. Quatre lifted, and Heero stood, using Quatre as a crutch. In this way, they were able to hobble over to the bathroom. Quatre saw Heero trying to hide his pain, but he could feel it in his heart too. It helped to take his mind off the fact that he was now skin to hot skin with the brown-haired boy, and he could smell his scent, musky and masculine. No, it didn't help enough, and Quatre was getting hard again.

They reached the bathroom, and Quatre realized another problem. But Heero said, "I can hold onto the towel rack and manage from here, Quatre."

Quatre waited outside the door, breathing a sigh of relief and strangely disappointed at the same time. He sighed, disgusted with his weakness. He was trying to get his body under control when Heero appeared again, leaning on the doorway. "I really wish there was a way for me to take a shower. I feel disgusting."

Quatre's mind automatically supplied him with an image of himself helping Heero in the shower, soaping him up. "But the bandages would get soaked, and I don't think I can stand that long," Heero continued. "Maybe you could bring me some towels and water, and I can just sort of clean up? I can't stand feeling dirty."

"No problem," Quatre said, and helped Heero back to bed without further incident.

Quatre gathered some towels, washcloths and soap, and brought them to Heero. Then he went off to make some coffee for them, so he wouldn't be tempted to peek. When Quatre returned with two steaming mugs, Heero didn't look happy.

"I... can't do it, Quatre," Heero snapped in frustration. "My ribs keep me from stretching my arms, my wrist isn't working right, and I keep getting the bandages wet." He looked up at the blond boy, disdain for his own helplessness written across his features.

Quatre thought he knew what Heero couldn't ask. "Do you want me to help you, Heero?" he asked, trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice. Heero nodded miserably. "No problem," Quatre said.

Quatre busied himself with the details to keep his mind from wandering to dangerous places again. If Heero knew what he was thinking, he had no doubt the other pilot would kill him. "Heero, why don't you roll over if you can, we can do your back first, so once you're done with the rest, you won't have to move anymore." Heero agreed wordlessly.

Quatre helped Heero roll onto his less-injured side while he placed a large towel under him. Then he helped him back on the towel, stomach down. This meant that Heero was now facing the other direction, and the other boy wouldn't be able to see Quatre's arousal. But this also meant that Quatre had a perfect view of Heero's tight, firm ass. Which, fortunately for him, was still covered by the boxers. With a sigh, Quatre wet a washcloth, squeezed some liquid soap on it, and allowed himself to ask, "Ready, Heero?"

Heero nodded, so Quatre set to work, soaping and wiping off Heero's incredible back. Even through the washcloth, he could feel how tightly nodded and stiff the muscles were. Heero's muscles must be incredibly sore from the battle, but he had not complained. Quatre started lightly massaging the muscles as he rubbed, and was rewarded by a quiet moan from Heero and a relaxing of his muscles. Unfortunately, the unintentionally erotic moan did nothing to relieve his problem.

Since Heero wasn't objecting, Quatre continued to wash, massage and dry Heero's back carefully. As he worked his way down toward the boxers, Heero relaxed more, and moaned more, as Quatre cleaned and soothed his body.

Quatre paused as he reached the waistband. He hesitated, then heard Heero's voice, muffled by the pillow, say, "Take them off."

Quatre's wide eyes would have given him away, if Heero could have seen his face. It's just a bath, we're just fellow pilots, Quatre kept repeating to himself as he reached out trembling hands and hooked his fingers in the waistband. He began to pull, and Heero lifted his hips as much as he could, to help. But the boxers wouldn't come off easily. They seemed to be caught on something. Realization and hope dawned as Quatre realized what they were stuck on. A small smiled played about Quatre's mouth as he thought, well, well, Mr. Yuy, I would never have guessed.

Quatre finally managed to get the boxers off. He was afraid to say anything, lest Heero change his mind. Finally, Heero's delicious body lay completely exposed to Quatre's eyes. Well, not completely, but Heero would have to roll over sometime, so Quatre could finish the bath/massage.

Quatre reverently massaged Heero's amazing ass, feeling the muscles tighten and relax. If Quatre had been hard before, now he was dripping. Quatre gave this area even more attention than the rest, and was rewarded by even louder moans. Reluctantly, Quatre moved lower to wash and massage Heero's upper thighs. Quatre thought he heard a gasp when his fingers accidentally brushed Heero's inner thigh. Then he moved lower, and Heero seemed to regain control of himself.

Finally, when Quatre thought he could speak without drooling, he said, "I'm done, Heero. Do you want to roll over now?" Quatre couldn't wait.

Before Quatre could help him, Heero rolled over on his own. There the blue-eyed boy lay before him, naked and highly aroused. Quatre tried to tear his eyes away from the delectable sight before him and failed utterly for several long moments. When Quatre was finally able to look at Heero's face, the other boy's eyes were downcast, as if ashamed. Quatre wanted to tell him that it was all right, Heero was beautiful and he wanted nothing more than to be allowed to touch that amazing body. Though that wasn't strictly true, Quatre wanted to do more than touch it. He wanted to kiss it, lick it, caress it, and much more. But once again, words failed him, and all he could do was do continue the bath.

Once again, Quatre washed and massaged, but this time the movements were different. Before, Quatre had been shy, afraid to touch too much. His movements had been designed to wash and relax. Now it was different. Now Quatre intended to stimulate Heero, and his touches became alternately feather light and demandingly aggressive. Torturing Heero and himself, he concentrated on sensitive areas such as Heero's nipples, making the brown-haired boy moan. Slowly, he made his way down Heero's perfect abdomen, brushing his fingers lower each time. Heero began to moan in complaint as Quatre teased him by going more slowly still.

Finally, Quatre had washed and massaged every part of Heero's body except his straining arousal. Heero looked at Quatre with pleading in his eyes, begging the other boy to touch him. "Please," said Heero in a deep, needy voice.

"I saved the best for last," purred Quatre, and then he began. Though he wanted nothing more than to take Heero's hardness deep in his mouth and devour it, he followed the same pattern of washing first. Wetting the washcloth and adding some soap, Quatre gently wrapped the washcloth around Heero's erection and began to slowly draw it up and down his length. Heero began to moan as soon as the cloth first touched his neglected arousal. Up and down Quatre stroked Heero with the washcloth, too slowly to make him climax but firmly enough to drive him crazy.

Heero bucked his hips, thrusting himself into Quatre's hand, trying to increase the speed and friction. Nearly mindless from Quatre's erotic teasing, Heero moaned in protest as Quatre resisted Heero's efforts easily.

"Relax, Heero, you're hurt. Let me do all the work," Quatre said softly. Then he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Heero's gently, still stroking. Heero moaned hungrily and opened his mouth, pressing it against Quatre's. Quatre let Heero's tongue plunder his mouth, while he slightly increased the speed with which he was pumping Heero's erection. Soon Heero broke this kiss with a load moan and an upward thrust of his slim hips that told Quatre exactly what he wanted at that moment.

"Oh, Quatre... want you..." As Quatre leaned in to kiss Heero again, Heero brought his hand to the front of the blond boy's pants, brushing against the hardness he felt there. Heero was rewarded by a sharp gasp from the smaller boy. Encouraged, Heero grasped Quatre's arousal through the thin fabric and squeezed gently. Involuntarily, Quatre thrust into Heero's hand, wanting more. Heero complied and stroked Quatre through the pants until the blond boy was moaning in his mouth.

"Oh, yes, Heero..." Quatre made his decision, and stood quickly and stripped off his pants and boxers. Removing the washcloth from Heero's pulsing arousal, Quatre thought for a moment and grabbed the bottle of shampoo he had been using on Heero. Squeezing some into his palm, he applied it to Heero's erection. Heero's mind was nearly gone, but he frowned at Quatre's choice of lubricant.

"Baby shampoo. Very mild," Quatre answered the unspoken question.

Summoning up every ounce of self-control he possessed, which wasn't much with the blond angel pumping his aching cock, Heero asked, "Are you sure, Quatre?"

Quatre said, "Oh, yes, Heero. I've never been more sure of anything, except that right now I want you inside me, deep inside me..." The last words came out as a moan that made Heero's erection pulse. "Now, just lie back and enjoy."

Quatre climbed up onto the bed and straddled Heero, careful not to hurt him. He wrapped his hand around Heero's arousal and rubbed the tip against his entrance, making Heero moan in anticipation. Slowly, Quatre lowered himself until just the tip of Heero's dripping arousal was inside him. Quatre paused, savoring the feeling of being invaded by Heero's thickness and anticipating more. Quatre looked down at Heero, who had never looked sexier, nearly out of his mind as the blond boy's tightness enveloped him. A light sheen of sweat shone on his sleek chest, and his cobalt eyes were dark with passion. Heero gasped with the effort of controlling the impulse to ram straight up into Quatre.

Millimeter by millimeter, Quatre lowered himself onto Heero. Deeper and deeper, Heero's arousal slid inside Quatre. Quatre moaned as he felt himself filled more and more, his own arousal rock hard against his stomach.

Finally, Heero was fully inside Quatre. Panting, Quatre paused for a moment to adjust, leaning forward and pressing his mouth to Heero's. While they kissed, Quatre slowly raised his hips until just the tip of Heero's arousal was inside him. He felt a sense of loss without Heero inside him, but then he dropped quickly back down onto the incredible hardness. Quatre gasped and Heero growled as the blond boy repeated the action over and over again. Quatre's rhythm increased, and soon he was slamming himself down onto Heero as hard as he could. Heero lay back on the bed, face contorted in ecstasy as Quatre rode him.

Savoring every penetration, Quatre reveled in the pleasure-pain of Heero's heat inside him. Heero's every muscle contorted as he was plunged in and out of indescribable tightness. The outside world disappeared as two boys lost themselves in absolute pleasure, straining to make the sensation last for one more incredible minute.

Inevitably, the end neared and Heero knew he couldn't last much longer. Reaching out, he wrapped his hand around Quatre's glistening arousal and pumped roughly. Quatre screamed as the new stimulation assaulted his nearly overloaded senses, and felt a wave of intensity wash him toward final release. Moaning Heero's name, Quatre continued to pound onto Heero as he climaxed violently all over the both of them.

Heero watched in rapture as Quatre's sweet mouth screamed his name, his angelic face twisted and his internal muscles clamped like a vise on his hardness. Then Heero lost control, grabbing Quatre's hips and thrusting one last time into the blond boy before the tide swept him too into oblivion, and he emptied his passion deep inside Quatre.

Quatre nearly collapsed on Heero before he remembered the brown-haired boy's injuries. He settled for snuggling up next to Heero. Heero looked over at Quatre, exhausted.

"I think I need another bath."

The End