Title: Tight Security
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell
Dedication: for Leslie

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo sighed as he stood in line at security once again. He was used to this; he flew 2 to 3 times a week, but he always ended up in line behind the amateurs, the people who flew maybe once a year. The people who had no idea of how to pack so that they didn't have to drag everything out for the security screening.

He glanced at his watch; he should still be able to make his flight. Since airport security had tightened, he always made sure to arrive in plenty of time. Sometimes it took a full hour to get through security. He had learned to be patient. Duo looked around as he shifted his laptop case from one hand to another, adjusting his shoulder bag. He never checked his luggage, just carried it on. It made getting off the plane and to his firm's downtown San Francisco office a lot quicker. He lived in LA, but made at least one visit to the company's other main office a week. Sometimes he flew to other parts of the country, but most of the time it was the LA to San Francisco run for him. He didn't mind; he lived alone, and liked to travel. As the firm's youngest partner, it fell to him to do most of the legwork, and he was actually glad. He wasn't really the type to be tied down to an office job. He was working his way up the corporate ladder, and getting brownie points for never complaining about the traveling he had to do. It really worked out well for him. Plus, life could be very interesting when you traveled a lot. In fact, he was looking around right now for the thing that interested him most... and there he was. Talking into a radio, eyes intent on the scene before him, diligently working to keep him and his fellow travelers safe from harm... and looking so very hot while doing it. Duo smiled to himself; he didn't see his favorite security guard every time he flew, but often enough that he had many entertaining fantasies to keep him company on the subsequent flight. Duo's eyes swept over the man; silky dark brown hair that wouldn't stay out of his burning blue eyes, perfect skin and full red lips that topped a body so perfectly exquisite that the security uniform fit him like a glove. The man turned away, and Duo lost himself in reverent contemplation of the rear view. Almost as nice as the front, the view from the back was stunning. Wide, strong shoulders tapered to a slim waist and hips, and his ass... Duo had given up trying to describe the perfection of that ass. All he could do was stare. The dress pants hugged him just perfectly, and Duo found himself mesmerized once again. The man turned, and Duo found himself staring at the man's crotch, just as nice a view and Duo suddenly wondered what kind of underwear he wore. He didn't seem like the tighty whitey type; so Duo amused himself with the eternal question; boxers or small briefs? Or nothing at all? Duo was smiling to himself again as he envisioned finding out. He suddenly realized the line was moving, and he raised his eyes so he could shuffle forward with the line. His eyes were still pointed in the direction of the gorgeous security man, and as Duo lifted his eyes he realized with a start that he had suddenly made direct eye contact with the man for the first time. For a long moment Duo forgot not to stare, forgot all else except the depth of those deep blue eyes.

Heero had noticed the longhaired man, like he noticed everything around him; it was his job. Ever since security had been tightened, his job as assistant head of security for LAX had gotten more stressful. He was shift leader, and he oversaw all the various sections of security, but right now the x-ray screening was the most important. It was stressful, but he liked his job; making sure all security protocol was followed to the letter made him feel as if he was helping to keep everyone safe. It made him feel as if he was doing something worthwhile. But the reason he noticed the longhaired man was far more personal. He saw him a lot, at least once a week, and though they had never spoken or had any contact, Heero still looked forward to seeing him. He watched from afar, allowing himself this small distraction from his duties; admiring the long hair, always in a neat braid. Admiring the lean body, in the well-cut suit. But mostly admiring the beautiful face. Heero let his eyes linger a moment too long on those blue-violet eyes, those perfect lips; with a start he realized he was looking directly into those eyes. He fought to not let his expression betray any emotion; he couldn't bring himself to break the small contact. He felt an unexplainable connection to the man. He didn't know his name, but he felt as if he knew his soul. He derided himself; he had always had a silly romantic streak that he kept well hidden. Not to mention the fact that he had had dreams about him, dreams in which they met, and the man unbound his braid, and they touched, and found ecstasy.

The beeping of the x-ray machine broke Duo's reverie. He realized that it was his turn to place his bags on the conveyor belt. He didn't want to look away. But he had to. Reluctantly he focused his attention on getting through the screening. He hurried through, and collected his bags as quickly as possible. All he could think about was the security man. He knew the man wasn't just another security guard; he carried a gun and walked around checking on everyone else. But he didn't even know his name. All of a sudden Duo wanted to know everything about him. He finally collected his bags, and walked beyond the screening area, before he felt he could safely look back. Had he imagined the connection with the other man? Maybe it was just chance that their eyes had met. But oh, god, he wanted those eyes on him again... He spotted him then, across the bank of x-ray machines, and he knew he wasn't wrong. The man was looking directly at him, with an unreadable expression on his gorgeous face.

Heero watched with disappointment as the man went through the detector. He wanted to... he wasn't sure what he wanted, but he knew he wanted more contact. He watched with as much attention as he could spare as he made his way through the screening. He noted when the man cleared the area, and when he bent over to pick up his computer bag, a thrill went through him. He knew what he wanted, suddenly. He wanted to possess him, wanted the beautiful man bent over in front of him, just like that. He wanted it badly. He felt his pants grow tighter as he let himself imagine it; lust ran through his veins. He needed to bury his hands in that hair, plunge deep into that body over and over again. He fought to control his body, tried to calm the raging tide of hormones that threatened to take control of his body. He couldn't stop staring, couldn't stop the fantasies in his head. The man was looking at him again, he realized, and the longing intensified.

Duo shivered as the man's eyes seemed to bore through him, as if reading his soul. A strong urge to surrender, to give himself up washed over him. He wanted to be owned by the man, wanted to feel those eyes and hands all over him. He realized he was fully aroused, standing there in the airport, and his face was flushed. He stared across the space between them, as if across an unbreachable gulf. Seconds stretched; hours could have flown by as the two men stared at each other. The crowd moved around them, oblivious.

Heero's radio crackled to life; a possible drug bust over in customs. He had to get over there now. It was as if a spell was broken; he was aware of his surroundings once again. He acknowledged the call, and reluctantly started to move. With one more glance at the other man, he could see he was moving as well.

Duo had seen the other man's attention shift, then suddenly he realized that the voice over the intercom was announcing final boarding for his flight. He hurriedly checked the overhead sign to remind himself of what gate he was supposed to be heading for, then started off in that direction, with one more look at the man he desired. The man was moving also, talking into his radio and looking serious. Duo felt saddened, as if he had lost something precious. Then it was time to go.


Every time Duo flew from then on, he looked eagerly for the gorgeous man. His anticipation grew each time; he knew that he was building this up in his mind to an obsession. He only saw him once or twice, but he was always leaving, or Duo was running late; there was no chance for even any eye contact. Duo was disappointed when he didn't see the man, and elated when he did. He spent most of his flights fantasizing when he should have been working. He wanted to feel those hands on him, all over him; he soon started having dreams about the man. In the middle of the night, he would wake, sweaty and hard, and stroked himself quickly, guiltily, stifling the cries of ecstasy his hand brought him, all the while wishing it was the mysterious man that brought him to climax. Only then could he sleep peacefully.

Heero sat in the main security office, watching the monitors. He watched the longhaired man as he stood in the security line. His hands shook as he brought up another view, that showed the man from the back. He watched intently, memorizing every inch of him. He had started to spend more time in this office, or other parts of the airport; he was deliberately avoiding the security area during the time he knew the beauty would be there. He didn't trust himself. His dreams had intensified; so much that the mere sight of the braided man made him instantly hard. He knew he was slightly out of control; if he allowed himself to be near the other man he might do something he would regret. Yet he craved the sight of him; he was alone in the room and was sorely tempted to let his hand stray to relieve the pressure between his legs. But someone could come in at any time. Too bad this room wasn't like the private screening rooms they kept for special searches. Those doors could be locked from the inside, and no one would dare enter when there was a search in progress.

Then it hit him. The realization hit him so hard he literally forgot to breathe for a long moment. That was it!

Heero watched as the longhaired man cleared security. His rock hard cock ached. He had a plan.


Duo waited in line once again. He had almost given up on his obsession; weeks had passed without even a sighting. That made it all the more surprising when he saw him standing there; just on the other side of security, watching everyone go through the metal detectors. Duo swallowed hard as he approached the x-ray machines; once he had gone through the detectors, he would be closer to the man than he had ever been. Close enough to almost reach out and touch him. Involuntarily, he felt himself harden.

He was next in line, and he gripped his boarding pass a bit too hard as he walked though the detector. There was no beep, so he turned to pick up his bags as they exited the screening. He looked down, grabbing his bags, acutely aware that just on the other side of the conveyor belt, not four feet away, stood his obsession. The sexiest man he had ever seen. He felt like he couldn't look up, didn't want to, but he knew he would kick himself for not taking advantage of the situation and getting a good look at the man, close up. He was probably not even looking at him. Duo glanced up, and the man was indeed looking straight at him. His heart leapt into his throat and started pounding as their eyes met once again, but no more than a few feet apart. Time stood still.

Heero stood on the other side of the conveyor belt, trying not to smile at the longhaired man and give himself away. It was all he could do not to leap over the conveyor belt and ravish the man right there. His eyes... were an indescribable purple-violet color, and he was even sexier up close. He had to bide his time, had to do this gradually. He didn't want to scare him. But the gorgeous man didn't look scared; the look on his face almost looked... speculative?

Duo let himself get lost in cobalt eyes as his mind wandered, wondering what that mouth tasted like, what it would feel like to be pinned down by those strong arms... he sincerely hoped his expression wasn't giving away his lascivious thoughts, because he would probably be arrested for them. Then again, he wouldn't mind, as long as the man gazing back at him was the one to do it... he almost smiled at that thought; a fantasy of being searched by the man would last him many long nights. It didn't even strike him as odd that the man was back in the security area after a long absence. He wasn't thinking that much.

Heero allowed a small smile at the longhaired man; maybe this could actually work.

Duo smiled back at him, reluctant to move on. But the line was backing up behind him. He slung his bag over a shoulder and started to walk off. He looked back over his shoulder and suddenly he was sure; the man was most definitely checking him out. He grinned more widely as he walked off, making sure to wiggle his ass as much as possible, letting his braid swing back and forth. Things were looking up. Duo began to wonder what you had to do to get pulled for a full search.

Heero watched the man walk off, admiring the view. He had let him see that he was staring, and the man had smiled more. His hope grew. As well as other parts of him.


A few flights later, there he was again; Duo had spotted the security man standing beside the metal detector, watching everyone. He took a deep breath; perfect. Today was the day he had chosen to wear a different belt, one he usually avoided when flying because it sometimes set off the metal detector. This time he had worn it deliberately, hoping... what? He didn't really know.

He placed his bags on the belt, and walked through the detector; sure enough, the machine beeped. He felt those eyes on him again as he made a show of checking his pockets, looking for the culprit.

"It's probably your belt, sir, but can I please ask you to step over here?" Finally, Duo heard the man's voice. It was deep and sensual and made Duo want to hear him moan his name. Duo looked up and smiled. Finally.

"No problem," he answered easily, voice not betraying how nervous he was. He walked over to the side table.

Heero was proud of how steady his voice was; he might just be able to handle this without arousing suspicion. He had involved himself more in the screening process lately, under the guise of evaluating the process. So the fact that he was going to handle an alert personally wasn't unusual. Varying the security routines was encouraged.

Duo stood in front of the man who haunted his dreams. "Want me to take it off? The belt?" he asked.

"No, that's ok," Heero replied, trying not to get lost in those eyes. He wanted the man to take off more than that, really. "I'll use this." He held up the wand, which checked for metal and could be moved around the person.

"Just tell me what to do," said Duo, trying not to make it as suggestive as he really meant it. He couldn't resist; he wanted to get the man's reaction to the innuendo.

"Don't tempt me," the man said, barely audible.

Duo's head shot up, looking at the other man straight in the eyes. Had the man really said that, or had he imagined it?

"Just raise your arms and stand still please," Heero said, slightly louder. Duo complied, and Heero moved the wand over and around him. The instrument was silent until it got to his belt buckle. Then it bleeped. Heero did it again, and it beeped again. "Yes, it looks like the belt," stated Heero. "Take it off, please." He watched as Duo's hands dropped to the belt.

"Want to do it for me?" murmured Duo, too softly for anyone else to hear.

Heero licked his lips. "You have no idea," he almost moaned.

Duo smiled and unfastened his buckle. He felt so wanton, partially undressing in front of the man. He was soon hard as a rock. He laughed. "Shouldn't I know your name before I undress for you?"

"That's fair," replied Heero, smirking. "My name is Heero Yuy."

"Nice to meet you, Heero. I'm Duo Maxwell." Then he slid the belt out of its loops, and handed it to Heero.

"Thanks, Duo," Heero answered, and checked the belt with the wand. It beeped. "One more time." He waved the wand over Duo again, and it was silent this time. "All clear."

Feeling more bold, Duo pouted. "What, no strip search?"

Heero coughed, flustered. "Um... I..."

Duo laughed. "I certainly wouldn't mind."

"Nor would I," Heero whispered, and the two men stared at each other for a long moment. Was this really happening?

Duo was so hard it ached; he longed to feel Heero touch him all over. Did the gorgeous man really want him?

"Do you really mean that?" said Heero softly.

Duo nodded. "You have no idea how much."

"I think I do," smiled Heero. "But not right now... when do you fly again?"

"Thursday," Duo responded immediately.

"It's a date, then," laughed Heero, and Duo smiled. "But maybe I should just pat you down just to be sure..."

"Oh yes, please," breathed Duo. "We must be careful, you know. I look very suspicious."

Heero tried not to smirk as he said, more loudly, "Please raise your hands, sir."

Duo obeyed, and tried not to moan as he felt those hands on him at last. Heero tried not to linger too much; he started under the other man's arms, sliding them down Duo's sides to his waist. Then he moved closer, sliding his hands back up Duo's back. He heard Duo's low whimper, and he felt his cock pulse in answer. "God, Duo," he whispered, forcing his hands to keep going in the standard pattern. Duo's body felt hard and lean and incredible under his hands.

Duo closed his eyes, trying to control his body as Heero's hands slid back down, over his ass. This was exquisite torture; Heero was touching him, but it wasn't enough.

Heero ran his hands up the front of Duo's thighs, regretting the fact that he was almost done. He faltered as he looked at the front of Duo's pants; they bulged with an obvious erection. That made him even more turned on; he had no idea how he was going to get through the rest of the day after this. He stepped back reluctantly. "All clear. You're free to go, sir."

Duo's eyes were slightly glazed as he tried to remember what he was doing. "Thank you, Mr. Yuy. You're doing a wonderful job in keeping us all safe." He let his eyes travel over Heero's body, noting the fact that the front of his pants bulged with his desire too.

"Thank you, Mr. Maxwell. For your patience," Heero said formally. In a softer voice he continued, "See you Thursday."

Somewhat shakily, Duo made his way to his plane. He was suddenly looking forward to Thursday with great anticipation.


Heero had hardly slept Wednesday night. The anticipation was far too great. It had been far too long since he had touched anyone, or been touched. He had been half-hard all morning, and even on the drive to the airport, all he could think of was the longhaired man. Duo.


Duo parked his car and got his bags out. He hoped he had everything he was supposed to because he really couldn't concentrate on anything this morning. He barely remembered to lock his car as he walked to the check-in counter.


Heero held his breath as he scanned the crowd. He had gone over his plan a thousand times. People were pulled for random checks all the time. The only way this would arouse suspicion was if he gave himself away. It wasn't easy, though; he wasn't really thinking with his brain at this point. Then he saw Duo; and nothing mattered, except touching him again.


Duo joined the line for the metal detectors. He remembered to breathe as he approached the machine; he must look suspicious for real now. He put his bags on the belt and looked up. He locked eyes with Heero as the machine beeped. Heero started forward.

Heero recited the standard speech. "Excuse me, sir, could you please collect your bags and step this way? You've been randomly selected for further screening. This way, please." Heero resisted the urge to look behind him as he led Duo to a door. He quickly punched in his code and held the door open for the longhaired man. "After you, sir. I apologize for the inconvenience."

"It's no problem, really," responded Duo, noting that there were still people around. Heero led him to another door, one without a window in it. Heero opened it, and Duo went in.

"Please put your bags on the table," Heero intoned, before closing the door firmly and locking it. He then turned around, leaning on the door, and said more quietly, "We won't be disturbed now, Duo." He looked at the other man for a long moment, not sure quite how to proceed now.

Duo turned to face Heero, also feeling a bit awkward. This was what he wanted. They were alone at last. He smiled a wicked smile, and then said, "Well, we'd better get on with it, then. I'm obviously hiding something from you. How ever are you going to find it?"

Heero moaned low in his throat as he realized that they were still playing the game, that Duo still wanted this. "Mr. Maxwell," he said huskily, "I'm going to have to ask you remove your clothes. Slowly."

"While you watch?" Duo answered with mock indignation.

"I have to watch closely, Mr. Maxwell, in case you're trying to hide something," explained Heero patiently, licking his lips. He was really enjoying this game. "Your shirt first, please."

Duo bit his lip; he loved the way Heero was looking at him. He felt wanton. He couldn't remember ever being this hard. This was perfect. "Fine," he said, and started to unbutton his shirt.

Heero watched as Duo slid off the shirt, admiring the smooth chest and lean muscles. "Put the shirt on the chair. Now your pants," he said in his best monotone.

Duo unbuckled the belt, then the pants, with a shuddering breath. His cock pulsed as he stripped for Heero. He thought he might come without even being touched, he was so aroused. He let the pants drop to the floor, and slipped off his shoes at the same time. He pushed them aside, and stood in front of Heero dressed only in red silk boxers that bulged with his erection.

"God," Heero said under his breath, trying to keep from touching himself at the sight in front of him. Duo was driving him insane, insane with need to ravish that sweet body. Duo's body was slim and perfect, lean muscles and smooth skin. He stepped forward. "Arms above your head, please. Keep them there," he managed to say, as he repeated his search of Duo's body. But this time was different; there was only one garment between them now, and no one watching to make sure his hands didn't stray. He started with the standard pattern, but when he reached Duo's waist he gave in to the urge to run his hands down over the tight ass he wanted so badly. He cupped Duo's ass, squeezing through the material, watching the violet eyes glaze over with need. Then he slid his hands around to the front of the boxers. "I think you're hiding something, Mr. Maxwell. Something big," he breathed, running his hand over the bulge he felt there. "I'm going to have to ask you to remove your boxers."

Duo was panting now; he brought his hands down to the waistband of his boxers but stopped as Heero reminded him, "Slowly."

Duo whimpered and said, "Like this, Mr. Yuy?" And he turned around, bending over, very slowly sliding the material down over his ass, keeping his legs spread apart slightly.

"Oh, yes, just like that," moaned Heero, watching avidly. "I'm so glad you're cooperating, Mr. Maxwell." He was sure he was going to come in his pants just from watching the beautiful man strip.

Duo finally got the boxers off, and Heero said, "Now please turn around."

Duo turned around, putting his hands back up on his head, and stood naked in front of Heero. His whole body ached with need, and his desire rose higher than he thought possible. Just standing here like this in front of a near stranger was delicious.

Heero took a step closer, taking a long moment just to appreciate the sexy man displaying himself for him. "I have to touch you now, Mr. Maxwell. Touch you all over. Make sure you're not hiding anything *anywhere*," he emphasized. "Do you have a problem with that?" he panted, trying hard to keep up the act.

"Not at all, Mr. Yuy," moaned Duo. "Do anything you want to me," he continued, cock pulsing with every word.

"I will," Heero whispered, and ran his hands over Duo. He started with his chest, running his hands over the lean pectorals, brushing against the pink nipples, feeling the flat stomach. Then lower... he bypassed Duo's cock deliberately, running his hands down the front of his strong thighs, and back up again, up his silken inner thighs. Duo's moans and whimpers were music to his ears and cock. "Turn around," he finally commanded, "and bend over the table."

Duo's whole body was trembling with need by now. He was lost in a fantasy, one that promised ecstasy. And he never wanted it to stop. He complied quickly, almost unable to even speak, bending over in front of Heero. His cock was practically dripping now. "Yes," he whispered.

"Oh, god," Heero moaned as Duo bent over in front of him, naked, hard and compliant. He walked up behind him, stopping only inches away. "Spread your legs," he ordered hoarsely. "I need to see everything."

Duo could only whimper now, spreading his legs apart, trying to raise his ass in the air even more. This was perfect, he needed this so badly. He wanted to feel Heero touch him everywhere.

Heero started running his hands down Duo's back, hurrying to his goal; he lightly touched the man's luscious ass. He ran his hands down the sides before running his fingers back up the cleft. "I'm going to have to examine you, Duo," Heero said softly. "Thoroughly. You wouldn't believe where people try to hide things." He reached for some lube he had stashed in here earlier. He kneaded Duo's buttocks roughly, spreading them apart, opening the other man completely. He heard Duo gasp, then he got some lube on his fingers. He held his buttocks open with one hand as he ran his fingers around Duo's opening.

"Oh, yeah, do it..." moaned Duo, completely gone with lust. "Please..." He gripped the far edge of the table desperately, surrendering fully.

Duo's surrender fanned the flames of Heero's desire; the need to possess, to own the other man in every way consumed him. Despite his need, he was still gentle as he plunged his fingers into the offered entrance.

"Duo..." he moaned, sliding two fingers quickly in and out of the longhaired man while still kneading his ass, spreading him open. The other man's body gripped his fingers as Duo pressed back against Heero's fingers, wanting even more. "You're so tight... I don't think you're hiding anything here." Heero added another finger, trying with all his might to hold himself back, to keep from plunging what he really wanted to put deep into Duo. "You're perfect," he moaned, driving his fingers in and out of him now.

"Heero," Duo almost screamed. "I can't take it any more. Fuck me, please!"

Abandoning the game, Heero groaned, "Thought you'd never ask." Quickly, unzipping only as much as necessary, Heero pulled his throbbing cock free of his pants. He coated himself with lube with shaking hands, only one thing in his mind: getting inside Duo as fast as he could. He positioned himself, pressing the head of his erection against Duo's opening. "Say it again, Duo. Please."

Duo was slowly going mad with desire as he felt Heero's hard heat teasing him. He needed to be filled, and he needed it now. He begged, "Please, Heero. Fuck me. I need it so bad. Give it to me hard. Give it to me now..." His words turned to moans as Heero finally took him.

Heero pushed, and began to slide inside Duo. So tight, so hot, so perfect... he wasn't sure how long he could last in this paradise. This was the single most intense experience of his life, and he still almost couldn't believe this was happening. But this was no dream; the hot sheath that gripped him was all too real, and was making him lose control. He took a shuddering breath, and buried himself in Duo, pausing. "Are you ok?" he managed to say.

Duo gripped the edge of the table, eyes shut and mouth open. Heero's cock invaded him, completed him. Nothing had ever felt better. "I'm perfect," he gasped.

"Yes, you are," agreed Heero, and pulled out almost all the way. Then he pushed back in, slightly faster. Duo pushed back against him, driving his cock deeper.

"More. Harder," begged the longhaired man. "Please..."

That was too much for Heero. "Hold on, then," he growled, and started to pound. Each thrust was harder than the last, each plunge deeper into Duo's willing body. Duo met each thrust, crying out for more. The table was soon shifting under their actions. Heero gripped Duo's hips tightly, building up speed. Each time he entered Duo, it felt better. He wanted to feel this forever.

Duo thought he was going to die from pleasure. He moved one hand down to his cock and stroked it. "Yes," he groaned. "Heero... I'm gonna..."

Watching Duo stroke himself was the last straw; with a strangled cry Heero lost his careful rhythm. "Duo!" he gasped, driving into the other man as hard as he could.

The extra force and his own hand took him over the edge. Duo cried out and surrendered to the most intense climax he had ever had. Over and over, his cock pulsed out his creamy desire, longer than he had thought possible. Then he felt Heero release inside him, and the other man's completion made it even better.

One more thrust, then Heero was paralyzed. He felt Duo's climax and his own was ripped from him, out of his control. He froze, cock buried to the hilt in Duo, and filled him with his passion as he screamed his name.

Both men held still, unable to move or speak for long moments. Then Duo looked back over his shoulder at his new lover. "You know, I think you've just spoiled me for mere mortals," he purred.

"Good," smiled Heero, running his hands over Duo's body possessively. "You know, I think you're going to be missing a lot of flights from now on."

The End