Title: Undercover Angel
Author: Jade
Pairing: 6x4
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Quatre looked up from his desk as his two best friends appeared outside the office door. He sighed. No doubt they had some sort of surprise for him. They had managed to find out it was his birthday, and he knew something was up.

"Hey, old man!" Duo laughed, perching on his desk. "Got a hot date tonight?"

Heero snorted. "Yeah, right, the last time Quatre had a date..." the blue-eyed man made a show of thinking hard, "When was that again?"

Duo seemed to find this hysterical, and nearly knocked everything off Quatre's desk by collapsing into a fit of giggles on it.

Quatre mock frowned, and sighed. "When you're both through having fun at the expense of my pathetic existence..."

Duo seemed to pull himself together. "Sorry, Q! We really are here for a reason. We wanted to buy you dinner, and we also have a present for you!"

Quatre looked skeptically at Heero, who nodded in agreement. "This present won't explode all over me, will it?"

For some reason, Duo found this very funny as well, and Heero was forced to threaten harm to his long braid before he subsided. "I promise no harm will come to you," he said, solemnly, before starting to snigger again.

"What do you say? We're paying," reminded Heero. "We just want to make sure you have a great birthday."

"Oh, all right," Quatre sighed. He knew he couldn't get out of this. At least Heero and Duo weren't the type to drag him out to some skanky strip club. He didn't think so, at least. The reason he didn't want that sort of thing wasn't something he wanted to explain. But Heero and Duo weren't like that; one of the reasons he got along with them so well was probably the fact that they weren't the typical testosterone-charged idiots men his age tended to be, ogling women and commenting constantly. They didn't know he was gay, but he wasn't exactly the most masculine person in the world anyway. But it never seemed to bother them. And Quatre just had to keep from too obviously admiring Heero's hot body or Duo's gorgeous long hair, and everything would be ok. They were good friends. "Give me half an hour to finish up, and we can head out."

Exactly half an hour later, Heero and Duo were back, and fairly dragged the blond man out of his office. They took him to his favorite sushi restaurant, and ordered all his favorites. A few Kirin later, Quatre had to admit he was having a great time. He was glad to have friends like Heero and Duo. He just wished he had someone special in his life. He had been alone since he moved here, about a year ago. It was hard to meet people in a new town, especially in his situation. Heero and Duo tried their best to cheer him up.

"Hey! Why don't we go check out that new club downtown?" Duo suggested.

"The 80's dance club? I don't know..." Quatre demurred. He loved 80's music, but for obvious reasons found it difficult to get out and dance.

"Sounds good to me," Heero agreed, signaling for the check. "It's in the Hilton, right?"

"Come on," encouraged Duo. "Just for a little while. If you don't like it, we'll leave! It's Friday night. Live a little!"

"Ok," he agreed. He found he couldn't say no to Duo. He secretly had a thing for longhaired men, not that Duo would ever know about it. It wouldn't be too bad...

He followed Heero and Duo over to the Hilton, and they made their way inside. Quatre and Duo got carded at the door as usual; even though they were both 24 they were used to it. Quatre especially looked much younger. Duo said it was his eyes. Quatre thought it must be the fact that he was short and slim. Heero was the same age as they were, but he could usually intimidate anyone with that intense glare he had and no one challenged him. Between Heero's muscular body and brooding good looks, and Duo's beauty and boisterousness, Quatre often felt like a pale shadow.

They stepped into the flashing lights and deafening sounds of the bar. They looked around; a yuppie crowd, in general. They found a table and Heero went to get them drinks. He and Duo sat and watched the crowd. Heero seemed to be taking a long time, but the place was fairly packed. It was nearly 10pm, and the night was apparently just getting started.

Finally, Heero reappeared with their drinks. Quatre took a sip of his and nearly choked. "What is this?" he yelled at his friends over the din.

Heero just smirked. Duo yelled back, "It's a screaming orgasm! We figured you needed one!" Then he sat back and giggled while Quatre blushed. He took another sip; the drink wasn't bad, but very strong. Between the beer earlier and this, he was beginning to feel almost tipsy. He blushed more as Duo and Heero leaned closer to him. They had to speak right in his ear to be heard, and Duo was on one side and Heero on the other.

"Time for your present, Quatre!" Duo said in one ear.

"It's something you definitely need," Heero murmured in the other.

"And it's definitely something you don't have yet!" Duo grinned at him.

"What is it?" Quatre finally said in exasperation.

"It's not here," Heero explained.

"It's waiting for you close by, though," Duo added.

Heero pressed a hotel keycard in his hand.

"What?" the blond asked in confusion.

"Your present is in there," Duo pointed to the room number.

"You just have to go get it," Heero said.

"It will all be clear when you see it," smirked Duo.

They were standing up, guiding Quatre out of the club to the elevators. "But..." he protested.

"No objections. We can't return this gift, it's unique," Heero said, pressing the up button.

"Very unique. We guarantee you'll love it. Complete satisfaction guaranteed," Duo giggled, giving the blond a push as the door opened.

"See you later!" The elevator door closed, and Quatre stood there clutching the key, bewildered. What had those two gotten him into?


Officer Zechs Marquise, vice squad, checked the bedside clock in irritation. He missed his watch, but that was the least of his annoyances right now. Another annoyance was the clothes he had to wear. But the biggest problem of all, the one that meant he had to be dressed like this and missing his watch, was the assignment he was on. He loved his work, he really did. He loved being a cop, and keeping the good citizens of his fair city safe from crime. He even loved his current assignment to the vice squad. Cleansing the streets of pimps and drug dealers appealed to his romantic side, somehow. He saw himself as an avenger. He also thought he had probably watched too many superhero cartoons as he was growing up. But this... he had made the mistake of pissing someone off, and he didn't even know who or how. But nothing else would account for this particular indignity he was currently undergoing. His superiors had caught wind of a high-priced prostitution ring that was trying to set up shop in the pricier section of the city. They wanted to bust it up before it really took root. Which made perfect sense. But the problem was, a good portion of its clientele wanted male prostitutes. This of course fired up the mayor, whose thinly disguised homophobia drove him to pull out all the stops in urging the police to get rid of the "perverts." God forbid the press got wind of it, and the town got labeled as "gay." Zechs sighed. If he had ever considered coming out at all, this particular tirade would have squashed that compulsion. No, he would stay firmly in the closet, thank you. It was bad enough he got the occasional remark about his long blond hair, but he was a 4th degree black belt, and an expert with nearly anything that could be used as a weapon, so people backed down fairly quickly. So why was he here, acting as bait for some unsuspecting man? His boss had explained that he would be more believable than just about anyone else on the squad, and he grudgingly agreed. He hoped that there was no other reason, but he was inherently paranoid.

So here he was, dressed in black leather, low-slung pants, a tight black tank top, and black boots. His long hair cascaded loose over his shoulders and back. The outfit exposed his tanned, lean form quite nicely, and Zechs knew if he stepped foot in any gay club right now they'd be all over him in an instant. But he couldn't even do that; he was stuck in this hotel room, waiting for some dirty old businessman to show up and try to grope him. Just before he busted him and made the man give up everything he knew. Hopefully he was one of the regulars. They were after the ringleaders, but with this type of operation you had to work your way up. It should be an easy job, but he felt pissed off anyway. Though, as he caught sight of himself in the mirror, he had to admit he looked damned good...


Quatre wandered down the hall, looking for room 1425. He found it altogether too quickly for his tastes. He had a sinking feeling he knew what his friends had gotten him for his birthday, and it wasn't a thing. Why else would his present be in a hotel room if it wasn't a person, most likely a prostitute? He wanted to just run away, but he knew Heero and Duo were probably still downstairs, and since they were parked next to each other they would know if he left early. He would just go in, explain to the girl that there had been a mistake; she would get her money, in fact he would probably offer her more so she wouldn't tell anyone about this, and he would send her away. Heero and Duo meant well, he supposed; but he was still a bit surprised that the two of them would do something so... crude. He sighed and knocked on the door.

Zechs jumped up; the knock had been so tentative that he almost hadn't heard it. He took a deep breath, checked his hair in the mirror and unlocked the door. He flung it open and tried to look seductive. He also tried not to look as shocked as he felt as he looked at his "customer."

Quatre bit his lip as the door opened; then his mouth hung open as he got a look at his "present." Oh. My. His brain was having trouble processing the information it was being given, but his body had no such problem. The blood rushed from his brain to his cock and his eyes traveled over possibly the most perfect man he had ever seen in his life. Tall, long blond hair, muscles, ice blue eyes... he was aware he was staring and not speaking, but his mouth didn't want to obey his commands at the moment. Surely there was some mistake...

Zechs was just as surprised; standing in front of him was a vision of delicate masculinity. Petite, blond, aquamarine eyes and a lithe body; dressed in neat business clothes, immaculately tailored to show that though he was slim he worked out. And he was young; barely in his twenties if he didn't miss his guess. There had to be a mistake...

Quatre looked down at the key in his hands and back up at the gorgeous man. His mind was whirling. "I..." he suddenly found he didn't know what to say. What was the etiquette for this situation? "Hello, are you the prostitute my friends bought for me" didn't really seem like something he could say. It suddenly occurred to him that maybe Heero and Duo weren't as oblivious as they seemed. They knew he had wanted a man.

Zechs didn't know what to say, either. He had assumed that the customer would take charge. He knew they had to ask before he could bust them. But this young man... he looked as confused as Zechs himself felt. He remembered what he was supposed to say. "Happy Birthday. I'm your present." He stood back and held the door open. If it was a mistake, the words would mean nothing. But it didn't seem to be a mistake.

Quatre stammered automatically, "Thank you," and for lack of anything else to do, he walked in. He certainly didn't want to discuss this in the hall. He glanced around the room. It was typical of a semi-luxury hotel. King sized bed, he noted, blushing further, as he turned around to face the tall blond. "I..." he began again, but words failed him as his eyes automatically traveled over the man's incredible body. Thoughts of what it would be like to touch that body, be touched, went through his head and he was shocked to find he was actually considering going through with it. "I've never done this before," he finally managed to say.

Well, that was obvious even to Zechs, and the blond man felt his heart go out to the smaller man. He started to have second thoughts. "Well, just relax. My name is Milliardo," he said soothingly, using one of his middle names. He came from a large family and his parents had felt obligated to honor as many relatives as possible in naming their only child. Consequently he had six middle names. It had taken him until he was twelve to learn them all. His choice of profession, not to mention his lack of a wife, had alienated him from his family, though. He pushed the thought out of his mind. He was working. He had to get the man talking. "What shall I call you?"

"I'm Quatre," he said automatically, and then flushed as he realized he had just given a prostitute his real name. "My friends..." he paused, not sure why he was explaining, "They... I didn't know they knew, but... they said they had a surprise for me..."

Zechs studied the cute blond. He really was new at this. Poor guy. This was totally unexpected. If his friends had been the ones to actually pay, then he wouldn't know anything. Surely the petite man would have no trouble attracting men, and wouldn't need the services of a prostitute. Unless, he felt he couldn't be open about his sexuality. Just like Zechs... "So you didn't know... what the surprise was?"

Quatre giggled nervously. "I had no clue! I had no idea they even knew..." he took a deep breath. He could say it, certainly, to this man, who had sex with men for a living. "That I'm gay."

"Well, they must be smarter than you thought, then. And very good friends," he added, not sure why he was even doing this. He really should just give up. This night wasn't going to net him any significant busts. He could arrest Quatre, but he would just be released for insufficient evidence. And he would still have to do the paperwork.

"Yes, they are," smiled Quatre. "Just unpredictable, apparently." Why was it so easy to talk to this man? He should be mortified.

Zechs found himself spellbound by the way Quatre's face lit up when he smiled. The man ~ boy, really ~ was beautiful, and when he smiled he was stunning. He shuddered to think of what would happen to him in jail. He was not going to be responsible for that. Quatre truly was innocent. He just had friends with questionable judgment. He should just excuse himself, give the money back and go. But... "You must have a boyfriend," he found himself saying.

"No," Quatre laughed self-deprecatingly. "I've only been here a year. I don't know anyone except Heero and Duo, and the people I work with. It's a very conservative company. If they knew, I'd be fired in a minute."

Zechs felt his heart go out to Quatre; how well he knew the feeling. He was sure that some pretext would be found to fire him if the chief had a clue that he liked men. But he couldn't tell the man that. He was telling the truth, though, when he said, "That's a shame. You're very pretty."

Quatre blushed again. He knew the man was just saying that. It was his job, but... "So are you. I mean, you're incredible." He looked shyly up at Zechs.

Zechs was torn. God, it had been so long since he had been with someone. And no one would know... Quatre certainly wouldn't tell anyone. He would give the money back. No one would get hurt, and both he and Quatre would get what they wanted. He let himself really look at the smaller man. Quatre was very nearly his perfect man, smaller and delicate yet still quite obviously male with his wide shoulders, trim waist and tight little ass... an ass he would just love to plunge into... he caught himself as his pants were suddenly too tight. He was getting aroused. Was he really considering this?

Quatre had been aroused since he had seen Zechs. He had had every intention of walking away, but he was sorely tempted by the gorgeous man in front of him. He had fantasies about being ravished by a man like this, and the hair... oh god, he wanted to feel that silken hair all over him. Was he really this desperate? He wouldn't want to waste Heero and Duo's hard-earned money... was he actually considering going through with this?

"This is probably a mistake," Quatre finally made himself say, and Zechs felt a pang of disappointment. Disappointment about what? It wasn't as if he had been going to have sex with the man... incredible as it would have been...

"Are you sure?" Zechs asked, and wondered why he had. He had no intention of arresting Quatre, tonight was a total waste of time. But what would it hurt, just to give a pretty, lonely boy some attention...

"Well," Quatre began, tempted beyond belief. No one would know, other than Heero and Duo, and they already did...

Zechs found himself stepping forward almost without his knowledge. He brought a hand up and brushed a stray lock of blond hair, light as his but a different shade, out of those expressive eyes. "Just a kiss?" he suggested, stunned at his own words. Maybe he really was desperate...

"Well," breathed Quatre, heart pounding from the proximity of the other man, "I guess a kiss wouldn't hurt..."

Zechs lowered his head, cock pressing against the leather of his pants as he pressed his lips gently to the other blond's. He repressed a moan as the soft lips parted for him and he couldn't help but slide his tongue into the welcoming warmth.

Quatre melted as he felt the other man's sweet invasion. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to part his lips and meet Zechs' tongue with his own in a sensual ballet.

They moved closer together; Quatre's hands went to rest on Zechs' strong chest while the taller man's arms wrapped around Quatre. He pulled the smaller man closer, pressing their bodies together, thinking how very nice the boy felt in his arms. What was the harm in two lonely men giving each other pleasure?

Quatre had never felt this turned on by anyone; all he wanted was to surrender to this beautiful man, give himself over to pleasure. It had been so long...

The kiss heated up. Quatre soon found he was deliberately pressing his erection against the other man's rock hard thigh. He could feel Milliardo's arousal against him. The man really wanted this, too...

They parted, and Zechs pulled back, looking down at the petite blond in his arms. "Quatre," he whispered. "Do you want this? I'm not... working any more," he said, telling the truth. "This feels real."

"I do want it," Quatre answered. "I... it feels real to me too. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it really does. I thought I was kidding myself."

"You're not," Zechs said truthfully. "I... want you. A lot."

"Really?" Quatre looked up at the taller man.

"Yes," he answered. "It's real."

They looked at each other for a long moment. Circumstance had brought them here, but free will would decide whether they took it farther. At the same time, each moved forward, kissing again and sealing their need.

They didn't bother with much talking after that. Moans and whimpers and pleas accompanied them as they undressed each other, not gracefully but full of need.

Quatre lay back on the bed, his shirt off and pants unzipped, and watched Zechs. The man's incredible body was enough to make him drool. Zechs wiggled out of his leather pants and stood in front of Quatre, aroused and gorgeous.

"You're incredible," moaned Quatre, looking up at the god-like man he was about to be ravished by.

Zechs climbed onto the bed, one knee on either side of Quatre's thighs, and ran his hands over the other man's smooth chest. Quatre arched up underneath him, meeting his touch, and whimpered. The longhaired man leaned forward and captured Quatre's mouth again, bracing himself on one hand while his other hand roamed. He slid his hand down into the other man's opened pants as he slid his tongue into the eager mouth.

Quatre moaned, the sound swallowed by the kiss as he felt Zechs' strong hand wrap around his length. It had been much too long since anyone had touched him there; he broke the kiss and gasped, "Milliardo... too close..."

The sound of his name gave Zechs a stab of guilt; he pulled back and was about to tell Quatre they should stop when he felt the other man's hand on his aching cock. "Oh god..." He straightened up and tried to stop his hips from thrusting into Quatre's hand.

Quatre smiled as he slid down on the bed, until he could reach that magnificent cock with his mouth. He reached up to pull it down slightly, and wrapped his lips around the tip. The taste of the other man's excitement made him even hotter. He plunged his mouth down, taking in as much as he could.

"Quatre!" Zechs cried, voice strangled as he tried to hold back. "Stop!"

The smaller man pulled the hard length out of his mouth and said, "You don't like it?"

"I like it too much, Quatre," Zechs admitted. He reluctantly moved off of the other man, and sat on the bed next to him. "I have to tell you the truth."

"The truth?" Quatre said in confusion.

"Yes. I am not who I said I am," Zechs began. "I... lied."

Quatre sat up on his elbows, and the younger man looked so sexy that he had to look away while he did this. "Please don't hate me. I'm... I'm a cop. I was undercover as a prostitute to try to break up a prostitution ring. Don't worry, I'm not going to arrest you!" he said when Quatre paled. "This was a bad call. Not part of the ring I'm sure. It sounds like your friends are just guilty of questionable judgment. We're not after people like that."

Quatre just stared at the longhaired man, unable to think of anything to say. Zechs went on. "As soon as I saw you, I knew you were not what we were after. I tried to send you away but... you were too beautiful, I couldn't help myself. I wasn't lying when I said I was no longer working. I've been alone too long, Quatre. Forgive me, but I let my desire for you take over. That was reprehensible of me. I should have told you the truth right away." Zechs stopped, and looked down, ashamed of himself, afraid to look at Quatre.

Quatre was stunned. He quite literally was speechless for a long moment. "I... I don't know what to say," he managed finally.

"Say you'll forgive me. Say you don't hate me. Even though that's more than I deserve," Zechs said dejectedly.

"I don't hate you at all. You were just doing your job. I was breaking the law." He paused for a long moment. "What's your real name?"

"Zechs," he replied immediately. "Zechs Marquise. Though Milliardo is one of my middle names."

"Well, Zechs, I don't hate you. You told me the truth, before we really got that far. That's commendable."

Zechs raised his eyes to Quatre's, sincerely. "Please believe that I was telling the truth when I said how sexy you were, how beautiful. I really do want you. More than anything."

Quatre blushed. "You are the sexiest man I've ever seen, Zechs. I should have known someone as gorgeous as you wouldn't be a prostitute. I think I've been watching too many movies."

Zechs laughed self-deprecatingly. "Well, it's not easy being gay in this town, is it, Quatre?"

"I thought I had it bad," agreed Quatre. "In your position it must be even worse."

Zechs nodded. "But that still doesn't excuse my behavior. I am so sorry, Quatre." He stood up, ashamed at himself for still being aroused after all of this. "I'll go."

Quatre reached out impulsively and grabbed the other man's hand. "What if I don't want you to go?"

Zechs stopped. "You mean..."

"I still... want you, Zechs. Is that pathetic?" Quatre smiled.

Zechs sat back on the bed next to the small blond. "No more than I am," he laughed, indicating his undiminished arousal. "I'm not usually this desperate."

"So what are we going to do about it?" Quatre said, licking his lips.

"I can think of a few things," grinned Zechs. And he leaned forward to capture the sweet lips once more. He felt his pulse quicken as Quatre responded to him immediately. He slid his tongue into the open mouth. Quatre tasted like heaven. He shifted on the bed.

Quatre moaned as suddenly Zechs was on top of him, straddling his hips, pinning him to the bed. He broke the kiss and panted, "Oh god, yes..." and arched up against the bigger man. Somehow Zechs worked his pants and boxers off, and they were both equally nude. Zechs lowered his body until their erections lined up, and rocked his hips slowly. He couldn't help the low moan that escaped his lips.

Nor could Quatre help the gasp he made as their heated flesh came into contact. "Zechs," he moaned. "It's been so long..."

"For me too," agreed Zechs, "So we'd better..." he paused. He of course hadn't intended to actually have sex tonight, so he had no lube. "Wait a moment," he groaned, and disappeared into the bathroom.

Quatre watched him go, admiring the muscular body. The tall blond man returned with a small bottle of lotion. Quatre blushed. "Oh."

"This will have to do," Zechs smiled, trying to put the smaller man at ease. "Roll over?"

Quatre did as Zechs asked, and the older man took a moment to admire the view before crawling onto the bed and parting those thighs gently.

Quatre whimpered as he felt himself exposed, but his arousal only increased. He wanted this. He moaned as he felt Zechs gently prep him, and he tried not to shove himself back greedily on those fingers, but he couldn't help himself. Soon he was up on his knees rocking back and forth, while Zechs fucked him with three fingers. "Please," he begged, unable to believe the wanton sound of his own voice but unable to stop himself.

Zechs was holding himself back with difficulty. Quatre was so responsive, so sensitive, he couldn't wait to hear what he sounded like when he buried his thick cock in that tight ass... finally he put some lotion on his arousal and positioned himself. "Ready?" he growled, savoring the moment of possession.

"Yes, please," begged the smaller man, and cried out when Zechs pulled him back farther. "Oh god yes... fuck me please..."

The sound of the smaller man begging to be taken made him even harder. He pushed, and slid inside the tight body. Quatre's cries increased, his tone changing to one of rapture.

"Yes!" he cried out, pushing back, trying to get Zechs to hurry. He loved being taken, the feeling of being filled, and it had been much too long.

Zechs concentrated; gripping the boy's slim hips, he entered as slowly as he could, hoping he could last long enough to give Quatre pleasure. The slim body gripped him; so much more hot and intense than his own hand, his only source of pleasure for some time. He moved one hand to caress the silky skin before him; Quatre truly was a work of art.

The smaller blond grabbed fistfuls of the sheets, burying his face in a pillow, pushing back wantonly. He couldn't even speak now; the pure stinging ecstasy of being filled had taken over his mind. He moaned, hoping Zechs would correctly interpret it as encouragement.

Neither could Zechs speak, plunging as he was into hot tight nirvana. The only sounds in the room were moans, and sighs, and grunts, and panting breaths of desire. Finally, he was fully sheathed, and he held still, catching his breath and trying not to climax. When Quatre's moans turned pleading again, Zechs relented, moving his hips in small circles, very gradually moving in and out. Quatre indicated his pleasure with small whimpers, eyes closed and mouth open. The only drawback to this position was not being able to look at his godlike lover.

Zechs had similar feelings; so before he really got a rhythm going, he pulled out and bent down, whispering, "Turn over? I want to see you..."

Quatre complied eagerly, rolling over and spreading his legs as fast as possible. His silken hair was mussed and his lips were parted. "Please," he begged, feeling empty.

Zechs had no problem with that; he slid back into the welcoming warmth more easily, propping himself with his arms and capturing Quatre's mouth in a torrid kiss as he drove back in, to the hilt. He felt the other man's gasp through the kiss, felt the lithe body arch against him, and started to thrust.

There was no semblance of civility now; animal lust quickly took over. Quatre clung to Zechs' arms, raising his legs to wrap around the larger man. The change of angle made every sensation even more intense, and he was soon crying out with every stroke. He snaked a hand between them and pumped his own cock, unable to resist.

He pounded, deeper and harder, and when Quatre stroked himself the lovely body beneath him tightened even more. "Quatre" was the only recognizable word out of his mouth as he made every stroke count, driving them both higher, to the inevitable.

Quatre was driven back with every powerful thrust from the longhaired man; the long silken strands brushed his naked skin sinfully. He stroked faster, reaching for climax, and suddenly he was there, he was falling, he knew he would die from this feeling, it was too much... wet heat pumped over them both as Quatre screamed Zechs' name.

No force on earth could have kept Zechs from following his lover into the oblivion of completion. No sooner had Quatre begun to climax, than Zechs did too, continuing to thrust as he filled the smaller man full, pulse after pulse. Blinding pleasure stole his voice, turning it to a strangled scream as he nearly blacked out from passion.

Somehow, he pulled out carefully and collapsed beside Quatre.

The smaller man reached up and pushed back a sweaty strand of long blond hair from Zechs' face.

"That was amazing, Zechs," breathed Quatre. "I... hope we can do it again sometime."

Zechs grinned. He had been thinking the same thing. "I damn well hope so!" He paused, wicked smile on his face. "We have your friends to thank for this. I owe them a lot. But they did break the law. What are we going to do about that?"

Quatre laughed, already thinking of ways to scare the hell out of his two friends, who had a lot of explaining to do. "I'm sure we'll come up with something..."


Downstairs, in a dark corner of the bar, Duo slid a hand up Heero's shirt as they kissed passionately.

"Can't let Quatre have all the fun, can we, Heero?"

The End