Title: Unexpected Results
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2x3
Dedication: for Dan
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Duo stretched languidly on the couch, arranging himself as appealingly as possible, making sure his shirt rode up just right, and his hair, bound in a loose ponytail, was draped just right over his shoulder. He heard Heero approaching, and he was going to crazy soon if the cobalt-eyed boy didn't notice him. He had put on his shortest shorts, and his tightest shirt, just to come out here and watch TV, hoping for a chance to seduce Heero. He dreamed about the cobalt-eyed boy every night, and he thought just maybe Heero returned the feelings, but Duo just wasn't sure. So he decided the best plan of action would be to visually entice Heero so much that the other boy couldn't stand it any more. Then hopefully Heero would just sweep him off his feet and carry him off to the bedroom. So far, Heero had resisted his considerable charms admirably, not really giving Duo any reaction whatsoever. But it was just a matter of time, Duo decided. Either that, or he would just explode.

Heero stalked into the room, glanced over at Duo on the couch, and sat down at his laptop.

"Hey, He~ero?" Duo called out.

Heero ignored him, as usual.

Duo got up off the couch and sauntered over to Heero, stretching to show off his tight abdomen. He leaned over Heero's shoulder and said, "Whatcha doin', Heero?"

"Working," Heero grunted.

Duo tried his best to trail his hair over Heero's shoulders, breathe in his ear, brush against him... all to no avail. Heero was as unmoved as a rock. And unfortunately, Duo was now hard as a rock. He gave up and flopped back on the couch, disgusted. He looked over and was startled to see he had an audience; his eyes met a very intense emerald gaze.

Trowa's eyes raked very deliberately over Duo's aroused, exposed form. Duo hadn't even realized Trowa was there; he must have entered the room while Duo had been trying to entice Heero. Duo stared back at Trowa, never realizing the calm boy's face could express so much deliberate lust.

Trowa had been watching Duo's show for some time. He knew of Duo's fixation on the cold pilot, and enjoyed watching Heero try to ignore Duo's attempts at seduction. He was sure Duo didn't know how difficult it was for Heero to withstand the assault; but Trowa was more observant than the longhaired pilot. Heero usually left the room after Duo, so the violet-eyed boy wouldn't see just how successful his attempts at arousal were. Duo was undeniably sexy, and only a blind idiot would deny it. Trowa didn't know why Heero rejected Duo's advances.

Duo looked especially sexy tonight, Trowa mused as he watched Duo bend over next to Heero. He loved Quatre, but he wasn't blind. Duo's shorts pulled up so far that he could see the longhaired boy's firm ass, and Trowa felt himself get painfully hard as he contemplated what he would love to do to that sweet body. Duo flopped on the couch, turning his back on Heero, so he didn't see the cobalt-eyed boy stalk out of the room, with a huge bulge in his spandex and a desperate look in his eyes.

Trowa feasted his eyes on Duo, the longhaired boy's own pants stretched by arousal and his legs spread apart enticingly. He looked up and met confused violet eyes, and decided to take what Heero didn't seem to appreciate.

Duo watched as Trowa slowly rose from the chair where he was sitting, and approached the couch. He stared up at the tall boy, whose skintight jeans clearly revealed his erection.

Trowa looked down at Duo, staring pointedly at the bulge in the front of the very short shorts, and said, "Can I help you with that?"

Duo stared, unable to think clearly. He was very much in lust with Heero, but there was no denying how sexy Trowa was, with those smoldering green eyes and the lean muscled body. And here he was, all hard and frustrated...and the way Trowa was looking at him made him moan. He decided, nodding and licking his lips.

Trowa smiled as Duo accepted his invitation. He stripped off his shirt and sank to his knees beside the couch, running his hand up Duo's smooth thigh, just to the edge of the shorts.

Duo watched Trowa take off his shirt, admiring the boy's exquisite torso. Then Trowa was next to him, touching him, and he arched off the couch, wanting more of the teasing touch.

Trowa's trapped arousal throbbed; Duo was so responsive, the slightest touch making him react. This was going to be fun...he intended to make Duo very happy tonight.

Duo whimpered as Trowa's hand brushed lightly over the front of his shorts before continuing upward to run over his exposed stomach. Trowa pushed the shirt up, so he could toy with Duo's pink nipples.

Duo arched again, driven wild by Trowa's teasing fingers. Then he felt Trowa's tongue, flicking at his stiff nipples, and he couldn't hold back a gasp.

Trowa expertly licked at Duo's nipples, trailing his fingers up and down Duo's stomach and thighs at the same time, occasionally brushing over Duo's straining arousal. Soon the longhaired boy was panting with need, almost begging for more of Trowa's teasing touch. Finally, he felt the other boy's fingers at the button of his shorts, unfastening them and slowly reaching inside.

"Trowa..." Duo's voice was full of need and desire. "Please..."

Trowa smiled as he unzipped the tiny shorts and revealed that Duo wore nothing underneath, as he had suspected. The longhaired boy's arousal was wet with excitement, begging to be touched. He tugged at the shorts, and Duo arched up so they could be easily removed. Finally, Duo was revealed; shorts off, shirt pushed up, hair spread around him, trembling erection dripping with desire...the longhaired boy looked at Trowa with huge violet eyes. Trowa knew Duo's heart belonged to Heero, and his belonged to Quatre, but right now all that mattered was mutual desire.

Duo reached out and ran his hand over Trowa's muscular torso, smiling appreciatively. He tugged at the waistband, wanting to see all of the green-eyed boy. Trowa smiled, stood up and quickly shed his tight jeans, and let Duo's eyes roam over his lithe body for a long moment. Then he kneeled back down beside Duo and began kissing Duo's lower stomach, slowly approaching the beautifully aroused cock. Duo was sobbing.

Trowa licked delicately, just tasting the moisture gathered at the tip of Duo's hardness. Duo tasted wonderful; he licked down the other boy's length slowly. Duo moaned and thrust his hips up, wanting more contact. But Trowa intended to take his time. He wrapped his hand around Duo's erection, pulling it so it pointed straight up. Then he put his mouth on just the wet tip, tracing the sensitive head with his tongue.

Duo nearly screamed as he felt Trowa's hot mouth on him, teasing him. The heat descended, circling the head, and it felt incredible. Duo arched up into the sweet heat. He had been so frustrated for so long that he couldn't keep himself from moaning wantonly and begging for more.

Trowa swirled his tongue around the head of Duo's cock, flicking at the ultra-sensitive spots expertly. Slowly he lowered his head, holding Duo's hips down because the longhaired boy couldn't hold still. Duo's moans went straight to his own aching erection. Giving the sensual boy pleasure was turning him on even more. Trowa threw his desire into what he was doing, sucking, nibbling and stroking every inch of Duo's erection. Finally, knowing Duo was close to the edge, he settled into a steady rhythm, bobbing his head up and down, following his mouth with a hand wrapped around the hardness, so there was constant friction and pressure on Duo's length.

That was the moment Heero chose to walk back in.

Duo lay back against the cushions, gasping as Trowa drove him crazy, pulsing inevitably toward completion. He had been alone for so long, aching for Heero, that when he opened his eyes to see the cobalt-eyed boy staring stunned at the scene, Duo thought it was a dream. "Heero!" he cried out, and climaxed, filling Trowa's waiting mouth.

Somewhere amidst the ecstasy of completion, pumping white hot into Trowa's mouth, Duo realized that Heero was indeed real. Gasping for breath, he literally couldn't move, completion robbing him of his strength. His mind raced, though, trying to process the fact that Heero had just watched him climax in Trowa's mouth. He looked down and was startled to see that Heero was very obviously aroused, erection straining the black spandex.

Trowa looked up, licking his lips, and smirked at Heero's arousal. "Hello, Heero. You look like you're happy to see us. Care to join us?"

Heero looked down at Duo, heart and cock aching. He had left the room earlier, unable to bear the sensuality of the longhaired boy any longer. He had gotten himself under control, only to return to see Trowa... doing what he wanted to do to Duo! But unexpectedly, the sight turned him on incredibly. Duo looked amazing, flushed and gorgeous and getting hard again. He wanted to join them, so badly. He had told Trowa to follow his emotions. Perhaps it was time to take his own advice.

In answer, Heero pulled off his tank top and leaned over the back of the couch, pulling Duo up by the hair and shoulders and kissing him hard. Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's bare shoulders; he moaned into the kiss, still feeling the aftershocks of his climax and not quite believing what was occurring.

Heero released his mouth but not the rest of him; violet stared into cobalt, and Duo lost his heart for good. "Heero..." he breathed.

"Want you, Duo," Heero managed to growl, nearly insane with desire for the longhaired boy.

"Oh, god, I want you too, Heero. So much," Duo gasped, completely aroused once again.

Heero looked over at Trowa. "Help me?" he asked.

Trowa nodded, getting up and sliding behind Duo on the couch. Heero released Duo, and the longhaired boy slumped back onto Trowa. He moaned as he felt Trowa's insistent hardness digging into him. Then Heero came around the couch, holding a bottle of oil, and taking off the spandex. Duo stared at Heero's incredible body in all its glory, just as magnificent as he had imagined. Duo figured out what was happening just as Heero spread the other boy's legs and kneeled between them. Duo moaned helplessly as Heero exposed him, running his fingers over the silken skin of his inner thighs. Trowa wrapped his arms around Duo from behind, running his hands over Duo's stomach and chest, occasionally brushing his nipples.

When Duo felt Heero's oiled fingers touch his virgin entrance, he arched up off the couch, and Trowa held him tight. "Heero!" he cried out.

"Shh, it's ok, Duo," Trowa whispered. "Heero just has to prepare you, so he doesn't hurt you."

Duo nodded, and tried to relax as he felt Heero's finger slip inside him. "I've never..." he trailed off into a moan as fingers invaded him, stretched him, caressed him. Trowa's hands were busy as well, roaming over Duo's chest and lower. Duo just lay back and enjoyed the feelings coursing through his body, moaning.

When Heero removed his fingers, Duo protested loudly. But then he felt Heero moving him, and suddenly he was on his knees on the floor, and Trowa was sitting on the couch. Duo's head was in Trowa's lap, and Heero was behind the longhaired boy. Duo felt Heero grab him by the hips and pull him back, then he felt Heero's leg between his, spreading them apart. Trowa held his shoulders, and Duo moaned; he felt deliciously exposed and vulnerable like this. He couldn't see Heero, didn't know what he was going to do to him, or when... Duo whimpered as he felt Heero's hands all over his backside.

"Duo." Heero's voice was a sultry whisper he had never heard from the cobalt-eyed boy before. "Are you ready? Are you sure?"

Duo sobbed, "Oh, god, yes, Heero, take me, please. I want it so bad..."

He heard Heero's unrestrained growl behind him, and he almost climaxed from the boy's sheer sexuality alone. "I'm going to give you what you need, Duo... only me...you're mine," Heero said as he thrust into Duo's willing body.

Duo gasped; Heero had prepared him, but the real thing was so big and hot and hard... but it felt so good, stretching him, opening him, filling him. He started to pant as Heero slowly slid inside him; the pressure was unbelievable, but he felt no pain, only pleasure. Slowly, Heero took him, and soon he was fully inside the violet-eyed boy. Heero paused, and Duo became aware of Trowa beneath him, holding him reassuringly.

Duo raised his head; he looked straight at Trowa's neglected erection, dripping and trembling. He smiled up at the green-eyed boy, whose eyes were clouded with need.

Trowa was incredibly turned on; not only from watching the two beautiful boys have sex, but from his actions with Duo earlier. And the way Duo was looking at his cock didn't help.

"Trowa," groaned Duo as Heero started to thrust, "Let me taste you."

Trowa whimpered, unable to resist, and slid forward on the couch so the longhaired boy could reach his cock.

Heero watched Duo take Trowa's cock in his mouth, and his passion surged higher than he had ever thought possible. Duo was so tight, so hot, and now he was pleasuring Trowa... Heero slowly slid in and out of the longhaired boy, building up speed. He gripped Duo's slim hips; he hoped he wasn't bruising the other boy, but the sensation was sublime.

Trowa buried his hands in Duo's flowing hair as the other boy licked at his arousal. Duo was inexperienced, but he seemed to be doing what Trowa had done to him earlier, and it felt so good... Trowa tried not to thrust up into that hot mouth, but Duo was a fast learner, and soon Trowa was moaning continuously.

Fucked from behind by Heero, Trowa's hard cock in his mouth, both boys' hands all over him, Duo was in sensory overload. Heero's erection deep inside him touched all the right spots, driving him higher with every hard thrust. Every thrust pushed him forward, and he took Trowa deeper into his mouth. The sounds the other boys were making were incredibly erotic, all the more so since they were because of him. Then Heero reached down and started pumping Duo's cock.

Trowa was getting off on watching the scene before him as well as from Duo's mouth on him. Then Heero grabbed Duo's arousal, and the longhaired boy moaned loudly, sending vibrations all along his length. With a strangled cry, Trowa climaxed, pumping his hot seed into Duo's mouth.

Duo was surprised, but managed to swallow, with just a little of Trowa's climax dribbling from the side of his mouth. He licked his lips and looked up at Trowa, who smiled at him and mouthed, "Thank you." Then Trowa reached down and started to tease Duo's hard nipples.

Under a triple assault of pleasure, poor Duo succumbed. Pleasure radiated out from his lower body, agonizingly intense, and he screamed, "Oh, god, HEERO!" as the passion started to course from his cock. Pulse after pulse, Duo sobbed his completion, each clenching paroxysm of pleasure wrenching forth Heero's name.

The sound of his name on Duo's lips, the longhaired boy's climax, and the presence of Trowa watching robbed Heero of the last of his control. Heero climaxed, thrusting one more time into the paradise that was Duo, knowing he would never willingly leave the violet-eyed boy again. His climax was blindingly, frighteningly beautiful agony, and he emptied himself into the other boy. "Duo, ai shiteru," he whispered, as he pulled Duo up against him, still inside.

Three boys collapsed into a tangle of sweaty limbs. Duo and Heero didn't stir for the rest of the evening, but Trowa carefully detached himself from the two newfound lovers and went upstairs to send an email to his love. It read:


Ninmu kanryou.

Love, Trowa

The End