Title: Variety Is the Spice...
Author: Jade
Pairing: 5x4, 13x4, 13+5
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, threesome, voyeurism, masturbation, PWP
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Wufei and Quatre were roughly shoved into the jail cell, hands bound but otherwise unharmed. Wufei defiantly faced the slamming door and cursed the guards for their injustice. Quatre sighed and sat on one of the beaten-up bunks.

"There's no use in yelling at them. It won't help, Wufei," Quatre supplied helpfully as the Chinese boy paced up and down.

Wufei was furious, on two levels. One, that OZ had managed to catch them in the first place; and two, that his affair with the OZ commander, Treize Khushrenada, might be revealed to his fellow pilot due to his confinement. Not that he didn't trust Quatre as much as he could trust another human being; he found the blond boy to be honest and honorable in every way. It as just that sleeping with the general of the enemy forces might be seen by some to be treasonous. It wasn't as if Wufei and Treize ever exchanged information; by implicit agreement they never discussed business, and when they could manage to be together for an all-too-brief liaison, they were so wrapped up in each other's bodies that they forgot all else. Ever since the fateful swordfight where they had met, the two had met whenever they could, defying war and battlefields for a few stolen moments of passion. In another time, Wufei could have loved Treize; but fate and destiny had taken all but illicit, hurried encounters from them. Yet Wufei was thankful for even that. Wufei had never expected to find love in the battlefield; but what he and Treize shared was something he would never forget.

Wufei looked at Quatre and wondered if the innocent-looking blond would ever have an affair with the enemy; he was certainly attractive, looking shining and angelic even sitting on a dingy OZ prison cot. Involuntarily, his mind gave him an image of Quatre, naked, spread out and writhing under Treize's ministrations. He looked away, disturbed by the image yet stunned to find he was incredibly turned on as well. Of course, once he had thought of it he couldn't stop; now he was imagining kissing that porcelain skin all over. He turned away quickly; to hide his arousal and to clear his mind.

"Wufei?" The Chinese boy was startled to find that Quatre was standing behind him. "Are you ok?" He laid a hand gently on Wufei's shoulder.

Wufei spun around involuntarily, surprised that Quatre had been able to sneak up behind him. He found himself inches from Quatre, staring deep into aquamarine eyes. "I...I am upset about being captured. Now we cannot complete our mission." Wufei was finding it hard to concentrate so close to the blond boy, especially since he was aroused and had just been thinking naughty thoughts about Quatre.

"I sense that something else is bothering you," replied Quatre, not releasing Wufei's eyes. He was worried about the Chinese boy; he was acting strangely, even for Wufei. "Tell me what you're thinking about."

Wufei almost smiled then; how he wished he could tell Quatre what he was thinking about! But he couldn't... he was saved from having to reply by a guard who entered just then. The guard stared suspiciously at the two boys, standing only inches apart. Then he said, "Come with me now. The general wants to see you both."

The two boys looked at each other, then followed the guard.


They were brought into very luxurious private quarters. Wufei had been here before, but he couldn't tell Quatre that. They were ushered into a large bedroom, then the guard left, smirking. Wufei glared back at him.

Quatre looked around. "What do you suppose is going to happen now, Wufei?"

Wufei sighed. It was going to come out eventually, he supposed. "I have something to tell you, Quatre. I've been less than truthful about one aspect of my life."

Quatre turned to him, smiling. "We know about you and Khushrenada."

Wufei's jaw dropped and he was stunned. "You... I... how?" he stammered out.

"Did you think we wouldn't notice you sneaking out at night?" Quatre said gently. "It's ok. If we thought you were compromising us we would have said something before."

"But..." Wufei trailed off, unable to think of what to say. The implications of what the blond boy had told him were just beginning to sink in. They knew about him and Treize, so they knew he was... Wufei blushed then, as he thought further.

Quatre knew what was going through his mind. "It's ok, Wufei. I happen to share some of your... preferences." He stepped closer to the Chinese boy. "I've always thought you were sexy. I'm not surprised someone else shares that opinion." The blond boy placed his cuffed hands on Wufei's chest.

Wufei was even more stunned; his mouth opened and closed as he tried to think of what to say. He didn't have much experience in these matters; Treize had been his first and only. Luckily, his body answered for him; he was rock hard again, and he automatically leaned toward Quatre. Quatre buried his small hands in the material of Wufei's shirt and pulled him closer, pressing his soft lips against the Chinese boy's. Wufei let out a low moan, opening his mouth slightly, and Quatre slipped his tongue inside. They kissed, Quatre plundering Wufei's mouth and Wufei pressing closer to the blond. Finally, their arousals met, and both boys gasped at the feeling.

They broke the kiss, panting, and realized they weren't alone. Leaning against the doorway, arms crossed and a huge bulge straining the front of his impeccably tailored pants, was Treize Khushrenada.

"Beautiful," he purred in a voice that dripped of seduction. "Please don't stop on my account."

Wufei backed away slightly. "You... you're not upset?"

"Why would I be? I was hoping you and I could get to know your beautiful friend here a bit better, and I see you've already started." Treize smiled, walking over slowly. "But it might be more enjoyable for everyone without these." And he produced a key card that deactivated the magnetic cuffs.

Soon both boys were free, and Treize stood before Quatre. "I don't believe we've been formally introduced," he said smoothly. "I am General Treize Khushrenada." He took Quatre's small hand in his own and brought it to his lips. "And you are much more beautiful than in your pictures, Quatre Raberba Winner."

Quatre blushed slightly. "And you are even more handsome and charming than your reputation, General Khushrenada."

"I'm afraid I have been rather presumptuous, Mr. Winner. As a gentleman I really should have asked you first if you were interested in joining Wufei and myself," Treize went on. "I'm afraid my enthusiasm got the better of me. If you are not interested, please let me know and there will be no problem." Treize still held Quatre's hand in his own.

Quatre smiled up at Treize, aqua eyes shining. "I am flattered that you find me so appealing, General. I have admired Wufei for a long time and you are certainly sexy yourself. I think your proposition sounds fascinating. And please call me Quatre." With that, the blond boy stepped closer to the taller man.

Treize looked down at Quatre and pulled him closer yet. "I am pleased. And you must call me Treize." He lowered his head and gently brushed his lips against Quatre's.

Wufei watched Treize kiss Quatre; he almost moaned out loud. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen, the two men he desired kissing each other. He felt no jealousy, only lust as he watched them.

Treize pulled back, looking over to Wufei. "Is this ok with you, my dragon?"

Wufei nodded, arousal aching.

"Would the two of you indulge one of my fantasies? I would love to watch the two of you touch," Treize purred, running his hands over Quatre's slim body.

Quatre looked over at Wufei, hoping the Chinese boy would agree. Wufei smiled and said, "That sounds wonderful. Quatre?"

Quatre answered by walking over to Wufei and kissing him, hard. Wufei moaned and Treize smiled. The two boys kissed passionately, acutely aware of and even more turned on by their attentive audience. Treize sat down in an overstuffed chair, watching intently as Quatre ran his hands under Wufei's shirt, seeking the velvety skin. Wufei gasped, breaking the kiss, as the blond boy found his hard nipples. Treize moaned softly and squeezed his arousal through his pants, then finally freed it.

Quatre pulled back slightly, tugging Wufei's shirt up and over his head before shrugging quickly out of his own. He once again claimed Wufei's mouth, and now the two boys' flushed skin pressed together, smooth chests touching, hands stroking. Soon, they were fumbling with each other's pants, aching for more contact.

Treize watched, enraptured, as the two beautiful boys undressed each other, exploring each other's bodies for the first time. Golden bronzed skin contrasted perfectly with the blond's creamy paleness; ebony hair mixed with sunny silk as Quatre kissed Wufei's neck. The two boys were almost exactly the same height; when they kissed again, completely nude, their arousals lined up perfectly as the two boys thrust against each other. Quatre's delicate hands found a darker nipple; Wufei's hands caressed Quatre's firm ass. Wufei opened his eyes; ebony locked with Treize's blue eyes across the room as he touched Quatre. The sight of the OZ general, pants unzipped, shirt unbuttoned, arousal straight up as he stroked himself, made him even hotter.

Wufei pushed Quatre gently toward the bed. Something about the delicate golden blond made him want to feel Quatre underneath him. Quatre didn't protest, but let Wufei straddle him, rocking his hips up to rub his cock against the Chinese boy's. Wufei moaned, and looked at Treize for approval; the general nodded encouragingly. He looked down at Quatre. "I want you, Quatre. Will you let me take you?"

Quatre nodded, running his fingernails lightly down Wufei's back. "I want you inside me, Wufei..."

Treize quietly got up from the bed to retrieve a small tube from the bedside table.

The Chinese boy felt his passion rise higher; he had never taken anyone before. But he knew what Treize did; he looked up to see his older lover offering him a tube of lubricant. Treize had shed his pants and now settled back in the chair, stroking himself and anticipating another one of his fantasies. Wufei embodied one of his ultimate fantasies already; the lithe young boy drove him insane with desire every time he begged to be fucked. But this was something else he'd long wanted to see; his little dragon taking another sweet young boy. The Gundam pilots were far from innocent children; but their beauty made them seem far more delicate and desirable than their reputation would seem.

Wufei shifted so that he could spread Quatre's legs apart with his own. Quatre moaned, happily opening his legs wider, welcoming Wufei, pulling him closer. Carefully, Wufei prepped Quatre, doing to the blond boy what Treize did to him. Quatre responded eagerly, pushing back on Wufei's fingers and pleading for him to hurry.

"I'm ready, Wufei, please..." moaned Quatre desperately. He was so turned on by the decadence of their situation; he had desired the Chinese boy since they had met, and now Wufei was taking him while his sexy older lover watched. He looked up at the exotic boy; Wufei looked perfect, black silky hair loosely framing his chiseled face, midnight eyes burning with passion, lithe body straining with need.

Looking up at Treize, Wufei positioned his aching arousal at the small blond's entrance. Treize smiled and nodded, while slowly pumping his own cock. Wufei tried not to whimper as he pushed inside, overcoming the resistance of Quatre's body. He gasped at the new sensation; it was a bit like when Treize took him in his mouth, but infinitely tighter and hotter. It felt so tight, like he must be hurting the small blond; but Quatre's angelic face showed no pain, and Wufei knew from delicious experience how good it felt to be filled.

Quatre grabbed handfuls of the sheets as Wufei entered him. The first time was always the best, the first penetration, always new. The blond boy loved the feeling of being invaded by a hard cock; loved being opened and filled and possessed. It made him feel wanton and vulnerable, spreading his legs for another boy and letting himself be taken. His own arousal throbbed, hard against his stomach, leaking his passion as he was filled. He had to remind himself to breathe, the sensation was so overwhelming. Quatre looked over to see Treize, and that sight made him moan even more.

The OZ general watched avidly as his lover fucked another boy. The Chinese boy's head was thrown back, his long graceful neck exposed perfectly. The muscles of his back and arms strained with the effort of going slowly; Treize knew perfectly well the struggle to keep from driving in savagely from the first thrust. He stroked himself faster, roughly; his cock pulsed at the sensual scene before him. He had to force himself to slow down; he had other plans for his completion.

Wufei began thrusting shallowly into Quatre, quickly getting better at the unfamiliar motions. Each thrust delivered more friction; soon he was panting and driving in harder. "Quatre...is... this...ok?"

Quatre looked up at the boy who was pounding into him. "Yes, Wufei... it's so good... more, harder..."

Wufei moaned and complied, thrusting harder, and the sensation increased. He looked over at Treize; his older lover smiled and said, "Let me see you two enjoy each other. Come for me, both of you." Treize stroked his length slowly, teasing himself.

Quatre whimpered as Wufei pounded, then he cried out; Treize was sitting next to them on the bed and had started stroking the blond boy's cock. Quatre had no choice; climax hit him hard, almost blinding him with its intensity. His cock pulsed, and shot out pearly strands of seed all over his own chest and Treize's hand. He screamed wordlessly, mouth open, body tensed.

Gripped by the blond's body, Wufei was overcome by Quatre's heat; losing his rhythm, the Chinese boy thrust helplessly, completion ripping a scream from his throat and filling Quatre with his hot need. He gripped Quatre's hips as his body stilled, still pulsing.

Treize watched it all with rapt attention and aching arousal. He helped the boys to lie down on the bed, to catch their breath. He pushed back a strand of hair out of Wufei's face and said, "Beautiful."

Wufei looked up at his older lover. "Treize... you haven't... what do you want? How do you want us?"

Treize considered. "I would love to take this angelic creature," indicating Quatre, "though his behavior certainly doesn't match his appearance. Are you up to it, Quatre?"

Quatre smirked, sitting up on his elbows. He looked down. "Well, I will be up to it very shortly... and I definitely want more."

Treize smiled at the blond's provocative words and sat on the edge of the bed. "Come here then, pretty one," he commanded in a sensuous tone, already anticipating the feel of the tight body around him. Quatre crawled over the bed toward Treize, and settled in his lap, deliberately pressing against the man's erection. Treize moaned low in his throat as his hands caressed the boy's silky skin. "I'm going to enjoy this..."

Quatre wiggled in Treize's lap, pressing as much of his body as possible against the older man. Treize's evident desire for him spurred on his own, and he was soon fully hard again.

Wufei lay back on the bed and watched, his arousal returning as well but wanting to rest a bit longer. He watched Treize's hands on Quatre and shivered, knowing full well how talented those hands were.

Treize groaned as he turned Quatre to face away from him, and spread the blond boy's legs apart, straddling his own. He ran his hands down, over the smooth chest, brushing against Quatre's pale pink nipples. He felt the boy arch against him, and dropped his hand lower.

Quatre squirmed, pressing back into the hardness he wanted so much. He leaned forward so Treize's cock pressed against his entrance. He said, "Please, take me, Treize. I'm so ready."

"How could I resist such an offer?" Treize murmured, almost ready to go mad from the show he had been watching. He lubed his dripping erection, then easily lifted the small blond. Quatre reached underneath him and guided Treize's length to his entrance.

Treize gasped as he slid easily in; Quatre was well prepped from his earlier activities. Then he slid farther in, and the blond's body tightened around him.

Sliding down Treize's shaft, slowly being filled by him, Quatre leaned back against the strong chest. "So good..." he moaned, completely addicted to being filled by a hard cock. He couldn't get enough of being taken. Treize's arousal soon filled him completely, and he panted, waiting for the older man to move.

Treize gripped Quatre's slim hips, and began to move the boy up and down on his erection. Tight, so tight and responsive; the blond boy made impatient mewling sounds when he thought the older man wasn't going fast enough. "More..." he pleaded, and Treize was happy to give it to him.

Quatre opened his aqua eyes to see Wufei kneeling in front of them. The Chinese boy smiled up at him as he reached out to stroke the blond's arousal. Another cry came from him as the new sensation drove him higher.

The tight heat of Quatre's body gripping the center of his aching need, Treize began to slam the smaller boy harder onto him. Quatre screamed and asked for more. Wufei covered just the tip of Quatre's cock with his mouth, his hand wrapped around the base, and every time Treize lifted the blond, his arousal went deeper into the other boy's mouth. Every time the older man slammed Quatre down, Wufei let the boy's cock slide through his fingers, so Quatre was under a constant barrage of pleasure.

Wufei's and Treize's eyes met over Quatre's shoulder; as the older man watched, the Chinese boy slid his free hand down to stroke his own erection. Taking every thrust of Quatre's cock into his mouth, Wufei stroked himself in the same rhythm. He knew how much his older lover liked to watch him touch himself, and now Quatre was watching too. He locked eyes with the blond boy; Quatre's eyes were glazed with passion and ecstasy. Then the blond's eyes rolled back, and Wufei knew he was close.

Treize felt Quatre's body tense, and slammed into him harder; the blond screamed, and his hot seed spilled from him. Treize gasped as the lithe body tightened even more.

Quatre climaxed helplessly, held tight by Treize's hands on his hips and Wufei's mouth on his arousal. Over and over, the sensation seemed to last forever, and Quatre rode the waves, gasping for breath.

Treize kept driving into Quatre; his completion was coming fast. He looked at Wufei, who was swallowing Quatre's passion, still stroking himself, and that was it. He held the Chinese boy's eyes as he emptied himself deep inside Quatre, mouth hanging open and gasping for air.

Wufei watched Quatre's completion drive his older lover's; watching Treize's face twist with passion sent him over the edge as well. The two looked at each other as they climaxed, sharing ecstasy though they weren't even touching. Wufei's desire spilled over his chest and stomach as Treize filled Quatre. Moans and gasps filled the air until all three nearly collapsed in exhaustion.

They crawled up onto the bed, Quatre snuggling between his two new lovers. Later, they would be enemies again; but for now they were just three sated young men, resting in lovers' arms.

The End