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All of the anime shows represented in the fiction and the graphics at this site belong to their original creators. No copyright infringement is intended. All of the fanfiction belongs to Jade and shouldn’t be reproduced without her permission.

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Jaded was the given the Fruitopia Spotlight Award for August and September 2002 in recognition of Jade's "wonderful and lemony 1x2x1 fic". To visit Fruitopia, please click on the award.

The Yaoi Collection has present Jaded with the third Shibby Site Award in appreciation for all her work. To visit The Yaoi Collection, please click on the award.

Jade has won the Beloved Enemies Fanfiction Award for Hottest Sex for her story, Compromising Positions. To visit Beloved Enemies, please click on the award.


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If you'd like to receive Jade's stories before they are available to the general public, please subscribe to Jade's mailing list -- JadeFics.

Live Journal links

In addition to writing fanfiction, Jade maintains a personal live journal. Check it out for the latest news from Jade.

Jade also has a live journal dedicated to her RPS stories. Please note: these stories are not intended as libel or defamation of character of the persons involved. They are just harmless fiction written for entertainment.

Jade's Original Fiction

Jade now has original slash fiction available online. Visit to purchase Jade's original work.

Linking to Jaded

If you'd like to link to Jaded, please use one of the banners available here.

All of the banners were made by Shintaro ~ the yaoi boy. You can see the rest of his site by visiting Shinatro's Yaoi Theatre. Thanks very much for the lovely banners, Shintaro!

Jade's fanfiction on the web

Selected stories by Jade can be found in several places in addition to this site. Please be sure to visit the following:

Gundam Wing Addiction
Gundam Wing Corner
Moments of Rapture
Shinigami & Wing
A Web Site Created by Babs

Yaoi Con

Jade is a member of the staff for Yaoi Con. If you'd like to find out more about Yaoi Con, click on the banner below to visit the official site.

Yaoi Con

Glossary and FAQ's

Jade had added a glossary of terms and two FAQ's to her site. You can see this information here.