Title: Dangerous Liaisons
Pairing: Viktor/Lucian, Lucian/Kraven
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Viktor's wrath was boundless; he condemned his only daughter to death for consorting with a lycan.

But that was not the only reason he'd lost his mind with rage.

For as deep was his love for his daughter Sonia, the real reason was another love.

Sonia was not the only vampire who had become enamoured of a lycan.

Lucian knew he was playing with fire; he loved Sonia but her father was intoxicating. Whenever he was near, all Lucian could think about was that powerful body, pinning him down and taking him hard.

The first time was before he'd even met Sonia; he'd seen Viktor and the vampire had pinned him with those eyes and every cell in his body had been on fire.

It was a gathering and the room was packed with vampires and lycans, a celebration of Viktor's awakening; he'd felt someone's gaze upon him. Hunger, need, and not just for blood; Lucian could smell it on the vampire.

Lucian shook back his long hair as the vampire approached; the rest of the room faded away as he stood within his aura.

"Lycan," hissed Viktor, his voice still hoarse from his centuries- long slumber. "Your name?"

Lucian swallowed; lycans were not the equals of the vampires but it wasn't unknown for the races to be involved sexually, and it seemed to matter little whether the union was two men, two women or mixed. They were a law unto themselves, and did what they wished. But for such a powerful vampire to show an interest in a lycan was unusual; the ruling class tended to keep to itself out of distrust.

But here was Viktor, the most powerful vampire in the world, and he was looming over him, looking elegant and deadly and Lucian found himself hardening in response. "Lucian, my lord," he whispered.

The vampire's eyes swept over him, and now Lucian was fully hard and wondering why he was the focus of the man's attention. Those eyes made him feel naked and wish he was. When Viktor's eyes rested on Lucian's crotch and that elegant nose flared, the lycan knew he was discovered. Pale eyes widened and an amused smile played about the cruel mouth.

"Well, Lucian, I believe I wish to become better acquainted with you. And, if I'm not mistaken, you feel the same way." Viktor leaned forward, pinning the lycan to the wall without even touching him. "My quarters, in one hour."

Then he was gone in a swirl of his cape, leaving Lucian stunned and aroused.

Lucian spent the next hour in a flurry of emotion and arousal; was he to be a vampire's plaything? Yet his body betrayed him; he wanted this.

All too soon, he found himself standing outside the ornate double doors that led to Viktor's private quarters. The guards had parted dispassionately; no doubt they'd been informed of the vampire's prospective guest. Lucian found himself blushing; the vampires knew why he was there. But he knocked anyway.

The door opened silently, and Lucian hesitated but a moment before walking through the doors into the room beyond.

If he hadn't been aroused before, the sight of Viktor lounging decadently on his huge bed would have done it. But as he was already rock hard, it only served to make him whimper under his breath.

"Lucian," Viktor murmured, and the way the vampire said his name made the lycan's cock pulse. "Please come in." He gestured grandly with his arm.

Hesitantly, Lucian inched forward into the room and started when the doors swung shut behind him.

Viktor noticed this, and sat forward. "Please relax, my pretty little lycan. I only wish to speak to you for now. Anything else will be completely up to you, of course."

Lucian nodded, reassured despite the fact that he knew there was very little he could do if the vampire decided he would take what he wanted. Viktor was ancient, though he didn't look it, and was more powerful than any being in the world.

And Lucian's body insisted on interpreting that power sexually.

With an amused smile, Lucian said, "Please sit down," indicating the edge of the bed.

Lucian did so, feeling skittish but completely enthralled by the sexy vampire.

"You're new." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, my lord, I was turned only six months ago." Six months of adjustment, fear of himself and his changes. He'd finally started to get a sense of who he was.

"Tell me, Lucian," Viktor purred. "Have you ever been with a vampire?" The way he said it, Lucian knew exactly what he was asking.

"No, sir," Lucian answered, as steadily as possible.

Viktor nodded. "And yet your body tells me that you are quite interested in me, or am I wrong?"

"You're not wrong, sir," breathed Lucian, eyes wide.

"Well, I find you very attractive, Lucian, but I will never force you." Those eyes were fixed on him and he could think of little else.

"You wouldn't have to force me, my lord," Lucian said, though he was trembling.

"Good," said Viktor silkily, and motioned him closer. "Don't be shy, my little one. I won't bite." He laughed at his own joke. A lycan would not survive a vampire's bite.

Lucian paled a bit at this, but drew closer anyway. Viktor reached out and ran a pale hand through the lycan's hair. "So soft, so warm," the vampire marveled.

Lucian shivered but leaned into the touch, and when Viktor's hand touched his neck he gasped. He'd expected the vampire to feel cold, but it was as if Viktor's skin burned him.

"Closer," urged Viktor, sitting up and running his other hand up Lucian's thigh. "Let me show you pleasure as you have never known..."

Closing his eyes, Lucian gave himself over, surrendering to the vampire's touch. His clothes seemed to melt off of him, and suddenly he was in Viktor's arms, naked, and those hands were everywhere.

Arching, Lucian moaned as Viktor expertly stroked his rock hard cock. The vampire moved, and he was pressed to the huge bed by a body made of white hot porcelain.

Still Viktor stroked him, and spread his legs apart, and Lucian looked upon Viktor's body. If not for the fangs and the pale skin, Viktor would have seemed just a man.

Until he touched him.

Hot, too hot, the vampire's touches seemed to be magnified on the lycan's skin. The smallest caress sent pleasure shooting through Lucian's body and soon he was on the edge of climax.

Just at the critical moment, however, Viktor released his hold on Lucian's arousal, moving his hand lower to caress his entrance.

Lucian gasped and spread his legs wider as Viktor produced a sweet- smelling oil from somewhere and dribbled it over his spread thighs.

Victor smiled as he circled Lucian's opening with one oiled finger. "I see no one has told you of this."

"No, my lord," gasped Lucian without knowing without what the vampire was saying but knowing the statement needed a response.

"No one has told you," the vampire repeated as he pushed one finger inside Lucian and the lycan screamed with near-paralysing pleasure, "Of the way it is between my kind and yours?"

Lucian shook his head, beyond speech now as another finger was added.

"Though our blood cannot mix," Viktor explained as he prepared the lycan, "There are other connections. When we touch each other in passion our ecstasy is magnified a thousandfold. This has been kept quiet for the most part. For good reason."

Lucian could only lie back and gasp with pleasure. He had never imagined anything could feel as good. He watched as Viktor smoothed some oil on his own pale erection and positioned himself. "Do you wish this, Lucian?" he asked formally.

"Yes, sir," the lycan moaned, and without another word, the vampire thrust into him.

Pleasure so intense it bordered on pain made Lucian scream; Viktor drove in again and again until the lycan was sobbing. This made sex with mere mortals or lycans pale in comparison; Lucian really was not sure how much more he could survive.

Viktor rocked faster now, burying himself in Lucian's body with each stroke, building the pace, and when the vampire reached for the his arousal, it was all over. With a scream that ravaged his throat, Lucian climaxed so hard he couldn't even see.

A hoarse growl and a warmth inside him told the lycan that Viktor had joined him in release, and the pleasure still went on.

Lucian actually lost consciousness, and when he woke, he was alone in the huge bed.

To be continued...