Title: The Heart Shall Bind
Author: Jade and Mishaela
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Warnings: slash, PWP
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

Legolas dipped his hand into the water of the stream. He needed a bath badly after that gruesome battle with the orcs. The feel of clean fluid passing over his skin was welcome and he started untying his overtunic with haste. It fell open and he shrugged it off, following that with his shirt, "I need this..."

He couldn't help but think of Aragorn as his hands went to the strings lacing his leather pants, wishing that the human was the one pulling them. Gods, am I never going to get past this hopeless attraction? It was sheer torture resisting the urge to touch himself.

Aragorn scouted the area grimly. Not much firewood that wasn't green or wet. At least they had water. There was a good sized lake nearby, he remembered. It should be just over there... he rounded a large tree and stopped dead in his tracks. Someone else had found the lake first. Someone blond and beautiful, and Oh, god, taking his clothes off...

The pants fell down around his knees and Legolas kicked off his boots so that he could free his legs. His cock was already hard and sweetly aching from the few scattered thoughts of Aragorn touching him. Unconsciously, his hand stroked upwards against it; giving welcome friction and making him need to do more. The blond archer moaned softly, his thoughts turning once again, to the dark eyed ranger.

Aragorn nearly dropped the wood he carried when the elf's pants fell away, exposing the lean frame to him for the first time. Legolas was as beautiful as he had imagined, creamy perfect skin sliding over lean muscles. Then the blond elf turned, giving the ranger a side view. Legolas was aroused, Aragorn realized with a nearly silent moan, the elf's cock slender and rock hard and perfect. His own cock sprang immediately to full arousal, pressing against his suddenly too-tight pants maddeningly. His hands ached to touch, his lips to ravish as he watched the elf slide his hand down. The long fingers wrapped around his own length, Legolas was the most incredible sight he had ever seen.

A clear drop of fluid seeped from the tip and rolled down over his fingers as they wrapped around the hard column of flesh. Legolas closed his eyes and visualized Aragorn's face as he gave a slow pull to the tightening skin, "Hmmm..." The elf repeated the act, wishing that he wasn't alone. He imagined the ranger's hand covering his, guiding it, making everything feel just right as he moved a little faster. His chest started to heave from the sensations, running like wildfire through his bloodstream, "... Aragorn..."

Not believing his ears, Aragorn inched nearer. He placed the wood on the ground gently, so as to make no sound. He knew it was wrong to spy like this, but he had heard a word come from those perfect lips, and it sounded like his name. He had to know.

A soft whimper passed between Legolas' lips and he suddenly needed to kneel down or risk falling. One hand braced on a nearby boulder as he lowered himself to one knee, his other hand never leaving the velvety erection that begged for more with each passing second. The archer kept his eyes closed, making the mental images come easier, and imagined his unrequited love kissing the tip of his cock tenderly. That thought alone almost made him climax then and there, "Please... Aragorn... so good..."

Aragorn took another step closer. Yes, the elf had said his name. He could read lips, and though the elf's dulcet tones were soft, he knew he was not mistaken. So he had not dreamed all those looks, those "accidental" touches? He was torn.... his own erection pulsed with every stroke Legolas made, but he still could not bring himself to step out and make himself known.

The slender hand left the boulder and trailed along the chiseled planes of muscle on the elf's chest, stopping when the fingertips grazed the outer surface of one sensitive nipple. Another moan sounded and Legolas began to pinch it gently between his fingers as his hand moved just a little faster on his hungry cock. His tongue slipped out, licking his lower lip, and he imagined that he was kneeling before the ranger. That hand moved up and he took his own fingers into his mouth; letting his mind tell his body that it wasn't fingers at all but the urgent need of his love. Legolas started sucking those digits eagerly and his hand moved faster still on the cock in his grip.

Aragorn knew he had never been this hard, never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Legolas right now. He had scarcely let himself think about the beautiful elf, thinking him far beyond his mortal reach. To touch that sweet skin, worship that body, kiss those enchanting lips... Was it truly possible? Could Legolas want him? His mind refused to believe it while his body ached to ravish him.

Turning so that his back was braced against the boulder, the elf in question spread his knees a little wider. His fingers tightened as they slid along the velvet flesh in his grip and he gave a harsh moan around his mouthful of fingers. Those dark eyes fluttered closed slowly, hiding the ever increasing desire in them. He needed Aragorn to be there. While he was enjoying the daydream, the ranger would make this all so much better. Legolas pulled the slender appendages from his mouth and gave a soft cry as his body began to sing from the stimulation, "Aragorn... so close... I need... need it..."

The ranger could stand it no longer. He took a deep breath and strode forth, pushing the branches out of his way roughly in an effort to reach the beauty's side as quickly as possible. His cock pulsed in its confining leather as he growled, "Legolas."

"A-Aragorn?" His hand stilled and his eyes snapped open. The sound of the human's voice gave the elven archer cause to worry. How much had he seen? Was he angry? A trace of fear hit the dark gaze and Legolas looked up at the ranger's face slowly, unable to hide what he had been doing. A crimson blush began to stain his cheeks and he found words to be beyond him.

Aragorn stopped, seeing the apprehension on the elf's face and realizing that his aggressive demeanor might be interpreted as angry. He immediately softened his gaze, looking upon the gorgeous man. "Beautiful," he whispered, saying the first thing on his passion-clouded mind.

Hesitantly, the archer reached up, his hands going over Aragorn's stomach and seeking a way to the skin below. Legolas stood, comfortable in his nudity, and pressed himself against the ranger. Closing his eyes, he took a gamble and settled his mouth against the lips of the one he'd just been daydreaming about. As he did, his slender hands found an opening and dove in, running all over the human's chest.

Aragorn gasped at the feeling of the elf's hands on him; Legolas' fingers burned him, making his desire rise even higher. He moaned and reached out, gathering the blond to him roughly. He knew full well that no matter how delicate Legolas looked, the elf was well able to withstand his rough hands. He placed one hand on the smooth back as the other dropped to the elf's firm ass, gripping tightly.

Moaning, the archer rubbed against Aragorn. After so long; after all the secret moments of lonely passion - here he was; holding him, touching his slender aching body. Legolas tried so hard to reign in his needs so that he could enjoy the feel of the ranger's hands on him; his lips kissing him; and, hopefully soon, his weight over him. He broke the kiss and let his lips slide down the side of Aragorn's jaw, brushing them over the stubble of beard that had been growing and gently passing over the quickening pulse at his neck.

Aragorn growled again; the lithe body in his arms was too good to be true. The silky blond hair brushed over him as the elf's lips threatened to drive him mad. He thrust his hips against Legolas; rubbing his still-clothed arousal against the elf's. He needed to touch Legolas all over, to possess him fully. "God, I want you," he groaned, before burying one hand in that glorious hair and crushing his lips to the elf's once again.

One of the elf's hands moved down, to the front of Aragorn's pants, and stroked over the bulge behind the leather. Those words fanned the flames of Legolas' desire so that it seemed to burn white-hot. A sultry purr in the back of his throat, his other hand began to trace circles around one of the ranger's nipples. He broke the kiss, his chest heaving and his eyes smoldering with need, "I'm not going anywhere, Aragorn."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." The ranger's eyes rolled back in his head as he felt the elf's fingers on his aching erection. "Take them off," he commanded, his desire making him more aggressive. He couldn't help it. The blond elf was his downfall. He had dreamed of this too many times.

"Gladly," Legolas said with an impish grin. He knelt down and let his slender fingers pluck at the laces before getting a firm hold. He gave a tug, massaging the hidden cock with his other hand and giving a sigh. The archer couldn't believe this was happening. When the strings loosened, he pulled with that free hand, letting the swollen flesh burst from confinement. Without missing a beat, the blond elf took hold of the hot shaft and traced his tongue through the slit at the tip.

"Gods!" gasped Aragorn as he felt the blond's mouth on him. As if Legolas kneeling before him wasn't enough, now that hot mouth was on his aching cock. He enjoyed it for a few minutes, but then reluctantly said, "Stop." He had other plans for his climax. And he needed to hear what the elf's voice sounded like, raised in passion.

The dark gaze rose to his face and the elf gave a naughty smile as he gave the tip a quick lick. He rose to his feet, brushing his hands up his body as he did so. They feathered over his inner thighs, cock, stomach, chest, neck, and stopped when his fingers reached his mouth. Deliberately, Legolas sucked the sweetness of the ranger's desire off his hands, his eyes locked onto Aragorn's. "I didn't want to stop," he pouted.

His hand still buried in that hair, Aragorn pulled back, exposing the elf's pale neck. What was this animalistic feeling that Legolas gave him? All he could think of was the maddening body against him, the soft skin, the tender flesh that begged to be caressed. He dragged his other hand down the expanse of the nude body before him, marking it as his. "Mine," he whispered, leaning forward to gently bite at the alabaster neck.

"Yes," the elf gasped out, his hands rising to the ranger's shoulders and holding on. They slid down, to the front of Aragorn's shirt, and parted the cloth. The exposed skin held a light sheen of sweat, causing it to glisten. Legolas wanted to touch that flesh, to run his tongue over the smooth planes. He needed it nearly as much as he needed the human's hands all over him. "Aragorn... I want you..." His voice was a passionate plea of impatient need.

The elf's pleas made Aragorn's heart beat even faster. "Tell me what you want," he demanded roughly, pinching one pink nipple as he savaged Legolas' neck.

"Your hands... all over me," the archer cried out, biting back a sob, "The feel of you... inside me..." Legolas rolled his hips, brushing his aching cock against the ranger's.

The blond's words drove away the rest of Aragorn's reason. "You shall have what you desire, and so shall I," he moaned out, releasing the elf just long enough to rip off his shirt.

Legolas moaned and went after the skin on the ranger's chest, running his fingers and lips over it hungrily, "I've wanted this for so long, Aragorn..."

Aragorn paused and looked up at the beautiful elf. "Why did you not speak, then? I would have grabbed the opportunity in an instant."

The elf lowered his eyes, "I... was afraid you'd... get angry. I thought you already had someone." Legolas wound his fingers in a lock of the dark hair, "I've never felt this way about anyone before. I thought it better to not say anything rather than be rejected." His lips made a sweep across Aragorn's collarbone, leaving a trail of soft bites.

Aragorn moaned, but he had to say something. He put his finger underneath the elf's chin and raised it so he looked into his eyes. "How could I ever reject such a thing of grace and beauty as you? I thought you were the one who was too perfect for the likes of me."

Fingers, soft as a feather, trailed down one of the ranger's cheeks, "I... I would have given anything to be with you, Aragorn." His other hand was stealthily moving lower until it cupped the human's cock and gave it a very firm rub, "I would have given anything to please you." Those slender fingers wrapped around and stroked, drawing more of Aragorn's liquid desire to the tip. Again, Legolas brought the drops to his mouth and sucked them off his digits hungrily.

The ranger's eyes watched Legolas' fingers hungrily. "I suggest we waste no more time then." Without waiting for an answer, he slid his hands beneath Legolas' buttocks, and picked up the lithe elf easily. He pulled, bringing their bodies together tightly, and carried the elf over to the grass. He laid him gently down, and followed, covering the perfect body with his own.

Dark blue eyes rose to the ranger's as the lithe body arched up, bringing their bare arousals together, "A-Aragorn..." Legolas' hands moved into the almost black hair, gripping tight while the building sensations made him shudder uncontrollably. His voice, low and shaken with passion, went into the rounded ear, "I want you."

The elf's liquid voice sent Aragorn's passion even higher. He couldn't remember ever wanting anyone this much. He bent his head, kissing a trail down Legolas' smooth chest. He moved back, kissing lower, until he was on his knees and very near the elf's dripping cock. Then he stopped, and sat up, looking at the pretty picture before him. Legolas was incredible, slim and hard and perfect, hair spread around him. "You're perfect," he whispered, and he eased off his pants, throwing them aside as quickly as possible.

Legolas moaned at the words and let his hands travel over his own skin. One moved to his chest, pinching and rubbing his nipples while the other snaked across his belly, drawing along the quivering shaft that was aching with need. The archer took hold of himself and pulled on the flesh slowly, making his cock weep faster. His slender legs moved, trying to assuage the pressure within, "Aragorn... hurry..."

Aragorn climbed back over Legolas, straddling his hips and stilling the elf's hand. "No," he said firmly. He wrapped his own hand around the hard flesh. "Mine now."

A strangled moan sounded from the archer's throat, "Ah... Aragorn..." Legolas whimpered at the feel of his heart's desire's hand on his cock and his legs moved faster, rubbing against each other. His head flew back, the golden tresses spilling out around his head like a halo, "Yes! So good..."

"Oh, Legolas," breathed Aragorn. "I want you completely. Will you let me take you?"

"PLEASE," Legolas begged, his eyes snapping wide open, "I want it, Aragorn... I need it..." He sat up and grabbed the ranger's shoulders, "If you were to leave me like this, I think I'd die."

Aragorn grinned then. "Far be it from me to let you suffer." He leaned forward, bracing himself with one hand on either side of the elf's head, and used his knees to spread the blond's thighs, settling between them.

Slim hands ran down over the planes of muscle across the ranger's chest, "Gods..." Legolas couldn't believe it was happening. A part of him was waiting for Gimli's gruff voice to tell him to wake up - that he was making too much noise in his sleep. It was all so surreal. Aragorn, the one person he wanted more than life itself, was over him and preparing to mark him as his own. His dark eyes locked onto the human's blue ones, "Take me... now."

Aragorn moaned, so ready to do just that. Except... "Do you have any oil?"

"In my pouch... on my belt," came the pained response. Legolas moaned that he was still going to have to wait. His fingers again moved down to caress his throbbing need and try to give himself a little solace.

Aragorn reached out; he could just grasp the pouch. He fumbled inside and quickly pulled out a small vial. He then saw what Legolas was doing and shook his head. "No."

There was a tortured whimper, "But..."

"Just wait," Aragorn promised, pouring some of the oil out into the palm of his hand to warm it. "I promise you ecstasy."

The elf's slender fingers dug into the grass, trying to keep busy so that they wouldn't stray. His body thrummed with need. Legolas couldn't stand the waiting. His eyes closed and he tried to still his trembling frame, "Aragorn... please..."

"I love the way you say my name," Aragorn breathed, running one oil-slick finger up the inside of the elf's thigh before circling his entrance. "Tell me if I hurt you. I would die rather than hurt you..."

The answering nod was fervent. Legolas could scarcely remember to breathe with the ranger doing that. He swallowed audibly and lowered his head back to the grass, eyes shut tightly, hoping against hope that Aragorn would just hurry the hell up.

Aragorn carefully thrust his slick fingers into the elf's tight body, preparing him for what was to come. He was trembling with need himself, and hoped he wasn't going too quickly. Soon, he was driving three fingers in and out of the elf, and biting his lip in frustration.

The archer's voice rose, crying out in pleasure, and his hips moved on their own to try and get the fingers deeper. Tears streamed from Legolas' eyes at the intensity. He'd never felt anything like this! His voice was lost to the sensation, blown away by the lances that went straight up his spine. Coherency returned for a moment, long enough for him to beg for more, "Aragorn... please take me NOW!"

The ranger didn't need any more convincing. He poured out more of the oil, rubbing it on his own aching length with a shuddering breath. Then he pushed the elf's knees up higher, positioning himself with the other hand. He pressed the tip against Legolas' entrance. He pushed, and the elf's body yielded. He moaned deeply as his arousal was enveloped in tight heat.

Gasping, Legolas' head thrashed from side to side. It was happening. It was real. He felt like he was going to explode. His nails scratched down the ranger's back as he tried to hurry him, "Aragorn... so good... more..."

Fighting the urge to hurry, Aragorn slowly took Legolas, invading him, impaling him. The tightness was unbelievable; the ranger hoped he could withstand the temptation to thrust hard and fast at first. The elf's body gripped him, caressing his length, driving him mad. He finally was completely inside Legolas, and he paused, panting. Never had he felt such perfection.

Legolas' legs wrapped around the narrow waist, trapping him, "Gods, Aragorn... you feel so good... inside me..." He writhed a little, trying to urge his lover to move, "Sooo... good..."

Aragorn gasped; the elf's movement caused friction all along his cock. He thrust shallowly, quickly, unable to stop himself.

Moaning, the elf drove himself back, taking some initiative. It felt amazing, having Aragorn so deeply inside him. He didn't think he wanted it to ever end. His legs tensed and he pulled his body back along that perfect organ that impaled him, made him feel like he was in heaven. One more self-imposed thrust and Legolas cried out in surprised shock. That last stroke had touched something inside of him that made an almost electric surge blast through, rocking his body and making the intense pleasure soar.

Aragorn growled as Legolas drove him insane. He thrust faster, wanting to hear those sounds of pleasure again and again. He was slowly losing control, lost in the feeling of making love to Legolas. Harder, deeper, he couldn't get enough.

Legolas wasn't idle beneath him. The elf gave loud moans and soft cries, his hands moving through Aragorn's hair, over his shoulders, across his chest. Sweat began to glisten on his skin as he rocked his body in time with the ranger's strokes inside of him. At long last, he had what he'd been dreaming of. Legolas' dark eyes closed and then opened to settle on the human, "Deeper... I want to really feel you..."

Aragorn groaned, holding on to his control by a thread. All he wanted was to pound the beautiful elf as hard as he could, but... "I don't want to hurt you, Legolas," he gasped out, angling his thrusts to give the blond the most pleasure.

"AH!" The elf cried out, his hidden pleasure center making him shudder as it was brushed, "Please, beloved... I want it..." Legolas leaned up and started lapping at the sweat-coated side of Aragorn's neck before he moved his mouth. His lips ghosted over the ranger's and then settled firmly, mouth flowering open to allow his lover to taste him.

It was too much for the ranger; he stroked faster, driving in deeper and harder, never missing a stroke. "Tell... me if... I hurt you..." he gasped, then gave up speaking entirely in favor of moaning in ecstasy. The harder he drove into Legolas, the better it got. The elf's tight body caused friction along every inch of his length and he couldn't last much longer. With effort, he snaked one hand between them to wrap around the blond's cock.

Legolas arched up, his body singing with the combined stimuli, "ARAGORN!" He loved this. The way he was being made to feel was nothing short of divine. The archer unwrapped his legs from his lover's waist and lifted them higher, bracing them against the heaving ribcage, hoping against hope that the move would make it even better. He let his own hand slip down to join with Aragorn's on his throbbing need, his fingers circling over the other hand, "This... oh, Gods, this feels... don't stop, beloved... DON'T STOP!"

Aragorn couldn't have stopped if a thousand orcs had appeared just then. Legolas' change in position made him go even deeper into the elf's body, and he screamed his lover's name. He pounded harder, and stroked him faster. "Come with me," he groaned out, so close to the edge.

There was a long drawn out moan at the request. Legolas couldn't find the capability for speech. He settled for kissing the ranger passionately, dancing his tongue with the human's, and moving his hand faster on his own dripping flesh. The archer began to pant and broke the contact of their lips, his body starting to feel the ripples that preceded climax, "A-Aragorn... close... I feel it... so... close..." Just a few more strokes and Legolas was sure he was going to die from sensory overload.The elf's passion filled voice was music to Aragorn's ears. He pounded harder, needing to hear Legolas scream his name. "Now..." he groaned, driving into the willing elf as hard as he could. He tightened his grip on Legolas' arousal as they stroked together. "Now..."

Dark blue eyes widened for a moment, then closed as his mind ceased to function. It lasted for a split-second and then they snapped wider than before and his mouth opened, "A-ARAGORNNNN!" His body went taut, arching like his bow, and his seed spilled over their joined hands. He felt like he'd shattered; the pieces falling through static charged air, and then, after an eternity, rejoined.

Legolas' body tightened impossibly around him, then the elf's voice carried him farther. He was falling, falling, over a precipice of passion. He thought he would die; the pleasure was so intense it was nearly pain. Nearly; he gave himself over to it, drowning in sensation. The elf's hot seed on his fingers, the vise grip of his body on him, the searing tightness that pumped through him, filling Legolas with his need. "MINE!" He screamed, staking his claim forevermore.

He was filled to overflowing and Legolas couldn't think of anything better. His head fell back to the grass as his eyes regained focus on the human who had marked him within. Slender, achingly tender fingers stroked back little tendrils of hair that had glued themselves to Aragorn's forehead, "That was... unbelievable."

The ranger pulled out as gently as he could, then lay beside his new lover. "Words cannot begin to describe it, Legolas." He raised himself up on an elbow and looked deep into those captivating eyes. "But I know I will perish now if you say we cannot do that again. Soon."

Legolas gave an impish grin, "If you don't do that to me again, and soon, I'll start redirecting the aim of my bow for a more vulnerable area of your body." The threat was without conviction or heat.

A smile spread across Aragorn's face, and he kissed Legolas hard. He drew back and said, "Is that a threat or a promise?"

"Take your pick," the elf whispered as he cuddled closer to his human lover.

The End