Title: One Last Time
Author: Jade and Mishaela
Pairing: Haldir/Legolas + Aragorn
Warnings: slash, voyeurism, masturbation, angst
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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Ten Thousand Uruk-hai...

Legolas looked out over the walls of Helm's Deep, his eyes seeing far more than the eyes of the humans gathered around him. They needed a miracle. He wondered if one would come in time. Aragorn had just arrived when they thought him dead, and he was doing more for morale than that blasted coward these men called king. The elven prince looked up into the sky, praying to whatever god might be listening... asking for a little help.

'Don't let them end like this... The children deserve more.'

He watched on, to see if something that might offer hope would come to them. There would be no survival otherwise. He was not a fool who pinned his own hopes on these stone walls, no matter how indomitable this fortress seemed. Those damned Uruk-hai didn't seem to be bothered by it one small fraction. They were acting like the war was already won. Legolas knew that it probably was...

The Guardians of Lothlorien had marched miles, and he knew his fellow elves were weary, but a far more trying task lay before them. Haldir sighed as Helm's Deep hove into view at last. He had only hoped they were in time to lend what little aid they could. As they marched up the battlements, the men watched incredulously. Haldir knew how unexpected the elves' assistance was; he also knew it probably wouldn't be enough. But they had sworn, and the elves would follow him unto death.

Then out of the darkness he saw a golden form he never thought he would see again. Memories washed over him as he laid eyes upon him. Legolas.

The prince saw them and his eyes narrowed as he focused on the coming warriors. All were from the Lorien. Legolas' heart nearly leapt for joy at the sight. Even with so few of them coming, it was still better than what they had now. He gasped as his eyes spied a head full of platinum blond hair and the archer tried hard to contain his excitement. There, at the front of them, marched Haldir.

The sight both emboldened him and yet, it left him more than a little sad. Legolas knew that there was a good chance neither of them would make it out alive. Did the handsome Guardian even think back on the few nights they had together in the past with any fondness at all? Would now be a good time to find out?

Haldir's body remembered Legolas, that much was sure, and as he led his troops to stand before the leader of men, he let his eyes meet the prince's. Formal words were spoken while the familiar coil of desire tightened in his stomach. He found he couldn't tear his eyes away from Legolas. Of course he looked no different; except for the way he stood, with a man and a dwarf.

Slowly, the prince's eyes closed so that he could hide the longing looks he knew he would end up throwing in the older warrior's direction. He couldn't well express his desire to relive the memories of the past right then and there. Legolas got his composure and finally looked at Haldir, his eyes telling the Guardian that they needed to speak - soon.

Haldir's need intensified when their eyes met at last; his hungry gaze swept over the other elf. Was there a chance they could steal a moment alone? The way the human looked at Legolas, he was quite sure they were close companions. Though he knew he couldn't begrudge Legolas companionship, he knew they had very little time. He tried to communicate this to Legolas without coming right out and saying it.

There was a slight nod as Legolas did, indeed, get the unspoken message. He turned and tapped Aragorn on the shoulder, whispering something in his ear and then excusing himself. With a last glance at Haldir, one that begged the warrior to come find him soon, he moved up into the main hall of the keep. He knew that Haldir would seek him out and he wanted to make sure he was ready. Legolas swiftly passed through the armory and palmed a small flask of oil, knowing it would be needed later.

Haldir addressed his guard, then made an excuse to go after Legolas. He was certain the human thought he was abrupt but it was the eve of battle and it could be excused. He paused, listening, and then made his way surely down a little-used corridor. Soon the sounds of battle preparation faded to background noise and he found who he sought.

"I thought you'd never get away from them," Legolas whispered in elvish as he leaned against one wall. His eyes swept over the armored form of Haldir, the desire in them quite open. He lifted his hand and crooked his finger at the warrior. "It's been too long, Haldir."

"Indeed it has, Legolas," Haldir answered in kind. "Your beauty is indeed a welcome sight to me." He stepped closer, drawing out the anticipation, though his body cried out to crush the other elf against him.

The smaller elf smiled up coyly. They were close, but not close enough. He reached out, grabbing the front of Haldir's tunic, and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He rubbed his body against the older elven warrior, eyes closing at the familiar feel and scent of him, moaning. No, there was no way he would allow Haldir to leave him wanting... not with battle so close at hand.

Haldir groaned as Legolas rocked against him. Thousands of years old and he was still a slave to passion when he was near the other elf. Legolas was intoxicating; no wonder he had a man and a dwarf under his thrall. He allowed himself to drown in the kiss as one hand came up to bury itself in the flaxen hair, so like his own. He pushed back hard, grinding Legolas against the dusty wall, knowing that the other elf could take everything he was going to give him.

The prince's slender hands came up, one trying to get Haldir's tunic open as the other raked down his back. He needed more... wanted it as much as he wanted the breath in his lungs... Legolas wanted to feel that smooth skin under his fingertips. He wanted to be shoved against the wall and pounded into as if there was nothing going on outside the gates. Right now, all that mattered was Haldir and the pleasure he could give and take with him.

He broke the kiss long enough to mutter two words. "Need you..."

"You'll have me, Prince," growled Haldir, jerking roughly at the tunic's fastenings. "Have me deep inside you, very soon..." Haldir had just decided they both had far too many clothes when the clank of swords reached his ears. "We'd best move further along the corridor," he panted, and without waiting for an answer he took a handful of Legolas' shirt and pulled him by it, around a corner into a less obvious alcove. He shoved the younger elf back against the wall and captured his lips once again, desperately.

Moaning at the words, Legolas worked on the clasps to his lover's clothes. What had happened to all his surefire grace now? He felt like a fumbling child as he tried desperately to get at that skin, needing to taste it, wanting to feel it against him. He kissed back hard, opening his mouth so that Haldir could taste him, whimpering with need as the damn fastens still would not come loose.

Haldir wished fervently that he could just rip the clothes off them both, but though his elven strength was up to the task they couldn't go into battle later, naked. So he worked at the ties, and finally was able to delve inside Legolas' tunic and touch the silken skin beneath. He went on quickly to the other elf's trousers; though he would have wanted to savor, to linger, time was against them.

There was a soft gasp as hot skin was caressed. Legolas worked harder at the tunic, giving a cry of elation when it finally fell open to his hungry gaze. He wanted to help Haldir but he was having his own troubles at getting the other warrior's pants open. The archer wanted the proof of his lover's need in his hand; weeping, velvety, and hard as the stone wall behind him.

Haldir found his prize at long last; he wrapped his fingers around Legolas' hard length, still trapped by his pants. He stroked shallowly, as much as the tight quarters would allow, then moaned as Legolas strained to free his own erection. "Legolas," he gasped. "Yes..." His head fell back as he felt the other elf's hand on him.

Legolas whimpered at the feel of that callused hand on his cock. Nothing could compare to this, ever, he knew as he took advantage of the open throat to lick and nibble... "Haldir... I don't want to wait... now..." His voice sounded needy, even to his own ears, but... who knew when the attack would start? Legolas wanted to have his lover before someone came looking for them.

"You're certain?" Haldir breathed. As much as he wanted Legolas, if the other elf didn't want to couple against the rough wall like animals, he would stop. As much as he needed it...

"Yes, here, now," Legolas moaned, his eyes blazing with need. He slanted his mouth over Haldir's, eyes closing during the kiss, trying to press his own body close and make the other elf as hungry as he was. He didn't care where they took their pleasures, so long as they got them.

The other elf's urgency was music to his ears; sparing a moment Haldir bent and pulled Legolas' trousers down to his knees in one go. He gazed at Legolas' rock hard cock; he longed to take it into his mouth, taste the other elf's need, but there was no time. He spun Legolas around to face the wall and whispered, "Do you have some oil?" As he spoke he rubbed his arousal against Legolas' incredible ass.

Legolas whimpered, his eyes closing and he pressed his forehead to the cold stone wall. "Yes... my pouch... hurry, Haldir." He writhed in anticipation, his body pressing back against the other warrior's need. The prince moaned and tossed his head like a proud stallion. Being so close to the older elf always made him like this... especially when clothing started to come off. He couldn't get enough. Legolas always turned into a creature of need and a slave to his own desires.

Pushing his trousers down just as far as necessary, Haldir found the oil and uncapped the top with shaking hands. No matter how many times he took Legolas, the elf always affected him like this, reduced him to a creature of pure need. He coated his cock with oil, then trailed his hand down Legolas' cleft, spreading more of the oil.

Down a connecting corridor, Aragorn was searching for Legolas. He was sure he had seen him come this way, and he wanted to go over the battle plan one more time. That wasn't all, of course; he craved being near the blond elf nearly all the time. Something about him made his heart race and desire rise, though he knew he would never have the nerve to do anything about it. His tracking skills traced the elf down this dark pathway, but as he stopped to listen, he could hear faint moans coming from down the hall. Thinking someone was hurt, he rushed forward. The sight that greeted him drove even the impending battle from his mind.

Another moan escaped Legolas and he looked over his shoulder at the older warrior. "Damn you, Haldir... stop teasing and take me..." The elf was too high strung for naught but elvish right now with the fingers that were almost skating over his flesh in teasing caresses. He didn't want to wait any longer for the promised satiation. Once wouldn't be enough for him as it was, but to be made to wait any longer was sheer torture.

"Patience, Legolas," groaned Haldir. He didn't want to take the other elf without preparation but Legolas seemed to want it now. That was fine with him; he positioned his oiled cock at Legolas' entrance and thrust quickly upward. There was no way he could stifle the growl that tore from his lips as he buried himself once more in the heat of the other elf's body.

He first heard the whispered entreaties in Elvish, then Aragorn's eyes took in the sight of two golden elves locked in an intimate embrace. He stepped back quickly, but not far enough that he couldn't see that the elf against the wall was Legolas, and Haldir was behind him, thrusting into him, and Legolas was urging him on, and faster. His cock rose in his pants as he knew he should go. But he couldn't tear his eyes away from the gorgeous scene before him. His mind was so clouded with lust that he didn't even have time to be jealous; he could only marvel at the beauty of the two elves as his hand went unconsciously to his erection.

There was a gasp at the sudden entry, but Legolas pressed his face into his forearms and pushed back with equal force. Even this kind of pain was nothing new to him and, after a few of Haldir's first deep thrusts, he was too wracked with sensation for it to matter. Somewhere, in the rational part of his mind, he knew that they were being watched. The archer didn't care... much. He'd seen who it was that stumbled onto the interlude and it made him hotter, more needy. He'd never thought that Aragorn was an attainable attraction, so he'd let it drop before he'd begun. Aragorn hadn't even known of his attraction to other males. Right at that moment, Legolas didn't care that his secret was out. All he cared about was Haldir's cock filling him again and again until he could think of nothing else.

"Please... harder, Haldir... you don't need to coddle me... I won't break..."

Legolas' words made the fire inside him grow hotter, and Haldir brutally drove into the other elf again and again. "Is that hard enough for you?" he growled, animal desire starting to surge within him. He thrust again and again, savagely, and leaned closer to whisper, "You do know your human friend watches us?"

Aragorn had backed into a shadowy corner, hoping he wouldn't be seen but unable to help himself. He fumbled unseeingly with his trousers until he could free his own cock. It ached for attention, and he wrapped his hand around it like he wanted to do to Legolas. He stifled a moan as he stroked quickly, the passion of the two joined elves sweeping him along with it.

His head fell back, onto Haldir's shoulder, and Legolas moaned. "Yes... and yes..." He used his arms to push against the wall, meeting each of his lover's thrusts, crying out in rapture. The calliope of sensations that threatened to overwhelm him kept crashing down on him. The Mirkwood prince bit his lip, trying to hush his louder sounds, not wanting to attract the attention of any *other* humans... "So good... Haldir..." Legolas spread his legs wider, urging his lover deeper, becoming a hungry lust-driven vessel to be filled.

Groaning as loud as he dared, Haldir gripped Legolas' slim hips and drove in with all his strength. He was so close, so close to release in the other elf's exquisite body. Never had any lover driven him mad with desire as this one, and this time was no exception. He could smell the lust coming off the human in waves, and knew that he wasn't the only one Legolas affected. He was on the edge, so he reached down and grasped Legolas' cock, stroking it quickly. "Yes..." he hissed, ready to fall over the precipice of climax.

Aragorn had grown up around the elves. And since Aragorn had become aware of such things, he had wanted Legolas; now to see the elf in the throes of passion was too much. He stroked himself savagely, quickly, imagining it was him deep inside the elf instead. He bit his own lip top keep his cries down as he spilled his seed, pulsing into the dark, burning with need for Legolas. Silently he vowed he would win the elven prince for himself, somehow. If they survived.

Legolas couldn't help it; a near-scream of pleasure erupted from him as Haldir grasped his cock and stroked him, bringing his climax crashing through him. He bit down on his sleeve to stifle it, eyes closed tightly, feeling each pulse as wave upon wave of dizzying, mind-numbing pleasure swept over him. The golden haired archer shuddered and trembled, his inner muscles clamping down on his lover's cock, trying to make Haldir join him in release.

And join him Haldir did, helpless to resist the tight caress of his lover's body. Even as he felt Legolas' release coat his hand, he filled the other elf with his own, gasping for breath as ecstasy claimed him. No one, ever, had ever compared to Legolas.

Aragorn sagged against the wall, trying to regret witnessing this intimate moment but not able to. He put his clothes to rights and retreated back down the corridor as quietly as possible. He was saddened yet filled with hope that someday he might make Legolas his lover as well.

With a sigh and a moan, Legolas leaned against the wall, his dark blue eyes closing. "Haldir... Is it too late to say I missed you?" A small smile of amusement tugged at the corners of his mouth as he heard Aragorn make his way from the pair.

"I fear it is too late for many things, Legolas, but that is not one of them," Haldir answered, kissing the back of the elf's neck tenderly. "I missed you as well."

Reminded of what was hovering on the horizon, Legolas sagged back against his lover. He didn't want to think of what could happen. "I wish... I wish we could take more time... just the two of us." He bit his lower lip, trying not to choke on the words as they came out. "If we win this battle, perhaps then?"

"Perhaps," replied Haldir, holding Legolas tight. "But I think your other admirer may have something to say about that." He buried his face in Legolas' golden locks. "I'll miss you."

The dark shadow that seeped cold fingers into the prince's heart did not abate. It just seemed to grow stronger and he reached up to cup the side of Haldir's face. "Neither of us are gone yet, Haldir... Hold me until we must battle?"

Haldir did as he was asked, holding the younger elf close for as long as they dared. "I fear many things will change, and very soon, Legolas," he breathed. "But you must go on."

"I know... but allow me to have a selfish moment for once." Legolas held onto the arms around him, trying not to think of how things would be without Haldir in his life. He guessed that the older warrior knew what was coming and didn't ask what. To ask what the future held for them seemed foolish for some reason.

Later he realized that he should have asked... if for no other purpose, than to hold onto the Guardian a little while longer.

The End