Title: Trouble in Paradise -- part 2
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/Will Turner
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When he woke, he felt better than he had for a long time, which was odd because he didn't have a clue where he was. Then he woke more, and realised two things; one, he was in Jack's cabin and two, he was alone once again.

Damn. He'd hoped for... he didn't know what he'd hoped for, but some of it had definitely involved Jack and him in this cabin alone. The undirected feelings he'd had for Jack when they'd met before had sharpened into a non-specific desire after he'd left. Non-specific because he was pretty innocent of most things of sexual nature; in fact, he'd been a virgin until his wedding night, and to be honest he still didn't see what the big deal was. But when Jack had been pressed up against him and made that remark... well, he'd felt a fire that he'd thought didn't exist. He still didn't know what he wanted, but he knew Jack made him feel something that he wanted to feel again.

He sat up slowly, wincing at the soreness in his body that now made itself known. He stood and stretched, back popping alarmingly. He looked down at himself and wrinkled his nose in disgust. He needed a bath, badly.

He went out onto the deck, squinting until his eyes adjusted. He could see that they were approaching a small harbor, and the crew was busy preparing to dock.

Jack stood at the helm, and Will just watched him for a long moment.

Yes, he had it bad.


"How much farther is it?" grumbled Will, at Jack's back, as yet another vine tried to trip him up and send him headlong into the dirt. Well, mud would be a closer description, as nothing on this damn island seemed to be dry. He was hot, sweaty, and even more sore than he'd been earlier.

"Just a few more minutes," Jack called back cheerfully, but this time Will didn't believe him. He'd been saying the same thing for the last hour.

"Just admit it," growled Will. "You don't have a clue where we are." Jack had left the crew to handle the supplies while he took Will to the lagoon he'd mentioned.

"Why, Will," Jack said, managing to sound wounded, "Your sunny disposition has really suffered at the hands of the lovely Elizabeth. Trouble in paradise?" Will could hear the smirk without seeing it. "And I'm never lost."

Will declined to answer, in favour of actually breathing.

Just then, Jack yelled, "Yes! I knew it!" He then glanced back and continued more soberly, "We've arrived."

Will walked up to stand beside Jack, and even as tired and disgusted as he was, he had to admit that this was the loveliest sight he'd ever seen. They stood at the edge of a clearing, and a path led down a gradual slope to the most inviting pool of water Will had ever seen. Crystal clear, fed from a small waterfall, surrounded by flat rocks that looked perfect for drying off... he had to admit Jack had been right.

Will glanced over at Jack to say so, but the words died in his throat as he watched the man start to disrobe. The vest had gone already and Jack was working on the flowing white shirt.

Jack looked up to see Will staring at him. "What?"

"You're taking your clothes off," Will blurted without thinking, blushing.

Jack grinned at him, gold teeth flashing. "That's generally how you bathe around here, Will my boy." He glanced down. "Though those clothes could use a wash too."

Will blushed harder as Jack started to unlace his trousers and turned away. He fumbled with his own vest, and then curiosity got the better of him and he turned, just in time to see Jack execute a graceful dive, and he got a quick glimpse of smooth skin as he turned away quickly.

When he looked again, Jack was treading water, and he called out, "Come on in, Will! The water's fine!"

Will swallowed and managed to get his shirt off, but when he looked up, Jack was still watching him. "Do you mind?" he said indignantly.

Jack laughed and shrugged. "Never figured you for the shy type, boy." But he turned and swam off in the opposite direction and Will breathed a sigh of relief.

He quickly shed the rest of his clothes, happy to get the grimy things off him. After a few looks, he assured himself that Jack was no longer looking at him, so he took a deep breath and slid off his trousers. He was just making his way to the water's edge (he didn't know how to dive) when he heard a chuckle from the water.

"Glad to see I was wrong about the eunuch thing."

"Jack!" Will was embarrassed about the squeak his voice had suddenly become. He moved his hands in front of him to try and cover himself, but he couldn't cover everything and settled for submerging himself in the water more quickly than he'd intended.

Jack just laughed and swam off, and after Will got over his initial embarrassment, he had to admit the lagoon was lovely. It felt wonderful to get clean again. He swam up and down a few times, then swam back to his clothes to wash them. He laid them out on a rock as best he could to dry (all without leaving the water) then he grabbed the bar of soap he'd brought. He turned, thinking that he could wash his hair under the waterfall, when he realised that Jack was already there.

Under a shaft of sunlight that pierced through the trees, Jack stood, almost waist deep in the water, head leaning back, letting the water sluice over his body, eyes closed as he ran his hands through his hair. His body was tanned and lean and arched back...

Will realised that he was just standing still, staring, with his mouth hanging open. Parts of his body were reacting that should not have been reacting to another man. But he couldn't help it; Jack was beautiful and he couldn't tear his eyes away. At least Jack was busy and wouldn't notice his scrutiny. He let his eyes wander down, mesmerised by the way the water lapped at Jack's hips, staring at the curve of his ass that was just visible under the water. Jack was turned away, so Will could only see him from the side, and he found himself wishing he could see more, wishing Jack would turn toward him...

Suddenly, he got his wish; Jack turned, and Will got a perfect view of his sculpted chest, flat stomach, and the dark trail of hair that started just below his bellybutton. He followed the line until it disappeared under the water. He squinted, trying to make out anything under the water... then it belatedly hit him that if he could see the front of the other man, then that other man must be facing him... he jerked his eyes upward to meet Jack's amused expression.

Will couldn't think of a thing to say that wouldn't make him sound even more guilty than he already looked. He realised his mouth was hanging open so he closed it with a snap, blushing crimson.

Jack just smiled more widely and looked Will up and down slowly. The other man's gaze made Will feel hot, and he realised he was fully hard now. He hoped the water covered his arousal but he couldn't look down to check. His heart was pounding and his palms were sweating and he still couldn't speak.

Finally, Jack spoke. "Come on over, Will, the waterfall's perfect. I won't bite." Another look over Will's body, and those gold teeth flashed in the sun as he grinned. " 'Less you want me to."

Will made a small strangled sound as those eyes captured him. He felt like prey. But he moved closer anyway, stepping under the spray and rinsing his hair. He was acutely aware of every inch of his body, and he could almost feel those dark eyes on him. And he liked it. He was hard as a rock and it made him feel reckless. He'd been dreaming of Jack, he knew he had feelings for the man and he wanted to explore that. But he didn't know how.

Without opening his eyes, Will knew that Jack had moved closer to him. He opened them slowly to look into Jack's eyes, a mere foot away.

"Have you been hiding something from me, Will my boy?" asked Jack softly.

Will looked at him, eyes wide, and shook his head. "I never said I was a eunuch, Jack, you said that..." It was the first thing that came to his mind.

Jack laughed. "I knew you weren't a eunuch, Will," he all but purred.

"Oh," was all Will could say, transfixed as he was by Jack, naked and wet and oh so close. His cock ached; he'd never been this hard before. Then he squeaked; a hand encircled his arousal under the water.

"You've been hiding this, Will Turner," Jack murmured. "I had no idea." Jack moved even closer, their bodies separated by only inches and the hand began to stroke him now.

"N-neither did I," admitted Will, eyes fluttering shut at the intimate touch. "I was looking for you, you know..." he moaned.

"You were? I'm flattered," breathed Jack, moving even closer and releasing Will's cock in favour of pressing their bodies together.

Now Will could only whimper as the hot length of the pirate's body burned against his own, another hard cock against his for the first time. It felt incredible.

But when Jack's mouth covered his and he parted his lips to an invading tongue, it felt even better. Jack's hands came up to encircle him, settling at the small of his back and pulling them together even more tightly.

They kissed, tongues twisting together and Will had never even imagined a kiss could feel like this, scorching and searing and making him want to crawl inside Jack's mouth. Jack pulled back and Will realised he was clinging to the other man's shoulders. He gazed into dark eyes and knew that everything had been worth it. "Jack..."

Jack looked more serious than Will had ever seen him. "As nice as this is, my boy, I feel I must ask: are you sure? Cause if we go much farther, I can't guarantee I can stop, y'know..."

"I..." Will took a deep breath, trying to concentrate with all that naked Jack against him. "I'm sure. I couldn't stop thinking about you," he admitted. "I... dreamed of you," he said, his face flushing.

"Did you now?" smiled Jack. "That's very flattering, d'you know that? I may have dreamed about you a time or two, m'self."

"Really?" breathed Will. This was almost too good to be true. "What did you dream about?" His own dreams had been vague, unformed and frustrating. He felt very na�ve.

A truly wicked grin spread across Jack's face, sending a shiver down Will's spine and a jolt of desire to his cock. "Why don't I show you?"

"Ok..." moaned Will, and then there were no words.

Jack ran his hands down Will's back, sealing their bodies together as he ravished the younger man's mouth. Will melted into it, surrendering to the overwhelming feelings running through him. His whole body felt like it was on fire, and he wanted everything without knowing what it was.

Jack pulled back, his lips swollen and reddened from the kiss. "So, Will, you like?"

"I like," Will sighed. "Show me more, Jack, please?"

"Your wish is my command, boy," said Jack. "I think we should go to the shore now, unless you want to drown."

Will nodded, following Jack to the sun-warmed rocks, trying not to stare as more of the pirate's body came into view. Brown, smooth skin, angles instead of curves... Will hadn't had much experience but it was all with women. Just Elizabeth, actually. He loved her, but she never made him feel like this, like his body was on fire and Jack was the only one who could quench it.

Fully out of the water now, Jack turned to face Will and the younger man gave a soft gasp. He'd never seen another man fully naked before, and Jack was also fully aroused. It should have scared him, but he only felt hotter.

Jack was looking expectantly at him, not at all ashamed of his nakedness, so Will took a deep breath and walked out of the water as well. The water dripped off him and he felt dreadfully exposed, but Jack was looking at his body with a look that made Will forget all his doubts. Lust blazed in those dark eyes and he just couldn't wait to feel more of everything.

Will reached up and pushed his wet curls out of his face, still feeling self-conscious, but then Jack was there, pressing his body against him and kissing him hard. When they broke for air, the pirate moaned, all pretense gone, "God, Will, I just can't believe I finally get to touch you..."

Will's breath hitched as their hard cocks rubbed against each other. "Jack," he breathed. "I want you... but I don't know what to do..."

Jack smiled. "I'll show you, Will. And, oh, will I enjoy it. So will you. Promise."

Will smiled back. "I don't doubt that."

Then the talking appeared to be over. Jack sank to his knees, and Will gasped. His arousal was right in Jack's face and he couldn't possibly... oh god, he was, Jack was touching his cock, pulling toward his lips and he'd never felt such a thing, of course Elizabeth had never done this to him and he really didn't want to think of her right now... then Jack's tongue was circling him, and he automatically buried his hands in the pirate's long hair. "Jack..."

Jack didn't stop, just lowered his mouth, taking in inch after inch of Will's cock, and the younger man all but screamed. He looked down to see his hard length disappearing in the pirate's mouth, and that was almost as good as the feeling it gave him. Well, no it wasn't, but the view was awfully nice. Jack had wrapped a hand around Will's thigh and his fingers seemed to burn his skin.

About the time his cock was halfway in Jack's mouth (and the man seemed to be taking his sweet time) Will was no longer coherent. Hot, wet, suction, oh god... he wanted it to last forever but he also knew his climax was going to be extraordinary. He stopped thinking about anything except how good it felt.

Jack was bobbing his head up and down now, and Will was moaning continuously. "God, yes, Jack, so good, please please..."

Jack's hand slid higher on the back of Will's thigh, brushing against his ass, and Will gasped. Long fingers brushed gently down the cleft of his ass and without thinking Will pushed back against them, greedy for the feeling. The fingers settled right over his entrance, and Jack's mouth seemed to speed up, and then it was over, Will was screaming Jack's name, and it was so good he thought he was going to die. He could feel his hot seed pour into Jack's mouth, and he couldn't even regret not warning the other man as he emptied his desire.

Will was still panting as whimpering when Jack stood, holding him close. Then lips were pressed to his again, and that taste was his, and Will moaned into Jack's mouth, clinging to him.

After the kiss, Will lay his head on Jack's shoulder for long moments, until he felt he must speak.

"Jack, that was..." Will was at a loss for words as he pulled back to look at the pirate's handsome face.

"Amazing? Incredible? Earth-shattering? Brilliant? I could go on all day," grinned Jack.

Will smiled and said, "Yes. All of those." He shifted against Jack and realised something. "You haven't..." he still blushed a bit.

Jack smiled. "Would you like to help me with it?"

Will nodded, and Jack took his hand and guided to his hard cock. Will gasped as he wrapped his fingers around it; hot, hard, silky, and he'd never touched another cock before. Jack placed his hand over Will's, and his eyes fluttered shut and he began to move both their hands.

Jack guided Will's hand faster and faster, and Will watched in fascination as Jack's face was overtaken by desire.

"Jack," he breathed.

"Will," moaned Jack. "Feels so good, wanted you to touch me like this, so long..."

Will liked the feel of the cock in his hand, but he knew there was more. "Jack... don't you want to..." he blushed again, unable to say it yet.

But Jack seemed to understand. In a voice thickened by passion, he said, "I do want to make love to you, yes, Will. But not here. Not now. Want it to be right when I take you." He moaned, obviously thinking of just that, and Will moaned as well.

"I want that too, Jack," he breathed, and from Jack's reaction Will could tell that the older man liked that idea. He went on, feeling bolder. "I want you to touch me all over, Jack. Want you on top of me..."

"God, Will..." Jack gave a low strangled sound and his cock pulsed, and Will felt the wet heat cover their hands as he climaxed. Jack crushed his mouth to Will's and they kissed deeply, desperately.

They held each other for long moments, the only sound their breath and the chirping of unseen birds.

Finally, Jack pulled back and looked at Will. "You don't have to go back to Port Royal just yet, do you?" His tone was light, but Will thought he detected a serious note.

"I'm not going back," Will said firmly. "I want to stay. On the Pearl." He took a deep breath. "If you'll allow it, of course, Captain." He looked into Jack's eyes, hoping that this hadn't been a one-time thing.

Jack looked back at Will, a slow smile spreading across his face. "I think I have an opening in the crew. If you want to be my cabin boy, of course."

Continued in part 3