Title: Trouble in Paradise -- part 3
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/Will Turner
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When Will and Jack finally made it back to the Black Pearl, Will felt like what they had done was written all over his face. He couldn't stop grinning, and his body felt wonderful. His clothes were still damp, and his feet hurt, but he was sure he'd never felt happier.

But, aside from a few odd looks from the parrot, no one seemed to notice a thing out of sorts. Will felt vaguely insulted.

Jack decided it was safe enough for the Pearl to stay docked at the small harbor for another day or two; the crew needed rest, and if they headed for Tortuga now, no one would get any.

And the way that Jack smiled at him, Will knew he had other reasons for not being in any hurry.

Just having Jack look at him like that sent shivers down his spine. Pleasurable shivers, that seemed connected to his cock and made him wish for nightfall.

A couple of the crew had managed to dig up a load of clams on the beach, and they all settled down for a feast. They'd taken on quite a bit of food from the pirates who'd captured Will, and Jack reasoned that it would spoil if they didn't use it up.

A case of rum had also been appropriated, and this seemed to make Jack very happy.

Will enjoyed the meal greatly, but he kept sneaking looks at Jack across the table and he was anxious for it to end.

Though, he had no assurance that Jack intended to make love to him tonight, he had a pretty good idea that they would at least do more exploring.

Jack stood to make a toast, and Will couldn't drag his eyes from Jack's crotch. Now that he knew what he was looking for, Will could see the man's erection when Jack moved just so. Jack was hard, for him, and that made Will whimper softly. He found he really wanted to try what Jack had done to him. He wanted to suck Jack's cock. Just saying that to himself was enough to bring a flush to his cheeks. The flush wasn't from the rum, as Will wasn't drinking much of it. Neither was Jack, really, Will noticed. Perhaps he wanted a clear head for tonight. That sent another shiver through him, and he moaned under his breath.

Jack looked over at him quickly, his dark eyes dancing with mischief. Had Jack been able to hear his moan? Did the pirate have any idea how hard he was for him, sitting here at this table, trying to be patient?

Will decided to let Jack know.

Jack was beginning his toast. He raised a goblet of rum, waving it about as he spoke. "Gentlemen. And lady," he said, bowing to Anamaria, "And others that do not fit into the abovementioned categories," he added, slurring just slightly and nodding at the acknowledgement that statement got. "I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being part of the greatness that is," he paused dramatically, "The Black Pearl." This was met with cheers and Jack bowed briefly before going on. "Now, then... in a roundabout way I s'pose we have to thank young Will here," he waved his goblet at Will, who nodded, "'Cause if it hadn't been for him, we wouldn't have this lovely repast that we're, well, repasting and all that." Jack frowned for a moment, as if he'd lost his train of thought. "Well, we also wouldn't have had to risk our lives an' all that, but personally, I think he's worth it." Jack flashed a grin at Will then, and Will very casually ran his hand over his own erection, letting the cloth outline it for a second before fixing his face in an innocent expression. He was rewarded by Jack's jaw dropping for a moment, and a lascivious look that made him feel even hotter. Then Jack went on, still staring fixedly at Will, "So eat up, drink up and be merry. I know I will be."

There was a look of confusion around the table before everyone started cheering, with a few looks of comprehension from the more cognizant of the crew. Will found he was blushing, and looked down. He really couldn't wait until the meal was over, but he understood that the captain needed to spend time with his crew.

And he had to admit he really liked the building anticipation, sending a jolt of desire through him every time their eyes met. When Jack licked his lips and looked straight at Will's crotch, he had to shift in his seat, his cock pulsed so much. All he could think of was the way that Jack had taken him into his mouth earlier...

Well, two could play at that game. Will reached for something across the table, couldn't reach it, so stood up and quite deliberately bent over at the waist, stretching his lithe body more than necessary to get it. When he turned, he saw Jack staring fixedly at his ass, quite obviously. He hid a grin and sat down. Then, he proceeded to peel a banana and eat it. Now, he had really no idea what he was doing, but he pretended the banana was Jack's cock, and he ate it slowly, savouring.

When he looked up this time, Jack had the most intense look on his face Will had ever seen, and he felt pinned to his chair by that gaze. The promise in those eyes made Will breathless and he just knew he couldn't eat another bite.

Luckily, Jack seemed to feel the same way. He stood, conspicuously pulling down his shirt, and announced, "Well I think I'll leave the rest of you scallywags to it then, I'm beat." A raised eyebrow to Will, and he added, "I trust I don't have to oversee the changing of the lookout in one hour, savvy?"

A chorus of affirmations greeted this, assuring him that all was well and he should run along and get some rest. A few chuckles followed that and some significant looks at Will.

"What?" Jack said, looking confused.

"It's ok, Cap'n, we know," Anamaria spoke for them all.

"Know what?" asked Jack, trying to look innocent and failing utterly.

The parrot chose this moment to chime in, squawking, "Run it up the flagpole, mateys! Run it up the flagpole!"

The crew dissolved in raucous laughter at that point, and Jack contrived to look affronted, hands on hips as he surveyed his crew. "Well, Will, love, it looks like we haven't been quite as discreet as I'd thought."

Will buried his head in his hands, his face completely red. "God," he mumbled. Not that he was ashamed, really, but he didn't care to have the whole crew privy to his innermost secrets.

But the crew assured them they were fine with it, being well acquainted with the Captain's idiosyncrasies by now.

Finally, Jack and Will left together amid a chorus of well-wishes and ribald comments.

Will took a deep breath as he entered Jack's cabin, and began to speak. He got as far as "Well, that went better than..." before his mouth was covered by Jack's, and he was pressed up against the door.

All thoughts other than Jack and what he wanted the man to do to him fled in the face of that kiss. Pressed against the door, hardness matching his own pressed into his thigh, Jack's thigh between his own, Will lost himself in the kiss. He groaned into Jack's mouth as the man's thigh moved up, pressing deliberately against his arousal, rubbing up and down.

Jack pulled back and stared into Will's eyes, breathing hard, still rubbing against Will's cock. He looked a bit wild-eyed, and his lips looked perfectly kiss-swollen. "That's for teasing me at the table, Will," he purred, his voice doing wonderful things to Will's libido.

Will couldn't answer, just moaned as Jack made him lose his mind. He bucked up against that thigh, wanting more friction. His hands came up to pull Jack closer. "Jack," he finally managed to moan.

"Yes, Will?" smirked Jack, looking smug and sexy as hell.

"Want you," he moaned in answer. "Want everything," he added, hoping that the meaning was clear.

"Good," murmured Jack. "Cause I'm going to give it all to you, love, every bit. Nothing, and no one, is going to stop me from making love to you all night."

Will gasped softly; those words were almost as good as the thigh rubbing him so perfectly. "I want that," he agreed.

"Then let's go to the bed, shall we?" Jack said, pulling back.

Will whimpered with the loss of contact, but then Jack was pulling him to the bed, and he followed unquestioningly. He let the older man pull him down, and then it was even better, because Jack was on top of him. Oh god... all his half-formed dreams and fantasies were nothing compared with the reality of the man on top of him. The sweet insistent weight, the hard lines of Jack's body, the very *idea* of what they were doing... Will arched up, completely addicted to this already, knowing he would never get enough.

Jack's hands were everywhere, bringing Will to the brink of ecstasy and he was still fully clothed. But Jack was working on that, and soon his warm hands were delving into Will's opened shirt. Those rough hands skated over his tanned chest, then Will gasped as a nipple was rolled between Jack's thumb and finger. "Jack..." he gasped.

Jack grinned at him, gold teeth glinting in the candlelight. "Yes, Will?"

"Clothes... want them off," he managed to say between moans. He desperately needed to feel Jack's naked body against his.

Jack chuckled, but said, "An excellent idea, Mr. Turner."

Then Jack was touching him everywhere, and their clothes seemed to all but dissolve, because Will could hardly remember them coming off. He just knew that they were skin to skin at last, and it felt wonderful, and he wanted Jack to do everything.

Jack felt burning hot against him, sleek and smooth and hard in all the right places. His cock felt ready to explode already, and they'd barely started.

"Oh, Will," groaned Jack. "I've wanted this... you... so long, can't believe you're finally here..." Jack kissed Will on his neck, his chest, everywhere, and when he bit gently at Will's nipples, the younger man arched up off the bed.

"Jack!" gasped Will. The new sensations were incredible.

Jack kissed a searing trail down Will's taut stomach, then moved on to his inner thigh, pushing Will's legs apart. He grabbed a small vial of oil off the bedside table.

Will gasped as a well-oiled finger circled his entrance. "Oh, Jack, what are you doing?"

"Getting you ready, Will," whispered Jack as he gently slid one finger inside. "Don't want to hurt you."

"Oh..." It felt odd, yet so good, Jack's warm fingers inside him, opening him, and Will lost himself in it. He was soon panting and pushing back on Jack's fingers. When Jack moved his fingers inside Will a certain way, he screamed because it felt so good.

Then Jack's fingers were gone, and the pirate was above him again, looking down and Will could feel something bigger and thicker pressing against him.

"You sure about this, Will?" Jack asked, looking down at Will with a mixture of concern and unbridled lust.

"Yes, Jack, please do it, want you inside me," Will moaned, trying to push himself against Jack more.

Jack gave a strangled groan that made Will's cock pulse, and then he slid inside. Slowly, Will felt himself taken, and the burn was nothing compared to the pleasure. He almost climaxed just from the thought, that Jack was inside him, taking him, making love to him.

Will looked up at Jack, breathing hard, and said, "How does it feel?"

Jack was fully inside will now, and he paused, panting, "So good, Will... you're so hot, so tight around me..." He was clearly holding himself back with effort. "You all right?"

"More than all right," Will said. "Want more, come on, Jack..." If the man sliding inside him felt this good, he could only imagine what the rest would be like. He squeezed his muscles around Jack's cock.

"Fuck," cried out Jack, giving an involuntary jerk that made Will cry out with pleasure.

"Do that again, please, Jack," Will was begging now, he loved the way it had felt when Jack's arousal pushed deeper inside him.

In answer, Jack just growled, and began to move inside Will. Out, in, harder each time, Jack built up a rhythm until he was slamming into the other man with all his strength.

"You're amazing," groaned Jack, "You can take it as hard as I can give..."

Will was hanging onto the headboard, slim body rocking with Jack's thrusts and loving every second. "Yes, I can take it, give me more," he demanded. All he knew was that the harder Jack drove into him, the better it felt.

Will was entranced with the sight of the sexy pirate above him, skin sheened with the effort of their lovemaking, tanned body, intense eyes as he drove into him, and he just couldn't take his eyes off him. But then, he felt Jack's hand wrap around his cock, and he screamed.

"Jack! Yes! God!" And he arched up and climaxed helplessly, hands clenched on the headboard and every muscle straining. He was truly afraid he would pass out from sheer pleasure. He looked up at Jack, hoping the older man was feeling what he was.

Jack waited until Will's release had finished, then he grabbed hold of the younger man's slim hips and pounded even harder. Then, he stiffened, crying out Will's name and he felt himself filled with molten heat. Will watched, rapt, as Jack was overcome with ecstasy. For him.

Jack pulled out carefully and rolled to the side, catching his breath. "You're gonna kill me after all, boy," he whispered, but he didn't look unhappy at all.

"No, I won't," Will shook his head. "If you died, I wouldn't be able to do this with you." He grinned.

Jack laughed, still flat on his back. "I think I've created a monster."

"Probably," nodded Will happily. "So we can do this again?"

"Oh, most definitely," Jack agreed, pulling himself up on one elbow to look at the gorgeous swordsmith in his bed. He glanced down. "Though not right away. I'm not as young as you, m'boy."

Will smiled. "I don't care how old you are, Jack. You're wonderful." He looked pensive for a moment. "You said that you've wanted me for a while..." It wasn't quite a question.

Jack replied immediately, "From the first time we crossed swords."

"But...I never knew... why didn't you..." Will trailed off.

"Why didn't I just stroll up to you and ask you if you wanted a tumble with old Captain Jack?" he said, smiling.

"Well, I might have said yes," Will answered.

"Or you might have run me through with one of your fine swords," suggested Jack, "Instead, I'd prefer to run you through with m'own sword." He laughed at his own joke.

Will smiled and buried his face in Jack's shoulder, inhaling his scent. "I think I'm going to like it on the Black Pearl."

The End