Title: Stuck On You
Author: *kelley* and Jade
Pairing: Ken/Ken
Series: Mattel? Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was night, and the room was silent. All the toys lay haphazardly strewn across the room, left to rest where they had fallen. Up at her mansion Barbie was sprawled out on the floor next to her lavish pink bed, a plastic champagne bottle and empty glass sitting next to her. She was clad only in a sparkly silver top, her overly curvaceous frame nude from the waist down, her blonde hair matted into knots. From the looks of her room, and the condition she was in, it was obvious she had had yet another party. Downstairs, Midge floated face down in the pool, her shocking orange hair swirling in the murky water. She had on half of her bathing suit, the other half having mysteriously vanished. Both she and Barbie got a bit wild when they drank non existent liquor.

Across the room the Ken dolls were draped on top of one other, their naked bodies pressed together. Neither had seen their clothing in ages, as it had been discarded soon after they were released from their boxes. They were relegated to running around in the buff, while Barbie and her whorish friends got smothered with clothing.

Ken1 sat up a bit, running his hand over his perfectly styled plastic hair. "It looks like Barbie is in another one of her drunken stupors."

Looking over at the darkened mansion, Ken2 could just make out Barbie's feet peeking around the end of the bed. "Again? I didn't know they made Lush Barbie."

Suppressing a chuckle, Ken1 looked down at his mirror image. Ken2 was always making him laugh, and he was pretty easy on the eyes. He had to look away quickly, as staring at Ken2 for too long always made his plastic crotch feel strange.

Ken2 looked up just then, caught in Ken1's plastic gaze. He didn't even mind that the children had left them in this position; he liked the feel of Ken1's smooth plastic chest against his. Then Ken1 looked away, and he felt disappointed. He always felt like there was something missing in his life, something he just didn't have. He should have been happy; there was the Malibu Beach House, that Barbie and her friends hardly ever used now that they had the Castle. He could drive the red Corvette convertible any time he wanted, now that Barbie had had her license suspended after her third DUI. And Barbie and her friends were always lounging about in skimpy fashions that barely covered their bendable bodies. But he just wasn't interested in all that. The nightlight reflected off of Ken1's perfect profile, and suddenly his nonexistent heart beat faster.

Never able to look away for long, Ken1's eyes were drawn back to the doll spread out under him. Perhaps it was his imagination, but the painted sparkle in Ken2's eyes seemed more distinct tonight, the blue depths seeming to radiate warmth in the dim light of the room. Ken1 knew he should move, but he couldn't force his rigid plastic limbs to bend. He had to admit, if only to himself, that Ken2 was strikingly handsome and he had wanted to be in this position for quite some time. If he leaned down just a bit he could easily press their molded plastic lips together...

Now Ken1 was looking at him again, and Ken2 was transfixed. He loved the way Ken1's body felt on top of him, and he felt like if he moved just a bit, it would feel even better... he wiggled, and Ken1 shifted just a bit, and their bodies lined up more perfectly. He wondered what it would feel like to kiss Ken1; he'd seen real people do it on television, and they seemed to like it very much. "Ken..." he breathed.

If Ken1 had possessed the ability to breathe, then he would have lost it as Ken2 looked up at him. The other Ken was just too beautiful, a perfect sculpture of a man, and Ken1 was too weak to resist the urges he felt. Dipping his head down, he touched his lips to Ken2's, wishing that he had a bendable neck so he could get a slightly better angle. But, even with the awkwardness the tentative kiss was better than anything he had ever felt. Usually he was crushed against Barbie's face, and forced to kiss her plain drawn on smile; but now as he felt Ken2's lips against his own, he knew what a real kiss felt like. It burned through his body, making him feel like he had been left lying in the sun for too long.

Somehow hard plastic felt like warm soft lips, and Ken2 kissed back without reservation. So different from Barbie and her plastic curves, Ken1 was every inch a man and knew just how he felt. Ken2 arched up as Ken1's arms went to either side of him, and if he moved his hip joints just so, his plastic crotch pressed against Ken1's identical one. For once, he was glad of the fact that no one ever bothered to put clothes on them (though they had several perfectly serviceable outfits, and Ken2 was particularly fond of the African Safari outfit). The pressure of the smooth plastic against him made him ache inexplicably.

Ken1 also felt the strange current passing through him as their crotches clicked together again and again. He wished that he could wrap Ken2's legs around him, but the other doll wasn't quite that flexible and such a position would most likely result in Ken2's legs being snapped off. So, he settled for grinding their smooth crotches against each other as he rubbed their mouths together. There was something odd coiling behind his perfectly molded stomach, some need, or ache that wanted to be satisfied; but he had no idea how to sate it.

If Ken2 could have panted, he would have, as the unfamiliar feeling built up. Somehow he knew what they were doing was illicit, that they shouldn't be doing this, but he didn't want it to ever stop. He felt frantic and needy and so good at the same time; every time Ken1's crotch rubbed against his, he moaned. He bent his arms as far as they would go and moved them until they rested on Ken1's hard plastic ass.

Groaning, which was quite a feat considering his lips couldn't move, Ken1 slammed his hips down as he felt Ken2's hands settling on his ass. He cursed his manufacturers for forcing him to be imprisoned in the flesh colored undergarments that he could not escape. His movements grew jerky, due to both his joint structure and the fact that he was nearing the pinnacle of some new feeling. His crotch was growing warmer and warmer, feeling like it was almost melding with Ken2's. He couldn't help moaning out his lover's - and by a bizarre twist, his own - name. "Ken! Oh, Ken!"

Ken2 felt it too; the strange heat radiated out from where their bodies rubbed together. It felt incredible, like he was on the edge of something new and wonderful. He wished he was real, wished he could move more, wished for something he didn't even know, as suddenly his crotch felt even hotter, and an intense wrenching, indescribable feeling gripped him. His crotch felt molten, even liquid, and his body jerked minutely against Ken1's.

The feeling of Ken2 shuddering under him triggered something in Ken1. His plastic frame shook as something tore through his body, leaving him even more immobile than he was normally. His crotch was hot and felt somewhat wet, though he didn't know such a thing was possible. He collapsed onto Ken2, restoring them to their previous position, though he felt far more relaxed and satiated than he just minutes before. "What.. What was that?"

"I don't know," whispered Ken2. "But I liked it." A quick glance around showed him that none of the other dolls had noticed anything amiss. He felt shy, but he looked up at Ken1. "Did you like it?"

Attempting to nod his head, Ken1 grew frustrated when his neck wouldn't move. "I did," he replied softly. "I hope that we get left like this again. Maybe in the Corvette next time." He didn't know if they'd be lucky enough to have a second chance, but he hoped they would. The experience had been so amazing that Ken1 was already craving more.

"Oh, I like the Corvette," said Ken2 softly. "But maybe we'd better move, just in case someone sees us this way?" Ken2 didn't want to be separated from Ken1, but he also wanted this to happen again.

"You're right," Ken1 agreed reluctantly. "Although, we'll have to get back into position before morning so we don't raise suspicions." Ken1 had no desire to move, but he knew Ken2 was right; if Barbie woke up she'd throw a hissy fit at seeing them this way. Ken1 tried to roll to the side, but to his horror Ken2 moved with him. He tried rolling the other way with the same results. Maneuvering his hands to the ground, Ken1 pushed up a bit and was finally able to figure out why he had felt so warm and wet a minute ago. It seemed that the friction between their bodies had not only metaphorically made them melt, but had also literally made them melt. Their plastic crotches had overheated and bonded together. "Umm... Ken?"

Ken2's eyes were as wide as they ever got as he realized their predicament. "Yes, Ken?" he asked, hoping that the other doll knew what was going on.

Trying to break the news as gently as possible, Ken1 smiled (Well, he always smiled, but this time he meant it). "I'm afraid we're stuck with each other."

The End