Title: Punished
Author: *kelley* and Jade
Pairing: Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: chanslash/shota
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

* * * * * * * * * * *

The door to the Slytherin common room slammed against the doorstop with the force of Snape's anger. The Potions master shoved the blond boy through roughly, making him stumble. "Out! All of you!" the head of house commanded, making the students scramble.

Trying to right himself after being pushed inside, Draco backed up into the leather couch in the middle of the room. He watched all his housemates flee, and in mere seconds only he and Snape remained. Draco began to apologize quickly, tripping over his words in order to calm the rage in the older man's eyes. "I'm sorry, Professor! I didn't know Potter would react that quickly! The first curse I sent knocked him good, though..."

"No one remembers the first curse, you stupid boy," growled Snape, advancing on Draco. They'll only remember Potter blasting you back. And then speaking Parseltongue. You've embarrassed me gravely, Mr. Malfoy."

His back to the couch, Draco had nowhere to go. Not that he would have run if he could have. He was rooted to the spot; transfixed by the way his professor's eyes flashed with anger, how each step he took told of his strength and power. Suddenly he was stuttering, and not from fear. "I... I'm sorry! I tried... I did exactly what you told me to do! How was I supposed to know that he... he could speak Parseltongue?"

"One has to learn to be prepared for the unexpected," snapped the professor. He dropped his voice deliberately, stepping even closer to the trembling boy. He tried not to notice how delectable Draco looked like this. No arrogance, no attitude, just his eagerness to please. "I expect more from *you*," he added silkily. Best not to let his mind stray; that way lay ruin.

Draco bit his lower lip and looked down. "I know, sir. I... I'm sorry! I won't let it happen again." He had thought that the dueling club would be the perfect place for him to show off for the Potions master. It should have been so easy! Blast Potter and make Professor Snape happy. But the stupid Gryffindor had hit him back, and messed up everything!

Snape almost took pity on Draco then, so perfectly delicious was his contrition. But... he had to teach the boy a lesson about living up to expectations. "No, I'm sure you won't, Mr. Malfoy. Especially after I give you your punishment for failing me." He looked down, deliberately looming over Draco. He tried not to think about how he really wanted to punish the blond boy. He'd really grown over the break and turned heads all over the school now. Snape had a weakness for blonds.

Eyes going huge, Draco's head snapped up, and he gulped as he finally noticed just how close the older man was. Snape was leaning over him, invading his personal space in a way that made the blond's legs tremble. The Potions master looked so threatening, so angry... so sensual. "P-punishment?"

"Do I stutter, Malfoy? Yes, punishment. Did you think you would get away with humiliating me like that?" purred Snape, enjoying himself now. He could smell the boy now, he was so close. Did Draco have any idea how sexy he was like this?

"I didn't mean to humiliate you, Professor! I tried my best..." The blond said pleadingly. There was an almost frantic edge to his voice. Having Snape so close was already beginning to arouse Draco, and considering how mad the older man was he didn't think this reaction would please the other wizard.

"Well, your best wasn't good enough, then," murmured Snape. "How will I be certain you won't let Potter get the better of you yet again? Don't think I've forgotten that for the first time since I became head of this house, Slytherin no longer holds the house cup." He leaned in closer, a tight coil of desire pooling in his lower body. He really was enjoying this too much.

Draco tried to lean back but he was trapped between the unmoving leather sofa and the towering frame of his professor. "We should have won that first year, sir! We did win, but then Dumbledore," he paused to sneer angrily, "awarded all those points to the Gryffindors!"

"Yes, of course, Draco, we must always blame our losses on someone else," Snape said smoothly, dangerously. "I forget sometimes that you're still a child," he added, knowing how those words would sting the proud boy.

Mouth falling open in shock, Draco's eyes narrowed and he had to stop himself from pouting. A child? He wasn't a child! A wicked thought came to his mind. He would prove that to Snape! Leaning up, he stood on his tiptoes and crushed his lips to Snape's. His kiss was clumsy, and rushed, but he poured all the desire he felt into it. That would show the older man just how mature he was.

Snape froze in shock as the boy's soft lips pressed against his. He knew the boy was impulsive, but he had never dreamed that he would do anything like this. He had suspected that Draco had a crush on him, but had thought that it would fade over time. But the young Malfoy had exceeded his expectations in this respect. Suddenly he realised that though he wasn't responding to the kiss, he also wasn't stopping it. And as much as he would love to ravish the boy, he couldn't. He pushed Draco back against the couch, breaking the kiss, and growled. "What in Merlin's name do you think you're doing, boy?"

"I was showing you that I'm not a child," Draco replied hotly, wishing his voice didn't sound quite so breathless. He straightened himself back up, and looked the older man directly in the eye. "I know I'm young, but I'm not a child..." The blond licked his lips and let his eyes drop to Snape's mouth. Kissing the Potions master had been better than he had imagined, and he had imagined it often. In fact, he was imagining doing it again right now.

"Only a child would do such a thing uninvited," snapped the older man. "Not only are you my student, but you're much too young." He couldn't deny how the kiss had affected him, though. One touch of the boy's lips and he was hard as a rock. Tempted, he wondered if Draco was aroused too.

Stomping his foot in frustration, Draco let out an annoyed huff. "I'm not too young! I'm old enough to know what I want. To know what... turns me on." Much to his chagrin a blush blossomed over his pale cheeks. Had he just said that to Professor Snape?

Snape couldn't help himself. An evil smirk settled across his face. "Oh, really, Mr. Malfoy? Do enlighten me, then. What turns you on, as you so eloquently put it?" He knew teasing the boy was cruel, but he was a cruel man and Draco blushed so prettily.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Draco looked defiantly up at the older man. Snape was teasing him! He thought Draco was nothing more than a stupid child. Well, the blond would show him. "*You* do, Professor," he purred, trying as hard as he could to make his voice seductive. He fluttered his eyelashes and leaned closer. "You're turning me on right now..." Had he given it a moment's thought Draco would have realized what a dangerous game he was playing. But he was being rash, letting his anger control him.

Snape leered, leaning closer to the boy. Draco was just too perfect. "Am I, now?" he whispered, letting the velvet tones of his voice caress the blond. "And just how turned on are you, Mr. Malfoy?" he purred. "Please do tell me, insolent *little* boy." He knew he should leave right now, get away before he did something he would regret. But his arousal ached and pulsed, and he was enjoying himself.

Little?! Angrily, Draco ripped open his robes and tugged them off. If Snape wanted proof of Draco's arousal, he'd get it! The blond braced his hands on the couch behind him, and leaned back, giving Snape full view of his body. He was still fully clothed, but it was hard to miss the erection stretching out the front of his pants. "Do you want to see more?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

Snape absolutely could not stop his eyes from sweeping over the length of Draco's body. The boy hadn't been kidding, he was very aroused, and judging from the way his pants were stretched, quite mature for his age. Yes, he did want to see more, to see everything, but he couldn't say that. Instead, he raised his own eyebrows. "Impressive, Mr. Malfoy. Either you are telling the truth or you have a sock stuffed down your trousers." He paused, to let his words sink in and to get control of himself. "However there still is the issue of your punishment to consider. I do think I shall have to mete out an appropriate punishment for propositioning your head of house." He knew he was making a mistake, he should leave now, get away from Draco, before he did something he shouldn't.

Realization of what he was doing dawned on Draco. Fear flashed through his eyes, and he slumped slightly. He hadn't been thinking at all. Snape had made him so angry, and he'd just... reacted. And now he was in even more trouble. With this, plus the incident at the dueling club, his punishment was sure to be severe. Lowering his head he spoke softly. "What will you do to me, Professor?"

Snape looked on in satisfaction at Draco's reaction. Perfect. "I believe in making the punishment fit the crime, as it were," mused the professor. "So, in this case..." he took out his wand and with a spell locked the doors securely. He turned to face the worried boy once more, and decided what to do. He was sure it wasn't appropriate but his body was thinking for him, and he wanted to see more. "Drop your trousers, Mr. Malfoy."

A shocked gasp escaped from Draco, and he stared up at the Potions Master. Snape wanted him to... to... His cheeks went bright red, but his hands fumbled to undo his belt. "Y-yes, sir..." Draco's fingers were clumsy and shaking as they unfastened his belt, and then went for the button of his trousers. Suddenly his breath was coming faster, and his heart was pounding. The blond had no idea what the older man was planning, but that didn't stop his arousal from growing.

Snape couldn't help but smirk at the boy's discomfiture. Desire was warring with his common sense right now, but he could just tell himself he was punishing Draco. He hadn't crossed the line. Yet. "Do hurry, Mr. Malfoy. I haven't got all night."

Eager hands sped up, and Draco finally managed to get his trousers undone. He pushed them, and his boxers, down letting them gather around his ankles. "Should I take them all the way off, sir?" He asked, already starting to pant with need.

With a supreme act of will, Snape kept his breathing even as he looked upon Draco. The boy's erection was every bit as perfect as he had thought, poking up through the open bottom of his shirt to glisten against the starched white. He had a sudden urge to kneel before the boy and take that untouched cock into his mouth. Because he was perfectly sure that Draco had never been touched there before. But, there was punishment to be served... "No. Leave them that way. Now turn around and bend over the arm of the couch," he instructed, keeping his voice carefully neutral as his trapped cock got wetter and harder.

Draco whimpered softly, but did as he was told. He leaned over the arm, gasping loudly as the soft leather came into contact with his erection. As if that wasn't enough, his bottom was bared and presented perfectly to Snape. He felt incredibly exposed, even though he was still half dressed. There was something decadently naughty about having his lower body nude while his upper body remained clothed. Draco started to rub himself slightly against the couch, biting back the moans that threatened to pour from his lips. He had no idea what his professor was planning, but so far this punishment was to his liking.

Snape took a moment to just look at Draco. Never had he seen such perfection. Smooth, creamy skin, rounded firm ass, strong toned thighs... perfectly framed by the clothes he was still wearing. Better than the boy being nude, his remaining clothes accented what was exposed. And the boy was so aroused too... he was rubbing himself in the couch, trying to get some relief. That wouldn't do. "Stop that, Mr. Malfoy," he said warningly, before stepping behind him. "Spread your legs more," he instructed, his voice a silky purr.

His fingers digging into leather, Draco forced himself to stop rocking against the couch. It took every ounce of willpower he had; the feeling of the cool leather caressing his arousal was intoxicating. He briefly wondered what it would feel like to be fully naked and spread out along the seat of the couch. He spread his legs as far as the trousers bunched around his ankles would allow. Looking over his shoulder he caught the Potion Master's eye. "Is... Is this good, sir?"

Suppressing the urge to tell Draco just how good he looked, Snape just said disdainfully, "That will do, Mr. Malfoy." He stood directly behind the boy now, and looked down at him. "Are you ready for your punishment?" His hands were itching to touch the silky skin, to mark it. He didn't want to hurt Draco, he just wanted to see what that perfect little ass would look like after being spanked. He suspected it would be sublime.

Draco quelled the urge to inform the older man that this *was* a punishment! He was hard, half naked, and bent over the couch by the object of his secret fantasies, with said object standing so close he could feel the body heat radiating off him. That in itself wasn't the problem; it was the fact that the blond was in this position and unable to touch himself. He was close to completion but unable to achieve it. Shivers raced down his spine. He wanted to be touched so badly, wanted desperately to feel Snape's hands on him. But he couldn't ask, couldn't speak as Snape looked down at him. The blond nodded, hoping that was good enough.

"Brace yourself," Snape warned, and with no more preamble he slapped the pert little ass. Just that momentary contact, not even very sharp, and he was harder than he had ever been. Draco's skin was indeed silk under his fingers. He spanked once more, and paused to watch the skin redden. He fought to keep his voice under control as he continued, "You've been growing more insolent. This is not acceptable."

Eyes going wide, Draco couldn't help the shocked gasp that escaped him as he felt his professor's hand coming down hard on his bottom. Snape wasn't hitting overly hard, just enough to sting; and to Draco's surprise, just enough to make him want more. He'd been fascinated by Snape from the first, and slowly that fascination had melted into desire. The blond had been harboring this hidden lust for a while; giving into temptation alone in his bed at night. He had dreamed them into so many scenarios, but nothing, no dream, no fantasy, could ever compare to the real life feeling of Snape's hand on his skin. He found himself lifting his ass higher, searching for more contact. "So bad, Professor," he cried out. "Need to be punished more."

This time, Snape did moan, surprised by Draco's reaction and more than aroused by it. The boy wanted more, and he arched so wantonly into his hand. He brought his hand down twice more, then couldn't help himself. He ran his fingers gently over the pink skin, tracing near to the boy's cleft. He was achingly hard, and Draco's entrance was so close... "Does it hurt, Draco?" he whispered.

The last two slaps had brought tears to blond's eyes, but they'd also made him harder than he'd ever been before. His arousal intensified as Snape softly trailed his fingers across the throbbing skin, teasing ever closer to where Draco wanted him to touch most. "Yes," he replied in a voice thick with need. "It does hurt. But... It feels good."

A smirk crossed Snape's face. Draco was too good to be true. "It's not a punishment if it doesn't hurt a bit," he said, spanking him twice more. "I think you're enjoying it too much, though," he observed. Now, he put both hands on the boy's ass, kneading at the reddened skin, spreading him apart roughly, his fingers brushing closer and closer to his opening. "Aren't you, Draco?" he asked, his voice rough with desire.

Draco cried out, tears spilling over and sliding down his cheeks. His bottom was growing sore, and Snape's hands were so harsh as they massaged the tender skin. "I... I am! I'm so... bad..." His breath hitched as he fought not to cry. It hurt, but it felt so incredible too. The pain and pleasure were mixing until he couldn't tell one from the other. Draco knew he couldn't hold back from orgasm much longer. His young body was being pushed to its limits.

Snape also was being pushed to the limit of his ability to hold back. He stood, hands on the exquisite buttocks of a lithe young boy, who was aroused and desired him. His own cock fought against the restraint of his trousers, and he had never been a particularly ethical man. He'd never taken advantage of a student before, though. But he'd never had a student such as Draco. "Did you know that your father has given me express permission to use whatever means I deem necessary to discipline you, Draco?" Snape asked. It was true; he and Lucius had discussed his son, before he came to Hogwarts. Lucius seemed to think that Draco would be a handful. Snape had assured him it was nothing he couldn't handle. That was when Lucius had given him permission to do whatever necessary.

Shaking his blond head, Draco tried to subtly rock his hips back and press himself closer to Snape. "I... I didn't know that, sir. Sometimes... Sometimes he has to do this to me... I'm very very bad, but... I think he likes it too." Draco turned his head and peered over his shoulder. His fair cheeks were flushed, and damp with his tears. "Do you like it, sir?" He asked softly.

Snape considered. Should he tell the boy how this made him feel? How it made him ache to bury his cock in Draco's tight young body? He suddenly had a thought. "Does your father do anything else to you, Draco?" He wouldn't put it past Lucius; there had been something in the man's eyes when he had instructed Snape to use whatever means he deemed necessary with Draco.

More color rose to the blond's face, staining both set of cheeks a lovely pink. "Sometimes after he punishes me we take a shower together... And then he puts lotion on me so I won't be sore. But he's never..." Draco trailed off knowing what Snape was asking, but unable to say the words out loud. His young body shivered slightly with pleasure as he thought back on those times with his father. "They way he looks at me though, like... Like he's hungry..." He looked up at Snape; the Potions master was looking at him in that same way right now. He couldn't help but nudge his hips lightly against the couch, moaning lowly at the soft friction.

Hungry. What a perfect way to express how Draco made him feel. He kneaded the boy's pink skin more gently now, fingers brushing closer to the opening, spreading Draco open to his view. He knew the boy was rubbing his erection again, but this time he let him. "So, Lucius has never touched you... here?" Ever so gently, he slid the tip of his finger across Draco's entrance. He couldn't help himself.

Draco's body visibly trembled, his knees almost giving out from under him. He gasped for air as one long, cool finger traced over the entrance to his body. "No," he answered breathlessly. "No one has ever... ever..." Draco whimpered, trying desperately to force the words out, but the heat blazing through him seemed to be melting his speaking abilities. He could only moan out words and hoped they made sense. "Want. You. To..."

Draco's words made him even harder, if that was possible. His rational mind, the one that was trying to tell him he couldn't possibly be considering fucking his very underage student, was being rapidly drowned out by the testosterone flowing through him. He closed his eyes for a moment. "Are you sure, Mr. Malfoy?" he managed to ask. "Do you know what you're asking for?" He continued to stroke the boy's tender entrance, his blood boiling from the thought that Draco was untouched, a virgin, and spread out in front of him, wanting. Even though he had Lucius' permission, he was sure what he wanted to do was wrong. Which made it all the better: forbidden fruit.

"I... I'm asking..," Draco cursed his body, which was more interested in pushing back on Snape's finger then forming coherent answers. And the older man wasn't helping, his finger brushing and over and over the boy's entrance, never once entering, only teasing until Draco thought he'd come from that sensation alone. "Please, sir!" He cried out. "I need you... inside me..." He hung his blonde head and panted heavily. More tears sprung to his eyes, not from pain, but from the sheer need swamping his body. Draco had never felt desire this strong, it was overwhelming in its intensity.

No one could have resisted such a plea, and Snape was no saint. He took a shuddering breath and said, "I shall give you what you ask for then, Draco," he said, finally allowing his voice to show the desire he felt. "I must prepare you." He quickly summoned a jar, and smoothed some over the boy's opening, pushing gently. "Tell me if I hurt you." His cock felt as if it would explode, but he had to go slowly.

Trying to spread his legs wider, but finding them trapped by his trousers, the young blond cried out in frustration. He was finally getting what he wanted, but it was taking too long! There was no way he would be able to stave off his climax, especially when he felt his professor's finger slowly begin to enter him. His hips jerkily rubbed against the arm of the couch, and he was powerless to stop the motion. Draco tried to choke out a warning, telling Snape he was on the brink on release. "S-sir, I... I..." A tear slid down his cheek as his body moved faster, almost frantically so, against the leather.

Snape considered for a moment; should he let Draco have his release now? The boy was so close... he decided, putting one hand on the boy's smooth back as he stepped closer, pushing one finger further inside to find the boy's sweet spot. "Go ahead, Draco. Let yourself go," he purred, twisting his finger until he found it, knowing what the new feeling would do to the boy.

Feeling Snape's finger sliding deeper, and being granted his permission pushed Draco right to the edge; he was poised, almost falling. And then the dark haired man struck something inside him, something that sent white-hot bursts of ecstasy through every inch of his body. Draco arched his back almost painfully as he gave himself over fully to release. His body was pressed tightly against couch and he was climaxing harder than he ever thought possible. His entire body shuddered and his creamy seed splashed onto his shirt, and spilled across the arm of the chair. After what seemed like an eternity the boy sagged against the couch, knowing it was the only thing holding up his shaking frame.

The boy's body tightened around his finger, and his cries made Snape ache even more. He let the boy ride it out; Draco's body was so tight, he didn't know if he'd be able to fit inside. But he would try... He slid in another finger as the boy's trembling subsided. "How did that feel, Draco?" he whispered. "Did you like it?"

As he slowly came to back to reality, the first thing Draco noticed was there was another finger inside him. He'd been so consumed, he hadn't even felt it slip in. The two fingers felt so good that even though he was worn out from his climax, Draco lifted his ass, and urged them deeper. He was so relaxed his body accepted them rather easily. "Yes, sir," he purred out sensually in response. "Thank you."

Oh god, the boy's tone inflamed his desire even farther. Every cell of his body cried out with need to pound into Draco. He bit his lip as he slid another finger into the tight channel. He moved the fingers in and out, deliberately hitting the boy's prostate. His other hand ran over Draco's silky skin possessively. He would claim the blond, make him his and his alone.

Letting out a soft cry, Draco began to move in rhythm with the fingers inside him. The addition of the third one had been slightly painful. His body was unused to being stretched, but in its relaxed state, and with Snape's carefulness, the pain soon subsided. It was replaced by wave after wave of pleasure at the professor found, and exploited, that spot deep within Draco. The blond moaned lowly, passionately, the sound almost a mewling one as he begged without words for more of the same treatment. Snape's hands moved on him, in him; stroking his entire body in a gentle way that belied the older man's normally cold demeanor. To Draco's surprise he found himself already becoming aroused again.

Snape couldn't wait any longer; he could see Draco getting hard again, and he was about to explode from need. "Draco... need you... tell me what you want..." He knew the boy wanted him, knew he could do what he wanted, but he needed to hear it from him. He unzipped his trousers and freed his cock, smoothing the lubrication on as quickly as he could. He rubbed his arousal along the cleft of Draco's ass, teasing them both.

The grating sound of Snape's zipper being lowered made Draco's cock swell into full erection. He knew the older man was undressing, and then preparing himself. The mental image alone tore a groan from the boy's throat. Draco wanted to turn and look, but he didn't have time because Snape was then pressed up right behind him. The blond could feel the man's big, hard cock against him, and he wanted nothing more than to feel it *in* him. "I want you sir," he begged with a gasp. "I want you to... to... fuck me!" Draco's earlier inhibitions were fading; he felt himself grow bolder at knowing that Snape wanted him as much as he wanted the older man. "I want to be pounded hard by your big, thick cock." Draco was growing breathless with anticipation. "I want to scream for you..."

"Draco," groaned the professor, pressing the head of his erection against the boy's entrance. "You're so hot... where did you learn to talk like that?" The young, virginal boy begging to be fucked was a million late night dreams come true. "Want you so much..." He pushed, and it seemed as if his cock would never fit inside.

"I..," Draco began to answer, but words failed him as he felt his body being stretched to accept Snape's cock. It felt so huge, so hard, so unbelievably perfect. It was everything from his fantasies and more. "I... In my... " The blond panted hard, "In my dreams, that's what I say... to you.." Draco leaned farther over the arm of the couch, offering himself even more to the man behind him. "And then I say... More!"

Snape groaned as his cock slid deeper into the impossibly tight channel. "You... you dream of me, Draco?" he asked, trying to keep himself from climaxing instantly. He gripped the boy's slim hips and made himself enter slowly.

Nodding, the boy struggled to breathe as his professor slid deeper, filled him more. "Yes!" He cried out both in response to the question, and to the sensation of Snape inside him. "You... me... this..."

The idea that Draco dreamt of him, wanted him that much, made Snape nearly lose control. "I've wanted this, too..." he whispered, nearly all the way inside now. Draco's body gripped him, and all he wanted to do was drive into him over and over.

Draco tossed his head back, causing his sweat dampened blond hair to fly around his face. "Yes! More!" he all but begged. "I can take it..." He rocked his ass back, needing to feel Snape as deep as possible. A lust fueled heat raced through him, threatening to consume his slim frame, and he welcomed it.

It was hard to believe that Draco was a virgin, the way he was reacting to every thrust. Snape could no longer maintain his reserve. The boy pushed his hips back and Snape rocked forward, driving in deeper each time. "Tell me you like it, tell me you need it," he moaned. Draco's voice was driving him over the edge as fast as his tight body.

"I *need* it!" Draco moaned sensuously. "I want it, I crave it, I love it..." He slammed back as Snape thrust forward, a loud groan tearing from his lips as they met and together filled his body completely. The blond's hand gripped the couch in front of him, fingers ripping at the leather. Each hard, pounding thrust pushed him closer and closer to another climax.

Snape knew he was lost. Never before had he taken one so young, so beautiful, so perfect, and nothing else, and no one else, would ever compare. He drove in deeper, faster, heart pounding and cock pulsing, afraid he would lose control and hurt Draco. "Tell me... if I'm hurting you," he managed to groan.

"Not hurting... want more," cried Draco, shifting into a more favorable position so Snape could pound into him. The pleasure made Draco wanton; he shamelessly let his body command his words and his actions. The pace built up and up; each time the older man's cock impaled him it sent the blond closer and closer to ecstasy. His cries were growing louder and louder, urging Snape to go harder, faster.

Snape grabbed the boy's slim hips, hard enough to bruise. He slammed in and out, precisely, harder and harder until the couch rocked from the force of his thrusts. Draco was plainly screaming now, almost incoherent with his need for release. The older man knew he couldn't hold back much longer in the hot paradise of Draco's body. He moaned, "Touch yourself, Draco... make yourself come, I want to see it..."

Draco sucked in a deep shaky breath, and slid his hand down to his aching arousal. His pale fingers wrapped around it, and a sob spilled from his lips as he stroked himself roughly. He felt so wicked, stroking his cock while Snape watched. He'd always been careful to do this type of thing in private. But, he was doing a lot tonight he'd never done before; things he definitely planned on doing again.

Snape's hands tightened on Draco's hips as he watched, still pounding in and out with precision. "Yes, that's it, Draco, tell he how much you want to come... tell me how it feels to be fucked over the couch..."

More tears slipped down Draco's cheeks and he struggled to breathe while being taken so hard by his professor, and trying to pump his own cock. "I... I..." He panted heavily, trying to force out the words. "I love being taken by you! I need it... like this... Hard, *so* hard... Need to come... please..." His pale thighs began to shake under the pressure.

Snape thrust in savagely, over and over, faster and faster. He growled, "That's right, you need it, only from me, Malfoy... you're a bad boy... you may come... now."

With a shudder that shook his entire frame, Draco moaned loudly and climaxed all over his hand. The blond's senses were drowned by the flood of smoldering euphoria that overcame him. He kept stroking his cock, wanting to milk the pleasure as much as he could. The boy's slender hips slammed back, driving Snape deeper, filling Draco's body completely.

Finally losing his composure as the boy's tight body gripped him, the Potions master moaned as his own release took him. "Draco..." he gasped, snapping his hips, driving his cock deep inside the blond one more time. His head fell back and his eyes closed as ecstasy washed over him.

Draco's hand fell from his cock, and moved to grasp the back of the couch for balance. His legs wobbled slightly in the aftermath of the intense climax he'd just experienced. He felt utterly wanton and used, and he delighted in it.

Snape pulled out carefully, overcome with uncharacteristic emotion for the boy. He helped him up and cleaned him, helping him dress. He left quickly, before he did something stupid like telling the boy of his feelings. "Let this be a lesson, Mr. Malfoy. Slytherins don't lose."

Nodding, Draco hung his head. Not in shame, he was anything but ashamed of what just occurred. In fact, if this was the price for losing the young blond planned to never win at anything again. But he hung his head and pretended contriteness. "Yes, Professor. I'll try harder next time."

"See that you do, Mr. Malfoy," Snape nodded, hoping that this won't be the last time he had to "discipline" the beautiful boy. His expression softened for a moment. "Good night."

Looking up, Draco licked his pouty lips, and whispered, "Good night." He arched a blond eyebrow at the older man, and lay back on the leather couch. "And sweet dreams..."

With one more longing glance at the blond siren on the couch, Snape was gone.

The End