Title: Cat and Mouse -- part 2
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Series: Crossover - X-Men and Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Remy/Yohji, Yohji/Remy
Warnings: crossover, slash/yaoi, language, violence
Disclaimers: No bishounen or copyrights were harmed in the making of this fic...
Mishaela's Note: The Remy LeBeau in this fic is the 'older' look - long brown hair... Yummy. Just thought I'd clarify.

* * * * * * * * * *

The man sure wasn't making this easy... "What kind of things?"

The Cajun shook his head. Did he have to lead this boy by the hand? "People's a good start," he chuckled, turning into the parking lot of the restaurant Yohji'd been directing him to, "Other t'ings come later..."

When the bike came to a stop, Yohji jumped off, running a hand through his long hair and looking at the stranger. "Come on, throw me a bone, now. What's your flavor?"

Remy looked at him, putting a smoke to his lips and lighting it, "Eh? Oh, *dat's* what you talkin' bout... You wanna know if I t'ink maybe I go fer a boy like you, neh?" The older man looked at Yohji with his strange eyes from over the tops of his shades, "Is dat what you wanna know?"

Yohji put his hands on his hips and put on his best smile. Damn, strange eyes or not, Remy was hot... why not be out with it? "Yeah, that's what I'm asking."

Reaching out faster than the assassin could follow, Remy caught the blond's waistband with one hand and pulled him near, "Lemme take a look at you..." Those unusual eyes raked over every available part of Yohji's body, a few times more than once, "No bad from here..."

Yohji let himself be pulled. He felt the first lovely twinge of arousal at the man's words and actions. Maybe this mission wouldn't be a complete waste... "Oh really?"

Exhaling the smoke through his nose, Remy looked into the green gaze, "Oui. But I t'ought dat I was older dan what you normally go for?" His lips quirked up in a knowing grin.

Yohji grinned back, on familiar ground now. "Well, maybe I can make an exception. There's something to be said for experience, after all..."

"Now you playin' wit' me..." The Cajun didn't seem all that put off by the notion, though. Remy did find the young man beautiful. And the fact that he was quite willing, it seemed, did go over very well. But there was something about the youth that didn't jive, "Tell me somet'ing... Why were you at dat warehouse? Tell me why a beautiful boy like you was playin' games wit' a snake..."

Yohji frowned. "Business. And I don't think it would be a good idea to discuss it right now." Just because they were attracted to each other didn't mean he could trust the newcomer. No matter how much he wanted him...

"You ask me de same question earlier," Remy pointed out. He paused and chuckled. "I see... Heh... You more like me dan I give you credit for."

The blond looked at the other man speculatively. "I wonder what else we have in common?"

Remy almost choked at that. He already had a good guess about one thing, "You like t' tomcat 'round, don' you?"

"Is it that obvious?" Yohji smirked. He glanced at the restaurant. "I don't know about you, but I'm hungry. I have a feeling I'm going to need my strength."

The Cajun let him go and got off the bike, pushing his sunglasses back up his nose to hide his eyes, "I t'ink you might... If you get lucky." Remy couldn't resist teasing the youth. His nature, he supposed.

Yohji snorted, walking ahead of Remy to the door, wiggling his ass more than was absolutely necessary. He looked back over his shoulder to make sure he had the other man's attention, and said, "I'll just have to be on my best behavior then."

It was hard, stifling that laugh that wanted to just explode out of the throat of the older man, but he managed - barely. He did have to admit that Yohji had a very well shaped ass, though, and long lean legs that would be perfect wrapped around his... 'No, no, no, Remy... gotta get off dat idea jus' yet or you gonna be a mess before t'ings ever get started... if dey do.'

The two men settled down into a booth and Yohji grabbed a menu. He looked at it, then couldn't resist another glance at the man across from him. He didn't take off his sunglasses, Yohji noticed.

"Somet'ing wrong, mon ami?"

"I don't mean to be rude, but... your eyes. Is... are they contacts?" Somehow, Yohji knew they weren't, though. "They're amazing."

Remy shook his head, "No, dey real enough... I wasn't born wit' em like dis, but dey mine all de same." He looked at the younger man, almost afraid to say more. He didn't know how Yohji would handle what the Cajun really was and, right at the moment, the mutant wanted someone to talk to for a little while. Maybe later, they could do other - more pleasant - things...

The blond could tell there was more to the story, but he let it go. "I like them," he grinned. "So you're not from around here, then," he went on, changing the subject.

Remy would have preferred a safer subject, really, "Oui... I'm from Nawlins, Louis'anna." He looked at the menu, "Been here a few times wit' a friend of mine."

Yohji smiled. "Never been there. But I hear it's a great party."

That perked the man right up, "Oui... One hell of a party. Mardi Gras is de biggest party you can find... and den some." Remy smiled, letting some good memories touch his lips, "Dere some days dat I really miss de 'Big Easy'..." He finally decided on something that caught his eye and put the menu down, "Bourbon Street is somet'ing I will always miss."

"I'd love to see it someday," Yohji replied. He really liked the way the man looked when he smiled. He signaled for the waitress and they ordered.

The Cajun looked down into his glass, seeing his reflection, and decided that he was sick of the shades. Pulling them off, he rubbed his eyes for a moment and then looked up at his dinner companion, "Why don' you tell me somet'ing you consider 'safe' t' talk 'bout?"

"How about your favorite position?" the blond said challengingly.

"Depends," Remy responded without batting an eye, "Male or female?"

Yohji glanced down. "Well, I'm all man..."

"You sure 'bout dat?" The mutant couldn't resist teasing, "If I'm wit' a guy, I like chair sex... Dat way, someone always restin' for dere turn t' go active."

"Oh, I think I can handle that," smirked Yohji.

Remy chuckled, "You jus' all kinds of agreeable, no?"

"And you're just all kinds of sexy, aren't you?" Yohji murmured, sliding one leg against the other man's thigh under the table.

The move wasn't unexpected. Reaching down, the Cajun caught the leg and smiled, "Frisky, tomcat?" He let his hand start massaging that leg, moving up the calf, stroking the muscles beneath Yohji's pants. Remy pulled it between his, getting it positioned so that he could give more stringent attention, "I t'ink you a little tense..."

"Mmm," sighed Yohji. "Attempts on my life have that effect on me." He sat back, licking his lips. "That feels nice."

"Feel a whole lot better when we get de hell outta here," Remy promised huskily. He was already falling into the 'horny-as-hell-now- that-the-danger's-passed' phase of the night. Good thing that there was a warm, willing body nearby... At least, he thought he was fortunate in that aspect.

"Music to my ears, baby," Yohji moaned as the man's hands slid higher.

The hands dropped from Yohji's leg as the mutant spied the waitress coming over with their order, "As Bobby'd say, 'It's food, dude.' Look like we can get de hunger part out of de way."

"Hunger for food, maybe," Yohji shot back, already missing Remy's touch. Still, he dug in, knowing he'd be ravenous again later.

Remy ate much more slowly, savoring the meal. He'd not had something good and spicy in several months now and he was very happy for the tickle to his palate. When he was done, he pushed the plate back and gave a sigh of contentment, "Food like dat enough t' make a man keep goin' for a little while longer..."

Yohji watched the other man. "Man cannot live by bread alone..."

"Ain't dat de truth," came a low agreement. Remy got up and dropped enough money on the table to cover the bill, "Let's go, mon ami... I wanna get into home terr'tory."

"Right behind you," replied the blond, enjoying the view. "Thanks for dinner."

"You welcome," the Cajun said as he moved back out to the bike. He straddled it and then looked at Yohji, "Maybe, if you ask real nice, I tell you a bit more 'bout myself..."

Yohji slid on behind, moving up as close as he could and wrapping his hands around the man again. More suggestively this time. He murmured in Remy's ear, "I can be *real* nice."

Continued in part 3