Title: Cat and Mouse -- part 3
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Series: Crossover - X-Men and Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Remy/Yohji, Yohji/Remy
Warnings: crossover, slash/yaoi, language, violence
Disclaimers: No bishounen or copyrights were harmed in the making of this fic...
Mishaela's Note: The Remy LeBeau in this fic is the 'older' look - long brown hair... Yummy. Just thought I'd clarify.

* * * * * * * * * *

A shiver ran down the older man's spine at the breath and words, "I bet you can... Maybe we put dat t' de test, neh?"

"I'm ready when you are," moaned Yohji, pressing his rapidly forming arousal against Remy.

The motorcycle got started in short order and then the pair were off to the Cajun's apartment. It wasn't a long ride, but it was way too long in Remy's eyes. The hard bulge at the small of his back made his own cock swell in response. It almost seemed like an eternity had passed by the time he pulled the Harley into the parking garage of his building, "We here."

Yohji stood up, licking his lips and waiting. He made no effort to hide his erection. "And not a moment too soon."

The young man was pulled against the mutant, who spent just a split second to admire his beauty, before Yohji's lips were covered by the brunette's. Those sinewy arms went around his torso, holding him in place, keeping their bodies pressed together and their arousals in close quarters. Remy used his tongue to trace the full lower lip, asking for entrance into the warm depths behind it.

Yohji parted his lips with a moan, surrendering to the sweet feeling of a hard body against his and strong arms around him. He kissed back, hard, and rocked his hips against Remy's.

One of the Cajun's hands lowered so that it was cupping Yohji's ass outside of the tight pants. Remy smiled, breaking the kiss to whisper huskily, "It gonna be hell gettin' you outta dose pants, neh?"

Yohji grinned back. "Oh, I think I can manage, with your help."

Sparing a glance down, the brunette chuckled, "How de hell you get into dose? Vaseline at de hips?" As he spoke, he started them moving for the elevator, "Let's take dis inside..."

Yohji followed, laughing, "It's not easy, but getting out of them is much more fun. I think it's worth it." They got in the elevator and Yohji pressed himself to Remy once more. "Don't you?"

"We find out soon enough, neh?" The Cajun leaned so that he could reach the button he needed, pressing Yohji into the wall. His lips curved upwards again and he lowered his mouth to the blond's ear, "I got some liquor at de 'partment... Good ol' fashioned bourbon."

"Sounds nice, but all I want to taste right now is you, sexy..." purred Yohji, rocking his hips against the other man. The elevator was much too slow...

Remy moaned and tilted his head down to capture the younger man's mouth in another searing kiss. This beautiful boy knew all the right ways to rub him... the right things to say that kept the heat building just below the surface. Intoxicating, arousing, and so wonderfully eager. Three things that the Cajun mutant loved in a person - guy or girl. He massaged the velvety lips with extra special care, using his vast experience to push the blond a little more. Yohji seemed to be going out of his way to heat him up... It was Remy's turn to make the beauty burn like a star.

If there was one thing that Yohji loved, it was driving his potential lovers insane with lust, until nothing mattered any more but the need to make love to him. He wanted to make them lose control. He moaned deeply into Remy's mouth, dropping his hands down the man's sides.

The elevator doors opened and the mutant guided his companion down the hall, stopping at the third door. He didn't break the kiss as his hand dug the keys out of his trenchcoat and then unlocked the door. Once it was open, he moved them both into the main room, kicking the door closed behind him. Finally, he let the contact break and looked down into those enchanting emerald eyes. "Home sweet home," Remy chuckled as his dexterous fingers made teasing trails around Yohji's covered nipples, "I t'ink you like de bedroom better..."

"I don't mind, as long as you're there, sexy," drawled Yohji, gasping slightly at the sensation. "Lead on."

Shrugging off his coat, the mutant drew the blond into the bedroom, smiling as he gave a gentle push so that Yohji fell onto the soft bed. Remy pulled off his shirt and then crawled onto the mattress over the lovely young man, trailing his tongue up the slender column of throat. With a moan, he ground his hips down onto the narrow ones below, rubbing their arousals together with firm pressure. He wanted this beauty crying out his name... he wanted to hear it from those perfectly shaped lips as loud as possible tonight.

Yojhi lay back, arching up against the man on top of him, moaning as the talented mouth teased him. He ran his hands up Remy's strong back, tracing the muscles. "You have an incredible body," he breathed.

"I work hard t' make it dat way," the Cajun whispered against his skin. His own hands pushed up the black shirt Yohji was wearing, tugging upwards so that he could free it from the blond's beautiful body. "Your body not'ing t' sneeze at..." Remy moved down and hungrily attacked one pert nipple.

"Oh, I'm gonna make you do more than sneeze with this body, baby," Yohji murmured. "I want to hear you scream."

"You jus' might get dat," the Cajun chuckled. His fingers worked down, between their bodies, until they got to the zipper of the blond's jeans and started to work it down teasingly. "Now, we get t' de fun stuff, neh?"

"Oh, yeah," Yohji moaned throatily, arching up to give Remy better access. "Hurry.."

The mutant stifled a laugh, muttering, "Why everyone got t' rush dis part?" He didn't wait for an answer to his question before sliding down and pulling the denim off the blond's narrow hips. He trailed the underside of the waiting erection with two fingers, the touches feather light as only Remy LeBeau could manage. "Dis more what you like?"

"Perfect," breathed the blond, biting his lip. "Your turn now."

"Not yet," Remy whispered huskily as he leaned down to give the hot flesh a long, sensual lick. His hands continued to push the jeans off, until they hit the floor, and then skimmed up the outsides of Yohji's long limbs. He nibbled the cockhead with his teeth, giving light scrapes over the sensitive skin, before swirling his tongue around the rest of the length with a moan.

Yohji cried out and arched up; it had been far too long since anyone had gone down on him. And even longer since anyone had done it this well. "Fuck..." he groaned. "yeah......."

Fingers wrapping around the base, Remy gave a few upward strokes to the pulsing length. "You like dis, non? I ain' lost my touch?"

"Your touch is perfect... don't stop..." moaned the blond, burying his hands in the man's hair.

Grinning, the Cajun went back to work. He applied his silver-tongue to a much more satisfying use along the underside of Yohji's cock. Finally, after he'd licked it from base to tip, Remy took the head between his lips and began to inch it slowly down his throat.

Yohji could only gasp and pant as the talented mouth took him in. Hot, wet, oh so wicked, Remy's mouth descended until he was fully engulfed. "Tease..." he gasped out.

Without breaking his rhythm, the Cajun spelled out 'Who, me?' on Yohji's thigh. He was enjoying the blond's flavor a little too much to quit now. His hands pulled away, so he could tug off the gloves and use the entire surface of his palms to explore that smooth, perfect skin. The younger man was a beautiful masterpiece, created by some artistic God of beauty, and Remy was going to enjoy watching lovely creature writhe under him.

Words were gone; Yohji could only moan now, hips driving up, seeking more of the lovely feeling. If Remy stopped now he would die. He was getting so close...

His experience told him that the blond was about ready to let go and Remy worked all the harder. He was going to see if Yohji was as sweet as his skin. One of Remy's hands moved down, under the arching hips, so that he could use two fingers to apply pressure to the younger man's entrance, give him that last little push over the edge.

And that was it, that was all it took; that unexpected touch drove Yohji over the edge. He cried out, a strangled scream, and released his seed into Remy's mouth. Over and over, he kept pulsing, pleasure still gripping him.

And the Cajun helped him ride it out, still offering suction, keeping him in the grip of heaven. When the blond finally settled to the bed, Remy rose up on his arms and moved over Yohji so that they were face- to-face. "Still a tease, mon ami?"

Yohji opened glazed eyes and looked up at the other man. "Nope. I take it back. You're incredible."

"I do my best," the mutant chuckled as he settled down next to the blond. He reached out, stroking tendrils of gold from the other man's eyes. "You loud when you come... I like dat."

Yohji laughed. "It's your fault." His eyes traveled down to the other man's impressive erection. "So what are we going to do about that?"

The Cajun mutant shrugged and looked at the younger man with those unique eyes of his. "Dere's several t'ings we can do 'bout dat... What's your suggestion?"

Yohji loved being on top, but right now he craved the feeling of being fucked. He took Remy's hand and pulled it between his legs. "Want you inside me..."

Fingers circled around the ring of muscle, teasing touches that the Cajun was fond of. "You very direct. I like de idea o' more pettin', but we play your way dis time." Remy pulled his hand back and produced a tube of lubricant, squeezing some onto his fingers. He leaned down and engaged Yohji's lips in another deep kiss, distracting him from what his agile digits were about to do.

Yohji tried to keep from tensing automatically as a finger slid inside him. Then he was invaded, and he moaned into Remy's mouth, breaking the kiss. "I know what I want, and I need it fast..."

"You always in such a hurry," the brunette asked in an amused voice. He delved his fingers deep, striving for the hidden place that would reduce the beautiful young man to incoherent moans. A smile decorated his mouth and he hesitated before stroking gentle fingertips over the bump.

Like a bolt of lightning, pure pleasure shot through him and he was hard again. "Yes, I like it hard and fast and quick," he moaned, trying to push back on those fingers.

With a shake of his head, Remy added the last finger, carefully stretching the opening. One kiss to Yohji's cheek later, he was off the bed and shoving his jeans down his legs. "Jus' 'member... de name you supposed t' say is 'Remy'." His lips quirked into a grin before he moved back onto the bed, between the blond's legs. "Don' get mixed up or you might hurt my feelin's."

"Oh, I think I can handle that," Yohji said, eyeing the man's hard length greedily. "Give me what I need, Remy."

"I t'ink you gonna find, Yohji, dat we both need dis." Remy smoothed more of the slick gel on his cock, fighting his own impatience about sinking it deep inside of the beautiful younger man. When he was finally ready, he pressed the tip of himself against the opening and jerked his hips to bypass the initial resistance. The head sank in and he groaned harshly at the first, blissful sensations sweeping up his spine. "Mon Dieu..."

"Yes...." hissed Yohji, drowning in the exquisite sting of being taken. "That's it..."

Pressure. Indescribable, unbelievable, and intoxicating pressure surrounded the Cajun. He slowly slid his full length into the young man, feeling the rippling all down the girth of his cock. Remy closed his eyes, taking his breath in quick pants, fighting hard to stay still so that Yohji could adjust to him. Such pleasurable torture. It made his arms quiver as they held him over the blond, threatened to bring him crashing down. "Feel so good..."

"Yeah, you're so big, Remy... so good..." Yohji threw his head back, panting, drunk on the feeling of the hard length inside him. "Fuck me..."

Pulling back his hips, the mutant gave the first driving thrust into Yohji. Everything intensified for a few all too brief moments and he had to do it again. Remy's eyes opened, the crimson irises taking in the lust that hovered in the younger man's gaze. It was a thing of beauty he enjoyed seeing. "We... take dis... at my pace... 'kay?"

Yohji growled and tightened his muscles around the cock inside him. "You sure?" he said challengingly.

"Who on top here?" It was all he could do to say the words without letting the groan overtake them. Yohji was trying to prove what he said about making his lovers crazy with need. Too bad for the blond, Remy had many more years of experience on him. He could hold himself in check long enough. "I like t'ings slow an' easy... Hard an' fast is for later."

"Well let's get to later, then, baby," Yohji purred and wrapped his legs around Remy's waist.

The thief's hands slid down to the narrow hips below and he gripped them, not quite hard enough to bruise, but firm enough to still. Then, he proceeded to thrust into Yohji at his own leisurely pace, wanting to wring every sound of pleasure he could from those sweet lips. There would be no more usurping of control by the blond. Not until the Cajun was ready to let him have it.

Yohji struggled to no avail. The man was *strong*. Well, he still could do his best.... He started a rhythmic pattern with his muscles that had driven lesser men insane.

Luckily for the mutant, he wasn't a lesser man. He inclined his head, pressing his mouth to the blond's and kissing him thoroughly. He was hoping to make the lovely boy climax once more before he himself got that pleasure. His body strained, both from the act and from with- holding, but it wasn't something that Remy couldn't handle. Hours and hours and hours in the Danger Room had seen to that.

Yohji was starting to pant, and broke the kiss with a moan. Damn, Remy was good... he decided to just enjoy the ride and let the man pound him into the headboard. "Harder," he whispered, hand snaking between them to stroke his own aching length.

The mutant complied, making sure not to increase the pace while giving shuddering thrusts to the slim body below. "You feel so good, Yohji... All hot velvet 'round me..." Remy licked a bead of sweat off of the blond's forehead. "Make me want t' just keep you like dis... all night..."

"Mmm, as long as you keep that up, I'm all yours, baby..." Yohji moaned as the cock deep inside him brushed his prostate. "Oh yeah.... just like that.... give it to me..." He stroked himself faster.

Remy's eyes traveled down to where the assassin's hand was working and he began to slowly speed up. He kept himself in check, but the sight was so erotic... "Come for me... let me see you explode..." His words were like honeyed silk, delivered with small pants from exertion.

"Give it to me harder then... as hard as you can, I need it..." Yohji's voice was hoarse with need as each stroke took him higher.

The Cajun started pounding into the blond, his hips working back and forth powerfully. His hands aided his actions by pulling Yohji onto him as he thrust forward. At the crucial moment, Remy changed the angle so that he *knew* he was hitting that sweet spot inside the beauty below him. "Like dis?"

"Oh yeah," gasped Yohji. "You're so fuckin' good.... yeah... like that... that's it..." Suddenly he was there, everything went tight and his body stiffened and he screamed. Hot wetness splashed between them and he thought he was dying. The cock inside him continued to thrust, milking him of every drop.

That was when the mutant started to increase his pace. He pounded hard and fast, trying to hold the blond at that critical level until his own release blew through him. It didn't take much longer. Within seconds, Remy threw his head back, ponytail flying, and gave a deep thrust. "Mon Dieu!" As he did, his own climax erupted from him, stealing both his breath and his vision. He couldn't stop surging into Yohji, though, as he rode out his completion.

Yohji was still coming down off his own release as he watched Remy find his. God, the man looked incredible like that, all bunched muscles and sweat. He wondered how long it would be until they could do this again. Or if there would be another time.

Once it had faded into a comfortable aftermath, Remy let his quivering arms lower him onto the slim form below him. "Damn, mon ami, dat was... incredible..." He smiled and reached over to retrieve his cigarettes. Offering one to the blond, the Cajun lit them both and rolled onto his back to enjoy the smoke.

Yohji took one gratefully; in truth, it was the first time in a while he hadn't reached for a cigarette right away. It had been so good his mind wasn't working properly yet. "Fuck yeah," was all he could manage. He took a long drag and let the smoke out slowly. "Damn."

The mutant smiled and used his other arm to pull the younger man close. "You enough t' give a man a heart attack."

Yohji grinned back. "I try my best," he laughed.

"You do damn good, too." Remy looked at him with those odd eyes of his. "Still goin' t' catch dat train? Could it least wait 'til mornin'?"

The blond considered. He stretched against the other man and said, "I am kinda... worn out..."

Continued in part 4