Title: Cat and Mouse -- part 4
Authors: Mishaela and Jade
Series: Crossover - X-Men and Weiss Kreuz
Pairing: Remy/Yohji, Yohji/Remy
Warnings: crossover, slash/yaoi, language, violence
Disclaimers: No bishounen or copyrights were harmed in the making of this fic...
Mishaela's Note: The Remy LeBeau in this fic is the 'older' look - long brown hair... Yummy. Just thought I'd clarify.

* * * * * * * * * *

It had been easy.

Getting into the official building was as easy as slicing a hot knife through butter. It barely even taxed his commando skills learned from so long ago. In fact, he'd enough time to set the automatic locks so that he could get the pleasure of increased kills. It was so much fun. Victor Creed lived for the kill.

He crouched in the office of the man who he was sent to kill, waiting for him to stop whimpering so that more damage could be done. Really... A claw swipe to the backs of his legs couldn't hurt *that* much.

'God, what a fucking wuss.'

He edged forward and bared his teeth, looking as dangerous as any predator alive. "You done whinin' yet, boy?" He would get all the exquisite screams and outcries he could from this pathetic waste of flesh. He couldn't help it - it was an addiction that he just couldn't give up.

"I hope so... 'Cause I've got more where that came from."

Schuldig stood outside the office complex, long red hair blowing in the night breeze as he reached out his telepathic senses. He expected calm, routine thoughts to greet him. But what he was met with made him stagger. Raw, animal, greed, pleasure.... yet somehow he knew these thoughts were human still. The power of the thoughts intrigued him; he'd never felt their like. What was loose in there? He had to know. And while he was at it, he could scope out his victim. He stopped, suddenly. It was too much of a coincidence.

The mutant killer came closer to his victim, bloodied claws going right into the man's vision. "Such a pretty color, don't you think?" Victor lifted those same claws to his mouth and licked the crimson off like sugary syrup, "Sweet..."

The redhead made his way into the building, following the mental trail of the killer. Because he was more than sure that was what the man? beast? was. He knew he was close; he couldn't help himself. He was drawn to the dark, the perverse. He heard sounds from down a corridor.

The claws dug in a little deeper, making the man scream in agony. Victor, or as he was commonly known, Sabretooth, sat on his haunches and reveled in the sounds. "Beautiful..."

The scream took the telepath off guard, though he had almost been expecting it. The aura of murder was almost palpable in the hallway. Someone was having fun with their prey.

"Come on... just one more... scream for me, baby..." The large mutant rent through soft flesh to get that last, final cry of pain. Then, his need would be sated and he could get away to begin anew somewhere else.

Schuldig moved silently down the corridor. He had his own job to do, but he had to know. Had to see.

The toy was broken. Victor looked down at the way the man's neck lay, too awkward an angle for comfort. He'd snapped the poor bastard's neck in an uncharacteristic act of mercy. Of course, that wasn't without making the man beg for it first. He moved for the door and then stopped, sensing someone else nearby.

Schuldig's senses told him he was in the right place. He also knew that whoever it was had sensed him too. He truly must be part animal. A shiver of anticipation ran through him as he waited for a glimpse.

The door was ripped open, almost off its hinges, and a large man dwarfed the telepath. Dark eyes looked Schuldig over from an angular face. The costume Sabretooth wore was spattered with the blood of his victims. "Oh, looky here... another plaything."

The redhaired assassin looked up, impressed but not afraid. "I'm afraid I don't want to play with you. You've made a terrible mess." He sniffed at the man's thoughts, almost delirious from their violence.

"I can make a mess of you, pretty boy." The one before Victor smelled of old blood. He was a killer. The mutant could respect that... Hell, he even liked that in a person.

Schuldig snorted. "You could try, big boy. Or you could tell me who you are..."

"The ones that survived call me Sabretooth."

"Sabretooth," Schuldig let the name roll off his tongue. He liked it. He also liked the murder in the man's mind. "You don't think like a human."

"I ain't human." Sabretooth grinned darkly. "I'm a mutant... we're better than the genetrash that claims control."

Schuldig stared at the man, sifting through his thoughts. He'd never heard of the term, but the man's thoughts were certainly alien enough. "You're not from around here," he observed dryly.

"No shit."

Too bad the man wasn't also a brilliant conversationalist. He dove deeper, looking for information... And got backhanded away. "GET OUTTA MY HEAD!" Obviously Sabretooth didn't take well to psychic intrusions. "You won't be doin' any of that Professor X/Chucky Cheese stuff to me!"

The redhead laughed, hiding the fact that the blow had hurt him. "I do what I want." Well, he couldn't be too dim if he could sense Schuldig's intrusion. He wiped the blood away. He wouldn't let the mutant land another blow.

Victor didn't want to mess with another telepath. He didn't know if this one was somehow connected to the X-Men and he wasn't going to take any chances. With a growl, he moved past the redhead and started on his way out of the building.

A quick glance showed him that the corpse in the office was formerly known as Schuldig's current mission. That couldn't be right. He called after the departing man, "Sabretooth!"

There was a very disgruntled, "WHAT?"

"Now just tell me one thing, and you can go play in traffic. Was your playtime for the night random, or were after this poor sod specifically?"

The mutant gave a toothy grin and kept walking. "What do you think, glow-boy?"

"I could just pick it out of your tiny brain but then you'd get all pissy," Schuldig shot back.

"Better men than you have tried... and died." The mutant ripped through a steel door that had the unfortunate fate of being in his way. "Catch you later, pretty boy."

"Aw, thanks, babe, but you're not my type," drawled the redhead as he decided he already had his confirmation. "See you around...."


Remy LeBeau had to admit that he hadn't honestly been expecting to see the pretty blond again. When he'd shown up earlier in the night, dressed to kill, the Cajun had decided not to waste the opportunity. He took a sip of his wine while they sat at dinner, looking at Yohji with his unique eyes. Just for the assassin, Remy had decided not to wear the sunglasses. "How's your food?"

"Not as delicious as the company," Yohji purred, toying with his food, all attention on his date. He hadn't been able to stay away long. The memories of their night together invaded his dreams.

The mutant chuckled. "How can I wine an' dine you if you no eat?"

"There's a few other things I'd rather be eating," murmured the blond, but he returned to his meal, trying not to look at the seductive man across from him too much.

Remy's voice lowered so that only Yohji could hear him, "Dere's time for dat later."

Yohji slid his foot under the table and slid it up Remy's leg slowly. "Maybe you're just too good to wait, baby."

"I was t'inking we go clubbing after dis," the Cajun said and took another bite of his meal. "You like t'dance?"

Yohji grinned. "Oh yeah. I *love* to dance. Nothing better than dancing, except sex."

"Sometimes, dancin' jus' like sex... 'cept you got your clothes on." Remy smiled charmingly and lifted his eyes to his companion's attire. '''Sides... dressed like dat? Be a waste not to go out."

"Aw, this old thing?" the blond laughed, glancing down at his vinyl pants and mesh top. "It's comfortable."

Remy smirked. "Don' look dat old t' me." He took another sip of his wine and met Yohji's emerald colored eyes. "I t'ink you an' me goin' get along jus' fine t'night."

"Absolutely, Remy. I just can't wait to... dance... with you," Yohji answered, taking another sip of wine and licking his lips.

"Do more dan dat when de night's over wit'," the Cajun said with a grin. He finally dropped one hand to Yohji's leg and stroked it with his agile fingers. "I have t'say... I really didn't 'spect t'see you again."

"Just something about you, Remy, I couldn't stay away," Yohji grinned. "I hope I'm not bothering you."

"Non... I was hopin' you'd come back 'round." Remy slide his plate away, finally finished with his food. He used his free hand to sip at the wine while he waited for the blond across from him to get done as well.

"I'm glad that I did, then," purred Yohji, covering Remy's hand with his own and moving it higher. He put his glass down and looked at the other man significantly. "I'm ready."

The Cajun smiled and stood up. "Den I t'ink it time t'go 'fore you get me arrested." He tucked the money to pay for the meal under his wine glass and then turned to follow the blond out.

Yohji was definitely enjoying the attention Remy was giving him, and intended on driving them both crazy on the dance floor tonight. He couldn't resist giving the man something to look at as they walked outside.

When they got to his bike, Remy reached out and pulled the younger man close. "You too beautiful... make someone forget demselves, neh?"

Yohji almost moaned out loud. Remy was too good to be true. "What is there to forget?" he said, pressing himself to the bigger man.

"Make me forget dis is a public place an' I'm supposed to play nice 'til we get t' closed doors." Remy's pants were starting to get more uncomfortable.

Yohji could feel the other man's arousal, and it made him even harder. "Serves them right if they're watching," he said breathlessly, rocking up against Remy.

"Heh... you 'nough t'tempt a saint t' sin..." Remy breathed out as his lips lowered to the hollow at the base of Yohji's throat. "An' I'm no where near close t'bein' a saint..." His tongue flicked out, tasting the skin delicately, and then he chuckled. "Is only temptation if you resist, no?"

"Don't resist," breathed Yohji, baring his throat to the other man, rubbing against him.

"I got to... dis is no de time or place, Yohji." Remy said, shaking his head to clear it. "You not somet'ing t'jus' be taken for granted... you someone t'be savored, like fine wine... An' I intend t'do jus' dat... after you drive me crazy at de club."

"No crime in losing control once in a while, baby," purred the blond in Remy's ear. He bit the other man's earlobe, softly.

Remy tilted the blond's head up, so that he could let his unique eyes travel over the beautiful face. "True dat... but I t'ink we better off at de club, don' you?"

Yohji pouted a little, but said, "Ok, Remy. But you're gonna regret not letting me take the edge off for you," he emphasized this with another thrust of his hips, "Cause I won't show any mercy."

"Mercy is for de weak," Remy said with a chuckle. He did give in so much as to steal a kiss from the pouty lips, massaging them with his own.

Melting into the kiss, Yohji decided he was really going to enjoy tonight.

One of the Cajun's hands went to the back of the blond head while the other slid down to the small of Yohji's back. Remy pulled the assassin even closer against him, wanting to really feel that lithe body in his arms, moaning at the surrender he sensed within Yohji.

Yohji let himself melt against the other man, sliding his arms around his back, as close as possible. Remy's hands on him were incredible.

The hand in the silky golden hair tightened and the Cajun broke the kiss. "You taste sweeter dan honey, Yohji..."

"You sure know how to sweet-talk a boy, don't you?" Yohji grinned, not minding at all.

"Wit' you, it not'ing but honesty," Remy whispered before taking another quick taste and then letting the assassin go. "I t'ink we better get t' de club. I want de rest o' de night t' get started." He winked at Yohji. "I want t' see what moves you got."

"Can't wait," promised the blond.

"I t'ink you want t' wait, pretty boy... I promise t' make it wort' your while."

"I'll hold you to that," promised Yohji. Tonight was going to be fun.

To be continued...