Title: A Hard Day's Night
Pairing: various
Warnings: yaoi, lemon
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* * * * * * * * * *

Ken and Yohji walked in the door, as quietly as possible. They were slightly drunk, and still laughing from the show they had put on on the dance floor earlier that evening. They had refused multiple offers, and there were sure to be several hard, frustrated men going home alone tonight. They had danced all night, with each other and with other men, but with no intention of going home with anyone but each other. That hadn't stopped them from flirting outrageously with everyone, and dancing provocatively. But what waited for them at home was far better than anyone they had met. Omi was waiting for them, and Ken and Yohji had no doubt that the sexy boy had succeeded in his task of seducing Aya. As much as they had wanted to be there to watch Omi melt the icy redhead, they knew that Omi would probably have more luck in privacy. But they had to come home sometime, and Yohji hoped they weren't too soon.

Ken peeked around the door to the living room; there was no one there. He looked back at Yohji and shrugged, going on to the kitchen. He really needed a drink of water. Yohji followed, looking around for any signs of Omi's success. He didn't doubt the cute little blond's talents, but Aya was, well, Aya. The suspense was killing him.

There were no clues in the kitchen either; everything was as spotless as it usually was when Yohji wasn't around. Leaning against the counter, Yohji watched Ken as he bent over in front of the open refrigerator looking for a bottle of water. The older blond smirked and decided that was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Ken was just straightening up when he felt Yohji's lean body behind him, and hands gripping his hips. "Oh, you can stay that way if you want," Yohji's sultry voice murmured in Ken's ear, sending chills up and down the younger boy's spine as he felt Yohji's heat. Not to mention the hard bulge pressed against his ass. "You were such a tease tonight, Ken," Yohji went on, pulling Ken harder against him, guiding the other boy until he was bent over the kitchen counter. Ken didn't protest, but let Yohji grind against him, his own rapidly hardening cock rubbing against the counter.

"I'm not a tease, Yohji," breathed Ken, pushing back against the other boy, spreading his legs apart slightly.

"That's right," Yohji agreed, slipping his hand around to the front of Ken, gripping his hardness through his pants. "You're gonna give me what I want, aren't you?"

"Mm, Yohji," moaned Ken, closing his eyes as the blond squeezed his length. "You can have anything you want."

"Oh, yeah, that's right, Ken, and you're gonna love taking it, aren't you?" groaned out Yohji as he thrust his trapped erection against Ken's ass, teasing himself with the friction.

"Just clean up when you're done," a calm voice observed from the doorway, startling both the lovers out of their lust-induced haze.

"Aya!" gasped Ken, straightening quickly and removing Yohji's hands from where they were unzipping his jeans. "I didn't know you were there!"

"Obviously," replied the redhead completely neutrally, giving nothing away. Actually, he had been watching for several minutes and was very turned on by the show in front of him, but his blank face and loose sweatpants gave no hint of that.

"You sure know how to sneak up on people," complained Yohji, who was less embarrassed and more annoyed by the interruption. He looked closely at Aya, trying to find a clue of how the evening had gone. Damn Aya and his stone face. The man gave nothing away.

Aya just raised an eyebrow at that comment, and said, "I wasn't sneaking up on you, Yohji. I was just getting a drink. I didn't know the kitchen was," he paused, "occupied."

Ken searched Aya's coldly beautiful face for some hint, some emotion, good or bad, some sign of how the evening had gone. Maybe Omi had chickened out? Maybe Aya had refused him? Maybe Aya was in a murderous rage? He just couldn't tell. He wanted to say something, to find out, but he didn't know how to do it. He let his eyes wander over Aya's gorgeous body; the redhead was dressed only in loose sweatpants, his smooth chest completely bare. But that was the way Aya normally dressed for bed; Ken had seen him that way before. Not that Aya didn't look incredible that way; now Ken was getting confused. Flustered, frustrated and confused; Ken couldn't think of a word to say.

Aya watched the obvious emotions flit across Ken's adorable face; but he was enjoying this too much to let the boys off the hook just yet. He knew damn well what they wanted to know; Omi had told him all about their activities, and of their plan to seduce Aya. It was incredibly flattering, that the three beautiful boys wanted him too; he was accustomed to admiring from afar. Omi's advances had stunned him, and the rest of the boy's revelations amazed him. He fully intended to take them up on their offer; but not just yet. He probably should be slightly offended at being treated as a sexual object. He wasn't, but it was worth a try. He advanced on the blond, as slowly and menacingly as he could manage. "There's something you're not telling me, isn't there, Yohji?" he said, deceptively mildly.

"No," replied Yohji, watching Aya advance, wondering what the assassin was up to.

"No?" repeated Aya, stopping just inches from the blond.

"No," assured Yohji, torn between apprehension at what Aya was up to and desire.

"I'm sure Omi would be disappointed at being called nothing," Aya mused, trying to suppress a smirk. "He is very definitely something. Something incredible." Aya watched as shock crossed Yohji's handsome face. Not through playing yet, he quickly turned to Ken, walking over quickly and pinning the brown haired boy to the counter with his body, pressing his arousal against the other boy deliberately. "And he is currently lying on my bed, naked and well fucked."

Ken was beyond words; Aya's actions and comments had left him stunned. So when the redhead bent down and captured his lips in a torrid kiss, he just melted into it, unable to be surprised any more.

Yohji recovered quickly and was watching the two, grinning happily. It looked like the bishounen had done his work well.

Ken clung to Aya, and when the taller man drew back, he just stared up at Aya, speechless.

Aya smirked down at Ken's kiss-swollen mouth. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that, Ken," he whispered.

A sweet voice sounded from the doorway. "I see you started without me, Aya," giggled Omi, who stood in the doorway clad only in a very short, silky robe. The robe hung open and did absolutely nothing to hide the boy's luscious body, and everything to enhance it.

All eyes turned to the small blond, who smiled at them. "Looks like you enjoyed your evening, Omi," drawled Yohji.

"Oh, yes," breathed the youngest boy, crossing the kitchen to wrap himself around the tall blond. He ran his hand down Yohji's chest, continuing down to trace the outline of the erection that stretched the front of the low-slung pants. "Looks like you need to enjoy your evening a bit more yet."

Yohji drew in his breath quickly as Omi teased him, looking across the room at Ken in Aya's arms. "If I'm dreaming, nobody wake me, ok?" he laughed, before he bent down to press his mouth against Omi's.

Ken looked up at Aya. "You're not mad?" he said hopefully.

"Do I feel mad?" Aya replied, rocking his hips against the other boy.

"No," admitted Ken. "I just wanted to be sure that you didn't feel left out. All of this," he indicated the other boys, "Just kind of happened. We weren't sure if you were," he paused again, "Interested," he finally finished.

Aya smiled slightly; he knew full well he wasn't the most approachable person. "Well, I'm glad you didn't give up on me, then."

"So am I," smiled Ken, letting his hands finally touch the alabaster skin he had wanted so much. He ran his hands over Aya's chest, looking into the man's eyes to be sure it was ok with him.

Aya let his eyes flutter closed, loving the tentative feel of Ken's hands on him. So different from Omi's deft touch, yet just as exciting, Ken's fingers touched Aya reverently. His breathing quickened as Ken's fingers brushed against his sensitive nipples.

Yohji and Omi watched the two boys, and the younger boy continued to caress the older boy's hardness. Omi looked up at Yohji, and smiled sweetly as he unzipped the taller boy's pants and slid his hand inside. Yohji moaned as the soft hand wrapped around his heated length. Omi was much too good at this. He leaned back against the counter as Omi freed his cock. He watched Aya slide his hands down Ken's back to cup the younger boy's ass, pulling him harder against him. His own cock grew even harder when he heard the whimper that Ken made in response.

"Aya," breathed Ken, reveling in the feeling of the hardness pressed against him. "I want you so much."

Aya pushed one hand under Ken's shirt, then leaned back enough to slip it off the brown-haired boy. Then he pressed back against him, molding their heated skin together. He murmured, "Shall we go to my room then? Leave the kitchen to Yohji and Omi?"

Ken nodded eagerly, then looked at Yohji and Omi.

"Have fun, you two," the taller blond smirked.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," said Omi, then giggled. "Oh wait, that isn't much, is it?"

"That's certainly true," kidded Yohji, the words turning to moans as the smaller boy sank to his knees in front of him, wrapping his mouth around his hardness. "Not that I'm complaining..."

Ken laughed as Aya took his hand, pulling him towards the stairs. Yohji's moans followed them as they headed for Aya's room. Ken shivered with anticipation.


Ken was suddenly nervous again as Aya closed the door behind them. Despite the time they had all shared this house, he had been in Aya's room very infrequently. The redhead had always been very private and Ken respected his space. Yohji snuck in whenever he could, but Ken didn't. Now he was here, alone with the other assassin, alone in Aya's room. How many of his dreams had started this way? Too many to count. But this was real. Ken was here, they were alone, and Aya wanted him.

Aya watched the brown-haired boy for a long moment; Ken was so deliciously cute with that uncertain look on his face. Then he had had enough of waiting; he walked up to Ken, pulling the other boy close to him, bringing their faces together. Aya looked down, and Ken looked up, and their bare chests pressed together. Aya guided Ken to the bed gently, pushing the smaller boy down onto the bed.

Ken looked up at the beautiful man above him. Aya was looking down at him hungrily as he lay back on the bed. Aya's bed.

"Stop me now if you don't want this," murmured Aya, playing with the tie to his pants, eyes roaming hungrily over Ken.

Ken shivered under the intense gaze. If anything, Aya looked more dangerous than he had ever seem him, even in the heat of a mission. But this was a danger Ken wanted, had wanted for the longest time. In answer, Ken moved up the bed, slipping out of his jeans as he did so. He revealed himself to the redhead, and said, "Take me, Aya."

Aya smiled then, a predatory smile, and removed his own pants quickly. "Oh, I will, Ken. I will."


Meanwhile, downstairs in the kitchen, Omi was pressing his nearly naked, lithe little body against Yohji, rubbing against him in a manner that was driving the already frustrated man crazy. "Omi..." groaned Yohji.

"Yes, Yohji-kun?" Omi replied innocently. "Can I do something for you?"

"Oh, yeah," replied the older blond, rocking his hips and his erection against the silkiness of Omi's robe.

"Like what?" mused Omi. "This perhaps?" And he sank to his knees in front of the taller boy, pulling down his already opened pants so he could find what he wanted. He licked his lips and looked up teasingly at Yohji. "You want?"

Yohji moaned. He wanted everything. Wanted Omi's sweet mouth on him, wanted to feel the smaller boy writhing under him, wanted to plunge his aching cock inside the tight body... but right now he just wanted relief from the pulsing frustration. "Please," he said, helplessly, letting Omi decide.

"Mmm," Omi mused, wrapping his small hand around the dripping cock in front of him. "I think I'm hungry, Yohji. May I eat you?"

Yohji looked down at the bishounen. Even on his knees, naked save for a bit of silk, hard cock jutting out, another man's cock in his hand, the boy still looked so sweet and innocent. "You can do anything you want to me," panted Yohji, meaning every word.

Omi giggled.


Ken watched Aya crawl up on the bed toward him. The redhead stopped when he was straddling Ken's hips. The brown-haired boy let his eyes travel over the man above him. Aya's hair shone in the light, and his gorgeous eyes burned with desire. His perfect alabaster skin contrasted with Ken's golden tones; Ken found himself fascinated by their skin pressed together. He was also fascinated by Aya's arousal; he had never gone as far as to actually think about Aya's cock, but now he wanted to touch it, to taste it, to feel it inside him. He reached out tentatively, and wrapped his fingers around the hard length, looking into Aya's eyes to make sure this was ok. Aya's eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth opened slightly at Ken's touch.

Aya let his hands wander over Ken's chest, lazily tracing the brown nipples as Ken stroked his cock. Then he leaned down and captured the younger boy's mouth, tongue slowly delving inside. As he kissed him, Aya gently moved Ken's arms up, away from his erection, and pushed them up over his head and held them there.

Aya released Ken's mouth, then started kissing a trail down the boy's body, holding his arms above his head. He moved down, kissing lower, then whispered, "Keep them there," as he released Ken's arms.

Ken whimpered but didn't move his arms, stretched out under the redhead. He felt totally vulnerable to Aya, especially when the older man moved down between his legs, spreading them wide. Ken moaned Aya's name and let the other man expose him.

Aya memorized Ken's body, savoring the hot skin, learning the other boy's reaction and taste. Finally, he reached Ken's arousal, glistening with dewy passion. Aya looked up at Ken, locking eyes with the other assassin as he opened his mouth. He saw Ken brace himself, and Aya smiled just before he took the boy's cock in his mouth.

Ken still couldn't believe this was happening, that Aya was going to... he bit back a scream as his arousal was engulfed in liquid heat. He thrust up automatically, trying to bury himself in Aya's mouth. It felt so good... it was all he could do to remember to keep his arms above his head where Aya wanted them. "Aya..."

Aya could feel Ken's body tense, and judged that the boy was so turned on that he wouldn't last long. He wanted to take his time making love to Ken, so he sped up his ministrations, wanting to bring the boy to his first climax quickly. He had put the lube within easy reach, and while Ken was distracted he got some of it on his fingers. As he sucked on Ken's length, he gently slid one finger inside the other boy. The answering moans went straight to his own aching erection.

Ken couldn't be quiet any more; he screamed Aya's name as he felt another slick finger invade him. The combination of Aya's mouth on him and fingers inside him was too much; he gasped, "Aya... I..." before he lost control, filling the redhead's mouth with his seed. The knife-edge of pleasure sliced through him, directly from his cock to his brain.

Aya swallowed all Ken had to offer, licking him clean as he gently eased his fingers out of the boy. He held Ken close as the younger boy caught his breath.

"Aya," murmured Ken, burying his face in Aya's neck, smelling the scent of the other man. He slid his hand down Aya's body, finding the neglected arousal, stroking it slowly.

"Mmm, yes, Ken?" Aya moaned softly.

"Tell me how you want me," said Ken huskily. "I need you inside me."

Ken's words made Aya even harder, if that was possible, and he said, "I want to look into your eyes when I take you."

"Good," smiled Ken lazily. And he spread his legs. "I'm waiting."

Aya looked at the brown-haired boy. He never would have dreamed of Ken being this wanton. He loved it. "I can't keep you waiting, now can I?" And he got up on his knees, kneeling between the boy's spread legs. He spread more lube on his cock, and watched as Ken's desire started to rise again, just from watching Aya. "Ready?" he inquired, unnecessarily.

Ken grinned. "What do you think?" And he draped one leg over Aya's shoulder.

Aya didn't waste any more words. He positioned his slickened cock, pushing the tip against Ken, watching as the boy hardened more from the teasing pressure. Then he pushed, and slid inside Ken for the first time.


Omi looked up at Yohji, and smiled. He looked at the refrigerator, and smiled wickedly. "One second," he said, then rummaged for a long moment. Yohji stood panting, watching Omi's ass shift under the silken robe. Then the boy was back in front of him, with a jar of caramel in his hand.

"Do you mind, Yohji-kun?" Omi inquired sweetly. "I'm a bit hungry..."

Yohji nodded; he didn't care as long as Omi was touching him. He watched as the smaller boy opened the jar; he upended it, and the thick caramel flowed slowly down the side of the jar, making its way leisurely toward the opening. Omi held it over Yohji's cock.

Yohji winced as the cold caramel first touched his cock; it was cooler than he would have preferred. But he knew the blond boy would warm him up again very soon. Sure enough, Omi put the jar down when he decided there was enough, and he leaned forward. His pink tongue flicked out, tasting his treat. "Mmm," he sighed. "Very good..." And he began to enjoy his confection.

Yohji ran a hand through Omi's silken locks as the younger boy licked him. The sensation of the cold caramel and Omi's hot tongue was interesting; but watching his cock disappear in that sweet mouth was incredible. Slowly, Omi took in all of Yohji's length, sucking on it like a Popsicle. God, the boy was so good at this; keeping his lovers right at the edge for as long as possible was one of his specialties. It was hard to believe that Omi hadn't doing this for years; but his three partners were the only lovers he had ever had. The innocent-looking boy was just a natural. Yohji had great control, but he had no illusions who was in charge right now. He let Omi do his magic.

Soon, Omi was bobbing his head up and down quickly, tasting the tang of Yohji's excitement, knowing the older boy was close. He looked up at Yohji, who had his head thrown back and was moaning. Replacing his mouth with his hand, he continued to stroke the blond's cock as he said, "Enjoying yourself?"

"Oh, yeah, Omi, you're incredible," Yohji answered, looking down.

Omi blushed slightly. "I want you, Yohji, but I'm a bit sore, from Aya," he said, still stroking. "Is it ok if I just continue this?" He looked up at the other boy.

"Whatever you want, Omi," Yohji said truthfully. The last thing he wanted was to hurt his little lover. He loved the feeling of the boy's hot mouth or his tight body equally. "Nnn..." he said as Omi smiled and swallowed his cock once again. "yes..."

Omi redoubled his efforts; Yohji's moans made him just as hard. He reached up to cup the older boy's balls; Omi knew Yohji liked that just as he was ready to climax. He was rewarded with a growl.

"Fuck! Yes! Oh god... Omi..." Yohji gripped a handful of Omi's hair as he came, filling the boys mouth with hot seed. "So good..."

Omi swallowed it all; he loved the slightly bitter taste of passion. He also loved the effect that his talented mouth had on his lovers.

He stood up and pressed his mouth to Yohji's, letting the taller boy taste his own release. Yohji pulled him close, still reeling from another incredible climax. He could feel the smaller boy's erection pressed between them. "What about you, Omi? Can I help you with that?"


Ken writhed, trying to get Aya to hurry, but the taller man held him still, impaling him slowly. "Aya," he whispered, enjoying every inch of hard cock as it filled him. He never realized how much he had wanted the redhead until he had touched him. The idea that he was actually having sex with Aya hadn't even sunk in yet. He was just feeling, and enjoying. Then Aya was fully inside him, and he looked up to see the beautiful face transfixed with pleasure. Because of him.

"Ken..." moaned Aya. He looked at the other boy's face, hoping he wasn't hurting him, holding on to his sanity by a thread. The brown-haired boy nodded, and Aya thrust shallowly. He couldn't stop a groan from escaping his mouth; Ken's body was nirvana.

Ken ran his hands up Aya's arms, tracing the muscles that bunched with effort. He moved his legs, wrapping them around Aya's back, as the other man thrust into him. Involuntarily, he tightened his muscles as Aya drove into him. It felt so good... this of course made the redhead moan more; the sexy voice only drove him higher. "Feels so good..."

Aya had thought that his earlier activities with Omi would mean he could last longer with Ken; but the brown-haired boy's body was quickly overwhelming him. He held himself back as he sped up his thrusts, making them faster and deeper. He looked down to meet Ken's chocolate brown eyes. He couldn't hold back a growl as the boy's muscles clenched around him. Ken's inner walls caressed his length, gripping him and driving him higher. Aya knew he was too close; so he began to stroke Ken's dripping cock as he pounded harder and harder.

"Aya!" Ken screamed. "I... can't..."

"Give in, Ken," moaned Aya, intoxicated by the sound of Ken's voice screaming his name in passion. "Give in to me..."

Ken didn't have a choice; he climaxed hard, screaming Aya's name at the top of his lungs, spraying his hot seed all over himself. His second climax of the night was just as intense as the first; he thought he would black out from pleasure.

Aya watched Ken transfigured by completion; the man's muscles flexed and his mouth opened wide, calling out his name. It was too much; he followed Ken into release, plunging deep one more time before stilling and pumping him full. Waves of ecstasy washed over him; for the second time that night, he found himself locked in heaven with one of his partners. He thanked whatever spirits had seen fit to bless him so, before he gathered Ken in his arms, holding the trembling boy close.

The two fell into a dreamless sleep. Neither moved out of the lover's embrace until morning.


"Oh, you can definitely help me with this," agreed Omi, gasping as Yohji wrapped long fingers around his hardness.

Yohji moved toward a chair, pulling up his pants and pulling Omi with him. "How about we get more comfortable, then?" He sat down on the chair, pulling Omi down with him so that the smaller boy sat on his lap, facing away. "Just sit back and relax, bishounen," purred Yohji in Omi's ear.

Omi nodded, leaning back against the older boy's chest, letting his legs open so he straddled Yohji. The older blond still had his jeans on, and his robe had pulled up, so he felt the roughness of the denim against his naked skin. It felt wicked, a feeling that intensified as Yohji opened the robe wider, giving him complete access to Omi's sweet body. He hooked his legs around Yohji's, and the other boy spread his legs slightly, pulling Omi's apart even more. Now he was completely open, and in Yohji's control. Omi's cock ached, a clear drop of fluid gathering at the tip, and he couldn't help but moan as he surrendered to Yohji.

"Oh, yeah, you like that, do you, Omi?" purred Yohji, running his hands all over the boy's body. He was answered by a gasp and a nod. "Just wait," he promised, touching Omi everywhere. The smaller boy arched against him, trying to get him to hurry. "Patience," he murmured.

He started with Omi's neck, kissing the back as he ran his fingers lightly along the soft skin. Then he lowered his hands, tracing circles around the boy's sensitive nipples before tweaking them gently. Omi was moaning more loudly now. "Please, Yohji..." He raised his own hands and tried to push Yohji's further down, but the older man wouldn't allow it.

"No you don't," Yohji smirked, taking Omi's hands and placing them at his sides. "Keep them there," he instructed, and went back to his task. Omi pouted but did what he was told. Now Yohji's hands were descending again, but this time they bypassed the boy's cock and ran up the inside of the smooth thighs, and brushed at the sensitive entrance gently, making Omi gasp. Then Yohji caressed Omi's sac before taking pity on him and running a finger up the hard length.

"Yohji," moaned Omi accusingly. "Stop teasing me!"

"But I'm having so much fun," murmured Yohji, before relenting. "Ok, ok... is this what you want, then?" He smirked as he finally took hold of the center of Omi's need.

"Oh god, yes!" Omi cried out as he felt the touch where he needed it most. "Mmm Yohji..."

The older man slowly pumped the boy's arousal while his other hand roamed around the silken flesh, stimulating everything he could reach. He sped up his ministrations, feeling the boy's body react to the increased friction. From the sounds Omi was making, it wouldn't be long.

"Oh," moaned Omi, rocking his hips, trying to make Yohji go faster. "So good..." He surrendered fully to Yohji, leaning his head back against him and abandoning himself to pleasure. Then Yohji tightened his grip, stroking faster, and pinched his nipple. That was it. Ecstasy exploded from his cock as he climaxed hard, screaming his lover's name and covering his stomach with his desire.

Yohji continued to stroke slowly as Omi lost himself to passion. When the boy stopped screaming, he stopped stroking, and just held him for a long moment. With Omi's cries quieted, they could clearly hear the sounds of passion from upstairs.

Omi looked up at him, smiling lazily, as the cries increased, then stopped abruptly.

Yohji grinned down at him. "I guess we're really a team now, aren't we, Omi?"

Omi considered for a minute. "Well, not quite," he mused.

Yohji realized after a moment what the younger boy was referring to. "You mean me and Aya?" He had thought about it, of course, but...

Omi started to giggle. "What?" asked Yohji in confusion. "What's so funny?"

"I would love to see you and Aya together," said Omi with a smirk. "But I wonder... who's going to be on top?"

The End... for now!