Title: Innocence Released
Pairing: Ken/Omi
Warning: yaoi, lemon, PWP
Disclaimers: don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

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Ken watched Omi out of the corner of his eye as usual; the sweet blond was happily chatting with a bunch of flirtatious girls. They were all cooing over him and trying to catch Omi's eye, but he treated them all equally well and refused to show favoritism to one or the other. Omi was always like that, and always cheerful. Ken didn't know how he did it. He just knew that he preferred working the shift with Omi than any of the other Weiss members, even if it did make him jealous to see those girls hang all over the young boy.

Jealous? Yes, Ken had a serious case of lust for his younger Weiss partner, and had for some time. He would never do anything about it, though. If Omi rejected him, it would make things even more difficult on their missions. So he watched, and dreamed, and fantasized.

Omi finally broke away from the pushy girls. He didn't know why they bothered him so much more than Ken; the older boy was so much more handsome, with his deep chocolate brown eyes and athletic body. Omi knew it was silly to think about Ken that way. Even if the other boy wasn't straight, he would never want someone as immature as Omi. But Omi could dream; and watch Ken every chance he got. Omi had never even been kissed, but he knew what he wanted. Too bad he would never be able to get it.

All too soon, their shift ended, and Yohji and Aya arrived to take over. Ken decided to go work out, and Omi said he had some homework to do. Ken wandered off to the weight room and tried to take out his frustration by lifting weights. He didn't hear Omi when he walked in, and continued to savagely thrust the weight bar up and down.

Omi walked in quietly, not wanting to disturb Ken, but he had a question that he thought the older boy might be able to answer. He definitely didn't want to bother Aya or Yohji with this. He was stunned when he walked in the room; he stopped to feast his eyes on the luscious sight before him.

Ken lay back on the weight bench, clad only in short shorts, all sweat and bulging muscles. He was aggressively pumping the weights, grunting in what Omi thought was an incredibly sexy manner. Omi felt himself harden immediately at the sight of the sexy boy in front of him; Omi's eyes were irresistibly drawn to the muscled chest, flat stomach, and down to the shorts... which were bulging. The blond boy blushed as he realized what he was staring at.

Ken was trying to forget about his desire for Omi, but the rhythmic nature of the exercise only served to remind him of the exercise he'd rather be doing with Omi. Ken was imagining driving into that sweet body, pumping Omi's dripping cock... his hardness ached, making him nearly moan with each repetition. Lost in his fantasy, he finally realized he wasn't alone, and opened his eyes. And stared straight at the sweet boy he was currently imagining fucking.

"O-Omi!" Ken cried, startled, and let the weight bar crash back onto its support loudly. This made Omi jump, and drop his books.

"I'm so sorry, Ken-kun! Forgive me! I didn't mean to scare you!" Omi stammered, blushing furiously and trying not to be caught staring.

Ken blushed too, as he realized he was very aroused and it was very noticeable. Had Omi seen? To hide his embarrassment, he rushed over and helped the boy retrieve his papers, saying, "It's ok, Omi! No harm done."

Omi smiled shyly, trying not to be too obvious as he nearly drooled over Ken's incredible body. The older boy was bent over, and the silky shorts were pulled tight over the muscular ass. Omi was glad he was bending over too, so Ken couldn't see how aroused he was.

They fumbled with the papers together, arousal making them both clumsy. Ken's fingers brushed against Omi's, and they both apologized, flustered. Ken gazed into Omi's flushed face from inches away and he couldn't tear his eyes away from the other boy's beauty. "Omi..." his arousal was making it impossible for him to think straight; all he could think about was kissing those full lips.

"Yes, Ken-kun?" Omi answered breathlessly, licking his lips nervously. He couldn't think with the brown-haired boy so close.

Ken stared into Omi's big beautiful eyes, and... choked. He felt his will dissolve, and stammered, "Here are your papers..." he pushed the sheets at Omi and fled, completely disgusted with his cowardice.

Omi watched Ken rush out, wondering what he'd done wrong. He sighed. Ken didn't like him as more than a friend, that was obvious.

It was actually quite the opposite. Ken's arousal was painful from being near the sweet teen, and he was afraid he would do something to embarrass himself. How he was hot and sweaty and completely aroused. The only thing he could do was take a shower. A cold one.

Ken went in the bathroom, slamming the door in frustration. He turned on the shower, stripped off his clothes, and tried to ignore his arousal as he stepped into the icy spray. He shivered under the cold water, but it didn't alleviate his erection one bit. It just made him cold. There was only one way to get rid of this problem... Ken sighed, turning the water to a tolerable temperature and dropping his hand to his hard cock. He closed his eyes and slipped into his favorite fantasy, where Omi was wearing his little vest and shorts, and came into his room late at night. Ken gripped his erection, stroking slowly at first, building up the pleasure. He could almost hear Omi's sweet voice calling out to him; he loved the way the sweet teen said his name. "Omi..." he moaned, stroking faster.

"Ken-kun?" That wasn't just his imagination. Omi was in the room. Ken stared in shock as blue eyes peered around the edge of the shower curtain and widened even more as he took in what Ken was doing. "Ken?" He had just walked into the unlocked bathroom, not knowing Ken was in the shower. He had realized his error and was about to leave when he had heard Ken's voice calling out to him, or so he thought.

"O-Omi!" gasped Ken, still stroking his cock, eyes fixed on that sensuous mouth hanging open, his libido telling him how good it would be to stick his cock in that beautiful mouth, to feel the pretty boy suck on him... he realized he hadn't stopped stroking, and he didn't want to.

"I'm so sorry, Ken-kun! I keep bothering you..." Omi stammered, stepping back but unable to tear his eyes away from the sexy boy in the shower, water glistening on bulging muscles, hand wrapped around his huge erection, face flushed with pleasure. He felt his own cock harden painfully. "I didn't mean to..."

The two boys stared at each other for a long moment; Ken panting and Omi blushing, and the older boy couldn't stand it any more. His eyes traveled down the younger boy's body and he could clearly see Omi's arousal. "Omi?" he said.

"Yes?" Omi replied, wide-eyed. The way Ken was looking at him made him feel even more hot.

Ken hoped he wasn't making a huge mistake; but his reason had fled long ago, and he flung caution to the wind. "Want to join me?"

Omi was stunned. This was like something out of a wet dream... "Really?" he said, feeling his cock harden even more.

"Do I look like I'm serious?" Ken smiled.

Omi nodded, and made his decision. He quickly stripped, and Ken watched avidly as the sweet boy's lithe body was revealed. "You're beautiful, Omi," said Ken as he watched.

Omi blushed even more as he stood before Ken, untouched erection standing tall and dripping. "I... I've never..."

Ken held the shower curtain back invitingly. "Just let me hold you, Omi," he soothed. "We won't do anything you don't want to do."

Omi stepped into the shower, standing in front of Ken. He smiled up at the older boy. "What if I want to do everything?"

Ken moaned at the sweet boy's provocative words, then stepped forward, slowly taking the smaller boy into his arms. He lowered his head to Omi's mouth and pressed against the other boy's lips gently. Omi kissed back, opening his mouth slightly. Ken ran the tip of his tongue gently along the teen's lips, parting them further. When Omi didn't protest, Ken slipped his tongue inside, exploring his sweet mouth.

Omi tilted his head back, melting into the kiss as the warm water flowed over their bodies. It felt so new, yet so right to be touched like this. He didn't want it to ever end. He trusted Ken completely. And he wanted to be touched.

Ken pulled Omi closer, and both boys gasped as their heated erections touched for the first time. Hardness met hardness, lining up and rubbing together exquisitely. "Oh, god, Omi... I've wanted this for so long..."

Omi was exploring; he wanted to touch Ken's amazing body everywhere, do everything he had fantasized about. He didn't know what he was supposed to do, but he went by instinct, and Ken seemed to be enjoying it. His small hands found Ken's hard cock, and he touched it tentatively.

Ken cried out when Omi's soft hands finally reaching the center of his aching need. Those hands, touching him there, just like he had dreamed since he first met the teen... he tried to control himself and let Omi experiment.

Omi loved the feeling of Ken's erection in his hands; he especially liked the sounds that the other boy made as he ran his fingers up and down the silky shaft. "Omi..."

Ken brought his hands up to touch Omi's erection. The smaller boy gasped, forgetting everything else but the feeling of Ken's strong hands on him. The feeling was incredible; he thrust helplessly into Ken's hands, needing more of the wonderful friction. He let his hands drop, unable to think about anything except the intense sensation Ken was giving him. Then he felt Ken's other hand between his legs, caressing softly and spreading his legs gently. He let Ken turn him so that his face was to the wall of the shower, and he leaned against it. He felt Ken come up behind him and then he felt the other boy's hands on him again, this time from behind. Omi spread his legs apart and pushed his ass back against Ken, surrendering to the older boy.

Ken was more aroused than he could ever remember being; sweet Omi was letting him do this, was responding to his touch, wanted him... Ken let his hands glide over Omi's smooth, slick flesh. He reached out to get some shampoo on his hand. Slowly, he traced the line of the boy's cleft, approaching Omi's entrance gently.

Omi sighed and pushed back against Ken's hands, then gasped when he felt the touch on his entrance. The shock went straight to his aching cock, and he automatically spread his legs farther, wanting more of the forbidden touch.

Ken felt Omi's reaction, and gently traced a circle around the virgin opening. He moaned when he felt Omi open even more to him, and gently slid one finger in.

Omi moaned as he felt the intrusion. It felt wonderful, and he wanted more. He pushed back to let Ken know this, because he didn't feel like he could even speak.

Ken bit his lip at the virginal boy's reactions; it was almost enough to make him climax right there, but Ken had no intention of coming anywhere but deep inside Omi, where he had wanted to be since he had met the boy. He slid in another finger, slowly stretching the untouched opening, then another. Omi's tight muscles protested, but gradually relaxed at Ken's patient preparation.

By now, Omi was panting, trying to thrust against the wall of the shower, driven out of his mind by new sensations. "K-ken!" he managed to gasp out.

Ken had just decided that the other boy was ready, so he removed his fingers and pressed his aching hardness against the other boy from behind. "Yes, Omi? Have you changed your mind?"

"No, Ken," Omi moaned, pushing back against the older boy. "I want more!

Please?" "Are you sure, Omi? Because I might not be able to stop once I start... want you so much..."

"I want you, Ken. Do it. Fuck me..." those words coming from Omi's innocent mouth nearly drove Ken insane, and he positioned himself after putting more shampoo on his length.

"Omi..." he sighed as he pushed, his dripping cock sliding into Omi's willing body, the tight channel gripping him, trying to keep him out. But he kept pushing, and as he did, he reached around to stroke Omi's cock, to ease any discomfort.

He needn't have worried. Omi was impatient, and wanted none of Ken's gentleness. "More," he whined, and thrust himself back onto Ken's erection, impaling himself fully in one push. "Ken! So good..." the boy moaned.

"Oh, god, Omi... you're so tight..." Ken panted, overwhelmed from the heat of the other boy's body that held him. He pulled back slightly, thrusting back in, and he knew he couldn't last long in the silken heaven that was Omi.

"Oh, Ken... fuck me harder... please..." Omi begged, and Ken lost control at last.

"I'm going to, Omi. I'm going to pound your sweet little ass into the wall," Ken growled, thrusting faster.

Omi whimpered as Ken fucked him and stroked his cock at the same time, faster and faster. The hard cock inside him stroked him, brushing against the perfect spot, driving him higher with each thrust. Omi knew then and there that he would never be able to get enough of the feeling of being fucked. Then he went over the edge; the feeling that had been welling up inside him since Ken had first touched him spilling out, shooting like lightning out of his aching cock, suffusing his body with nirvana.

Ken knew when Omi was about to reach his completion, even before he felt the heat of the boy's seed over his hand. The tightness that gripped him became impossible tighter, and the small body stiffened. As Omi was still crying his name, Ken followed him into ecstasy, incredible pleasure taking over his body as he pumped Omi full of his need. "Omi..." Ken gasped his lover's name as he nearly collapsed from the intensity of his climax.

As the two spent boys tried to catch their breath, Ken holding Omi tightly against him, there was a loud banging on the door. Yohji's voice complained, "Oi, Ken! You gonna stay in there all day? Is the shower that much fun?"

The two boys looked at each other and started laughing, and Omi answered, "It sure is! Wanna join us?"

There was only stunned silence from the other side of the door.

Continued in Three's Company