Title: The Lemon Express
Pairing: Nagi/Omi
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
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Omi sighed as he waited for the train. He didn't really want to take this trip, but he was doing some research for Weiss that required him to travel a fair distance, and Omi was afraid to fly. He knew it was silly for a trained assassin to be afraid of something as simple as an airplane, but the boy couldn't help it. The other members of Weiss hadn't made a big deal of it, just booked him a train ticket, and Omi was grateful.

The reason only Omi could do this research is that he needed to infiltrate a school, and he was the only Weiss member that was young enough. In fact, he almost looked too young, dressed in his new school uniform. Omi thought the shorts were too short, and the shirt too tight, but that was the uniform he had been issued.

The trip was an overnight one, so he had booked a sleeper compartment, one that up to four people could share. As he located the assigned compartment, he saw the door was already open. He wasn't the first one to arrive.

Knocking politely, Omi leaned into the room. "Hello?"

He saw a small form silhouetted against the window. The person turned around, and as Omi's eyes adjusted he could see it was another boy, one about his age, or maybe even a bit younger. Omi found himself staring; the other boy was gorgeous, soft brown hair and huge blue eyes and a slim lithe body. He felt his body react to the other boy, and hoped it didn't show in the tight uniform. He usually wore loose pants to hide the physical reactions he had to his beautiful Weiss partners. They would probably be disgusted by the fact that their youngest member secretly lusted after them. Omi couldn't help it, though; they were all so gorgeous. But this boy was different; he looked innocent, but something in his eyes said differently.

"Hi," said the boy. "I guess we'll be sharing. I'm Nagi."

Nagi had initially been disappointed when he saw he wouldn't have the compartment to himself. The train was about to leave, and he had thought no one would show up to share. But as his eyes traveled over the newcomer, the telekinetic found he didn't mind so much. The boy had silky blond hair and a sweet, innocent looking face that held sky blue eyes. Nagi wondered if the other boy knew how delicious he looked in that clinging school uniform. So innocent, so sweet, so obviously a virgin. Nagi tried not to drool at the prospect of being alone with the other boy.

"Hi Nagi! I'm Omi," the Weiss boy said, smiling. He didn't often get to be around boys his age. Especially ones this pretty. "Which bunk should I take?" He studied the four bunks, two on each side of the compartment, one high and one low. The brown-haired boy hadn't claimed any of them; his bag sat on the floor next to where he stood.

Nagi smiled and said, "I don't mind, whichever you want, Omi."

Omi felt a thrill at the way the smaller boy said his name. He wanted to get to know this boy better, but he didn't know how. Omi was completely inexperienced. He wondered if the pretty boy he had just met liked boys too. And how would he find out? He couldn't just ask... "I'll take this one," Omi said, indicating one of the lower bunks. He tried to ignore the sweet ache from his erection.

Nagi saw the sweet blond blush and knew he had to have Omi, in every way. He had to be careful not to rush, though, and frighten the innocent one away. They had plenty of time; it was a long train ride. Nagi smiled, noticing the bulge in the other boy's pants, and took the lower bunk across from Omi.

The train pulled out of the station, and to both boys' relief, no one else came to share their compartment. They were all alone.

They decided they were hungry, and sat on the floor, leaning back against Omi's bunk. They shared the various items in their respective lunches.

They talked for a while, on various subjects. Omi couldn't concentrate on the conversation, though, because he was too busy stealing admiring glances at the brown-haired boy. Omi watched Nagi's mouth, mesmerized by the full lips, wishing he could kiss him.

Nagi decided not to unfairly use his powers to influence the blond boy. Omi didn't seem to need any convincing, though; he kept catching the sweet boy gazing at him. And he couldn't help gazing back; Omi was gorgeous. When Nagi would catch Omi staring, the blond boy would blush sweetly. Nagi longed to possess that innocence, to make Omi cry out with his first climax. Nagi felt himself become aroused at the thought of taking the innocent Omi; time to move things along.

"So, Omi, do you have a girlfriend?" Nagi asked nonchalantly.

Omi was startled out of his contemplation of Nagi's beauty by the question. He felt himself blush and blurt, "I don't... I mean, no. Do you?"

Nagi shook his head negatively, and Omi found himself relieved. Then he felt his heart pound as Nagi leaned closer and asked his next question: "Then do you have a boyfriend?"

Omi's heart nearly stopped, and his arousal got even harder. Could it be possible? Did Nagi like boys too? He didn't trust his voice at this point. Nagi was so close that Omi could smell the other boy and feel his heat.

Nagi noted the other boy's deepening blush, and the negative shake of his head, with satisfaction. Time to go for it. Nagi placed his hand gently over Omi's and leaned so close to the other boy that his lips were nearly brushing his perfect ear. "Have you ever thought about it? Being with another boy?"

Omi's mind whirled. Had he ever thought about it? Nearly every day and night, as he watched his beautiful partners, and now this gorgeous boy was voicing something that had only ever existed in his mind. His erection pushed against the confines of his shorts. Should he say what he really felt?

Watching Omi's reactions carefully, Nagi continued softly, "I'm sorry to be so forward, Omi, but you're just so pretty I couldn't help myself. I wouldn't do anything you didn't want."

Nagi thought he was pretty? Oh, he wanted to let Nagi... what? Omi didn't know. He found his voice. "Yes, I have thought about it. I... I want to, Nagi, but I don't know... anything."

Nagi smiled; Omi was his. "I can show you. If you want me to stop, just say so, ok Omi?" Nagi reached over to gently trace his fingers over the bulge in Omi's shorts.

Omi gasped as he felt the other boy touch him. That one touch seemed to set him on fire. He wanted more. Then the dark haired boy squeezed his cock gently through the shorts, and he was amazed to hear himself moan wantonly. It felt so good...Omi opened his eyes to see that Nagi was kneeling in front of him.

The younger boy was unbuttoning his own shirt with one hand as he caressed Omi's arousal with the other. Nagi looked at Omi; the blond boy looked amazing, head thrown back and cheeks flushed with desire; so innocent. Nagi dropped his shirt on the floor and watched with satisfaction as Omi's eyes traveled hungrily yet tentatively over his smooth skin, and down to the obvious arousal straining the front of his pants.

Omi had never been able to openly admire another boy, and Nagi was so beautiful, he longed to touch him, be touched... Nagi's sleek brown hair contrasted with his alabaster skin, and lean muscles flexed easily.

"Omi?" Nagi said softly. "Let me make you feel good?"

Omi nodded, unable to voice what he wanted, but willing to let Nagi show him. Nagi smiled, and set to work on the buttons of Omi's shirt. Nagi felt like he was unwrapping a wonderful present. He unfastened the buttons carefully, and pulled the shirt out of the other boy's shorts. Nagi feasted his eyes on the creamy, untouched skin, and licked his lips. He gently ran his fingertips down Omi's abdomen; the boy's skin was like the finest of silk. Like silk, too, was the blond boy's voice as he moaned Nagi's name softly. The desire in the innocent boy's voice, desire for him, went straight to Nagi's aching erection, making it even harder. Why did this boy affect him so much?

Nagi's questing fingers reached the top of Omi's shorts, and he deftly unbuckled the belt and unbuttoned the button. Catching Omi's blue eyes, Nagi leaned closer as he pulled the zipper down ever so slowly. Omi was holding his breath, as Nagi got even closer to the epicenter of his desire. Nagi leaned forward even farther and pressed his lips to Omi's for the blond boy's first kiss.

Omi felt Nagi's lips on his; even thought he had expected it, he was still stunned by the fact that he was kissing a beautiful boy he had just met. It felt so naughty, and so good. Nagi's lips were incredibly soft, not demanding at all; Omi relaxed into the kiss, and Nagi reached inside Omi's unzipped shorts, and inside his boxers. Omi gasped when he felt Nagi's warm hand touch his hardness; Nagi gently slipped his tongue inside the other boy's mouth. Omi couldn't believe this was happening to him; a sexy stranger was touching him where no one, not even his own hand, had ever been before. And he didn't want to stop.

Nagi kneeled between Omi's legs, one hand supporting him and the other hand gently squeezing the blond boy's hard length, mouth pressed against Omi's soft mouth. Omi moaned into the kiss, involuntarily thrusting up into Nagi's hand. This created such an amazing feeling that he had to do it again and again, and soon they broke the kiss because Omi was nearly panting. It felt so good...

Nagi loved the feeling of Omi's silken cock in his hand. But he knew the inexperienced boy wouldn't last long; reluctantly, he withdrew his hand, drawing a whimper of loss from Omi. "Shh, it's ok, Omi, I just want to show you something even better," Nagi said gently. Omi nodded, and allowed Nagi to pull off his shorts and boxers, leaving him in the unbuttoned white school shirt and his white socks. Spreading the blond boy's trembling legs, Nagi admired the scene before him: the exquisite blond boy looked younger than his years, virginal and exposed in front of him, smooth flesh and dripping hard cock contrasting perfectly. Omi blushed under Nagi's eyes, and dropped his head, gazing shyly up through long lashes. Omi looked like a wet dream come true, a mix of virginal innocence and awakening sensuality. The ache from Nagi's trapped arousal intensified, but that would have to wait. He wasn't sure why, but this sweet boy was awakening feelings inside of him; feelings that made him want to satisfy the other boy's desire more than his own.

Nagi claimed the blond boy's mouth once again; but this time he continued kissing downward, showering the other boy's neck with feather-light kisses before continuing his downward journey. Nagi moved on to Omi's chest, flicking one pink nipple gently with his tongue. This caused Omi to gasp, so Nagi did it again. Omi squirmed underneath him as Nagi moved on to the other nipple, teasing it erect as well.

Omi tried to remember to breathe; the feelings the brown haired boy was giving him were unbelievable. He had always hidden his feelings for boys before, thinking they were wrong; but what could be wrong with something that felt this good? His heart swelled as he looked down at the beautiful boy that was giving him pleasure; they had just met, but Omi felt like he had known Nagi forever. The boy's attention to his nipples sent bolts of electricity straight to his erection, making it even harder and wet. Then he felt Nagi kiss lower, and he forgot to breathe again.

Nagi was intoxicated by the sweet sounds that Omi made; the blond was so responsive, and everything was new to him. Nagi couldn't wait to taste Omi's first climax. He gently lapped at the tip of Omi's untouched arousal, tasting the virginal dew. Omi gasped, feeling Nagi's mouth on the most intimate part of his body. Then that mouth wrapped around him, and Omi couldn't help it; he moaned uncontrollably, breathing hard and clutching at the other boy.

Nagi smiled to himself; something about this boy made him want to hear Omi cry out his name in pleasure. He slowly drew Omi's erection into his mouth, increasing the suction gradually, until he had taken in the whole length and Omi was mewling with new sensations. Nagi knew that it wouldn't be long before the other boy exploded; and Nagi intended for Omi's first climax to be unforgettable.

Slowly, Nagi bobbed his head up and down on Omi's hard length, pausing now and then to swirl his tongue around the head of Omi's aching need. Omi was panting, hands buried in Nagi's silky brown hair. "Oh, Nagi, that's so good," Omi moaned out, the sound of his sweet voice in ecstasy making Nagi want him even more.

Omi couldn't believe anything could feel as good as what he was feeling right now. Nagi's mouth was on him, stroking him, hot and wet. Omi had never dared to touch himself; he thought he would surely get caught. But sometimes, like when he saw Yohji coming out of the shower in just his towel, he would get hard like this; the tightness was unbearable and his erection longed to be touched. But he never had. As Nagi licked and sucked him, the tight feeling increased until he thought he was going to explode. Higher and higher, the feelings intensified, until Omi found he was thrusting his hips up, trying to push his cock even deeper into Nagi's willing mouth.

Nagi took it easily; he increased his pace now, ready to bring Omi to completion. He could taste the salty tang of Omi's excitement, and readied himself. Nagi pushed Omi's thighs apart even farther, and played lightly with the inside of the other boy's thighs.

Omi was trying not to scream; the sensations that Nagi was giving him were too much for his virginal body to take. When Nagi spread his legs, the feelings intensified, making him feel vulnerable and exposed; and suddenly an explosion of absolute pleasure overwhelmed him. Starting form his throbbing cock, liquid fire spread outward, casting tendrils over his stomach and down his legs until his whole body was engulfed; wave after delicious wave of sweet agony overtook him. "Oh, Nagi..." Omi cried out, emptying himself into the other boy's waiting mouth. Pulse after pulse of pleasure washed over Omi, and into Nagi's talented mouth.

Nagi happily lapped up Omi's first climax. The boy tasted like heaven, and Nagi could only imagine what it would be like to slide inside him... He could feel the blond boy trembling under him, and Nagi sat up, and gathered the other boy into his arms. Omi was almost sobbing.

"Sh, it's ok," Nagi soothed, brushing the soft hair out of Omi's eyes. The boy looked even more beautiful now, flushed and trembling. "Was that all right?"

Omi wrapped his arms around the other boy tightly. "Oh, Nagi, that was... I can't think of the words. Thank you."

Nagi smiled. "It was my pleasure."

They sat like that for a while, as Omi calmed down. Suddenly, the blond boy realized something. "Nagi! You haven't..." Omi blushed.

Nagi understood. "It's ok. Don't worry."

Omi looked down shyly. "I want to... you said there were other things you could show me?" He looked up then, straight into Nagi's eyes, and Nagi felt his stomach flutter. Omi was so beautiful, and asking him for more... The brown haired boy felt his arousal pulse as he contemplated making love to the sweet boy. He hadn't thought Omi would ask for more, so soon.

"Are you sure? Do you know what you're asking for?" Nagi said softly.

Omi nodded, heart and body aching to be one with this gorgeous boy. He had never believed in love at first sight, but...he wanted this so badly. "I think so."

Nagi's fingers almost trembled as he retrieved a tube from his bag. "If you want me to stop at any time, just say so, Omi." And Nagi explained that he had to prepare Omi, so the blond boy wouldn't be hurt. Omi listened carefully, nodding, and though he looked serious, Nagi could see the other boy's erection was rapidly returning.

Omi shrugged off his shirt, and Nagi stood up to remove his pants. Omi watched avidly as the brown haired boy wiggled out of his pants, revealing no underwear underneath. This fascinated Omi; it seemed so naughty, to not wear underwear. Finally Nagi was completely revealed, standing naked in front of Omi; the blond boy gazed in wonder. He'd never seen another boy unclothed before. He'd certainly never seen another erection. Nagi was simply beautiful; Omi wanted to drown in those blue eyes, chocolate hair and porcelain skin. Nagi's cock stood straight up, and Omi couldn't take his eyes off it. Above all, he ached to be touched by the other boy; touched, possessed, taken. He trembled with need he didn't even know existed. "Nagi," Omi whispered.

Nagi held out his hand to Omi, and the blond boy took it, getting up to stand in front of Nagi. The brown-haired boy pulled the other boy close, the whole length of their bodies lining up perfectly. Hot smooth skin touched. Omi felt a thrill run straight to his newly hard arousal as he felt Nagi's length against him. Omi rocked his hips so that their erections rubbed together, and both boys gasped; Omi loved the sound and feeling of Nagi's passion so he did it again.

"Omi," breathed Nagi, "If you keep doing that, I won't be able to hold back."

Omi giggled, excited that he could turn on the more experienced boy that much. "Good," he replied.

"Mmm, you're a naughty boy, aren't you, Omi?" Nagi whispered. "I bet you love to tease all the boys with your cute little ass."

Omi giggled again, and rocked against Nagi. "Maybe," he said teasingly.

Nagi smiled and pushed Omi back onto one of the bunks. "But you know what, Omi? I'm going to be the first one to take that sweet little ass, aren't I?" he said softly as he followed Omi down, kneeling between the blond's legs.

"Yes, Nagi," moaned Omi as Nagi slipped his hands between his legs, spreading them apart. "Only you." That sweet ache was back, but stronger than before. Nagi's hands were...

Nagi's hands were tracing circles on the inside of Omi's thighs, spiraling ever closer to that virgin entrance. Omi's silken thighs opened for him, that sweet face flushed with newfound desire, pink lips moist... the sight of Omi like this was nearly enough to bring him off, but Nagi had no intention of climaxing until he had thoroughly claimed the pretty boy in front of him. Nagi slid a lubed finger gently inside the other boy, and Omi gasped.

"Oh! Nagi! That feels good!" Omi exclaimed as the brown-haired boy moved his finger around. Then Nagi added another finger, and Omi began to push back, wanting more. Nagi carefully added another finger, and Omi started moaning, spreading his legs apart farther, urging Nagi to hurry.

Omi couldn't wait; if the preparation was this good, the next part had to be amazing. The feeling of Nagi's fingers inside his body made him ache for something larger. When Nagi removed his fingers, Omi was disappointed; until he felt something even larger press against him. Omi opened his eyes to see the sexy boy holding his huge cock, pressing it against Omi's entrance.

Nagi smiled at Omi. "Are you ready, Omi?" he asked. Omi nodded quickly. "Are you sure?"

Omi nearly sobbed, "Yes! Yes, please, Nagi! I want this! I want you!"

Omi's pleading made his arousal throb even more. Biting his lip, Nagi eased forward gently, pushing his lubricated erection past the initial resistance. Damn, the boy was tight; Nagi thought surely he was hurting the other boy, so difficult it was to enter him. But Omi's beautiful face held no pain, only rapture as he was taken. Nagi pushed on, Omi's tight ring of muscle squeezing him mercilessly, threatening to make him climax much too soon. Finally he was all the way in, and panting with the effort not to thrust hard.

Omi was transfixed; Nagi's hardness opened him, filled him, stretched him, sweet pressure too good to be believed. No pain, only pleasure, flooded his inexperienced body as Nagi slowly entered him. He clutched at the sheets as Nagi pressed forward, unable to suppress a whimper as the other boy drove deeper into him. Omi had thought Nagi's fingers inside him felt good; this was a thousand times better! Omi realized that Nagi had stopped, and he wondered why; then he realized that the other boy was all the way inside him. Omi was amazed that such a large thing could fit inside him, and feel so good; then Nagi began to make small thrusts, and it got even better.

As Nagi started to thrust, he leaned down and claimed the blond boy's mouth in another blazing kiss. The other boy kissed back eagerly; Omi learned fast. Nagi broke the kiss and whispered in Omi's ear, "You feel so good, Omi. Do you like what I'm doing to you?"

Omi moaned; when Nagi leaned down, his arousal was trapped between their hot bodies, and the friction coupled with Nagi thrusting inside him was incredible. Nagi's sexy voice made him even more turned on. "Oh, Nagi, yes, it's so gooooood..." Omi's sweet voice trailed off as Nagi increased the speed and depth of his penetration.

Nagi nearly came from the passion in Omi's voice and his responsiveness. But he held himself in check, determined to make the blond boy scream his name. Nagi decided Omi was ready, and began to drive into the tight body harder as he ran his hands possessively over the sleek body beneath him. Omi was so beautiful, so sexy, so incredibly fuckable... Nagi paused to play with Omi's pink nipples, and was rewarded by an erotic moan.

Faster and faster, deeper and deeper Nagi pounded into Omi; the blond boy took every thrust, angling his hips up for maximum effect. Omi found that when he raised his hips, the sensation increased tenfold, as if Nagi's cock was brushing against a magic spot inside him. Omi knew he was screaming now, but he didn't care; he wanted more.

"Nagi! Harder! Please!" cried Omi, holding onto the side of the bed.

Nagi groaned; he was in paradise, pounding into an innocent boy who pleaded to be fucked harder. Omi's muscles gripped him, and friction was driving him higher; it was time to send Omi over the edge. Never had he felt this good, with anyone; it was as if his cock fit like a hand in a glove; Omi was the glove, and a perfect fit. Omi was everything Nagi had ever dreamed of in a lover. Nagi hoped these strong emotions would fade; as he pounded desperately into the sweet boy, he knew he couldn't afford to fall in love. But as he watched Omi's face twist with the pleasure that Nagi was giving him, he knew deep down it was too late. No matter what happened, he would see Omi again. Nagi reached down and wrapped his hand around Omi's dripping erection and pumped.

Omi's screams intensified; he looked at Nagi, driving into him and now pumping his cock, and forgot everything else; nothing existed beyond this room, this boy, this ecstasy. He screamed Nagi's name, screamed like he was dying, and if the train hadn't been noisy, there would have been problems. That lovely pressure built up again, but magnified a thousandfold; stroked both inside and out, Omi voiced his passion and climaxed violently.

Nagi threw back his head as Omi's muscles clenched around him. Excruciatingly tight, maddeningly hot, the blond boy's channel embraced him; Nagi drove into Omi's willing body one last time, before he too screamed his lover's name. Pulsing, pumping, Nagi's hot passion emptied into the blond boy; few times had he experienced pleasure this intense. Nagi thought he was going to pass out as he filled the sweet boy's body.

Time stood still, and finally the only sounds were the train and the exhausted panting of two sated boys. Nagi carefully withdrew and curled up next to Omi; the blond boy snuggled up to him.

The two boys dozed off, forgetting their troubles, entwined in each other's arms. Fate had thrown two unknowing enemies together; but had love forged a bond between them?

The End?