Title: Operation Aya
Pairing: Aya/Omi
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP
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Yohji, Ken and Omi were discussing the best way to get the last of the Weiss boys into bed.

"He'll never go for it. He's made of ice," Yohji declared, leaning back in his chair, sucking alternately on a cigarette and a longneck bottle of beer.

"No, I think you're wrong," said Ken earnestly.

"Maybe he's just shy," offered Omi, snuggling up against Ken while he slid a foot clad in a pink ankle sock up Yohji's leg seductively.

Since the night that Ken and Omi had discovered each other, and Yohji had joined them, the three had been busy experimenting and screwing each other's brains out. They had often discussed their desire to include their gorgeous redheaded partner in their activities.

"He just needs the proper enticement," declared Ken, meeting Yohji's eyes.

Yohji grinned, understanding the brown-haired boy's intent. "An irresistible force is required to deal with an immoveable object." As if on cue, both sets of eyes turned to the youngest boy, who was currently stretching sensuously, his short shirt riding up to display his flat stomach.

"What?" Omi asked in confusion.

Omi's giggles rang throughout the house as his two lovers began to explain their plan. And demonstrated...


Operation Aya was set to begin tonight. The three Weiss boys had been planning all day. Ken was working in the shop with Aya while Omi and Yohji made the arrangements. Yohji was in charge, because, as he pointed out, he was the expert on seduction. Omi laughed and pointed out that he and Ken had seduced Yohji. Yohji couldn't argue with that, and the two almost got distracted from their preparations once again.

They finally got back to work, and everything was ready. Ken and Yohji were going to leave the apartment tonight so that Aya and Omi would have the place to themselves. They figured that the redhead would be shy at first, and might be more amenable to Omi's charms if they didn't have an audience. At first anyway. Once Aya had had a taste of the sweet boy, Ken and Yohji knew from experience that there would be no stopping his lust. The two of them had a very hard time, literally, keeping their hands off each other, and especially Omi. They were addicted. But Ken in particular had always had a bit of a crush on the aloof assassin.

Ken looked over at Aya as the taller man locked the door and lowered the security shutters. He admired Aya's lithe body as he bent. He couldn't wait to have his chance underneath Aya, but he fully agreed that Omi should be the one to break the ice.

Aya completed his duties in silence. Ken wondered if the other man had a clue of his partners' new activities. If he did, he didn't show it. He turned to Ken and said, "Done."

Ken nodded, not trusting his voice, and was saved from further comment by Yohji bouncing into the room and announcing, "Oi! You two wanna go hit the bars with me tonight?" This was a prearranged speech; there was no doubt that Aya would refuse the invitation.

As expected, Aya shook his head briefly, moving past the two without a comment. To make it seem less set-up, Kern demurred at first. "You sure you want me along to slow you down, Yohji?"

"Nah, it's ok, Ken, I'll give you some lessons. I feel like company tonight, and the bishounen's too young for the bars."

At the mention of Omi, Aya looked around, then continued up the stairs. "Just be quiet when you drag yourselves in drunk at 3am," Aya said flatly over his shoulder.

"Will do, Aya! Have fun!" Yohji called out, trying not to snicker. Ken grinned but kept silent. They made a great show of closing and locking the door on the way out, so Aya would know they were gone. They were giggling quietly the whole time.


Aya walked into the apartment, looking around for Omi, guiltily hoping the sweet boy was wearing his favorite lace-up shirt. Aya would never admit it to anyone, but he loved to watch Omi. Not that he would ever do anything about it; he just admired from afar. Just being able to watch, and see Omi in his unconsciously sensual clothes, was enough. It had to be.

Walking into the living room, Aya had to remind himself to close his mouth. There was Omi, and not only was he dressed in Aya's favorite revealing shirt, but he was also wearing a pair of shorts that were practically non-existent. Aya stared as Omi bent over, facing away from him to pick something up off the floor. The shorts pulled up, and Aya couldn't help but stare at the boy's ass, half of which was visible to him. Creamy, smooth skin, firm legs; despite himself, Aya started to get aroused. He tried in vain to stop his body's reaction. But Omi was too cute for his own good. The younger boy must have heard him come in, because he whirled around, face flushed, and broke out onto a wide smile. Aya felt his heart melt at that; how he wished he could tell Omi how he really felt about him.

"Hi, Aya-kun! How was your day?" Omi walked closer to the redhead, noting the other man was slightly flushed too. He tried not to grin, and suppressed the urge to glance at Aya's pants. He was supposed to look innocent. "Are you ok?"

Aya tried to think of something to say to the sweet boy; he only acted cold toward his partners because he had feelings for them and he didn't know how to express it. All three of the boys were attractive in their own way; but Omi especially got to him, and here he was alone with him. "I'm fine, thank you." Aya cursed himself; why did he have to sound so formal all the time? He wished social skills came easily to him, as they did to Yohji.

"You look stressed, Aya-kun. Sit down, relax a bit," Omi guided the unresisting redhead to the couch, pushing him gently to sit down. He brushed up against Aya a bit more than was really necessary, and "accidentally" let his baby-fine hair brush against Aya's neck, hoping the scent of his freshly washed hair would affect the other man.

Aya fought his body's reaction to the sweet-smelling and silky soft boy. He tried to tell himself that the boy was just being nice, that he didn't mean to tease the hell out of him this way.

Omi curled up beside Aya on the couch, his thigh just touching the other man's. The younger boy chatted easily, asking Aya questions about his day, and asking his opinion on a special flower arrangement that he was to do tomorrow. Aya was captivated by the boy's mouth; the soft lips, the pink tongue that would dart out every once in a while to moisten those lips... he hadn't really ever sat this close to Omi for an extended period of time, without a mission to distract him. He found Omi to be distracting enough. His body, already partially aroused, reacted to the smaller boy with the inevitable result; Aya was getting harder. Luckily, he could still hide it; but he wouldn't be getting up any time soon.

Omi, however, knew exactly what he was doing, and could tell that Aya was affected. He used this to his advantage, knowing that the redhead wouldn't want to stand up and reveal his condition. Omi talked animatedly, and at one point found an excuse to clutch at Aya's upper arm. While thrilling at the hard muscles he could feel underneath, he commented, "Aya-kun! You're so tense! You need to relax." The boy jumped up, and, without being asked, brought Aya a cold beer.

Aya nearly laughed. Of course I'm tense, Omi. Who wouldn't be with a sensual little sex kitten like yourself squirming next to you and hanging all over you? However, he said instead, "I am relaxed."

Omi giggled. "No you're not! You're as stiff as a board!" He snickered to himself at that. "Let me relax you. I'm really good at backrubs!"

Aya, who really was stiff as a board, was torn. As much as he wanted to feel Omi's hands on him, he really should say no. But then, before he could protest, Omi was turning him so that he sat sideways on the couch with Omi behind him, and the boy was massaging his shoulders. It felt incredible, and an involuntary moan escaped his lips. He couldn't bring himself to stop the boy. It felt so good, and at last he could feel Omi's hands on him, even if it was innocent. He opened the beer and took a long drink.

But Omi's actions were definitely anything but innocent. Yohji had taught Omi everything he knew about sensual massage. He knew exactly what he was doing, and while the initial touches were intended to relax the muscles, Omi's hands were also busy learning Aya's responses. Slowly, he worked the tension out of the other man's shoulders, and accustomed Aya to his hands touching him. Then he changed his caresses to more teasing ones, lightly running his fingers over Aya's neck.

Aya was relaxing, enjoying Omi's hands on him, and he jumped slightly when he heard the boy's sweet voice inches from his ear, and felt his warm breath on his skin. "Aya-kun? I could really do this a lot better if you took your shirt off..." Aya knew it was a bad idea, knew he shouldn't do it, but the voice telling him that was drowned out by the pounding of his heart, blood racing to one area of his body. Without looking around, without saying a word, Aya ignored the voice and gave into his feelings. He shrugged the shirt off quickly, before he changed his mind, and dropped it on the floor. His throat suddenly felt dry, and he grabbed the beer and drained it in one gulp. A warm feeling spread through him, partly from the alcohol, and partly from the thoughts that were swirling around in his head.

Omi smiled delightedly, happy that Aya wasn't as hard to convince as they had thought. Now he had the redhead exactly where he wanted him, half-naked, half-drunk, aroused and ready to be tortured with desire. He sighed, nearly drooling over the cut muscles that shifted under Aya's silky skin. He set back to work, soothing and enticing at the same time. He was rock hard, just from touching the beautiful man. He wished he could just snuggle up behind Aya, and press his hard cock against him, or, better yet, climb in the redhead's lap. He let his mind wander as he massaged Aya, and soon he was almost moaning with the thoughts his hormones were giving him, and hoping fervently that this would work.

Omi wasn't the only one close to moaning; Aya tried desperately to keep his feelings in check as the soft hands touched him. He could feel the bishounen's heat behind him; he wanted Omi to touch him everywhere. How did Omi know how to do this so well? He wished he could just turn and pull Omi into his arms and claim those ruby lips in a searing kiss. What would the sweet boy do? Would he respond, or push Aya away in disgust? Aya was nearly trembling with need; then he lost what little control he had left as Omi's hands reached around to the front of him and brushed against his nipples. A gasp left his lips and he turned quickly to find himself inches away from the blond boy.

Omi tried not to flinch back from the burning gaze that the redhead was leveling at him. Was it lust or fury evident in those eyes? Had he pushed too far by touching Aya's chest? He couldn't help himself any more; he was caught up in fantasy. He stared back at Aya, panting.

"What..." Aya's voice failed him; could it be that Omi was seducing him? "What are you doing?"

Taking a quick glance down into Aya's lap, Omi had the confirmation he needed. He looked back at Aya, blue eyes wide. "What do you think?" he whispered. He reached out and deliberately ran a finger down the line of Aya's hardness. "Do you want me to stop?"

Aya was stunned; though he had hoped for this, dreamed of this, the reality of Omi touching him, seducing him... he remembered he needed to answer. "Don't stop," he murmured, and did what he had wanted to do since he had first seen the blond hacker. He closed the distance between them and pressed his mouth to Omi's. Soft, incredibly yielding lips met his willingly, and opened gently. Omi's tongue met his, and they melted together.

Omi moaned happily into the kiss, not taking his hand off of Aya's erection. The sweetness, the newness of a first kiss; he savored it, inching closer. He squeezed gently, feeling Aya's breath catch when he did. He could smell Aya's scent, masculine and musky with arousal; it intoxicated him and made him feel wanton.

Aya finally pulled back from the kiss; he needed to see Omi's face, convince himself that this wasn't another frustrating dream. Wide blue eyes and flushed cheeks met his gaze; Omi was definitely real, and was definitely squeezing his cock. "Omi..."

Omi looked up at the beautiful man he'd wanted for so long, finally in his grasp-literally. "Yes, Aya-kun?" he replied dreamily.

Aya's whole body ached with need as he looked at the beautiful boy. Omi was so innocently sexy, so incredibly perfect, that Aya was almost afraid that he would wake up any second. Years of isolation, deliberately distancing himself from others had taken its toll. He had had casual affairs, but they only temporarily satisfied him, and left him feeling empty. He wanted Omi, wanted to possess him. Fire burned in his veins, and he never wanted it to stop. But he had to ask... "Are you sure?"

Omi smiled dreamily, and wiggled forward, sitting in Aya's lap like he had always wanted to. He wrapped his arms around the redhead's neck, and squirmed until his thigh was pressing directly on the other man's hardness. He heard and felt Aya's moan, and it was music to his ears. He took Aya's hand and pressed it to his own erection, which stretched the front of his shorts. "Do I feel sure?"

"You feel wonderful," whispered Aya, and then he gave in to his feelings. Squeezing the boy's arousal through the shorts, he once again claimed Omi's mouth, but this time he was the aggressor. He plundered the sweet mouth, and let his other hand wander up, under Omi's shirt, to caress the silken skin.

Omi sighed as he finally felt Aya respond to him. The hand on his aching arousal was heaven, and he thrust his hips up to show his approval.

When this kiss broke, both boys were panting. "Omi," breathed Aya. "You're so beautiful..."

Omi smiled at Aya. "Touch me, Aya," he murmured, and unlaced his shirt, letting it drop to the floor. The look on the redhead's face was almost reverential as he looked at Omi's lithe body. Still he hesitated, so Omi took Aya's hands and placed them on his chest. He felt Aya take a shuddering breath, and then he seemed to find his resolve.

One touch, one feel of Omi's hot skin against his hands, and that was it. Aya gave in to his feelings at last. He ran his hands over Omi, over the lean muscles, the flat stomach, and brushed over the small nipples. He buried his hands in the silky hair, pulling Omi's head close, and he kissed the boy, more roughly and urgently this time.

Omi sighed as Aya took control; he had hoped he could fan the flames of desire so that his need would overcome his reticence. This was what he wanted, to make Aya release his pent-up passion, to ravish him and take over. Omi didn't mind being aggressive to entice Aya, but he really wanted to relinquish control now and be taken by the beautiful older boy.

Aya felt Omi melt under his hands, his mouth; he couldn't have stopped now if he had wanted to. And all he wanted was more; more of Omi, more of the sweet hot body, more of the soft sounds the beautiful boy made. As if of their own volition, Aya's hands dropped to Omi's shorts, fumbling with the button. He needed to touch more, feel more, wanted no barriers between them. Omi helped him, and together they got the shorts off. Omi was naked now; except for the pink socks. He started to remove them, but, blushing, Aya stopped him. "I like them," whispered the other boy shyly.

Omi giggled at Aya's admission, and kneeled on the couch next to the other boy. Aya let his eyes wander over the slim body, the creamy skin and delicate features contrasting deliciously with the dripping arousal that rested against the flat stomach. Omi shivered under Aya's gaze; it made him feel more turned on than ever. He leaned forward, and on his hands and knees he leaned into Aya, kissing his neck.

Aya moaned and ran a hand down Omi's smooth back, hesitantly brushing down, over the curve of the boy's firm ass. Omi arched his back at the touch, with a soft moan that set Aya's body on fire. "Aya..." he whispered, nuzzling his ear. "Want you..."

Aya brought his hands back up to cup Omi's face, pulling his mouth up for another kiss. He felt the other boy's hands on his pants, and gasped as a hand slid inside to touch his burning arousal. Omi squeezed the hard length, stroking shallowly, encumbered by Aya's pants. "Off," Omi said impatiently.

Aya stood and quickly shed his pants and briefs, while Omi watched hungrily. Aya was even more gorgeous unclothed, and Omi let his eyes wander over the other man's lean body. The fact that he would soon be touching that body, be one with that body, made it even better. He grabbed Aya's hand, drawing him back onto the couch, and kissed him savagely. He released Aya's mouth then, and before the man could react, Omi had slid off the couch onto the floor, settling on his knees in front of Aya. He smiled up at the redhead. "Want to taste you, Aya."

Aya looked down in shock at the beautiful boy on his knees. Omi wanted to...Aya nearly climaxed from just the thought of what Omi meant to do. The lithe blond boy looked up at him, licking his lips, and Aya whimpered. He let Omi spread his legs, and the boy kneeled between them. He leaned forward and stopped. Less than an inch separated Omi's lips and Aya's dripping cock. Aya held his breath.

Omi looked up at the redhead. Slowly, he put out his pink tongue and licked at the tip of the erection in front of him. He felt Aya take a shuddering breath as he tasted the nectar. Omi licked again, holding Aya's gaze the whole time. He knew the picture he must make, knew what the image of what he was doing would do to Aya. Just kneeling in front of a man made his own cock pulse with need. He slowly took Aya's arousal in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip as he lowered his head. When Aya was too deep in his mouth to do that any more, Omi wrapped his lips over his teeth and began to bob his head up and down. He could feel Aya's muscles bunch, and he wasn't surprised when he felt hands on his head, stilling his motion.

"Omi," groaned Aya, "It's too good... stop..."

"You don't like it, Aya?" Omi asked innocently, unnecessarily.

"I like it too much," Aya replied, pulling Omi back up on his lap and giving him another searing kiss. Omi wiggled around, settling himself facing Aya, straddling his lap. Their arousals came into contact, and they both moaned in response. "Oh god, Omi..."

"I want you inside me, Aya..." panted Omi as he rocked his hips. He reached behind him and grabbed a tube from the table that Aya had missed before. He opened the tube and deftly squeezed some onto his fingers. Snaking his hands between the two of them, he applied the lube to Aya's cock. Quickly, before the other man could protest, Omi was up on his knees, and the head of Aya's slick cock was pressing at Omi's entrance. Then Omi lowered himself, and Aya started to slide inside.

It all happened so quickly; Aya was suddenly entering Omi, and he was surrounded by tight heat. "Omi... no prep... you'll hurt yourself..." he managed to moan out as Omi slid down. It wasn't easy to speak. It felt incredible to be inside Omi.

"I... like it... this way..." breathed Omi, and indeed, the sweet face showed no pain, only rapture.

"You've done this before..." moaned Aya, his hands on the cute ass he was now impaling.

Omi nodded. Aya was now fully inside him, and he was finding it difficult to think. He had his hands on Aya's strong shoulders as he adjusted.

Aya had suspected something was going on with his Weiss partners, but he had dismissed his suspicions as pure late night fantasy. All his partners were sexy in their own unique way and he had had fantasies about them all. As Omi started to move, he gasped out, "Yohji? Or Ken?"

Omi looked straight into Aya's eyes, and his face was split with most wicked grin Aya had ever seen. "Both."

At the shock in Aya's eyes, Omi grinned even more and dropped back down onto Aya's length. "At the same time."

Now Aya's mouth was hanging open, whether from the shock of Omi's statement or the pleasure they were sharing, or a combination of both, Omi couldn't tell. "Do you mind, Aya?"

Now all Aya could think about was Omi being fucked by his other two partners... the combination of the mental image and what Omi was doing to him was almost too much for him. "Oh god... Omi... you're incredible..."

Omi slowly raised and lowered himself on Aya's cock as he whispered, "Would you like to see them fuck me too? Would you like to fuck them? They want you too..."

Aya nodded, unable to speak. The images crowded his brain, images of his beautiful partners touching each other, kissing... combined with the tight heat of Omi's body, Aya was close to climax. Omi slid up and down on his erection, faster and faster. Omi's head was thrown back, and his sexy mouth hung open with pleasure.

Omi loved this, feeling a cock inside him and reducing a man to sheer need. He bounced up and down faster, as fast as he could. Aya filled him, it felt so good...

Aya wanted Omi to scream with pleasure. He needed to hear that sweet voice call his name. He reached between then and wrapped one hand around the boy's dripping arousal, feeling how wet their act had made him. He stroked quickly, needing to make sure that Omi took his pleasure before him. He was rewarded by Omi's gasp. "Oh, Aya!"

Omi moved faster as Aya stroked him, slamming himself down on Aya's cock as hard as he could, burying the hardness deep inside him. Aya's hand took him over the edge. "Aya!" he screamed out as he plunged himself down one last time. His hands gripped Aya's shoulders hard as he shot his hot liquid all over them.

Aya watched Omi's flushed face as he climaxed, marveling at how pretty the boy was in his passion. Then he could no longer hold back. Omi's tightening body wrung his completion from him. Pleasure shot through him and he filled the younger boy with his need. "Omi, oh god Omi..." Aya gasped as he nearly blacked out.

When he could move again, Aya found that he was still inside Omi, and the boy was draped over his chest, eyes closed with a faint smile on his face. Aya wrapped one arm around Omi, hugging him closer, as he brushed back a damp lock of hair. Even now, Omi looked angelic.

Aya continued to gaze at Omi, marveling at how his whole world had changed in such a short space of time. A whole world of opportunity had just opened up, and there were so many possibilities. He didn't have to be alone any more.

Continued in A Hard Day's Night